Just because you’re paranoid? Doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you. #JustSayin […] read more

Tricera Coffee

Tricera Coffee In Charleston, SC., just down the road from a college, lowland – tidewater to me – fishing, and that church, yes, not far at all: Tricera Coffee. I am guilty of “contempt prior to investigation,” because I never bothered to find out. There was a menu item listed, breakfast burrito with New Mexico […] read more

Grits are Good For You

Grits are Good For You My own mother assures me that I was raised “Southern,” at last in part. As my now semi-annual “Plus One” trip, that explains the location, Charleston, SC. Shrimp and grits, talked about it before, I’m sure. The shrimp weren’t nothing special, but the grits and condiments were. Very special. This […] read more