Unfollow Got to the point, especially on Twitter, that I started un-following some accounts. Perhaps that’s obnoxious, but this one account? All that got noted? “I’ve just published a new video.” That’s it? With muggy media, the trick is to feed the beast with something of substance. Or, at least, entertaining content […] read more

For the Fineprint

For the Fineprint Another one for the fineprint. Shoes that have little or no apparent value will not be accepted as a deposit for bowling shoes. Must be bowling shoes. (Web Hosting endorsement) […] read more

Classic Vinyl

Classic Vinyl Classic Vinyl in the Big Box store. They call it Classic Vinyl, too. Love me some Grateful Dead, as well, but that’s not what this is about. Last Dead album I bought was a copy of a copy, must’ve been the third or fourth time I’ve made this purchase, but I snagged a […] read more

More from Marcus

More from Marcus “All Worldly Things Thou Must Behold and Consider, Dividing Them into matter, form, and reference, or their proper end.” Marcus Aurelius, Meditations of Marcus Aurelius Book Twelve, no. 7 Meditations by Marcus Aurelius – iRead Series – i-mobilize, inc. Meditations: A New Translation (Modern Library) As always a free version is hosted […] read more

Music of Bob Wills

Legacy and the Music of Bob Wills Robert Earl Keen, this is from memory, had an “album,” it was a free digital download at the time, so I don’t recall, but the very end, he talked about how he was a “total retard in the 7th grade,” being a fan of the Music of Bob […] read more

Good against Evil

Do not turn yourself into a battlefield, with good fighting against evil. Both sides belong to you, the good and the evil. Evil can be transformed into good, and vice versa. Good against Evil thich nhat hanh, your true home, No. 156 # meditations Your True Home – Thich Nhat Hanh Your True Home: The […] read more