The Valentine Image

One of the “proto-smart-phones,” it was called a Visor, and ran on a Palm OS, with a slot for a phone, or camera. Tech-toys at the time. I had one. Loved it. Made it to Europe and back. Fishing trips. Cool device. Tech Tenure. I have a few, well-preserved, digital images from that tiny camera. […] read more

Who wrote the book?

Who wrote the book? Come see me Valetines Day at the Rock Shop in Austin – After all, who wrote the book about romance among the signs? Fishing Guide to the Stars – Kramer Wetzel Fishing Guide to the Stars – fishing for love “As always baby, this one is for you.” Who wrote the […] read more

Push the Button

Push the Button In my line of work, one of the most frequent questions I get asked? “I’m a —insert sign here— so do I get along with a —insert sign here—?” It was a source question for my first book, and the one that I still get asked about the most. It has its […] read more

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