At the Movies: Sicaro

At the Movies: Sicaro Starring, El Paso, the borderlands – my second home. Brutal story, with stellar performances by several actors, and yet, subtle with its perceived message. The background, the sprawling suburbs in the Southwest American desert. Homes that back up to dry arroyos, with flyover film establishing a love of the area. I’ve […] read more


Millennial Got it. The handle for “Millennial,” the generation that’s larger than the boomers, and the generation that no one can seem to address? The Millennial answers. Answer. Sidebar item, first. Instead of buying a dozen, a “Millennial” would rather have one that is high quality, custom made, or personalized, rather than a ton of […] read more

WordPress Themes

WordPress Themes Thesis Theme debate rages on. This one is personal and painful. I stumbled into WordPress as a content managment system some years back. My route to here has been long and circuitous but there were reasons I worked the way I did. I want all my “systems” to be able to scale. Sustainable […] read more