What Images Stick

What Images Stick “You take a lot of pictures of food?” Not me. I can’t locate, but I know it is buried in the older weblogs someplace, I had an image of perfect “street” tacos, Al Pastor, from back in the day in Austin. Good stuff, excellent presentation and and “street tacos” before they were […] read more

Extra Stitching

Extra Stitching Every astrofish.net horoscope comes with extra stitching! Extra Stitching Extra Stitching means more thread. More thread means more durable horoscopes for longer wear, better fit and finish, just for you. Try one on for size now! #Horoscope […] read more

Venus and Jupiter

Venus and Jupiter I already popped up some images of Venus and Jupiter from the clear, desert confines of far West Texas: El Paso. Performing a quick calculation, Venus and Jupiter line up with each other just about every year. Every five years or so, the calendar offset is more than a year, but that’s […] read more

Handwritten Notes

Handwritten Notes Strange, this used to take years and big bucks. Now? Simple, mostly one-page website. Converts handwriting into a typeface (font). www.myscriptfont.com Means I can type up a handwritten note. #fonts […] read more