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Fishing Guide to the Stars
By Kramer Wetzel
(c) 2008-2009 Kramer Wetzel for
For the week starting: 9/24/2009

"Sell when you can, you are not for all markets."
Rosalind in Shakespeare's As You Like It [III.v.60]

Mercury direct. Questions are always free, some answers require a cash deposit. The e-mail line is always on, "31" (24 and 7).

Upcoming: Lecture/workshop, one-stop astrology class: in El Paso. Libra: Yeah, happy birthday to the start of the Libra crowd. Got a good start going. How good? Yeah, well, not as good as I would like, and for that matter, not as good as you would like. However, there's a start and the symbolism for this week's planet mess can be categorized as "getting much better as the week progresses."

    Simple enough to sum up, and hard to see how this plays out, as there's a little tension from various spots. The tension isn't necessarily bad, per se, but it's not altogether easy, either. And as a lovely Libra, you'd like it to be a lot easier. I'd like it to be easier, too. Which it will be, in a few weeks, as the sun progresses through your sign. However, this isn't going to get your week off to a smooth start. Weekend. One of those, or maybe, both, neither one seems to start smoothly. However, give this time, step back and act magnanimous, act like you intended to take to long way around, act like the detour and delay was part of your plan.

    Doing so? Makes it easier to deal with the exigencies of the planet problems and also makes it seem to go smoother, which was the plan all along.

      "To err is human,
      To forgive is divine."
      (Neither is corporate policy.) Scorpio: I'd popped back home for a few moments, and I was typing something on a keyboard, probably answering your e-mail. I kept hearing the faintest echo of noise, like there was a TV on in another room, only there's not really another room and there's not really a TV. Only it was music. I plugged my phone and let it sync, then I typed some more e-mail answers.

    Or maybe I was surfing for something. Looking up an arcane bit of trivia, who knows? I kept hearing the faintest echo of music. I looked down, and I noticed, for one, I hadn't taken the earbuds off the phone. And for two? The music was still playing; although, I thought I'd switched it off, like I commonly do. Finally, I did note that the music was cranked up so loud that the tiny earbuds were almost, barely audible. Might be a problem, playing music that loud, and I know, when I started out, that the individual portable musical unit (iPod) probably wasn't that loud. But over the course of a hot September afternoon, music gets turned up and it wasn't until I was in the relative quiet of home that I noticed how loud it was.

    As Mercury turns itself around, will you listen? What will happen? How will you realize that the music is up so loud? It's matter of watching for the tell-tale signs, maybe not the big rolling noises, but the more quiet symbols, as we get turned around with Mercury. Listen.

      Mercury RX trilogy
      9.7.2009, 9.14.2009, 9.21.2009, 9.21.2009. Sagittarius: Pause. Reflect. Redirect. Three words that can give us, me and my Sagittarius brethren, three simple words that can keep us out of a lot of trouble.

    The most important in that list of commands is the first one, "Pause." Stop -- that might be a more direct way to explain it. But there's a strong hint that we're about to rush off and do something we might regret later. If we'd only stop before and think before we rush out and say/do/act on that idea?

    Can save a world of heartbreak and pain, sorrow and woe. It's mostly the Saturn/Venus/Mercury alignment that is the source of our trouble. Then, too, there's the idea that "It's better to beg forgiveness than ask permission," which, I'm sure, you've heard a time or two?

    Yeah, well, sometimes our luck can be counted on getting us out of trouble. This isn't one of those times. Instead of banking on luck, instead of counting on charm and wit to rescue us? Little thought, a simple pause, that might make all the difference.

    book banner Capricorn: I've got an easy solution to Mercury woes: post-it notes. At one time, the post-it note was unique. These days? Yeah, not so much, really, I mean, it's pretty common and the handy little notepads with some sticky on them? Available from a variety of manufacturers, from a number of sources I think I saw them for sale at a convenience store, down the street from here. Next to Beef Jerky and Pork Rinds, probably.

    Now, by the end of the week, we're all but done with Mercurial Woes, such as they have been, but that's where the idea of the post-it note comes in handy. Even though the actual influence of Mercury is starting to dissipate? That means it's time to capture the good points to the Mercurial Woe, find a way to put that to use.

    See, I'm suggesting, in the last couple of days, you've had a brilliant idea. Or two, but I'm only banking on one. That idea was written on a post-it note and stuck up on the computer's monitor. Or a similar location, whatever works for your Capricorn self. Then, that note slipped off. Glue didn't hold, something happened, a burst of Mercurial wind made the note fall. In the next few days, you'll happen across that note. Plan to get it in gear quickly. Idea from a note that slipped past the Capricorn purview? That's what works, as we dog ourselves out of the Capricorn mess.

    Create your own energy. DIY Solar Power! Aquarius: I went fishing, about a month ago? Dog days of August. Not a good time to fish. Think I had fun, but that's about all I remember, I'd have to check the website for more details of whatever it was I was doing. I was thinking about fishing as the coming month looks to be good for that. Mercury isn't going to be backwards much longer, and all that's left from that Mercurial event is a little backwash.

    How you want to deal with that backwash, how you choose to make use of the flotsam and jetsam that's left behind? That's strictly a choice thing on the part of Aquarius. Only suggestion I can make? Timing. Time and distance, will help give you a little break here. Don't rush. Don't be in a hurry. Last time we fished, my buddy was disgruntled and ready to call it day before the sun had reached its zenith. To be sure, we weren't, like, catching a lot of fish. There were more boats on the lake than fish we'd caught. Which spoke to something, I'm not sure what.

    As we lazily motored back towards the boat dock, lunch, and the rest of the real world, I suggested one more cast, just sort of drift through a place close to the dock -- a little inlet, and off the point there, I caught the only fish for the day. Wasn't that big of a fish, but it was a fish. And therefore, I was happy. But that fish was caught with more patience and less skill than most. Which was the point for Aquarius, whether you're fishing for Bass, like I was, or angling for something else.

    book banner Pisces: Tangible, growing excitement, you can feel it. It's there, all right. You know that this is going to be good. There's an abundance of trigger points, about three, and while this won't line up with each and every Pisces at precisely the same moment, there is -- by my count -- three times in the coming week when these hit.

    Trigger points are good, the way I see it, and as my loyal Pisces friend, I would hope that you see it my way. I'm just trying to help. Which is what the planets are doing, too, they are trying to help. There's a point, an issue, an item, a thing, but I'd go back to that original idea that it's a point, an issue, and the planets are trying to help. Trying to get you on the right path. Trying to help you see the whole picture, not just part of the image, and making it so you can get a better understanding of what's at stake.

    What counts. What doesn't count. What is important. What isn't important. It's all about not fighting. It's all about seeing the complete package, not just the parts that you want to see. While I'm the first to admit, I'd rather only see the good parts? As a Pisces, with this kind of influence, with trigger points hitting twice, thrice? Sort of hammers home a point. Sort of makes the message unmistakable, no?

    astrofish.netAries: I've got a buddy, he's a pilot -- Air Force pilot. No big surprise. He noticed that I have a collection of French Press coffee makers. He called it a "press pot" coffee maker. Seems they work well on US Air Force cargo carriers, and seems to be the pilot's preferred coffee brewing method. Besides, of course, the purist's point of view that a French Press makes the best cup of coffee. What was interesting to me, though, was the guy refused to call it a "French Press," which is odd, because the apparatus is frequently marketed as such.

    I didn't quite get, or I pretended not to get, my buddy's studious avoidance of the term "French." Must be a military tweak. However, I mean, I respect the military, I didn't push the language point. But I've learned, the hard way, more often than not, when to back off, when not to make a point, when to not press my own issue, be it language or some other point.

    My little Aries friend? As much as it's funny to harp on a point, like the nomenclature of a piece of coffee brewing equipment, or some other point? Don't. There's a time to press the point across, and then, there's a time to let it alone. Let it alone for the time being. Just because Mercury will no longer be retrograde? That doesn't mean this is a good time to get hung up on semantics.

      The secret behind The Secret. Taurus: Earlier this month, I've got a client who is both Taurus and waiter. He was going to get a reading, but something happened to his income. Right at the first of September, his income was cut in half, maybe two-thirds.

    s this a recession? Not really. He is dependent upon tourist traffic at the particular place where he works. While that's not the only source of his income, it does represent more than half of his extra cash. Cash he would spend on me. When he cancelled, I explained that Mercury was backwards and I'd hear from him before the end of the month.

    The end-of-the-summer slump is over, the tourists are back and things are picking up again in Taurus. The indication is, though there is more money coming in; Mercury left you in a bind at work. Plan on spending the next week getting out of that bind and back on (Taurus) top.

    book banner Gemini: Stop. Right now, just stop.

    Halt. Do not proceed any further. Wait a minute. Take five. Give it a pause for the cause. What cause? The Gemini cause. Point: Mercury -- the Gemini planet -- was in apparent retrograde motion. Mercury is heading out of its retrograde pattern. Stop.

    Halt. Wait a minute. Give it pause long enough to figure out what the message from this last event was. Overall picture, the total scene, what stands out, good and bad, in the last three (3) weeks? Then, connect that theme, good or bad, to Mercury. In this coming week, there's a final point where Mercury, Uranus, Saturn, all of that gets tangled up. Makes a point. Hammers that message home. Get a jump on this by figuring out what the theme is, what the symbolism, what the message is supposed to be about. Themes, very important, and it will differ from Gemini to Gemini.

    The inherent theme is obvious, if you just pause long enough to consider it. Cancer: Common occurrence: I wandered over to the trailer park's laundry room to do a load of dirty clothes. Mostly shirts and shorts, no big problem, just kind of tired of sniffing my way through the dirty clothes to find something clean to wear. I emptied the laundry basket, packed two machines and started to feed my quarters. I must speak to the management about that, at some point, coin-operated is so archaic. Besides, for what they charge in rent? It should be free.

    I paused, looked at the second machine as the water was rushing in, and I peeled off my shirt. My sweaty, stinky shirt. I tossed it in that second load, and I wandered on homeward. The outside late September air was almost cool. Not really, but almost. For a minute, I thought I got a chill, and I shivered for a second. Like me, you're going to shiver for a second, although, I doubt it's because you're half naked in the evening's twilight. I doubt you threw your shirt in the laundry and you're standing outside, looking up at the moon, as it gets bigger and bigger, and I doubt you're cold even though it's still a warm night.

    But you're going to get that shiver, that hint, that suggestion that the seasons are turning. But as Mercury corrects its errant path, you're going to find that little problems are less of an issue. Might be a small shiver down your spin, like me, but are you really cold? Or is it just not as blistering hot as it has been? Leo: Mercury is going to make one, last punctuation mark. This whole Mercury Retrograde pattern has had an effect on you, and like I've suggested, there's one, last mark it's going to leave. Is this good or bad? Sort of depends on how willing you are to let bygones be bygones. Depends on how willing you are to let the past be the past. Also depends on how willing you are to let someone else stand in the Leo spotlight for the next few days.

    Here's the hint: let that other person, the other sign, stand in the Leo's spotlight, fame and accolades that were for your Leo self? Let some other sign take the credit right now. Let this sort of go. I realize, as a good Leo, the good Leo, you don't let things go completely. I'm good with that. I'm not asking for much, just about a week's time. Let it go, or pretend to let someone else take the credit, for this next week.

    Payoff for Leo? You get full credit, not just a nod, and you get richly rewarded. Just not this next few days. Let it slide. For now.

    book banner Virgo: There are three or four planets I'm concerned with. While Mr. Mercury ceases his retrograde pattern, there's a little kick to everything about it, courtesy of Mr. Saturn. On the opposite side? Uranus, adds a small punch to the Mercurial tricks. All the while? Venus is loping along in the beginning of the Virgo, the early stages, as it were.

    The players are set.
    But what does this mean? There's a perfectly ordered idea, a plan, if you will, in your Virgo mind. You've worked out the contingencies, figured the odds, played around with the numbers, sketched out the ideas, and yes, it should work. Only it won't. No mater how well you figure, there's always something that pops up, goes awry, is miscommunicated, or -- a personal favorite -- "they didn't follow my instructions." It is going to work out, but no one is going to follow the Virgo plan. In fact, none of your efforts are liable to be recognized.


Fishing Guide to the Stars
By Kramer Wetzel
For the week starting: 9/17/2009

    "The excuse thou dost make in this delay
    Is longer than the tale thou dost excuse."
    Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet [II.v.33-4]

Juliet is addressing the Nurse, and Juliet wants news of Romeo. Quickly. Ah, young love, tragic young love and dysfunctional families. Dysfunctional literary families, that is.

Questions are always free, some answers require a cash deposit. The e-mail line is always on, "31" (24 and 7). Virgo: There's this one Virgo, and between Mercury's pattern and Saturn, the two line up now, there's this one Virgo who needs to hear this. Or read it, really. When I'm tying a lure onto a my fishing pole, when I'm attaching a piece of fishing hardware -- usually ends in a myriad of hooks -- I've learned to leave a small amount of fishing line as "extra." This tail end stuff?

What happens? With monofilament line, as the line itself is stretched by a big fish? That tiny little bit of fishing line -- the tail end -- gets sucked back towards the knot. It's little bit of slack in a supposedly steady-state environment. As it turns out, the knot isn't so much a fixed object as it's a moveable one. More fluid dynamics and less physics, although, there is an element of both when a big fish hits the end of the line. So if you tie a knot, or make a similar "steady-state" arrangement? Leave a little slack in the process, just, like, you know, in case.

unbanner Libra: Birthdays begin next week, and that's good news. Mercury slides backwards out of your sign, again, this is good news. No one seems to get it, that's the downside, as you knew, I would give two good news and then one bad news. And that part, the "no one seems to get it" part? That's a big problem. It's not like you changed your birthday or anything like that, it was on the calendar all year long, same birthday, same place , no change. But people seemed to forget.

I can't run around and personally remind everyone it's the Libra time, fast approaching, and I can't run around and remind everyone that a thoughtful action would be well-advised, and I can't run around and remind everyone that this doesn't have to be expensive, just thoughtful. But no one's listening to me. And, for that matter, it's going to feel like no one is listening to your fine Libra self, too. Therein is the set up and the problem. The solution? Sometimes there isn't a viable solution. Sometimes, like this week, you have to face the facts that the planets have decided to keep your birthday off the books for the time being. What I used to do? I used to inscribe every calendar I found with the the notation, "Birthday is coming," but I'm not sure you want to do that. Scorpio: I was thinking about coastal fishing, getting up towards that time when I can head down for some Big Red action. I looked over at my tackle box, and I thought about that, too. What's there. What's not there. In the coastal box, all I keep, basically, are hooks, weights, leaders and so forth. Rigging material. I think there might be a few corks, or floats really, as the corks aren't made from cork, but that's a small matter and not germane to your horoscope.

What I was thinking about, I've a couple of gold spoons, a few silver spoons, and two topwater lures that are made for salt/ocean/bay fishing. The rest of what's in that box is just salt terminal tackle, and, of course, a filet knife, and bait knife, and you get the picture? Sure you do. Tools for coastal fishing, for me. I've carried those two topwater lures for a while now. I'll use them each time, but when nothing hits them, I'll revert back to live bait. Sometimes, nothing works better than just plain old "fresh dead" bait. Or live bait, whatever the conditions call for.

But I'll keep those lures, and I'll try, I'll give them a spin, each time. Just practice? Or maybe, perhaps this fall? Maybe this is the time when one of those will work. It's all about trying in the repeated face of adversity before going back to what works. Have to be willing to try before resorting to stinky dead bait that always works. Sagittarius: Comfort food varies from person to person, and, I'd guess, comfort food also varies within cultural bias. Then, too, there's the question of diet and healthy diet, although, when a food is part of a mental health diet, I can easily overlook regular dietary concerns. Then, too, there's another point, where healthy diet and comfort food can intersect.

Sort of. I've found that a fat-free sorbet, usually a fruit flavor, I've found I can live with that instead of diary ice cream. Not as much sugar, and certainly no diary, in fat-free sorbet. Some brands seems to be more "ice-cream-like" than other brands. Matter of experimentation. Have to sample a number of kinds until the right balance is found. As I've aged, so has my taste in comfort food. From Chicken Fried Steak, to Chicken Fried Chicken (looks like CFS), and from rich, creamy diary ice cream to fat-free sorbet? These are little changes but effective ways to deal with that craving for comfort food.

Why worry about comfort food and Chicken-Fried-Steak? There's a Sagittarius hunger, these days, prompted by Mercury and Saturn. Need comfort food. Only, looking closely at the planetary arrangement? Need comfort food you can live with.

unbanner Capricorn: Word for the week: grandiloquent. Had to look it up because it sounds better than it defines. Not that it's a problem, either way, just sounds really good. I liked the way it rolled off my tongue as I was writing this. However, I think it can more be applied to my Sagittarius self rather than Capricorn. You're sitting kind of in a good spot, and I was hoping I could use a big, fancy, two-dollar word to convey my enthusiasm and impart you with a hopeful outlook.

To be sure, there's going to be a small problem or two, you know, Mercury and its usual hijinks, But it's not without me trying to make a broad, sweeping statement about how life in Capricorn will suddenly look up, later this week. The aforementioned Mercury? Sure, that brings in its own list of problems. But you were warned, and you did pay attention, and now life is okay. Right? I hope so.

As I am going to try and make some general comments about everything is going to be okay. There will yet be some minor Mercury-infused issues. But over all? Grandiloquent. That's my word for your week and I'm sticking to it. Aquarius: This is kind of a typical "Mercury is backwards" story. Came from a client the other afternoon. Instead of a reading, as originally scheduled the client was feeling ill and headed to the Doc in a Box. In an out in less than half an hour, fast prescription. Quick diagnosis, and the client thought she was headed home to rest. Just a summer flu or something. She called again, a few minutes later, wondering if we could do this on the phone. Sure, but did she really want to cradle a cell phone for the whole hour?

See, the (almost) drive-thru "doc in a box"? That was quick. Half an hour. The wait to get the prescription filled? More than an hour. So she suddenly did have time to kill. Since she was ill, and I didn't think it was such hot idea, or a cool idea, to go ahead with a reading while she waiting in a pharmacy, I just politely declined and sought to reschedule. However, as an example, this is what can pop up. Feeling great, off to see the wizard (me). Then a little flu finds you. Not life-threatening, just a little down. Then, fast doc visit? Two-hour wait for meds. See how that works? Typical, and sort of what this next couple of days will hold. Pisces: "So this is bad, right?" No, not really. "But Mercury is in apparent RX motion, is now opposite Pisces, in Virgo." Well, in a word, yes. "So this is bad?" Not as bad as it's been. The way I see it, once the Sun and Mercury swap positions, then the Pisces "solar-Mercury-protection" (it's secret blend of natural oils and polymers) that starts to kick in again.

Life gets a little better. There is a single issue, and you know exactly what I'm talking about, and that single issue still needs attention. That's the selfsame issue you blatantly ignored my advice about last spring, recall that? You ignored me, you ignored what I said, and look: it's back! Now.

Now, you have the benefit of time, experience, and a little bit of cunning. Use those skills. Don't try ignore the issue any longer, that's just not working. Work around it. Work into it. Work your Pisces magic and weave a little spell that seems to heal up the old rift, patch up differences, and regain what feels like a certain amount of control over your own destiny. It's an illusion, but so much of the Pisces life is an illusion, who can tell? You and I know that it's not as bad as it's been, and there's still one little item that needs to be addressed.


astrofish.netAries: The only real respite is that Mercury moves backwards from Libra into Virgo. And there's a Virgo -- Sun/Moon/Mercury alignment. It's the kicker to a new start. Only, this isn't a new start, just a good, false start. While, as a typical Aries, you wouldn't want to have anything to do with a term like, "False start," these aren't normal times. Therefore, I'd like to suggest that you get started on a new project, and keep in mind, that the direction, flavor, and tone of that new project might change.

Will change.

"Direction, flavor and tone? What's left? Why start?"

The start is more symbolic than really a serious start, as the planets want you to get rolling on something. Just realize that the idea will mutate, and this more about process and less about destination. Which might seem odd to an Aries, but as a concept? Give it a try. Remember: Mercury is backwards as of yet, and it will change. Taurus: Music may be the food of love, but but when it's too loud? It can be a distraction. The music can be a distraction, not the food love, or love itself. The way the planets are moving, and their indications, are all about good things and distractions. This is like a tender moment between your Taurus self and a significant other? Only to have that tender moment punctuated by the hard-hitting bass line of a passing motorist. One of those motorist who spent way too much money on a sound system and insists on sharing the latest vocal/dub/rap hit with everyone within a hundred yard radius.

I tend to enjoy such punctuation, and I've been known to roll a window down, just to make sure I get the full effect of whatever musical item is being heard. To be sure, though, most of what is heard? All I'll get is a bass line, and that's it. Thump-thump. Sounds a little like helicopter rotors, or similar heavy machinery, warming up. Or slowing down. Still, the way I like to see, hear, this kind of an interruption? It's like percussion punctuation. So when that seemingly tender moment is enhanced by a surreal soundtrack? Understand that Mercury is backwards and that's going to dub a line to your normal Taurus noise.

Might not seem welcome at the time, but don't be to hasty to judge that aural experience. Gemini: I was packing for a September trip. Supposedly, it's still summer-like in most of the places I travel to. Supposedly, it's really still summer. Supposedly, I can get by with nothing more than shorts and shirts, sandals and so forth. And after a summer spent on the road, shuttling from one place to another, I'm used to life in a suitcase. Backpack, really, or a shoulder bag. Suitcase is only used for some flights. So when I packed, it took me all of about thirty seconds to round up clean shirts, clean shorts and throw everything into a bag. I'm quick like that.

The problem is, when I get to where I'm going? I'll discover that I forgot to pack flyers, papers, a book to read, business cards, blank CDs, pens, ink, and/or any number of personal toiletry items that I might -- or might not -- need. This my life, traveling. Takes a toll, too, except that I enjoy the travel. New vistas, new people, a fresh perspective on old problems, all good. Because Mercury is backwards yet, and because it's slipped into Virgo? Guarantee that you're going to forget one "mission critical" item when you're packing. Like me. Check your list twice, maybe three times. Can't assume that you've got everything that you need, just because you think you've got it all covered. Busy times, business times, and forgetful Mercury. Just check your list, just to humor me. See if you -- like me -- forgot anything.

unbanner Cancer: There's a particular restaurant, right around the corner from here. I like the place. Food's great, if not exactly healthy. However, judging by the apparent size -- and girth -- of the patrons? I'd guess that the food's really good. I can't afford to eat there too often as the food isn't exactly the healthiest by my definitions. But cultural disparities, as much as I enjoy them, are in place. I'm just another "gringo loco," and that's never bothered me.

I was thinking about what the griddle at that one place must look like, It's been there for dozens of years, probably good and worn out. Which is why the food's so good. Which is important. It's a griddle that's been seasoned by long years of frying bacon, and refrying beans, and whatever else is prepared on a griddle. I think that adds a kind of seasoned flavor to any food that comes off that hot metal skillet, and that's what this is about.

Food that's almost been tempered on the grill. That's how I like to think about it. Mars is in your sign, even now. And Mars is like that griddle, and you're like that griddle, too. Still cooking after all these years. Which is what it's about. Mars is merely seasoning you a little, Like that hot metal surface upon which food is prepared. Leo: I have a friend, lives next to the old trailer park in Austin. The trailer park that's now a hole in the ground. God bless progress! Where would be without it? The familiar echo of construction equipment, pounding away? That noise. As I turned a corner on the footpath and made my way towards the apartment building? Across the parking lot, through the chain-link fence? There was a backhoe, pounding away. There was some kind of a bit on its hoe, and the operator was driving that bit down into the ground. Then, once the bit was positioned? He'd jack at it with the full weight of the machinery, eventually lifting himself and the backhoe into the air for a few feet.

I'm a guy, heavy equipment can fascinate me. Which it did. For a few moments.

Then, after watching work go on for a few moments, I got tired, and continued on my way. However, for the rest of the morning, we could hear that machine pounding away. Reminded me of Mars, in Cancer, pounding away. Can't escape it, and can't get away from it. Mars is just tearing up that Cancer pavement, like that backhoe. Pounding way. The problem, in Leo, is listening to the incessant pounding. There really isn't much of a solution, other than, like me, you can be become fascinated by the effects of the work. Or the workers. Or the workers' equipment. Something is pretty interesting, no?


Fishing Guide to the Stars
By Kramer Wetzel
(c) 2008-2009 Kramer Wetzel for
For the week starting: 9/10/2009

"Thou wear a lion's hide! Doff it for shame,
And hang a calfskin on those recreant limbs."
Shakespeare's King John [III.i.128-9]

Mercury indirect. Questions are always free, some answers require a cash deposit. The e-mail line is always on, "31" (24 and 7). Virgo: My first instinct, looking at your chart. Right now? My gut reaction was to tell you to hold on, as it will be better in another few days, like about ten days. Ten days from the beginning of the horoscope. However, I realized that "Just hold on," that's absolutely the worst advice I can dole out. And if I were being paid, or if I were paying for this advice? I'd suggest that "Just hold on," is the wrong way to see this energy. This is clearly a "Just let go" kind of situation.

The most common expression is "Let go and let god," but that has a frankly victimized tone to it, and I'm not thinking that you're a victim these days. However, there is an issue, a situation, and the easiest way to resolve this problem? The difficulty? The quickest and most expedient route through this mess?

Let go. Instead of holding on? Instead of grasping and then feeling your grasp slowly slip away? Instead of that? Just release the issue. You'll find that it's easier now. The stars and planets (and the Moon) are going to align is such a way as to assist you in this endeavor. Let it go. Quit trying to hold on.

ASTROFISH.NET: Now Certified! Libra: I was looking at the Libra chart, that Mercury and a host of other influences, and my mind started to drift. I was thinking about a singer/songwriter I knew. He made a CD. Played gigs. Toured around, was on the radio and then slipped into obscurity. I looked him up. He was back on an oil rig in West Texas, making money to cut another CD. He didn't quite have what it took to be big, although, to his credit, as an artist, he was plugging away successfully. More or less.

When the money ran out, money dried up? He went back to roughnecking, only other work he knew. Which, in its time, can be good money except that it can be hard on a body. But he was banking cash so he could get back out, tour and promote another CD. And work on material. Working alone isn't always bad. Being the only one in charge isn't always bad. Doing it all by yourself? That isn't always bad. Consider that, as an artist, that old boy will have complete control over his own music production. Which might be better. Or worse. However, with this influence? A time out of some sorts, like his six months on an oil rig? Might be a good idea.

astrofish.netScorpio: I tend to slip into allegory and metaphor to explain what's happening. And that usually works. But with Mercury retrograde? I'm a little unsure that my intended message will get across to the Scorpio friends. It's about change.

See, I was telling this one Scorpio, a female, that she would be best served if she changed one thing. I won't mention what the change was, it's not like it was a really big thing. It was but it wasn't. Just one change. I've been insistent, for the last seven, maybe ten days about this change. I finally gave up, because, well, I know no Scorpio will change unless the change is deemed proper. I finally quit nagging that one Scorpio.

Two days later, bring me up to almost two weeks? She made the change. Like it was her own idea. Like I had nothing to do with it all. Since I liked the change? And since I'm not a Scorpio? I just let it go. However, I don't know that the singular difference would be that big of a deal. Except that it was, as long as it was, or appeared to be, her idea. If only I'd thought of that before. Anyway, to spell out the message: there is change underfoot. In Scorpio. With Scorpio, and maybe, just maybe, this isn't of your own choosing. Pretend like it is, if need be. But see about implementing the changes. Sagittarius: I got a "thank you" note from someone. Not quite anonymous, but almost, just an e-mail note. The part that bothered me, though, was not knowing what I did that deserved the thanks. In my own mind, I can spin up a number of reasons that I should be thanked, but I doubt most of the reasons have anything to do with the real world. Not that I've ever claimed to have more than the thinnest, most tenuous grasp on consensual reality such as it is. Never mind that now.

I keep seeing people getting all whacked out for no reason. Well, for no apparent reason. And rather than let that ruin my day, or, for that matter, any Sagittarius day? I'd let it all slide. Easiest way to work around what's going on. Someone isn't doing what our Sagittarius selves know is the right way to accomplish the task. Hardest course of action? Don't correct that person. They have to figure out that the paint is, indeed, wet. Or the plate is hot. Or the contents might scald. While I like to hear, "Wow, you were SO right!" -- I'd settle for a nice thank you. Capricorn: Where I live, on the south side? Latin Rhythms can often times be heard wafting in on the gentle summer breeze. I can't tell a Cumbia from Durangoese from plain border music. I can, sort of, identify Norteno's elctronica variation, Nortechno, which is a obviously the happy marriage of Norteno and Techno. Imagine, it's mariachi music looped like mash-up and DJ dubbed. I got sidetracked with music because I was swaying to the music -- probably a neighbor who, last time I talked to her, she was learning Spanish, and listening to the Mexican Radio was a quick way to assimilate.

When I borrow a car, I tend to listen to a predominately Spanish channel, not because I understand one word, but because I like the flavor it lends. On hot afternoon window down, rolling through the hood? Yeah, that's what should be on the radio. It's also a language I don't really understand too much. Makes it better, while Mercury is backwards. Try it. It's less about understanding a culture and more about picking up stray pieces of conversations that make no sense. But they do, at least, for the next week or two. Or, like me? I get to make up what I want, since Mercury is retrograde. Write your own Capricorn Mercury Music. Retrograde musical tales. Aquarius: New rule, for Aquarius? "If the facts don't conform to the situation, then the facts must be changed." This isn't a hard and fast rule, although, in my family, it's been treated as such, But this isn't about family dynamics. This is about Aquarius and the coming week. Weeks. Next few days. One of those, anyway.

The trick is, that what you think you know? While you know what you know? You don't know everything, and more information will become available. So the facts aren't all facts, not just yet. The situation requires that you be willing to learn a whole new way of perceiving this situation. You could very well have some errors in what you've been told. You could have observed a measurement wrong. That could easily change the outcome of the situation. Which, if you go back to my original premise?

If the facts don't support the situation, then the facts must be changed. I've seen it work for a number of years, and I see no reason why you shouldn't borrow this from tidbit from my family to help you in the near future, like the next 7 to 10 business days. Pisces: If you would only pay attention, especially in the last 3, maybe 4 months? You can see where this is going. Saturn is providing punctuation to a Pisces problem. I know, you think that both letter P should be capitalized because it's a big problem, or it seems like a big problem. And yes, it is a big problem, but then, it's not really.

The foundations of your faith might have been shaken, but is that really bad? There's tremendous amount of unstable energy that is out to rock the hand that feeds it. Run-on sentences, dangling modifiers and mixed metaphors are a specialty of mine. That's part of the problem, even now. The other part of the problem, even though you're normally really good at divining what the message means? You haven't figured out what the last couple of months was really about, not yet. Therein is your trouble. You might, if you seek some outside assistance, you could very well figure out this time around. But remember, Mercury -- along with Saturn/Moon/Sun &c. All of those might confuse you a bit. Aries: Mercury is a retrograde, still in Libra all week, and Saturn/Sun conjunct oppose Uranus turning retrograde. Venus opposes Jupiter, too.

Aries: From what I've gathered, there's supposed to be an arc to a story's line. Problem, conflict, resolution, reconciliation. Some sort of catharsis should occur at the conclusion. Bad guy gets his just desserts, the good guy gets the fair and virtuous girl, and they all live happily ever after. "Curse, I'll get you yet," mutters the bad guy, as he's doomed to live in a self-perpetuating hell. What he deserved.

But that's the way it goes in the story, whether it's a horoscope like mine, a story, a novel, a movie, even a TV show. However, you knew this would happen, rarely -- if ever -- does real life make as much sense as a piece of fiction. The average sitcom has to wrap up in under 23 minutes. Not a lot of time for background and character development. Hence the problem. Hence the problem in Aries. There's arc and there's resolution, but counting on this to work out like a book? Is that even reasonable? Taurus: It all depends on your ability to to turn a small and relatively insignificant item into a big deal. The pressure really isn't on your Taurus self so much, but there is pressure, just elsewhere. How much you let this pressure get to you, that's the real issue.

I was reeling in a small spoon-type of fishing lure. Lake, around the corner from me. I felt something tap the lure, that's what we say, "I felt it tap it." But there was a strike so I just pulled the lure up and looked. It had been through a school of bait fish and the shad had tried to eat the lure, which, obviously, was too big. But the little fish had gotten itself hooked.

Must've been a Taurus. Or was it me, acting like a Taurus? Here I was, making a big deal out of a fish that wasn't much longer than the lure itself. Which is what I'm warning you about, making big deals out of little deals. Don't. Save us all the trouble. Gemini: I'm not much up on the current theories, like the chaos explanation. I don't really get that, but the last time I listened while a pundit expounded exponentially about the "Chaos Theory," I was intrigued. Sounded just as plausible as any other theory I'd ever heard. But I always thought that chaos was supposed to be utterly random and almost malicious. Apparently, after listening to that one proponent, there's an underlying schemata. Which, I suppose, makes it less chaotic since, as long as there's an underlying plan, it's not truly random.

This can devolve into a tautology.

Or we can see how the chaos and chaos theory has an impact on the Gemini life at the moment. In part, this is Mercury's apparent retrograde behavior, but then, too, there's another, possibly more important, influence. Saturn, and Saturn is triggered by several instances and occurrences. Saturn's relative motion and symbolism is more important than what's kicking with little Mercury, too. More so than ever before? Attention to spurious details, most important, especially for Gemini. Cancer: I chronicled this in another place, the difference between a local band's promotional material, and the actual fact. The fabricated backstory, here's a part I always liked, "The singer was a child TV star in Mexico City...." What makes the story even more amusing, to me, anyway, the whole band was from a small coastal town in Texas, all from the same neighborhood, not really far-flung stars of long dead mediums.

All fabricated. None of them were from New York, or Europe. Or anything. All from the Nueces Strip -- Rio Grande Valley (Texas Side). Not a big deal. The stage banter used to include some of the fabrications, too, and that's a problem. Now on the band's website.

See, if there's something you've fabricated, an outfit cut from the whole cloth of your imagination? The approaching oppositions will render illusions clearly what they are. I'm not saying it's bad to fabricate a backstory, but it doesn't hurt to clearly identify the fiction as just that: fiction. Leo: I have a small office, more like a corner rather than a real office. I can crank up the music in here. That's good. I can rock out. Again, this is a good thing. I can dance. That's bad. I can dance and not be seen. Good. There's a plus and minus to every action and concomitant reaction. It's a matter of doing so safely. When the law reads, "In the privacy and safety of your own home," that means, the sub-text that is implied? It's means you're supposed to do so with the blinds closed, the door shut, or the lights out. Or any combination of such matters that will prevent the neighbors from being able to watch.

I'm a white male and straight: no rhythm and poor fashion sense. Way I goes. So when I decide to rock out? I make sure that the drapes are drawn. No windows are open. Makes for a better experience. For me, for the neighbors, for assorted innocent bystanders who might casually glance in the window. As the mighty Leo? Yeah, you usually want to be on display. As the result of a number of influences, this next couple of days? Maybe not the center of attention is better place to be. Like me rocking out.


Fishing Guide to the Stars
By Kramer Wetzel
(c) 2008-2009 Kramer Wetzel for
For the week starting: 9/3/2009

"He'll be as full of quarrel and offense/As my young mistress' dog."
Shakespeare's Othello [II.iii.46-7]

Iago -- plotting to get him drunk. Perfect for Mercury turning retrograde. Virgo: Happy birthday! You're the one who was looking at me, the other day. I was in warehouse store, you know, the place the size of a warehouse with no marketing, just cheap stuff, usually by the pallet? "I was looking at you, not many guys have long hair, I thought you were my neighbor...."

Might've been a pickup line, but judging by the delivery and appearance, I'd guess it was more likely just a kindly comment, and maybe, just maybe, she thought I was her neighbor. Although, to be honest, the part about "not many guys have long hair," that sort of bothered me. But not too much. Plenty of guys have long hair, although, in a town filled with suburban mansions and mini-mansions, not a lot. Apparently.

I suppose, too, it depends on where one keeps circles. Guys with long hair, or bald, or, in my case, someplace in between? Lots of us. Depends on where you look. Depends on what you're looking for, too. It's the Virgo birthday time. I was shopping for a few groceries by the pallet. Buy the pallet. All depends on what you're looking for, too.

ASTROFISH.NET: Back to School Special! Libra: I watched -- or saw it again in rerun -- the movie "Giant." Famous, possibly, as James Dean's last movie. Or some other trivia. The movie really is great, although, it's hard to sit through several hours of it, all at once.

One of the trivia bits? Filmed in Marfa, not part of the Texas oil patch. However, when I was last flying over the oil patch, I could see row after row of wells, holes punched in the ground to extract mineral goodness. Or heinous fossil fuel, one of those. But this is about one of the first post-modern movies, and how it was set one place without oil but that didn't stop the myth from exploding.

Giant is (to me) a great film. Myth-making, too. But like man-made modern myths, there's also a problem. Mercury is starting his backwards pattern in Libra. What's myth, what's myth-making, and what's actual fact? And now, for the foreseeable future, are these points getting confused? Scorpio: The "Brush Land" of South Texas is really part of the northern reaches of a Mexican desert. As such, it's arid land subject to occasional torrential floods. And the vegetation has adapted to this environment. It's tough cactus, mesquite, and ranch grasses. Plant life that can go for weeks, months, even years without water, and then, suddenly, a hurricane blows ashore, and the place is inundated. Then it's green.

All right, here's the deal: it's like that South Texas vegetation, now, in Scorpio. Nominally a water sign, there's a little problem with Mercury. And since this is a problem? It's like that adaptable plant life. Be a little more willing to bend to exigencies of the current conditions, because, I'll promise this: in three weeks, or less, it will change.

Maybe it will rain soon. Water signs like that. Sagittarius: "Here, let me anoint you with Blueberry Oil," a friend was saying, "it'll bring money to you." I was referring to a work situation, and what my friend was doing, she was referring to Bayberry Oil, an essential oil from the Aromatherapy tool box. I guess. I'm not entirely sure, I'm not conversant with that arena. I asked for clarification, about Blueberry Oil, which evoked a hasty chuckle, had something to do with pancakes for breakfast, I'm not sure.

However, according to lore and myth, Bayberry is used to attract clean money. Does it really work? I'm too broke to say that it really works, but that won't stop me from trying a little nudge. As a Sagittarius, we're used to broad, sweeping strokes. We'd also be willing to try Blueberry Oil. However, just as a way to see the coming few days? Try something less than huge. A gentle nudge. Maybe some Bayberry Oil, just a little dab. Capricorn: I'm -- depends on the area and arena -- usually a catch and release fishing kind of guy. Towards that end, when I lived on the lake in Austin, I once caught the same fish six times in less than two weeks. Same fish, same bait, same location. What that fish didn't have in brains, she sure made up in attitude. And attitude is everything?

I think it was dumb fish with lots of fight, or maybe, to a fish, getting a ride up into the sky is, like, a rush. I always guess the fish is trying to figure out why food is pulling so stoutly. I was thinking about that experience as I was wrapping up some thoughts about your week. Which one are you going to be? Are you going to be the same fish in the same place biting the same plastic worm? Or are you like me, fishing in the same place and catching -- and releasing -- the same fish, time and time again. Which is why I'm catch and release as as it makes catching again a fun sport. But which one are you? Aquarius: This didn't really happen, but I can imagine it happening. Follow along, you'll see what I mean. Imagine my Aquarius buddy, calling me up, "Dude, no, dude, I just met a chick, is it good? Do I have a chance?" Actually, no, because the rest of the conversation is, "What's her name?" "I don't know," says the Aquarius. "And her birthday?" Which is what I would normally ask. "Don't know," the Aquarius buddy replies.

No name, no connection, no birth data, first off, my services are next to useless, although, I could look at a chart for the moment of meeting, but that's not what this is about. It's about pertinent details. Hope spun up out of the airy figments of imagination and the barest threads of a perceived connection that might -- or probably won't -- amount to anything. Might never even see that woman again. The chick. Whatever. It's about not trying to make something out of nothing. While I might, on certain occasions, be able to spin something out of nothing? As an Aquarius? With Mercury in Libra? No, this isn't a time to take that flight of fantasy too far. Pisces: Just kind of, "Watch you back," that's the easy version of what's going on, since, it's, in part, Mercury's fault. The longer version is more of a balance between divergent energies, but mostly, it's because these days are Virgo days. Virgo Sun Sign means that the Sun itself is opposite where your Pisces self is. Creates tension, causes minor irritations, makes things seem a little more difficult.

This is compounded with Saturn's presence, again, in Virgo, and exacerbated by Mercury starting a retrograde pattern. Therein is the problem. The solution, as I see it? Watch your back. I'm not saying that someone will necessarily come after you, or that there is a real threat, no, that's not it.

It's about, this is Mercury stuff, little mistakes that get blown into big mistakes. Easiest way to avoid this? Watch your back. Aries: I'm not going to tell you again, you've got to be careful. Mercury is backwards, in an opposing Cardinal sign. That's problematic. Mars is in another Cardinal sign, that's problematic, too. Pluto is opposite that Mars, sort of loosely and fading away, but also in a Cardinal sign, which would be, I hope you guessed it, problematic. The odds are against you. Maybe not so much against you, more like you have one or more areas that are, at best, problematic.

I've found, over the years that's easiest to repeat the answer to an Aries question, to reinforce the answer? I need to repeat the answer at least three times. That gets it across. Makes the message strong enough to pierce the Aries hearing, and finally, sink into the Aries mind. Three times to make a point. The planets are trying to make a point. The planets are trying to get something across. Review the Mercury notes I've got, review, revise, rethink, rework, review (again), retrench, rebuild, and finally, review (yet again).

These aren't big obstacles, at least none that look insurmountable, not to me, I don't see any huge problems, what I do detect is problematic. Patience, time, a willingness to review the process, and a willingness to review the work itself, could make that less of a problem. Blame Mercury; however, it could be a host of other planets, too. Taurus: Yeah, I don't know why school starts now, or, for that matter, why we call this the end of summer (vacation) since it's hardly cool out at all. Things just kind of roasting along, like normal. But that's hardly how a good Taurus will face the extreme problem. The extreme problem, this could be like one of those extreme sports, too, like extreme skateboarding or a rerun from last winter, extreme snowboarding, or better yet, from last spring, extreme bass fishing, although, I don't think I've ever seen that one. It could happen. However, that's not what this is about.

It's about excess and over-abundance, too much exuberance in the face of a difficulties. That's kind of a problem, it's almost like you're too eager to tackle the problem. Stop. Mercury, Saturn, and so forth? There's that cool, icy edge to the Taurus personality. I'd suggest that we all embrace that cool, icy edge. Might take more than one mention to make the point, too. But use that cool, icy edge to the Taurus personality. Face the upcoming adversity, it would seem to be extreme, face that with the cool, calm exterior. That cool an icy edge. The opposite of panic and end-your-face enthusiasm. No, be cool, almost to the point of ice cold. Even though it's still nominally an extreme summer here. Gemini: Mercury is backwards in an air sign. While it's not backwards in your sign, you are an air sign. As such, there's a little bit of pressure from weird places doing strange things to the Gemini psyche. Along with comical outcomes, as long as you don't mind being the butt of the joke. Which you are. Regrettably. Or not, as long a you like being the funny one.

This is like an extended, long-winded, running-gag joke that you're the object of attention. It's funny at first, you can laugh it off. But as this progresses? It gets a lot less funny. Your Gemini patience is wearing thin. When you realize what's going on, though, make sure that you're prepared for the running gag, over and over again. You know, once was funny, three times, a chuckle, but returning every day for the next week? Not nearly as funny as that first time. Or even the second time. Cancer: I like myths and lore. And while this is a tale I've never researched, verisimilitude counts. The city of Las Cruces, in southern New Mexico, named for the site of an ancient battle. After the battle, a number of graves were erected, and the turn in the road became known by that marker, "Turn at the crosses." Hence the name Las Cruces. The Crosses. Personally, I think its name is derived from the interstate system because the north-south I-25 crosses that great southern route, the east-west I-10. Hence the name, Las Cruces.

I'm also a minority with some of my myths. I'm not a minority when I point out that Mars is setting up and frying through your delicate water sign self. And I'm not minority when I warn you about taking on burdens that might be too large for you to bear. There's another joke, too, but I'll leave that to your own imagination. Leo: I was sitting on a restaurant's patio. Afternoon, not too hot, not in the shade as the clouds scudded by. Not really rain clouds, but enough cover to make outside, on the patio, bearable in the late summer afternoon. I propped my feet up on chair and sipped a beverage, toyed with a phone, something. Suddenly the sun burned through the clouds, or the light breeze shifted cover, something occurred, weather-wise. I was sitting in hot sun.

Know what that feels like, my dear Leo friend? I could sit there, sweat, cuss, and bemoan my fate, or, what I did? I moved. I just swapped positions with my feet. I was under the shade of a small trestle or something, dappled sunlight still warming me, but at least I wasn't in the hot seat any more. Just sort of scooted around. Beat the heat. All I'm saying, to avoid the hot spot this next few days, what with Mercury and all? Move. Maybe not move, maybe just sort of slide over a little. Scoot around, adjust your fine Leo self so you are more comfortable, and certainly, this is important, out of the way.


Fishing Guide to the Stars
By Kramer Wetzel
For the week starting: 8/27/2009

"The general so likes your music that he desires you, for love's sake, to make no more noise with it."
Shakespeare's Othello [III.i.11-3]

The clown to a group of musicians. Like something from a band the other night.

Upcoming: Lecture/workshop, one-stop astrology class: in El Paso.


    Happy Birthday! Some of my dear little Virgo friends are doing pretty well by now. It's been a long year, and if I were to glance back, I'd be glad that it's pretty much behind us. But there's still a little bit of work on the horizon that needs your Virgo attention.

    Some concentrated effort, between now and the end of September? I'll promise some good results.

    This week? There's a small party brewing, a smaller than usual Virgo birthday celebration.

    That's okay, with a smaller party? You can enjoy everyone.

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    I was looking through an older text, a book I'd used many years ago. Truthfully, I was really looking for something else, but that one text caught my attention. I had post-it notes, some blank, some with cryptic notations, all making references to a topic that I could no longer fathom. Pretty interesting stuff, from a localized archeology purview.

    I wasn't even sure what some of the old notes referenced. Not that it matters. I left the post-it bookmarks in place, along with the scribbled notes. Might mean something to me at some point. Might not. The notes, the bookmarks, the text itself, none of this takes up too much shelf space. It's easy to store, even if I don't know exactly what I was looking at -- at the time.

    That's kind of what this week is like, a little delving back into the Libra Library. A little look at where you've been, and whatever it was that you were looking for. Or maybe not what you were looking for, but what you find? It's what you're were supposed to find. Some days, like this week? It's less about what you were looking for and more about the journey and process of discovery.

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    In a history book I was reading, I found a reference to the first use of a railroad explosive as a guided missle. It was a railroad engine, packed with explosives, and sent down the track into the enemy territory. Civil damage, infrastructure damage, and casualties, all from a tactical point of view? Successful that first time. Pioneered in the Mexican Revolution in 1911. What the book said. I'm not sure. However, it does make a good antecedent. Historically, anyway.

    Then too, the celluloid and television versions are dramatic. However, as a really valid form of war, I doubt it's useful these days. Too easy to disrupt. As I was looking at the Scorpio charts for the coming week? I was thinking about the term "train wreck." And from that term, you can easily see how I got sidetracked with the historical footnote about the exploding trains. Which is how I got to my warning for the Scorpio friends.

    While it's relatively easy to derail that train, packed with explosives, that doesn't exactly defuse the situation, and there's still a problem. The best way to avoid the train wreck, train explosion scenario? Get far, far away. If you can't stop it, and if you can't prevent it, then why hang around and wait for the inevitable?


    The Moon motion suggests it's party time. The relative position of the Sun Sign Virgo, placed against out Sagittarius relative points, though, suggests it's more a time for reflection. We can do both, reflect back on our last few years and party at the same time. Although, just an idea, I'd tend to make this a little more somber kind of a party. Could just be me, too, but I'd stop and think about what it is that we're going to think about.

    Reflection is one kind of an action, or really, since it can be all mental, reflection can also be a kind of inaction. That's the problem. Pause long enough to reflect, pause long enough to make an educated guess about a problem, pause long enough to plot a couple of past points, and see if that doesn't make a new trajectory a little more clear.

    I'm Sagittarius, too, and I tend to see the bright side, the upside, the good news. As long as we're taking a moment to pause and reflect, with that Virgo influence hanging over our heads, as long as we're waiting? Plot carefully. Like, if, see, if you can detect a downward spiral? See what can be done to prevent that from going from bad to worse. If there's an upward spiral that could send you into outer-space -- too quickly? Again, think about a course correction, Then, as long the moon is lending it's energy, make those necessary corrections. Action, not inaction, after the pause and reflect. Call it all a "Virgo thing."


    A lot of research has been done on Mars. Astronomical, cosmology, exploration, and so forth. Makes it a better understood planet. However, in my terms, when Mars moves into a position where it opposes the Capricorn slice of the chart? There's a different kind of energy. There's friction, there's sleepless nights, there's tension, and sometimes, there's a quietly bubbling kind of anger. Only, there's not always a source of the frustration, and with Mars in this mix?

    Sometimes the outrage is greater than the original infraction. Herein is the caution, and I'd like to think, a solution as well. When that anger boils up, stop. Use a little Capricorn brain power to ascertain the exact and precise nature of the problem. Just a generalized "over there," and "that thing," those types of expressions don't cut it. With typical Capricorn precision, it might be necessary to slice through the Mars-infused haze in order to pinpoint the source of the problem.

    Instead of outlandish and grossly inaccurate statements? Use a little bit of Mars for inspiration, move towards detecting, isolating and getting an accurate read on the single source of the discomfort. Be a much better way to use that rather than pointlessly blasting everybody.

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    There is an image, I've passed on the way to the post office, maybe a hundred times. I've tried to capture this image with a phone camera. A cheap digital camera. An expensive digital camera. And I've published some of my efforts, but I'll admit, freely, that I never quite caught what I could see with my mind's eye as I passed this particular scene.

    It's in an empty field, next to a railroad right-of-way, backing up to an abandoned, or very under-used, light industrial center. Typical of what one might expect to find laying in just such a field. No big deal. I've tried when the grass is green and lush with spring rain, I've tried when it was brown with the winter's cold, and most recently, I tried with the dry, straw look of an August Sun in South Texas. I have never successfully captured that image. Doesn't mean I haven't tried, cheap camera, phone camera, expensive camera, tripod, in passing, sunset, sun rise, mid-day. Cloudy, sunny, I think I tried them all. Every possible combination.

    To me, I have never succeeded in accurately capturing the feeling that I get from this particular image. Doesn't mean I haven't tried. There's a pervasive sense of loneliness combined with some sense of abandonment sort of rounded out with hope for the future, but maybe, a sense of the past, too. That's the best way I can describe the image. Maybe if I use real film. Or maybe, it's an image that I can never capture with a camera. However, as an Aquarius, you know that you have to try and grab that image, no matter how elusive it might appear to be.


    There comes a point when covering up spontaneous artwork -- there comes a point where the cover-up is more artistic than the artwork that's being covered up.

    I was thinking about a spot where there was a gang-related tag on a building, and then, the way the graffiti was painted over? Much nicer than the original paint, and nicer, too, than the tag's artwork. While I'm certainly no art critic, I know what I find pleasing to my eye. And after all, that's all that's really important, to me, anyway. Which is sort of what this is about, this week.

    This next few days. Inadvertent art is a beautiful thing. Can't set out to make it happen, and sometimes, in the urban landscape, the cityscape of the Pisces soul, there's a piece of ugly graffiti that's been artfully hidden. Respect and enjoy the accidental nature of how this works. It's not the first pass or the second pass, but sometimes, that final time when you're trying cover it up.


    I'm going to deviate from the original script here. Not that it's a problem for me, to skip the instructions, but I'm going to nimbly jump from one bit of the script to the next, with no follow through. In other words, you're getting a horoscope that wasn't scripted this way. It's not according to the "the plan," and frankly, the way things have been going, maybe "the plan" wasn't such a good idea. Although, at the time, it did seem like a good idea.

    The deal is that you've got change your direction. You've got to change the way you perceive what is happening, and you've got to make a significant course correction.


    Look it, see, my fine little Aries friend, there's got to be some changes. You got stuck doing it one way, and then, here's a chance to change, that one way doesn't seem to work. It's more arduous than it needs to be. The longer you put off this simple change? The harder it gets. At this point, you've created more work than is necessary. It's a simple solution to what's been a complex problem.

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    I was looking at your chart and I was thinking about the best way to express the energy contained therein. I was working on a theory that fit with a Fixed sign (Taurus) and the way that Jupiter is in Aquarius, making a tension angle to Taurus. Then, too, the Full Moon, and it just goes on and on. I was thinking about that, and then I got to thinking about a certain situation that has changed, irrevocably and forever, never going to be the same, not ever again. I was thinking about that one example then I realized, the little mental gymnastics I got into?

    That was the perfect example. It's about getting stuck with an old thought, a situation that's been analyzed and dissected to a sub-atomic particle level, and nothing's changed. Outcome won't be any different, and anyway, that's history, can't change it now, right? Put that thought process aside. See, it's all about day-dreams. Night dreams, fantasies -- one of those. And it's about not spending too much time in dream land. Options, there are some options, and it's matter of taking some of those options -- now. Less day dream, more reality.


    Ever watch a movie, or a TV show, and on the screen, the character walks from one room to another, and the shirt is instantly clean again? Or the pattern on the shirt varies from scene to scene? One time, it's a striped shirt, and in the next scene, same suit, or same color suit, but the shirt is broadcloth with no pattern?

    There's a whole bunch of web pages dedicated to such problems on screen. In literature, Western Literature, I recall a cowboy who got off his horse on page 158 and dismounted the same horse on page 160 -- without ever getting back on. This is called, I believe, "continuity." Fast shot TV or low-budget movies? This is a fairly common problem. First novels, or sloppy horoscopes, can be a problem here, too. But that's not what this week is about. This week is about you, the Gemini, finding loopholes and glaring inconsistencies in a number of places.

    Important note: Have fun with it.


    There's a fine line between madness and genius. Equally, there's a fine line between brilliance and insanity. More over, there's a delicate point, a balance between trash and treasure. Sadly, I'm guessing that you're going to step over one -- or more -- of those fine lines. This week. Now when it comes to matters of taste, decorum and style, I obviously don't have much room to be a judge. I tend to err on the side of bad taste and poor judgment: I almost revel in it.

    Well, truthfully, I do celebrate my lack of good tastes and my exceptionally bad judgment. But that's me. I'm not sure you want to infect this on your own career, your friends and family, your loved ones. No, might not be the time to inflict and infect us with your poor judgment calls. I'm not saying that you always have this sort of ill-timed, ill-conceived, perhaps ill-mannered ideas, but you know? With Mars and so on? Maybe this week isn't the time for it.

The Leo:

    Against a stark, bright, South Texas sky, blue, with that faded corn-silk blue, there's the heat. It comes in waves, and then, the faintest amount of gulf coast moisture seeps in, too, and that adds warmth to an already hot day. The grass is mostly brown, but last month's scant rain, it left vestigial shards of green at the base of the grasses.

    Hot summer in the city. Hot summer at the edge of the escarpment. Hot summer on the prairie. Just how it all goes. This is the dogged days of Leo-time. The only respite, and it's not very much, is the morning star.

    Arise early, my fine Leo friend, and in the East, there's a single planet visible. Venus. She's in Leo, right now, and that early morning light, from that star, first thing -- last thing -- before sun-up? Sunrise is your time. Most of my Leo friends deplore sunrise. I'm with them on this, unless it involves a fishing pole. Then sunrise is a beautiful thing. But no, despite what you think you want, you're best in the pre-dawn cool. Best time for you. Avoid the heat and realize that Venus is the only cooling agent. Use that wisely.

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