Fishing Guide to the Stars
    By Kramer Wetzel
    (c) 2008-2009 Kramer Wetzel for astrofish.net
    For the week starting: 10/15/2009

"Moderate lamentation is the right of the dead,
Excessive grief is the enemy of the living."
Shakespeare's All's Well That Ends Well [I.i.59 ]

Mercury direct. The e-mail line is always on, "31" (24 and 7).

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    astrofish.net Libra: Still plenty of Libra birthdays left to celebrate and still plenty of good times in Libra. The catch, if there were one, would be the relative position of the moon especially when that's balanced against the Libra Sun. It's not that you're unhappy, it's just that a number of people seem to be intent on ruining a perfectly good week.

    There's a small window that opens up at the end of the week, at the beginning of the weekend. That's good. There's also a suggestion I have, as the fall starts to finally arrive in full force: rest. This is a time, I know, birthday weekend and all, but this is a time to rest and recuperate. Get ready for what's up ahead. Maybe get a chore or two out of the way.

    Odd as it may sound, you're better off without the crushing hordes around you. That Libra "entourage" you're used to having follow you around? Perhaps, I won't say for sure, as it varies from person to person, Libra to individual Libra, but getting away from crowds? If only for a little while? Like this weekend, or maybe, next week? Call it a birthday getaway? You'll be much happier and more recharged, fresh and able to handle all the new challenges, once we get this behind us.

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    astrofish.net Scorpio: "Treat kids to a steady diet of eggs, worms and wooly buggers." That was a (western state) Department of the Interior, or exterior, really, or fish and game, one of those -- some government agency. State, federal, something. It was an image of young child holding up a fishing pole with a trick worm on the end. The rest of the ad wasn't nearly as clever, "Take a kid fishing."

    There are two guides, real fishing guides, that I know, and those two guys are good with kids. Other than that? I'm not sure. After about half an hour of a kid being fidget-prone, irascible, irritable and ADD? I get ready to use the kid itself as cut bait. Who would know? One of the guides is an older man, and he has that infinite grandfather type patience.

    The other is a young guy, and he was explaining that it's easy, just have to have the kids doing things at all time. Kids need activities, at all times. Hard to imagine how that would work in a fishing boat. He had some tricks, I'm sure. Maybe there's a surcharge for kids. Now, imagine that you're a Scorpio, not hard, and imagine that you've got a boat full of kids, maybe more difficult to get a clear image of, and now, finally, imagine that you've got activities for them. Figure a way to keep the kids in the Scorpio boat happy for the next few hours. All it takes.

    astrofish.net Sagittarius: Retrofitted farm house with its AC and water heater next to each other? I was walking in my neighborhood, and one of the homes is much older, possibly historic, a farm house. Just shotgun-style, be my guess, turn of the last century, wood on pier-and-beam support. Looks like it was lovingly redone a number of times. Included Central Air and Heat, I'd guess. The hot water heater itself, that was a clear addition some years ago, as there was some effort made to conceal the appendage -- although -- the water heater's storage shed looked like it was attached to the house some years later.

    I realize it's mid-October, but here in South Texas, we're still kicking in AC. Which was running and it was early in the morning, and I thought about a hot shower which brings me to the whole point, wondering why the AC and the water heater were so close to each other. Seems like they would work in opposite direction, one for hot water, one for cool air.

    The intricacies of household engineering might not be a strong suit with me, especially when this is applied to an older building. Not that it matters much. Or maybe it does. Both units were at the rear of the house. I was just thinking, though, wouldn't it be easier to put each unit at opposite sides of the rear of the house? Keep the hot side hot and the cool side cool? Is there a step in the Sagittarius land where we can take similar action? Separate hot from cold?

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    astrofish.net Capricorn: I was talking to a neighbor, originally, from Houston. I'd asked how he dealt with Houston weather, in its excess. "It wasn't ever that bad, until, about two, maybe three hurricanes ago?" I nodded, not really remembering which one, "I woke up and the bed was floating. Time to move, what I thought."

    I'd have to agree with that -- pretty clear indication that it's time --high time-- to move. I'm not saying that your bed will be floating in the aftermath of a tropical storm. I'm not saying that you're moving, either. I'd be attendant, though, in a perspicacious manner, waiting and ready for a clear sign. This is one that's not too subtle. A clear indication that you should go one way or another, or particular issue.

    That issue, I doubt it's about Houston weather, but I'm suggesting that there is a pretty clear message from the Universe about which way to go. Maybe you and your bed frame get washed out the door, again, that's just one example, but I'd take that a clear indication of which way you should be going.

    Reverse Phone look-up!

    astrofish.net Aquarius: We'd been looking at boats, me and fishing buddy. More idle speculation rather than really shopping. Eventually, we decided that none of the boat dealers had what we were looking for, not all the parts we wanted and needed. Right size, wrong console arrangement, right console, wrong motor and hull, and so forth.

    What's boats got to do with Aquarius? Hello, Aquarius, it's the sign of the Water-Bearer.

    Boats bear us on water? Might be a stretch, but I'm going some place with this. It's about looking at disparate parts an realizing that no off-the-shelf, no pre-manufactured product is going to work. Sometimes, it might be easier -- better -- just to buy the parts and build your own. This could be a car, a house, a fishing boat, a pleasure boat that doubles as a fishing platform, or any other kind of a large item-purchase. Instead of tire-kicking, complaining and bemoaning the lack of original thought in the design process, why not just buy the right parts and build yourself a keeper?

    astrofish.netPisces: I stop and talk to cops, as often as I can. The setting for this question and answer game was San Antonio's Riverwalk. I asked the SA PD what was the weirdest question, not "Where's the Alamo," but weirdest question from tourists? "There was this bunch of little old ladies, asked where Dirty Dick was."

    There is a place called Dirty Nelly's, an Irish-themed bar. And there is a place called Dick's Last Resort, a dive themed diner. "It was just this image of little old ladies, you know?" The cop asked. Depends on how weirdness falls on your "weird-o-meter." Mine is set pretty high, but that's too much time in Austin itself, nothing is ever going to be too strange. Which is why I tend to ask the guys in uniforms for help on this one.

    That wasn't the best, response I've gotten, but it's probably one of the better ones. Then, too, it was a pair of officers I'm not used to seeing. Some cops know me, I'm -- apparently -- a memorable character. You can be like me, a memorable character, you could be the cop on the spot, being quizzed about the most memorable questions, but most of all, I suspect, you're going to be like the gaggle of little old ladies, looking for a misnamed restaurant. Or bar. The real question, was that an intentional misnomer, or did they do that on accident?

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    astrofish.netAries: I was out-of-town, on business, of course, and I was watching a seriously road-weary road warrior. Business suite. No tie, but the collar looked like it had been recently tied up tight. The guy was frazzled. As he settled down to a meal in the coffee shop, he asked if he could get a steak and salad, nothing more. No bread. No veggies, nothing. Steak and salad. Then he unlimbered two smart phones.

    He picked one up, scrolled through the list of messages. Said something to himself, and set the phone down. He then picked up the second phone, typed a text message, said something to himself again, and looked at the first phone. He said something to himself again. I checked, no earpiece. He wasn't on some kind of hands-free ear-thing. He was talking to himself.

    I know how it is, around 11 at night, dog tired from work and yet, there's still one more thing. The question is, do you want to be the one talking to yourself? The work is good, but there's a frantic push that you don't have to make so frantic.

    astrofish.net Taurus: I watched a young man, just headed out to the lake to fish. He was dressed in fresh khaki cargo shorts and a light colored, long-sleeved "fishing" shirt. I was amused. I have a similar, if not identical, shirt. The difference is, when mine has the sleeves rolled up, there's a mess. I try to be neat and tidy, but the sleeves -- the little epaulette-like appendage for holding the sleeves rolled in place? Yeah, I never get the sleeves right, but that little strap works fine to keep the long sleeves short.

    I spend lot of time fishing and consequently, I don't spend a lot of time worrying about what I wear when I fish. I tend towards loud print shirts that are actually kind of cheap and cheesy, but that's my style -- or lack of a style.

    I was thinking about my lack of style because of the relative position of Mars -- going into Leo -- and Jupiter -- in Aquarius -- and you. The way it looks to me, you can spend a lot of time, folding and primping those sleeves so that they match up and look right. Or you can be a little more like a me, a little more slovenly, but by the time that kid got to the lake, I'd been fishing for over an hour. Tightly wrapped and correct in appearance? Almost to the point of having starch in your shorts? Or loose and unkempt, but just as fluid as needs be? You get to make the call, one way or another.

    astrofish.net Gemini: "Chinese dragon or English dragon?" The guy asking the question was a tattoo artist and the question was, I suppose, valid. In a way. The person was about to get inked, a permanent kind of deal, and all that was for sure was a dragon. Year of the dragon? Maybe. "Chinese or English, the English ones have wings, Chinese looks like a snake." Now I know the difference, and after a snippet of conversation, that was about all I wanted to know. Wasn't me getting inked, either.

    As the weekend marches closer? There's a sense that you've got this great idea, only, like the person getting the tattoo, you might not have thought the whole idea all the way through to its logical and eventual conclusion. Dragon is good, tattoo is good, the two combined is good, as well. But maybe do a little research, or sketch out an idea to sketch out before you just wander into the tattoo parlor and start asking for a ink. As a side note about timing? Next week? I mean, if you were going to do something permanent, next week? After this scope is up? Be a good time to get that work done.

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    astrofish.net Cancer: It was advertising on a taxi, for a certain brand of restaurant. However, I liked the advertising even if I'm not fond of that chain's food. "Taxi crab." Which, just as a name, in and of itself? Be perfect. A cab I could call when I wanted someone to gripe all the way to the airport. A cab I could call when I had relatives arriving in town, or some friends, and I had to arrange for a ride from the airport. Not that I would deliberately take such action, but I'm sure you can see where just such a service would be a good idea.

    How about you get called upon to give someone a ride? And you don't want to, it takes too much time, it's inconvenient, something? "Oh, you need a lift in my Taxi-Crab?" Think about it, just one way to make it all better. Or make it worse by making it better. I tend to get crabby if I don't get enough sleep. That's why I was thinking about the Taxi Crab. And I'm loathe to get up at odd hours of the night to help out friends -- I could just call the Crabby Taxi. Or the Taxi Crab. It's an idea. As we hit the last quarter moon and as we see Mars exit Cancer? Think about that idea, you can use, just give me a little credit for applying it to your sign. Perfect, no?

    astrofish.net Leo: One B-movie ruined the whole effect. I was thinking about a chainsaw sound, as the powerful (and noisy) two-stroke motor starts up. But I wasn't thinking about that, compared with the movie franchise of a similar name. I was thinking more along the lines of getting right to it, and then, as I thought about that and Leo, the Leo, I was thinking about the sound of a two-stroke motor. Less and less these are these seen on chainsaws and more and more on leaf-blowers.

    The local yard maintenance guys? They all have standing orders to halt the leaf blowing when a pedestrian passes. That's the rule. Often broken or abused, but I can't say I complain since I know what hard work like that is all about.

    Mars is churning its way into Leo. While I liked the imagery of the sound of a chainsaw, starting up? I'm not sure that it conveys the right scenario, not anymore. Just one movie, then the franchise, ruined it all. Way it goes. However, with the advent and introduction of Mars into your quadrant of the sky? Imagine that it sounds like that chainsaw, starting up.

    astrofish.net Virgo: One of my favorite flavors of tea is Lapsang-Souchong. It's a smoky flavored tea, and I don't know the details of its source, treatment, or why it tastes like it does. I was in a resort and I got a "to go" cup of the tea. The little tea bag tag was snapped under the lid, looked like any of the usual solo-serve coffee cups that, at one point, were quite ubiquitous. I sipped at my tea and something tasted wrong. Eventually, after it steeped and cooled, I pulled the plastic lid off the cup.

    The tea tested like it was supposed to. It's woody and wood-smoked, with hint of roasted rice, and the image of the Oriental-wood cut art with a sparse mountains described in a single pen stroke? Yeah, all that from a simple sip of tea. The important part, though was the lid. For some reason, under the coffee cup's top, that tea didn't taste right.

    Could be an emotional factor, a physical property, my own imagination, or any other number of causes.

    Does it matter? Yes and no. Maybe. Sort of. All I did was discard a simple restraint, and that changed the flavor, the taste, perceptions, and most important, my enjoyment. Simple change yet made a whole world of difference. "So I'm supposed to take the top off my coffee cup?" Yeah, if that's what it takes, it could be that easy. Or something else. Some minor restraint. Some minor impediment to you getting all the Virgo pleasure you want and deserve.

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Fishing Guide to the Stars
By Kramer Wetzel
(c) 2008-2009 Kramer Wetzel for astrofish.net
For the week starting: 10/8/12009

"The sight of lovers feedeth those in love."
Shakespeare's As You Like It [III.iv.36]

Mercury direct. Upcoming: Lecture/workshop, one-stop astrology class: in El Paso. Questions are always free, some answers require a cash deposit.

    astrofish.net Libra: Basically, where I live? Weather doesn't demonstrably cool off until after Halloween. Just a point and arbitrary indication on the calendar. However, as I was looking at your birthday chart, yes, it's your birthday time, Libra dear, I was thinking about the weather and so forth.

    Because of where I live, I can only describe a local weather pattern. But follow this trend a little, the talk and promise of cooler weather, shorter days, longer nights. It goes with the fall weather, and the coming seasonal shift, that's all about things cooling off. When I talk of cooling off, though, I'm talking in a good way, like I won't sweat as much as I would September. Or the bugs aren't a bad as they were last month, and suddenly, it feels a little less summer. In a good way. That's what this about, the natural progression and how it's getting a little cooler out, at least around here it.

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    astrofish.net Scorpio: I was listening to a song on the radio. "It hit me like a ton of bricks," the signer sang. Which, in the empty corridors of my mind, I examined the term, "Ton of bricks." As opposed to, say, a ton of "organic male bovine by-product?" While the smell might be different, I'd guess that the metric tonnage, the actual weight? A ton delineated a single weight amount. So a ton of bricks doesn't weigh any more than a ton of rocks, or sand, or a ton of organic male bovine by-product.

    Does it really matter whether you're hit with a ton of bricks or a ton of something else? Not really. While I doubt it's ton of bricks that hits your Scorpio self, I don't doubt that you get a sudden realization in the coming few days. Whether it hits like a ton of bricks, or a ton of something else? I'm not sure how the measurement differs. But I warned you.

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    astrofish.net Sagittarius: Reflections. That's what this is all about. I took a picture one time, I was supposed to be shooting "water" as a thematic element. It was a puddle, near where I live. I didn't even notice it at the time of the picture, but the puddle's surface reflected something else, like clouds or street lamp, something. It was not an intentional process on my part.

    I have a reputation of being interested in fishing even in puddles, if I think they might hold fish. Which is what this was about, at the start, just puddles that might -- or might not -- have fish in them. But it's matter of looking back at one piece of work and realizing that there's another image reflected in its surface.

    The accidental nature of art can't be diminished. Which is what this is really about. Allow for the accidents to happen. That's the whole point. There might be a reflection or an image reflected in the surface of something as simple as a puddle. Don't look too hard, either, allow for the serendipitous, inadvertent nature to work its magic.

    astrofish.net Capricorn: It's really weird how distractions can present themselves. Work tasks that seem to be labor-intensive, fun events that seems to take more time than they should? While it's always pleasant to waste time like this, it was one afternoon, I had an appointment for a reading with a client, and I was fishing.

    I thought I'd allowed enough time to get from the lake back to the house and hook up the phone line and recorder and all. I didn't. What really happened? I was late from fishing because, there was this one, he wanted to be caught, but he didn't, and he would nibble the bait, just a little, and then stop. So I spent too much time having too much fun chasing a fish that didn't really want to get his picture taken, which is why, in all honesty, I was late for that reading.

    Which is why I'm warning about just such distractions.

    astrofish.net Aquarius: Jupiter turns and starts its forward motion in the next week or so. While it isn't much, it is, in a way. Jupiter is all about luck. Luck is one of those elements that can never be quantified. Therein is the problem, as your luck is improving. Try taking that luck to the bank. I've yet to find a teller who will let me deposit luck.

    However, there's a good shot at something that will fall your way, your fine Aquarius way. In order to make this happen, though, whatever it is? You can help this along with a gentle nudge. Just a nudge. Don't get all pushy and stuff. Let this flow, just consider giving it a little, gentle, direction. Like, in your favor. Just a simple bump, sort of poking it with a toe or something. Nudge it your way.

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    astrofish.netPisces: I was talking to a guy from Houston. We were talking about past hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters, just odd weather patterns, that Houston falls prey to. Just the usual weird stuff, and odd stories. His best one, related from a (highly reliable narrative) friend of a friend? "I knew I was in trouble when I woke up and the bed was floating in the bedroom."

    It happens. Not like there wasn't adequate warning that a storm was approaching, or that it was going to flood, as it rained steady for three days. Nope, none of this was that unusual, either, not given the time and place. Houston is close enough to the Gulf of Mexico, and Houston is used to rain of torrential proportions, so none of this was that odd. I'm like a weatherman, and I'm warning you that there's a band of low pressure or high pressure, or something. After looking at the Pisces chart, though, I just figured you won't mind my warning until the bed is floating. Then you can say it. ("Houston, we have a problem.")

    astrofish.netAries: I stepped out in the fall afternoon, and after a cursory glance out the window, I figured I would need a flannel shirt to go with shorts and sandals, as it looked cool out. I opened the door, stepped outside, and I reversed my decision immediately. I opened the door again, tossed the flannel shirt inside, locked, turned, left. That simple. It looked cold. It wasn't. Wasn't even slightly chilly. Wasn't even close.

    October, after the fall equinox? Should be chilly, right? Not here. Not on a day like last week. Not even cool. This is about expectation, and I expected cold. Or cool. I do believe it dropped below 70 degrees, yeah, right. Like about 1 (one) degree below. As I suggested, not enough to make a noticeable difference, not really. I was basing my expectations on what I saw, looking out the window.

    Reasonable enough, but there are times when an Aries empirical decision must be based solely on observed phenomena. Whether it's the weather or something else, test for yourself, first. Then make a decision. Unless, like me, you don't mind turning back after you found out the first assumption was wrong.

    astrofish.net Taurus: I was fishing at one lake, kind of close to me. Sort of favorite spot, on certain days, like most of the days in October. There's a dock, administered by the park department, the nominative rulers of the park. Overlords. Trusted servants, something. Anyway, the dock was closed. There was a sign up, and there was chain link fence in front of the dock's entrance, the ramp at the trail's end.

    The dock was going to be repaired, and until further notice, no one was allowed on the dock, order of the park's administration and violation was considered trespass. I watched as a couple of guys swung out around the chain link fence, crawled onto the dock and ambled out towards the end, fishing poles in hand. A few minutes later, a park ranger came by and just parked. He waited until he was noticed, then the guys came back, and crawled back around the fence.

    I'm not exactly sure, as I wasn't going to risk the ranger's ire, but it looked like he checked the boys' fishing licenses and then seemed to write a ticket. Probably for trespass. I'm not a Taurus, but if I played one, like on TV? I'd handled that differently. The fence? The sign that says, "Don't go there?" I wouldn't go there. Pay attention to the signs or suffer the consequences.

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    astrofish.net Gemini: As Jupiter moves from a retrograde pattern to a more forward and direct pattern, in a compatible air sign, I just figure life gets a little smoother for the Gemini. It's not like this is without a problem or two, and it's not like this going to be smooth and better right away. Over the course of the next week, though, it gets a little easier.

    I used to fish one place in particular. For one, it was close and convenient, and for two, I know the structure and terrain. I knew what to expect. No big surprises there. Which is what this is about. While it might seem that I've caught all the fish at that one spot, I'm pleasantly surprised that there are still more fish to catch. Same technique, same place, sometimes, the same fish. Other times, it seems like there are new fish, but who am I to talk about this?

    There are days when repetition is the bane of the Gemini existence. Then, too, there will be days, like in the next week, when that repetition is just the opposite, it almost feels refreshing. It might be refreshing. I'm thinking that me and my Gemini self will head out to the old familiar place this week, just as Jupiter turns around, just to see if there any new fish, or old friends.

    astrofish.net Cancer: Mars was just a prelude. At the end of this week, Mars will be at the very end of Cancer. He, Mr. Mars, made his way all the way through your sign. As a student of the stars, I'm inclined to suggest that this is a pretty big hint about what's up ahead for the next couple of years.

    Mars is just like "meat tenderizer," that dubious product that was popular at one point. The last time I read the ingredients, that "meat tenderizer" was nothing more MSG and salt. I think the secret was applying the tenderizer with a kitchen mallet. I'm sure any number of hammer and mallet corollaries will come up, too. I think it was less about what was in the substance, and I figure it was a lot more about how it was applied, with a hammer, or hammer-like tool. That would soften up just about any kind of meat. Feels like you've been through the same process, too. Tenderized. Salted and then beaten? Maybe left in the oven to roast?

    astrofish.net Leo: Subtle doesn't work particularly well with any Leo, and as the Leo? Certainly not. Subtlety is best left to folks who don't want to be Leo. And you're a Leo, The Leo, and as such, you want to be a Leo. The Leo. Which is the problem because this is a time that is all about subtle indications.

    There's a whole world of innuendo, delicate little observation, nuances, and other subtle indications about what's happening. It's a matter of working with the tiny, delicate indications rather than the usual broad, generous strokes. As the Leo, you're used to big statements in bold print. Think about another way of approaching this energy, though, small statements in fine print. Or lots of small statements, each with slight color gradient, affecting a gorgeous hue.

    Get the image? It's not about big, it's about small. It's not about loud, it's about quiet. It's not about directing attention at yourself by banging a loud gong, it's about catching their eyes with a gentle saturation of a variety of images. Small: it's the new Leo large.

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    astrofish.net Virgo: We were just emerging from a fine meal in a little downtown diner, and as we emerged, me and a date, the crowds pressed against us. Lots of fall traffic, nominally, the fall, but in South Texas? On a weekend? Felt like a festive and restive weekend crowd, like late summer.

    The damp air pressed against us. We were moving with the crowds, and we got in behind, I'll assume, a tourist. She was wearing, or she smelled like, I'm not sure which, something that was either high-powered bug spray or perfume. Not sure which it was. Could be a problem, too. Vermin repellent or male attractant? Which was it supposed to be? I'm unsure, but the appearance and rolling gait would suggest attractant.

    And who in their right minds would find that particular odor attractive? There are some bug sprays that have a kind of perfume in them, so as to be aesthetically pleasing and still functional as an insect repellent. Might've been one of those. My date offered, she was sure it was bug spray. Since I've used most kinds of bug spray, I'm thinking perfume. Either way, it did, or maybe didn't, work. Bug spray or perfume this week?

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copyright (c) 2008, 2009 Kramer Wetzel, for astrofish.net

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Fishing Guide to the Stars
By Kramer Wetzel
(c) 2008-2009 Kramer Wetzel for astrofish.net
For the week starting: 10/1/2009

"His gift is in devising impossible slanders."
Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing [II.i.123]

Beatrice describing Benedick.

Shiner "Bocktoberfest." Shiner Beer, 100 years old.

Upcoming: Lecture/workshop, one-stop astrology class: in El Paso.

Questions are always free, some answers require a cash deposit. The e-mail line is always on, "31" (24 and 7).

    astrofish.net Libra: I pulled a big fish in, on some relatively light tackle. As the I fought/played with the fish and got it closer to the craft, I got excited and I lifted the fish up, just ready to flop it into the fishing boat. Should've used a net. "Oh, man, that one was big!" Of course it was huge -- it got away.

    Brings us to this week's message. Have to be careful, don't get too excited and you won't lose the big fish. However, if you do pull a stunt like me? There's no sense in berating yourself, over and over, for a simple error in judgment. We all make them, from time to time. Since, on that trip, it was early in the day? No problem, caught some more fish. Which were boated with a net.

    Everyone learned from my experience. Which, in all honesty, I knew. But there comes a point where you learn from the mistake and then, instead of calling it a mistake? Call it a learning experience. Then too, another part of this issue? Can't dwell in the past. You can glance back to make sure you don't make the exact same mistake again, but you can't dwell on it. Not allowed for now.

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    astrofish.net Scorpio: There's a quality that I tend to admire in a Scorpio, that ability to twist anything around to suit that particular Scorpio's situation. However, while I admire that quality, there's catch to it this week. I say, "Push?" And you pull. I say "Duck?" And up you jump. The normal response, "It seemed like the thing to do?" That doesn't work so well.

    I'm not against Scorpio, no, rather, I'd just like it to be a bit easier for you. In order to make it easier, you have to follow the guidelines, the follow the hints, and hope that person giving the hints and directions understands what's going on. Instead of trying to use some kind of revernse-reverse psychology, with healthy ironic flavor, I'm being pointed and clear. The directions, oh, just consider them as suggestions rather than rules, okay?

    Those are all about specific directions which your good little Scorpio self should follow. The directions are clear, too. "Push," means to exert pressure away from you. "Duck" means to lower your Scorpio brain so you don't get hit on the head. It's very simple. We're crawling out of a little bit of bad spot for Scorpio and the easiest way to avoid problems? Follow the proffered advice.

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    astrofish.net Sagittarius: I was looking at some over-the-counter medication. Stuff I keep on hand to relieve symptoms of illness, and really, it's more a comfort to have the meds on hand than to use those OTC pills. However, as I was feeling like I might need them, I checked on the label of the pills. I wanted to see just exactly how many I should I take in 24-hour period, and I was surprised.

    My best estimate? My best guess? I was doubling up on the dose of that stuff. Which probably isn't a good idea. Or maybe it is, as dizziness could be a side-effect. Or maybe I'm already a little dizzy. This really isn't about drugs, though, it's more about reading the instructions. Following the directions. While it might sound like fun to mix and match medications to amaze your friends, it's not always a good idea to play around the brain's chemistry. As a Sagittarius, we have, at best, a tenuous grip on reality as it is?

    Which is why I'm suggesting, just as a suggestion, just for the next couple of days? Try reading the instructions. Try following the directions.

    astrofish.net Capricorn: Here's a hint: get a jump start on the new year. If I were more a self-aggrandizing, self-promoting sales jerk, I'd suggest you look at a transit report for next year, just to figure out when you've got your hot times, and then I'd suggest you plan and prepare. But that's a lot of work, leafing through page after page of material just to determine what's going to happen next year. And why are we concerned with next year?

    Should you be concerned about next year? Yes. There's a point, has to do with current employment at this moment in space and time, and at this very point, this instance, in the next few days? You've got a chance to start making progress towards next year. Little changes? Or big changes? Kind of depends on your happiness quotient, your rating, and how you stack up against that internal Capricorn measuring stick.

    Perhaps the most judgmental of all, huh? The internal Capricorn voice.

    Anyway, this is about making some plans for the future, based upon where events are right about now.

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    astrofish.net Aquarius: For me, I keep this list short, as short as possible. It's a list of things I should do. Usually, it's things I should do right away, too. Here's my little kick-in-the-pants for my excellent Aquarius friends: look at your list. Take the top item? If you can, just accomplish that one goal. Just get it done, just do it. If that to item is not doable? Then skip to the next item on the list.

    It's about priorities and how you choose to go about getting things done on your list of things that must be done. Or should be done, or should be done to improve the quality of your life. Or some other entity (spouse/boss) requires your excellent Aquarius action. It's about doing what is right, doing what may not be the most comfortable, it's about doing the proper thing, finding the best course of action to knock that top spot down a notch -- or three.

    There's all this nice stuff floating along in Aquarius. It's just that you can get a little distracted, and then, you want to do something else, and then you forget all about what you're doing in the first place, and you wander off to go have a beer with friends (or some kind of similar pursuit). Which is the problem. Stick to the top items on the list of things you'd rather not do, but if you get them done, at least one? You will feel much better.

    astrofish.netPisces: I was kicking around an advertising term to use for my own horoscopes. I was going to call it "affordable fun." I liked the way the term rolled off the tongue, I liked the sound and implications. Better yet, though, I like the way this works for Pisces. It's what you're looking for, these days. Affordable fun. There is such a thing, you know?

    A subscription costs less than -- insert your own suitable metaphor.

    The examples I grew so fond of? Downtown parking rates. I had numerous images of how much it costs to park in a spot by the courthouse. From five bucks right on up to a dozen dollars -- or more. I don't know if that's what you're looking at, either, for affordable fun. I'd be looking for stuff that is cheap, or even free, if at all possible, I'd be interested in a cheap fun. Some diversion that doesn't cost a lot, if anything at all. I was thinking about grabbing a fishing pole, early next week and hitting a few of the local ponds. That's cheap fun, for example, right? Affordable fun for Pisces -- however you work that.

    astrofish.netAries: This is an exercise for this week -- get a piece of paper, a blank piece of paper. Put a large letter A in the center of the paper. Good. All done?

    What's going is you just graded yourself. You just gave yourself an A. You can add a plus if you would like, but as an Aries, superlatives are not always required. You passed with flying colors, you're good to go. As the next few days arrive and depart, there's going to be some judgment and grading.

    Instead of worrying about what others think about? Just consider what you've done, where you are, and how far you've come. Look at where you're at -- right now.

    What does this have to do with anything? It's all about where you're at, how you're doing, and how you react to being graded. When some outside forces start pushing on you? Look at that piece of paper from the start. Internally, you know, I'm right, you deserve the best grade. Or really good one.

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    astrofish.net Taurus: Something triggered my brain, as I was looking at the Taurus charts, for the beginning, for the end, and even some for the middle of the next couple of days. One word. I couldn't escape this one word, it just seemed to fit: Circus.

    It looks like there's a circus going on in Taurus. In the main ring, there's one act, on the side, there's another act, and on the other side, a juggling act. It's really a three-ring circus in Taurus. What are you going to do with that? There are any number of plausible solutions for Taurus. However, I have a much better idea. Instead of trying -- and possibly failing -- as the Ring Master? Be part of the audience. You'll enjoy the show much more, and there's always something to watch.

    There will be a Gemini, trying to back up and correct a previous mistake. An Aries will be blithely banging his or her way forward, through the obstacle rather than around the obstacle, and then, here in Taurus? Trying to manage and juggle three acts at one time? Whatever for? While Mercury is no longer backwards, there's still a bit of leftover tension -- in other signs. Sit back, and observe. With that implacable Taurus calm? Sit back and watch. Or do like me, and be greatly amused.

    astrofish.net Gemini: Listen to me: Mercury is not retrograde.

    Got that? No more using that excuse. Now, as this week unfolds, as we hit a full moon, then the full moon fallout? You're going to feel, your little Gemini brain will lie to you, and tell you that Mercury is still backwards because you keep running into the same kinds of problems you've had for the last four weeks now. I'm amused by my Gemini friends and family. I am amazed, at times. Like now.

    Like, if you'll go back and look at some of my previous advice, you'll see I warned you -- adequately -- about what happens if you skip a step or take an apparent shortcut, or avoid cleaning up a little mess that needed to be cleaned up. While I'm all in favor Gemini keeping his or her hands clean? While I'm all in favor in finding the most expedient route to get through from here to there? Anything you skipped, ducked, or avoided? In the last four weeks? Something you were supposed to do and didn't? Yeah, it'll be back to bite you. From my non-Gemini perspective, all I can say? I told you so.

    astrofish.net Cancer: Been some time since I've traveled to this particular West Texas destination, but what it amounts to? It's about 40 minutes via commercial jetliner, and it's about a six, maybe even eight hour drive. That's a long way. Part of the problem is the location of the interstate and part of the problem is where I live, and part of the problem is I really don't enjoy a six or eight hour drive like that.

    If I have time to wander, meander, stop for the view, stop for a coffee break, stop and eat some local food, stop for a chicken-fried steak, stop for BBQ, stop for coffee again. Stop and get some ice cream? I could take, two, maybe three days to get there and I'd come home a different route. But I can't afford that much time on the road and the trip, what with all those stops? It gets a little more pricey than I'd like.

    It's a matter of weighing destination versus time and factoring in enjoyment of the travel itself. Time meandering and wandering? That's good. I enjoy that. It's the rest of the stuff that detracts from the proposition. You get an offer. Does it justify the trip? Does the expense, in both time, money and spirit, wait, only two things, time and spirit? Is there enough money? Or is it more difficult than it's worth? Only you can decide that. But I'd look at this next offer long and hard before taking another plunge.

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    astrofish.net Leo: I've lived in Austin too long. I like my steak really rare. I don't eat meat all that often, but when I do, I like it very rare. In fact, I'd be happy if they just sliced a little piece off the cow, then sewed the flap of leather back in place, thereby not really hurting the cattle, certainly a lot less painful than hamburger, that's for sure.

    So I lived in Austin too long and I have different set of values as a result of prolonged exposure to that "Austin water." Swimming in the Barton Creek will do that. This isn't really about how I like my steak, though, it's about adapting to a new environment. It's about how you change to get along in a new place. Or don't change, that, too.

    Adaptation is important. Not always a Leo characteristic, but there is a chance to change. A chance to grow. A chance to look at an existing situation from slightly skewed perspective, and maybe, just maybe, you get new handle on the old problem. Or you get a new way to pitch the old idea. Or, there's a more apparent way to effectively deal with what used to be a problem, only, it's less of a problem because you have a new way of looking at things. Like me, living in Austin too long and exposed to that cold water.

    astrofish.net Virgo: Across several mythologies, the morning star is the bringer of life. Or bringer of glad tidings and/or various good things. The morning star, Venus and Mercury, align with that taskmaster, Mr. Saturn.

    There's a sense of destiny, accomplishment and still, a little bit of hard toil still ahead. Anyone who promised you a free ride, a cheap way around the problem, or a solution that was too good to be true? Guess what. It was too good to be true. Saturn and his friends will light that up, even now.

    Simply put, you've still got a bit of hard work ahead, and that's going to be highlighted in the next few days as those three line themselves up. Cosmic message, or just a forgotten task? Depends.

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Fishing Guide to the Stars
By Kramer Wetzel
(c) 2008-2009 Kramer Wetzel for astrofish.net
For the week starting: 9/24/2009

"Sell when you can, you are not for all markets."
Rosalind in Shakespeare's As You Like It [III.v.60]

Mercury direct. Questions are always free, some answers require a cash deposit. The e-mail line is always on, "31" (24 and 7).

Upcoming: Lecture/workshop, one-stop astrology class: in El Paso.

    astrofish.net Libra: Yeah, happy birthday to the start of the Libra crowd. Got a good start going. How good? Yeah, well, not as good as I would like, and for that matter, not as good as you would like. However, there's a start and the symbolism for this week's planet mess can be categorized as "getting much better as the week progresses."

    Simple enough to sum up, and hard to see how this plays out, as there's a little tension from various spots. The tension isn't necessarily bad, per se, but it's not altogether easy, either. And as a lovely Libra, you'd like it to be a lot easier. I'd like it to be easier, too. Which it will be, in a few weeks, as the sun progresses through your sign. However, this isn't going to get your week off to a smooth start. Weekend. One of those, or maybe, both, neither one seems to start smoothly. However, give this time, step back and act magnanimous, act like you intended to take to long way around, act like the detour and delay was part of your plan.

    Doing so? Makes it easier to deal with the exigencies of the planet problems and also makes it seem to go smoother, which was the plan all along.

      "To err is human,
      To forgive is divine."
      (Neither is corporate policy.)

    astrofish.net Scorpio: I'd popped back home for a few moments, and I was typing something on a keyboard, probably answering your e-mail. I kept hearing the faintest echo of noise, like there was a TV on in another room, only there's not really another room and there's not really a TV. Only it was music. I plugged my phone and let it sync, then I typed some more e-mail answers.

    Or maybe I was surfing for something. Looking up an arcane bit of trivia, who knows? I kept hearing the faintest echo of music. I looked down, and I noticed, for one, I hadn't taken the earbuds off the phone. And for two? The music was still playing; although, I thought I'd switched it off, like I commonly do. Finally, I did note that the music was cranked up so loud that the tiny earbuds were almost, barely audible. Might be a problem, playing music that loud, and I know, when I started out, that the individual portable musical unit (iPod) probably wasn't that loud. But over the course of a hot September afternoon, music gets turned up and it wasn't until I was in the relative quiet of home that I noticed how loud it was.

    As Mercury turns itself around, will you listen? What will happen? How will you realize that the music is up so loud? It's matter of watching for the tell-tale signs, maybe not the big rolling noises, but the more quiet symbols, as we get turned around with Mercury. Listen.

      Mercury RX trilogy
      9.7.2009, 9.14.2009, 9.21.2009, 9.21.2009.

    astrofish.net Sagittarius: Pause. Reflect. Redirect. Three words that can give us, me and my Sagittarius brethren, three simple words that can keep us out of a lot of trouble.

    The most important in that list of commands is the first one, "Pause." Stop -- that might be a more direct way to explain it. But there's a strong hint that we're about to rush off and do something we might regret later. If we'd only stop before and think before we rush out and say/do/act on that idea?

    Can save a world of heartbreak and pain, sorrow and woe. It's mostly the Saturn/Venus/Mercury alignment that is the source of our trouble. Then, too, there's the idea that "It's better to beg forgiveness than ask permission," which, I'm sure, you've heard a time or two?

    Yeah, well, sometimes our luck can be counted on getting us out of trouble. This isn't one of those times. Instead of banking on luck, instead of counting on charm and wit to rescue us? Little thought, a simple pause, that might make all the difference.

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    astrofish.net Capricorn: I've got an easy solution to Mercury woes: post-it notes. At one time, the post-it note was unique. These days? Yeah, not so much, really, I mean, it's pretty common and the handy little notepads with some sticky on them? Available from a variety of manufacturers, from a number of sources I think I saw them for sale at a convenience store, down the street from here. Next to Beef Jerky and Pork Rinds, probably.

    Now, by the end of the week, we're all but done with Mercurial Woes, such as they have been, but that's where the idea of the post-it note comes in handy. Even though the actual influence of Mercury is starting to dissipate? That means it's time to capture the good points to the Mercurial Woe, find a way to put that to use.

    See, I'm suggesting, in the last couple of days, you've had a brilliant idea. Or two, but I'm only banking on one. That idea was written on a post-it note and stuck up on the computer's monitor. Or a similar location, whatever works for your Capricorn self. Then, that note slipped off. Glue didn't hold, something happened, a burst of Mercurial wind made the note fall. In the next few days, you'll happen across that note. Plan to get it in gear quickly. Idea from a note that slipped past the Capricorn purview? That's what works, as we dog ourselves out of the Capricorn mess.

    Create your own energy. DIY Solar Power!

    astrofish.net Aquarius: I went fishing, about a month ago? Dog days of August. Not a good time to fish. Think I had fun, but that's about all I remember, I'd have to check the website for more details of whatever it was I was doing. I was thinking about fishing as the coming month looks to be good for that. Mercury isn't going to be backwards much longer, and all that's left from that Mercurial event is a little backwash.

    How you want to deal with that backwash, how you choose to make use of the flotsam and jetsam that's left behind? That's strictly a choice thing on the part of Aquarius. Only suggestion I can make? Timing. Time and distance, will help give you a little break here. Don't rush. Don't be in a hurry. Last time we fished, my buddy was disgruntled and ready to call it day before the sun had reached its zenith. To be sure, we weren't, like, catching a lot of fish. There were more boats on the lake than fish we'd caught. Which spoke to something, I'm not sure what.

    As we lazily motored back towards the boat dock, lunch, and the rest of the real world, I suggested one more cast, just sort of drift through a place close to the dock -- a little inlet, and off the point there, I caught the only fish for the day. Wasn't that big of a fish, but it was a fish. And therefore, I was happy. But that fish was caught with more patience and less skill than most. Which was the point for Aquarius, whether you're fishing for Bass, like I was, or angling for something else.

    book banner

    astrofish.net Pisces: Tangible, growing excitement, you can feel it. It's there, all right. You know that this is going to be good. There's an abundance of trigger points, about three, and while this won't line up with each and every Pisces at precisely the same moment, there is -- by my count -- three times in the coming week when these hit.

    Trigger points are good, the way I see it, and as my loyal Pisces friend, I would hope that you see it my way. I'm just trying to help. Which is what the planets are doing, too, they are trying to help. There's a point, an issue, an item, a thing, but I'd go back to that original idea that it's a point, an issue, and the planets are trying to help. Trying to get you on the right path. Trying to help you see the whole picture, not just part of the image, and making it so you can get a better understanding of what's at stake.

    What counts. What doesn't count. What is important. What isn't important. It's all about not fighting. It's all about seeing the complete package, not just the parts that you want to see. While I'm the first to admit, I'd rather only see the good parts? As a Pisces, with this kind of influence, with trigger points hitting twice, thrice? Sort of hammers home a point. Sort of makes the message unmistakable, no?

    astrofish.netAries: I've got a buddy, he's a pilot -- Air Force pilot. No big surprise. He noticed that I have a collection of French Press coffee makers. He called it a "press pot" coffee maker. Seems they work well on US Air Force cargo carriers, and seems to be the pilot's preferred coffee brewing method. Besides, of course, the purist's point of view that a French Press makes the best cup of coffee. What was interesting to me, though, was the guy refused to call it a "French Press," which is odd, because the apparatus is frequently marketed as such.

    I didn't quite get, or I pretended not to get, my buddy's studious avoidance of the term "French." Must be a military tweak. However, I mean, I respect the military, I didn't push the language point. But I've learned, the hard way, more often than not, when to back off, when not to make a point, when to not press my own issue, be it language or some other point.

    My little Aries friend? As much as it's funny to harp on a point, like the nomenclature of a piece of coffee brewing equipment, or some other point? Don't. There's a time to press the point across, and then, there's a time to let it alone. Let it alone for the time being. Just because Mercury will no longer be retrograde? That doesn't mean this is a good time to get hung up on semantics.

      The secret behind The Secret.

    astrofish.net Taurus: Earlier this month, I've got a client who is both Taurus and waiter. He was going to get a reading, but something happened to his income. Right at the first of September, his income was cut in half, maybe two-thirds.

    s this a recession? Not really. He is dependent upon tourist traffic at the particular place where he works. While that's not the only source of his income, it does represent more than half of his extra cash. Cash he would spend on me. When he cancelled, I explained that Mercury was backwards and I'd hear from him before the end of the month.

    The end-of-the-summer slump is over, the tourists are back and things are picking up again in Taurus. The indication is, though there is more money coming in; Mercury left you in a bind at work. Plan on spending the next week getting out of that bind and back on (Taurus) top.

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    astrofish.net Gemini: Stop. Right now, just stop.

    Halt. Do not proceed any further. Wait a minute. Take five. Give it a pause for the cause. What cause? The Gemini cause. Point: Mercury -- the Gemini planet -- was in apparent retrograde motion. Mercury is heading out of its retrograde pattern. Stop.

    Halt. Wait a minute. Give it pause long enough to figure out what the message from this last event was. Overall picture, the total scene, what stands out, good and bad, in the last three (3) weeks? Then, connect that theme, good or bad, to Mercury. In this coming week, there's a final point where Mercury, Uranus, Saturn, all of that gets tangled up. Makes a point. Hammers that message home. Get a jump on this by figuring out what the theme is, what the symbolism, what the message is supposed to be about. Themes, very important, and it will differ from Gemini to Gemini.

    The inherent theme is obvious, if you just pause long enough to consider it.

    astrofish.net Cancer: Common occurrence: I wandered over to the trailer park's laundry room to do a load of dirty clothes. Mostly shirts and shorts, no big problem, just kind of tired of sniffing my way through the dirty clothes to find something clean to wear. I emptied the laundry basket, packed two machines and started to feed my quarters. I must speak to the management about that, at some point, coin-operated is so archaic. Besides, for what they charge in rent? It should be free.

    I paused, looked at the second machine as the water was rushing in, and I peeled off my shirt. My sweaty, stinky shirt. I tossed it in that second load, and I wandered on homeward. The outside late September air was almost cool. Not really, but almost. For a minute, I thought I got a chill, and I shivered for a second. Like me, you're going to shiver for a second, although, I doubt it's because you're half naked in the evening's twilight. I doubt you threw your shirt in the laundry and you're standing outside, looking up at the moon, as it gets bigger and bigger, and I doubt you're cold even though it's still a warm night.

    But you're going to get that shiver, that hint, that suggestion that the seasons are turning. But as Mercury corrects its errant path, you're going to find that little problems are less of an issue. Might be a small shiver down your spin, like me, but are you really cold? Or is it just not as blistering hot as it has been?

    astrofish.net Leo: Mercury is going to make one, last punctuation mark. This whole Mercury Retrograde pattern has had an effect on you, and like I've suggested, there's one, last mark it's going to leave. Is this good or bad? Sort of depends on how willing you are to let bygones be bygones. Depends on how willing you are to let the past be the past. Also depends on how willing you are to let someone else stand in the Leo spotlight for the next few days.

    Here's the hint: let that other person, the other sign, stand in the Leo's spotlight, fame and accolades that were for your Leo self? Let some other sign take the credit right now. Let this sort of go. I realize, as a good Leo, the good Leo, you don't let things go completely. I'm good with that. I'm not asking for much, just about a week's time. Let it go, or pretend to let someone else take the credit, for this next week.

    Payoff for Leo? You get full credit, not just a nod, and you get richly rewarded. Just not this next few days. Let it slide. For now.

    book banner

    astrofish.net Virgo: There are three or four planets I'm concerned with. While Mr. Mercury ceases his retrograde pattern, there's a little kick to everything about it, courtesy of Mr. Saturn. On the opposite side? Uranus, adds a small punch to the Mercurial tricks. All the while? Venus is loping along in the beginning of the Virgo, the early stages, as it were.

    The players are set.
    But what does this mean? There's a perfectly ordered idea, a plan, if you will, in your Virgo mind. You've worked out the contingencies, figured the odds, played around with the numbers, sketched out the ideas, and yes, it should work. Only it won't. No mater how well you figure, there's always something that pops up, goes awry, is miscommunicated, or -- a personal favorite -- "they didn't follow my instructions." It is going to work out, but no one is going to follow the Virgo plan. In fact, none of your efforts are liable to be recognized.


Fishing Guide to the Stars
By Kramer Wetzel
For the week starting: 9/17/2009

    "The excuse thou dost make in this delay
    Is longer than the tale thou dost excuse."
    Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet [II.v.33-4]

Juliet is addressing the Nurse, and Juliet wants news of Romeo. Quickly. Ah, young love, tragic young love and dysfunctional families. Dysfunctional literary families, that is.

Questions are always free, some answers require a cash deposit. The e-mail line is always on, "31" (24 and 7).

astrofish.net Virgo: There's this one Virgo, and between Mercury's pattern and Saturn, the two line up now, there's this one Virgo who needs to hear this. Or read it, really. When I'm tying a lure onto a my fishing pole, when I'm attaching a piece of fishing hardware -- usually ends in a myriad of hooks -- I've learned to leave a small amount of fishing line as "extra." This tail end stuff?

What happens? With monofilament line, as the line itself is stretched by a big fish? That tiny little bit of fishing line -- the tail end -- gets sucked back towards the knot. It's little bit of slack in a supposedly steady-state environment. As it turns out, the knot isn't so much a fixed object as it's a moveable one. More fluid dynamics and less physics, although, there is an element of both when a big fish hits the end of the line. So if you tie a knot, or make a similar "steady-state" arrangement? Leave a little slack in the process, just, like, you know, in case.


astrofish.net Libra: Birthdays begin next week, and that's good news. Mercury slides backwards out of your sign, again, this is good news. No one seems to get it, that's the downside, as you knew, I would give two good news and then one bad news. And that part, the "no one seems to get it" part? That's a big problem. It's not like you changed your birthday or anything like that, it was on the calendar all year long, same birthday, same place , no change. But people seemed to forget.

I can't run around and personally remind everyone it's the Libra time, fast approaching, and I can't run around and remind everyone that a thoughtful action would be well-advised, and I can't run around and remind everyone that this doesn't have to be expensive, just thoughtful. But no one's listening to me. And, for that matter, it's going to feel like no one is listening to your fine Libra self, too. Therein is the set up and the problem. The solution? Sometimes there isn't a viable solution. Sometimes, like this week, you have to face the facts that the planets have decided to keep your birthday off the books for the time being. What I used to do? I used to inscribe every calendar I found with the the notation, "Birthday is coming," but I'm not sure you want to do that.

astrofish.net Scorpio: I was thinking about coastal fishing, getting up towards that time when I can head down for some Big Red action. I looked over at my tackle box, and I thought about that, too. What's there. What's not there. In the coastal box, all I keep, basically, are hooks, weights, leaders and so forth. Rigging material. I think there might be a few corks, or floats really, as the corks aren't made from cork, but that's a small matter and not germane to your horoscope.

What I was thinking about, I've a couple of gold spoons, a few silver spoons, and two topwater lures that are made for salt/ocean/bay fishing. The rest of what's in that box is just salt terminal tackle, and, of course, a filet knife, and bait knife, and you get the picture? Sure you do. Tools for coastal fishing, for me. I've carried those two topwater lures for a while now. I'll use them each time, but when nothing hits them, I'll revert back to live bait. Sometimes, nothing works better than just plain old "fresh dead" bait. Or live bait, whatever the conditions call for.

But I'll keep those lures, and I'll try, I'll give them a spin, each time. Just practice? Or maybe, perhaps this fall? Maybe this is the time when one of those will work. It's all about trying in the repeated face of adversity before going back to what works. Have to be willing to try before resorting to stinky dead bait that always works.

astrofish.net Sagittarius: Comfort food varies from person to person, and, I'd guess, comfort food also varies within cultural bias. Then, too, there's the question of diet and healthy diet, although, when a food is part of a mental health diet, I can easily overlook regular dietary concerns. Then, too, there's another point, where healthy diet and comfort food can intersect.

Sort of. I've found that a fat-free sorbet, usually a fruit flavor, I've found I can live with that instead of diary ice cream. Not as much sugar, and certainly no diary, in fat-free sorbet. Some brands seems to be more "ice-cream-like" than other brands. Matter of experimentation. Have to sample a number of kinds until the right balance is found. As I've aged, so has my taste in comfort food. From Chicken Fried Steak, to Chicken Fried Chicken (looks like CFS), and from rich, creamy diary ice cream to fat-free sorbet? These are little changes but effective ways to deal with that craving for comfort food.

Why worry about comfort food and Chicken-Fried-Steak? There's a Sagittarius hunger, these days, prompted by Mercury and Saturn. Need comfort food. Only, looking closely at the planetary arrangement? Need comfort food you can live with.


astrofish.net Capricorn: Word for the week: grandiloquent. Had to look it up because it sounds better than it defines. Not that it's a problem, either way, just sounds really good. I liked the way it rolled off my tongue as I was writing this. However, I think it can more be applied to my Sagittarius self rather than Capricorn. You're sitting kind of in a good spot, and I was hoping I could use a big, fancy, two-dollar word to convey my enthusiasm and impart you with a hopeful outlook.

To be sure, there's going to be a small problem or two, you know, Mercury and its usual hijinks, But it's not without me trying to make a broad, sweeping statement about how life in Capricorn will suddenly look up, later this week. The aforementioned Mercury? Sure, that brings in its own list of problems. But you were warned, and you did pay attention, and now life is okay. Right? I hope so.

As I am going to try and make some general comments about everything is going to be okay. There will yet be some minor Mercury-infused issues. But over all? Grandiloquent. That's my word for your week and I'm sticking to it.

astrofish.net Aquarius: This is kind of a typical "Mercury is backwards" story. Came from a client the other afternoon. Instead of a reading, as originally scheduled the client was feeling ill and headed to the Doc in a Box. In an out in less than half an hour, fast prescription. Quick diagnosis, and the client thought she was headed home to rest. Just a summer flu or something. She called again, a few minutes later, wondering if we could do this on the phone. Sure, but did she really want to cradle a cell phone for the whole hour?

See, the (almost) drive-thru "doc in a box"? That was quick. Half an hour. The wait to get the prescription filled? More than an hour. So she suddenly did have time to kill. Since she was ill, and I didn't think it was such hot idea, or a cool idea, to go ahead with a reading while she waiting in a pharmacy, I just politely declined and sought to reschedule. However, as an example, this is what can pop up. Feeling great, off to see the wizard (me). Then a little flu finds you. Not life-threatening, just a little down. Then, fast doc visit? Two-hour wait for meds. See how that works? Typical, and sort of what this next couple of days will hold.

astrofish.net Pisces: "So this is bad, right?" No, not really. "But Mercury is in apparent RX motion, is now opposite Pisces, in Virgo." Well, in a word, yes. "So this is bad?" Not as bad as it's been. The way I see it, once the Sun and Mercury swap positions, then the Pisces "solar-Mercury-protection" (it's secret blend of natural oils and polymers) that starts to kick in again.

Life gets a little better. There is a single issue, and you know exactly what I'm talking about, and that single issue still needs attention. That's the selfsame issue you blatantly ignored my advice about last spring, recall that? You ignored me, you ignored what I said, and look: it's back! Now.

Now, you have the benefit of time, experience, and a little bit of cunning. Use those skills. Don't try ignore the issue any longer, that's just not working. Work around it. Work into it. Work your Pisces magic and weave a little spell that seems to heal up the old rift, patch up differences, and regain what feels like a certain amount of control over your own destiny. It's an illusion, but so much of the Pisces life is an illusion, who can tell? You and I know that it's not as bad as it's been, and there's still one little item that needs to be addressed.


astrofish.netAries: The only real respite is that Mercury moves backwards from Libra into Virgo. And there's a Virgo -- Sun/Moon/Mercury alignment. It's the kicker to a new start. Only, this isn't a new start, just a good, false start. While, as a typical Aries, you wouldn't want to have anything to do with a term like, "False start," these aren't normal times. Therefore, I'd like to suggest that you get started on a new project, and keep in mind, that the direction, flavor, and tone of that new project might change.

Will change.

"Direction, flavor and tone? What's left? Why start?"

The start is more symbolic than really a serious start, as the planets want you to get rolling on something. Just realize that the idea will mutate, and this more about process and less about destination. Which might seem odd to an Aries, but as a concept? Give it a try. Remember: Mercury is backwards as of yet, and it will change.

astrofish.net Taurus: Music may be the food of love, but but when it's too loud? It can be a distraction. The music can be a distraction, not the food love, or love itself. The way the planets are moving, and their indications, are all about good things and distractions. This is like a tender moment between your Taurus self and a significant other? Only to have that tender moment punctuated by the hard-hitting bass line of a passing motorist. One of those motorist who spent way too much money on a sound system and insists on sharing the latest vocal/dub/rap hit with everyone within a hundred yard radius.

I tend to enjoy such punctuation, and I've been known to roll a window down, just to make sure I get the full effect of whatever musical item is being heard. To be sure, though, most of what is heard? All I'll get is a bass line, and that's it. Thump-thump. Sounds a little like helicopter rotors, or similar heavy machinery, warming up. Or slowing down. Still, the way I like to see, hear, this kind of an interruption? It's like percussion punctuation. So when that seemingly tender moment is enhanced by a surreal soundtrack? Understand that Mercury is backwards and that's going to dub a line to your normal Taurus noise.

Might not seem welcome at the time, but don't be to hasty to judge that aural experience.

astrofish.net Gemini: I was packing for a September trip. Supposedly, it's still summer-like in most of the places I travel to. Supposedly, it's really still summer. Supposedly, I can get by with nothing more than shorts and shirts, sandals and so forth. And after a summer spent on the road, shuttling from one place to another, I'm used to life in a suitcase. Backpack, really, or a shoulder bag. Suitcase is only used for some flights. So when I packed, it took me all of about thirty seconds to round up clean shirts, clean shorts and throw everything into a bag. I'm quick like that.

The problem is, when I get to where I'm going? I'll discover that I forgot to pack flyers, papers, a book to read, business cards, blank CDs, pens, ink, and/or any number of personal toiletry items that I might -- or might not -- need. This my life, traveling. Takes a toll, too, except that I enjoy the travel. New vistas, new people, a fresh perspective on old problems, all good. Because Mercury is backwards yet, and because it's slipped into Virgo? Guarantee that you're going to forget one "mission critical" item when you're packing. Like me. Check your list twice, maybe three times. Can't assume that you've got everything that you need, just because you think you've got it all covered. Busy times, business times, and forgetful Mercury. Just check your list, just to humor me. See if you -- like me -- forgot anything.


astrofish.net Cancer: There's a particular restaurant, right around the corner from here. I like the place. Food's great, if not exactly healthy. However, judging by the apparent size -- and girth -- of the patrons? I'd guess that the food's really good. I can't afford to eat there too often as the food isn't exactly the healthiest by my definitions. But cultural disparities, as much as I enjoy them, are in place. I'm just another "gringo loco," and that's never bothered me.

I was thinking about what the griddle at that one place must look like, It's been there for dozens of years, probably good and worn out. Which is why the food's so good. Which is important. It's a griddle that's been seasoned by long years of frying bacon, and refrying beans, and whatever else is prepared on a griddle. I think that adds a kind of seasoned flavor to any food that comes off that hot metal skillet, and that's what this is about.

Food that's almost been tempered on the grill. That's how I like to think about it. Mars is in your sign, even now. And Mars is like that griddle, and you're like that griddle, too. Still cooking after all these years. Which is what it's about. Mars is merely seasoning you a little, Like that hot metal surface upon which food is prepared.

astrofish.net Leo: I have a friend, lives next to the old trailer park in Austin. The trailer park that's now a hole in the ground. God bless progress! Where would be without it? The familiar echo of construction equipment, pounding away? That noise. As I turned a corner on the footpath and made my way towards the apartment building? Across the parking lot, through the chain-link fence? There was a backhoe, pounding away. There was some kind of a bit on its hoe, and the operator was driving that bit down into the ground. Then, once the bit was positioned? He'd jack at it with the full weight of the machinery, eventually lifting himself and the backhoe into the air for a few feet.

I'm a guy, heavy equipment can fascinate me. Which it did. For a few moments.

Then, after watching work go on for a few moments, I got tired, and continued on my way. However, for the rest of the morning, we could hear that machine pounding away. Reminded me of Mars, in Cancer, pounding away. Can't escape it, and can't get away from it. Mars is just tearing up that Cancer pavement, like that backhoe. Pounding way. The problem, in Leo, is listening to the incessant pounding. There really isn't much of a solution, other than, like me, you can be become fascinated by the effects of the work. Or the workers. Or the workers' equipment. Something is pretty interesting, no?

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