Fortune Cookie Wisdom

Fortune Cookie Wisdom Popped out of the bottom of my bag, other afternoon. Must’ve been carrying this around for years, so I can’t place there original source, but judging from the commentary on the back, it is Chinese Fortune Cookie Wisdom. Fortune Cookie Wisdom Fortune Cookie Wisdom Note: Standard disclaimers apply […] read more

Sunday in El Paso

Sunday in El Paso Another story, the guest towels. Quick, sidestep down memory lane, dovetails with upcoming images for the next Hallmark Holiday: VD. The trip I caught the coolest Valentine Image ever, around the turn of the millennia, the desert was blooming. Brilliant shades, the dusty background alive as it was the first time […] read more

El Paso

El Paso, TX Another notation from almost, not quite, but almost ten years ago — about El Paso — and their new truck, then. In El Paso, one weekend only, details? For some reason, always a favorite image — the old truck stop. As always, details are at #ElPaso […] read more

The Bridge to Nowhere

It was in El Paso — The Bridge to Nowhere was coming down. “No, look, see? It doesn’t go anywhere!” The bridge started in an empty, vacant lot and ended, on the other side of the freeway, in an empty, vacant lot. More amusing? No access roads on either side. Weird. “No, see, Bubba is […] read more

Find Three Words

Find Three Words From the weekly mastermind call I’m on, the goal — Mercury was still Retrograde at the time — the goal was to pick three words for the coming year, words, goals, definitions. As an example, how about, “Focus Action System?” “Ever noticed your brain goes on without you?” Pick three words for […] read more

Ask the Dust

Ask the Dust Ask the Dust – John Fante Hat tip to a departed friend, and a news feed that included the LA Review of Books, which, late in the evening, had a passing reference to this novel, Ask the Dust. Recently, I checked out of the digital library, The Big Sleep (Raymond Chandler), only […] read more

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