By virtue of necessity, I’ve “rolled my own” dashboards for years. Dashboard The dashboard system – in the last two decades – I’ve used a myriad of systems, the current one keeps track of server stats and uptime. One is easy – astrofish.net/TV – short script and links, reveals server stats at a quick glance. […] read more

Arctic Allah

Arctic Allah Let me see how this works… 13th Warrior, Antonio Bad-ass, based on the book… And just retelling… Eaters of the Dead which is Beowulf… Don’t think this is the first time […] read more

Leo Insights

Leo insights What’s most amusing, I was going to use this link in a horoscope for The Leo, only, once I pulled up the guy’s birthday, I realized, he was nine years old when the song was released. Cool. Moon goes into Leo at 11:48 PM […] read more

Jupiter the Planet Slayer

Jupiter the Planet Slayer Simply put, is Jupiter the Planet Slayer? This article, as a shortened version of some lengthy technical tome, suggests that the early formation of the solar system involves Jupiter’s wobble, and careening like a misguided missile, taking out a number of slightly smaller objects. Makes the link from this image more […] read more

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