Quote Collection 2

Quote Collection “The crashes people remember, but drivers remember the near misses.” – Mario Andretti, World Champion Driver Kindle Edition […] read more

Todd Snider

Todd Snider Yes, he’s been around, and yes, a few years ago, couple of big – regionally – hits. I’ve admired his material, stradling folk, rock, whatever. Looking at something from Jimmy Buffett on Amazon, their propriarty algorithm suggested a book by Todd Snider. I looked, the library had it, perfect for a rainy Saturday […] read more

Houston Rains

Houston Rains Less complicated than it seems – about this recent spate of flooding. All about Houston Rains. More memory with little, or no, factual corrections. Previously, I was thinking about SRV and his song, “Texas Flood,” duly noted elshewhere. For close to a decade, for more than that, otherwise, I circulated around that Austin […] read more

Two buck chuck

Two buck chuck It’s not Two Buck Chuck, a close relative, frequently served together. My archetype for relationship preservation, and how to keep a woman happy? I present, of persistent myth and lore, Two Dollar Flowers. Like Two Buck Chuck? astrofish.net/books […] read more