Five Favorite Reads

Five Favorite Reads Picked this up elsewhere, but the idea was Five Favorite Reads — blogs style. Daily reads or — at least — material I will scan daily, usually via RSS, but the dailies? The old suitably retitled, — currently runs about every other day. It is profanity laced, with a personal […] read more

The Best Fixed Fire Sign is Leo

The Best Fixed Fire Sign is Leo I’m an expert, I know my signs. The Best Fixed Fire Sign is Leo Leo starts — officially — let’s party! Leo starts July 22, 2016 at 3:30 AM — mileage may vary by time zone […] read more

Ask the Astrologer Four

Astrology Questions: Ask the Astrologer Four Typical Astrology Questions from Ask the Astrologer, should be a series, alas, it’s not. I just want a “General Reading” — Know what would help? Order a chart report. It’s that simple. I tend to offer a free astrology chart report — email delivery only — to anyone who […] read more


Value Better yet, what do we value? As I was reading a book, I was thinking about technology and what hardware, software, or data seems most important now. What holds the greatest value, now? Close to a decade back, my most important data was my mailing list, my list of clients. Names and addresses. Anymore, […] read more

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