A Turtle Roars in Texas

Here’s the problem, I picked this up as a digital book, on Apple’s i–books, but then, I couldn’t find it — but close enough. “You can’t teach patience and deliberation, but it can be learned.” Page 44. So the book I’m reading is called A Turtle Roars in Texas by Russ Hall — apparently a […] read more

Green Water

Green Water To some? Skinny Green Water — just a quick, end-of-summer fishing trip. 21 Days on the road, I get a break. Been working a lot. — astrofish.net/travel — Took off with a Virgo buddy, my best fishing buddies tend to be Virgo, for a day on the water. Green Water, launching from Mustang […] read more

Virtue of Necessity

Indeed because you are a banish’d man, Therefore, above the rest, we parley to you: Are you content to be our general? To make a virtue of necessity And live as we do in this wilderness? Outlaw 2, in Shakespeare's Two Gentleman of Verona IV.i.57-61 […] read more

Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter in Libra Jupiter is basically on a year long-pattern, that means spending roughly — more or less — a year in a sign. In this last year, Jupiter was in Virgo, and coming in September, Jupiter moves into Libra for the duration. The big one moves in, 0 Libra 9/9/16, retrogrades 23 Libra 2/6/17 […] read more


Process Simply put, it’s the process. This is a process, a way to work, that one of my first writing coaches taught me. He was also a long–time freshman composition teacher, professor, for real. His trick, papers were due at the time specified, no excuses. Turn in a paper. Then, he would read the paper […] read more

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