From Marcus Aurelius Book 10

“Why all this guesswork? You can see what needs to be done. If you can see the road, follow it. Cheerfully without turning back. If not, hold up and get the best advice you can. If anything gets in the way, forge ahead, making good use of what you have on hand, sticking to what […] read more


Brainsaw I think my Black Friday sale is a better deal, and less cartoon-like violent. The problem with consumer culture, summed up in a single image, the Brainsaw – with real Nerf action. Unsure whether I'm shocked, appalled, or merely bemused. Nerf Zombie Strike Brainsaw Blaster “He said it was what he really wanted.” Kids, […] read more

Membership Plug

Membership Plug Benefits of joining Supporting an independent (small) business. Faster response time for paid customers. Many perks that include digital copies of all works. Occasional Live/Stream podcast. And much, much more! I always thought about a subscription here as a form of “Astrological Insurance,” and that predates the current situations within the “insurance” […] read more

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