"It is the purpose that makes strong the vow."
Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida [V.iii.28]

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The chocolate chip cookie was invented in 1933. (Taurus. It's a Taurus thing.)

astrofish.net Taurus: When I lecture, especially in workshops, I use the examples of a couple of my Taurus lovers. Svelte, sensual, cautious, perhaps pedantic, still, there's always that sensual touch. Just works. Usually. Usually a cautious one, aren't you? Mars, Venus, Mercury, and, of course, the Sun are all in your sign here, before too long. This week. I'd step back and look at that comment from my lecture, that suggestion that a Taurus can fail to render a decision in a hasty manner. Between birthdays and inner planets, and Mars, there's a hastening, a quickening, a "hurry up and do this thing!" It's more of a sense rather than a statement. However, that urgency that your Taurus psyche feels and expresses? I'm not sure every other sign is as worried about the urgency. Part of the problem. You're in a hurry and it would seem like we're not. Therein is the main difficulty. The best things to do? Slow it down. Slow it way down. Crawl to an almost complete stop. Folks expect you react one way, since you're not giving in to the usual Taurus characteristics? Don't expect us to understand. Slow down. Please?

astrofish.net Gemini: Big, puffy, gray clouds blew in from the coast. Along with that came moisture. Clouds laden with water, and air, warm, damp, hot, humid, like a summer's day -- in Houston. Houston is the only place on the planet possibly more humid than Austin. Not that it matters much, this isn't about "A" town and superlatives, it's about that first real, sincere blast of summer heat, portends a long and hot summer, and it looks like, here in Gemini, it's starting now. Hot. Humid. Sticky damp, while, in theory, the moisture is good for the skin and hair? Yeah, practically, it's not. What's left of my hair just furls but then stray strands hang down and irritate me. That's not what this is about. It's more about that sticky humidity. Not comfortable, and the only relief is in the AC.
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"Thy horse will sooner con an oration than thou learn a prayer without a book."
Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida [II.i.16-7]

Nota Bene: "con" in this context means "learnt by heart," that silly Elizabethan English. Cinco de Mayo. Holiday about a jar of mayonnaise?

astrofish.net Taurus: One of my neighbors has a new toy. Birthday toy, as the guy is a Taurus. Here, in the dusty parking lot of this place, yesterday at sunset, last week, really, he was making a tremendous amount of racket with a tiny, gas-powered toy dune-buggy. I think it has a single cylinder, two-stroke motor. Remote control, but only a joystick and throttle, really, not a lot to do. Makes a huge amount of racket as the little single-cylinder motor buzzes around and the speed, if scaled up, would be, like, a hundred miles an hour. Or more. The vehicle itself isn't much bigger than a shoebox, all big tires and roll cage, and plastic body. If it were truly a model, the body should be fiberglass and that would've shattered on the first impact with a speed bump or parking bolster. I played with it -- once. I ran it in figure eight circles until I got a feel for it and then I drove it, pitched it, into a corner so tight it rolled over and over. Spectacular wipe-out. I'm not allowed to play with his toys anymore. But there was no harm. Which one are you? Me? Pushing it too far? Or the other guy, watching his toy crash and burn?

(It didn't crash, and it ran just fine, hardly a scratch. You'd think he'd let it go at that.)

astrofish.net Gemini: The lakes haven't turned yet. Taking longer than usual this year, so it seems. What happens is the summer temps heat up the water and the water column gets reversed. As soon lakes turn, cool water on bottom, warm water on top, food near the shallows, fish right off the points, the May fishing gets good. At the end of this horoscope, next week, Tuesday or so, the fishing gets really good.
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"A little harm done to a good end."
Shakespeare's "Rape of Lucrece" [528]

Uranus, Aries; Venus, Aries; Mercury (not Retrograde), Aries; Jupiter, Aries; Mars, Aries; Sun, Taurus; and last, Saturn, Libra. New Moon on Monday, musical allusion.

astrofish.net Taurus: Happy Birthday. Excellent year on your horizon, I can see that from here. When I was last in London, I saw an ad for the Royal Opera, and the ad itself featured a very familiar image: Ship Rock. Shiprock, NM. It's in the north-western corner of New Mexico. Used to be several different things, but most commonly, it's a volcanic plug or core that looks like, from the right angle, looks like an old man-o-war, schooner, with tall sails and all. Was destination point in the early days of the West and a landmark. Then, too, it's also native holy ground, and I think access is now limited and restricted. Still, as enigmatic an image as anything. What that had to do with the Royal Opera? I'm at loss. Probably a stock image, as part of the American Wild West as perceived by people not from around here. The black basalt, red sandstone spires rising out of the ochre, faded yellow sands of the desert's floor. I don't recall anything else, other than the advertising, while quite striking, the connection was ill-formed, and me, as a soul of the Southwest, just wrong. However, I doubt old desert rats were the Royal Opera's target demographic.

astrofish.net Gemini: What's for lunch? There are number of Gemini issues that, I'm sure, you feel like these issues deserve some attention. So what's for lunch? Yes, we should adequately, and in great haste, address those Gemini issues. Paramount. Burning issues that require effective action now. So what's for lunch, anyway? Your problems aren't going to get fixed nearly as fast as you'd like them fixed. I can promise that. You might hate the answer, but there you have it.
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"Marry, sir, they have committed false report; moreover, they have spoken untruths; secondarily, they are slanders; sixth and lastly, they have belied a lady; thirdly, they have verified unjust things; and to conclude, they are lying knaves."
Constable Dogberry in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing [V.i.205-9]

Dogberry exposes the henchmen, Conrade and Borachio.

astrofish.net Taurus: "Yo soy consuelo," what is that singer saying? My best translation is along the lines of a blues song, but while there's a direct translation, the language barrier requires a more liberal expression. The feeling is one where the protagonist of the song, the singer, needs to be consoled for the loss of, presumably, a love. It's mariachi staple, along with Rancho Grande, and the usual, One Ton Tomato. This language barrier, where I suggest the emotionally charged translation is different from the actual words mean? That's what this is all about. It's tough, or good, but mostly tough. The tough part is trying to decipher what the emotional meaning is to the song, the lyrics, rather than what's the literal translation. As a Taurus I did mention happy birthday to that one Taurus, right? As Taurus, this is has been a worse than usual Mercury Retrograde period because you've been unable to locate, isolate and cure the Mercury problem. As these weeks unwind, there's a chance, if you listen with your heart instead of listening with your ears? Or listen with mind as much as you listen with your eyes? Look, listen, learn. Less literal, more liberal, with the essence of the message rather than the actual words.

Gemini: Rethink that language option, make yourself understood? How did that work? Mercury starts a slow and possibly painful process of unwinding, undoing what has been rent asunder. Not without headache and/or heartache in Gemini land. Not without a few problems. Not without a few extra Gemini-inspired challenges. I have two books, texts rather, that I found particularly useful and inspiring. Especially when Mercury is retrograde. The Tao Te Ching (translated) and the Sabian Symbols in Astrology.
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"We cannot call her winds
and waters sighs: they
are greater storms and tempests
than almanacs can report."
Shakespeare's Antony & Cleopatra [I.ii.144-6]

If Mercury is retrograde for you, it's retrograde for the IRS as well. Goes around, comes around. How to time the mailing of the tax form?

Aries: The girl's an Aries, I know that. She's got on heavy eyeliner, with little lines, drawn out past the corner of her eyes and endings in swirl-finish. It's both garish and enticing at the same time. I used to fall for those tricks. Still do on some days. Against her olive complexion, the eye liner looks almost natural, accentuating the big, brown eyes. It's a ruse. It's trick. It's not real. The lines around her eyes, they've been drawn on her face with a pencil, pen, maybe even a Sharpie. Who knows, for sure? A trick of the light, the harsh springtime light pointing to little flaws in the plan? That's what this Mercury Retrograde and its implications is about. What's real and what's clever marketing? What's makeup that comes off with soap and water, and what's lasting? Valid questions for the good-looking Aries.

Taurus: There's a distant musical strain that filters through my world. I tend towards the Latin side of town. South side, West Side, whatever-side. It's really a little less geographical other than a relative closeness to old Mexico, New Mexico, and culturally attuned. There's a backdrop of "mexican" music. It can be Tejano, Norteno, Conjunto, or a personal favorite, Nortechno (Norteno mixed with Techno, a la Mexican Institute of Sound).
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