Near Death Experience

Near Death Experience Short link to an article about NDE, which, in turn is a topic I have experienced, first hand. The last one was the most clear, as I can recall the vision, previously annotated here. There was no doubt. When common elements surround each narrative of similar experience, that points to myth, perhaps […] read more

The Politics of Dancing

The Politics of Dancing I listened as one person complained, bitterly, about how the evil in the world was killing us, and she didn’t realize her employer was part of the problem, not part of the solution. Amusing to me. Some veiled comment about politics, which made me think about the song,The Politics of Dancing […] read more

First Folio Stories

First Folio Stories This borders more on obsession than First Folio Stories, but a nice review of what I hope is a library book for me – all about Folger’s magnificent obsession. I don’t share quite the same level of obsession with Shakespeare scholarship. #Shakespeare […] read more

Thank You

Thank You Top of a coffee package, sort of says it all, Thank You for supporting a family-owned business. Which is what this is. is small, family-owned business. More like a single person, but whatever. The essence is the same. And yes, thank you for supporting this business […] read more

Web Design

Web Design Consider, too, I’m certainly not a web designer, and web design is not a strong point with me. Which made this short medium piece intriguing. Number 7 caught my attention, Neo-Classical. What I’m aiming for these days. Got a new one, fixing to adjust the main screen. Hold on, Mercury is just about […] read more