Book Guilt

Book Guilt Anymore, I rarely suffer with Book Guilt, that nagging suspicion that there’s a classic I haven’t read, but I should’ve read. Ulysses by Joyce? Check. Complete works of Shakespeare? Well, read aloud. Most near the same thing, and it is the complete works with some extras thrown in […] read more

Cardinal Rule of Politics

“A Cardinal Rule of Politics: Never get caught in bed with a live man or a dead woman.” J.R. Ewing Pink Cake: The Quote Collection – Kramer Wetzel Pink Cake: A Commonplace Book […] read more

New Media

New Media Technology looking at the technology the writers use. New Media. Previously – and – here, especially. That was 7 years ago […] read more

The Bookman’s Tale

The Bookman’s Tale – Charlie Lovett Engaging. Shows the power of remaindered books; it is a 2013 imprint, just picked up from the discount bin. What an intriguing tale, Shakespeare, books, bibliography, and the hallowed halls of academia. For those of us who love books, bookshops, and the smell of old books, yes. Halfway through […] read more

Eery Concordance

Eery Concordance Not like I haven’t mentioned this one before, the Shakespeare Pro App, and a little later. Much earlier, here. With interest, I noted that is was mentioned in this article. Eery Concordance The source of my eery concordance is that I agree, and I’ve found that one app to almost daily, and at […] read more

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