Sign: Pisces

Pisces, The Fish, approximate dates are Feb. 19-March 20
Ruled by: Neptune and formerly Jupiter
Keyword: Spirituality
Symbol: Two Fish
Element: Water
Quality: Mutable
House: 12

Flavor: Pisces have a special flavor, a flavor that attracts everyone, but no one can seem to get a handle on it. It’s a special effervescent type of aroma, like something sweet coming from the bakery, but the baker just shrugs. It’s sort of like Sugar Cookies, only different.

Grocery store: This is the strangest of all the Pisces behaviors –I have had a chance to observe. Imagine this other-worldy sign, suddenly, caught in a moment of panic, or so it seems, rushing, in a very dedicated manner, checking the list, sampling the goods, thumping the cantaloupe and watermelons, then scurrying at a frantic pace, off in another direction. The only explanation I’ve come up with so far is that Pisces is opposite Virgo in the wheel. Now, why would a Virgo side to Pisces suddenly emerge, but only a grocery store? I can’t explain it fully, but there must be some latent Virgo in there, somewhere, and this is the only time it ever seems to exert itself. The normally dreamy, diffident Pisces gets turned into the ultimate shopping assault weapon: Mission, Direction, Control, Seek and Acquire.

Music: Chopin, Handel, and Ravel were all Pisces. The Pisces listening suggestions would tend to be deeply subjective yet showing the sign of true genius. Try listening to Mozart’s “Requiem.”

Walmart at midnight: Again, first hand experience is the best in a situation like this. After midnight, most Pisces begin to shine. Something about the darkest hours of the night really brings about a subtle change in the Pisces’ body chemistries. I watched as a Pisces entered the Wal-Mart at 2:00 AM with a whole paycheck freshly cashed. Around three hours later, this Pisces emerged with all manner of goodies. Food stuffs, canned soda, some new clothes, a bathing suit, a case of motor oil, some coloring books, new crayons. The list was as disparate and unconnected as possible. What seemed more important, however, was the fact that several hours had passed. It wasn¹t just a shopping trip, it was like a trip to the entertainment park. It can be argued that every Pisces has the capacity to be an entertainment park, but that’s just my subjective observation.

Brick wall: When a fixed, immovable object confronts a Pisces, it’s not like it’s any great challenge. Problems and obstacles which provide hours of frustration for a normal sign just don’t seem to bother the Pisces. The Pisces comes up to the brick wall and sort of transmogrifies right through it. I guess it’s like the old Star Trek “Transporter” everything dissolves, and suddenly, the Pisces is on the other side of the wall. How do they do that?

Bait: Mystic Zara Spook — This lure combines the best of all possible combinations for cooking a marvelous trophy – sized Pisces. In order to land this Pisces lunker, a Zara Spook which is just mysterious enough to work. Since this is derived from a classic lure with two hooks, you can be sure that your slippery Pisces stays hooked. Just about any bait will attract a Pisces, but it sometimes takes two hooks to hold them on the line. Of course, the traditional Zara Pooch lures also make excellent earrings.

Dating: Dating a Pisces is a tricky thing. The sign is a water sign. Oh, to be sure, dating a Pisces is great. But there is a slippery, dangerous side to this Mutable Water sign that you have to aware of before acquiring them as a target. Pisces typically have a rather “fluid” way of regarding the world, and this temperament can make them rather hard to hold onto. As one of the mysteries of the universe, one of the best signs for a Pisces is a Scorpio.

Revenge: There is no way to get revenge on a Pisces. Nothing works.

Body part: Feet.

Relationships: They make the best of friends.

Famous Pisces include: Douglas Adams, Mario Andretti, Tammy Faye Bakker, Marcia Ball, Catherine Bach, Javier Bardem, Jon Bon Jovi, Anthony Burgess, Sir Richard Burton, Johnny Cash, Frederic Chopin, Kurt Cobain, Cindy Crawford, Wyatt Earp, Fabio, Patricia Jean Griffin, Nina Hagen, George Harrison, L. Ron Hubbard, Holley Hunter, Peter Hurd, Jack Kerouac, Queen Latifah, Spike Lee, Piet Mondrian, Laraine Newman, Willis Alan Ramsey, Ángel Salazar, John Steinbeck, Sharon Vonne Stone, Elizabeth Taylor, Lawrence Welk, Bruce Willis, and Peter Wolf.

PiscesPisces is ruled by Neptune, and this helps with your mystical bend like the “Mysteries of the Sea.” Lost at sea is another way of looking at it. You find it difficult to accept it when people and situations don’t live up to idealized images. You are, however, a survivor. Since you can readily identify with other people, this highlights your acute vulnerability. You react emotionally to everything. While you can be compassionate, spiritual and fair-minded, you are not afraid to bend rules for a more humane approach. You can be an excellent judge, a sensitive administrator, and an inspirational teacher. But you have an addictive nature; let’s face some facts here– you would be a great drug addict, given just half a chance, right? You are creative. There’s just a little problem, see. You love to play the martyr and then use guilt as a weapon. Either way, you are often the victim or the victimizer. You can be quite passive-aggressive.

You are shy, but part of you wants to be an actor, artist, writer, or dreamer. Your appearance can go two ways: you can be neat and well organized or you can be slovenly and careless. In a strange twist of fate, your personal habits reflect your emotional reaction to your environment. You are imaginative with a unique ability for abstract thinking. You can be a natural daredevil and risk-taker. Yet, there’s a side of you that is compulsive. You are also vulnerable to psychosomatic illnesses. It’s all in your head, really.

Music: Chopin, Handel, Ravel and Marcia Ball are all Pisces. Your listening suggestions would tend to be deeply subjective yet showing the sign of true genius. Try listening to Mozart’s “Requiem,” or Marcia Ball’s “Texas Blues.”

PiscesThe Pisces Ascendant is usually denoted by large, limpid pools for eyes. And if the eyes are the mirror to the soul, what better way to show your deep, sometimes confusing nature, to the rest of us. This confusion is due to your attractive yet mysterious nature. You’ve probably developed the “air” of being quixotic and exotic, all in one, to a fine art. As long as we’re on the topic of art, you’re going to find that you do have an artistic nature, and you might have a reasonable amount of skill in one or more areas of fine arts. There is also a spiritual association that goes with the Pisces Rising sign. The appeal of the open road, either literally or figuratively is strong in you. One of the best parts about Pisces Rising is that you can adapt to shifting paradigms with a high degree of ease. The downside is a possibly addictive nature.

Pisces Ascendant Examples: Jim Bakker, Antonio Banderas, Alexander G. Bell, Al Capone, Laura Dern, Robert Frost, Allen Ginsberg, Whitney Houston, Thomas Merton, Chuck Norris, and George Strait.

PiscesThis is what I call the sign of the “tear jerker” because you are easily moved to tears and since you are so sensitive, perhaps you shouldn’t read the rest of this paragraph. Just skip onto the next one. You find it difficult to see reality and even harder to accept reality if it disagrees with your idealized concepts. It’s okay because you are a romantic with vivid powers of imagination. Idealistic, too. You don’t do well in a relationship with someone who is emotionally independent or demands lots of personal freedom. You are shy and quite vulnerable to the influence of other people. You are probably pretty psychic (I knew you would say that). Did you know you have a natural knack, a gift as it were, for promotion? And you can be an excellent theorist. You are artistic and spiritual, but you are prone to anxiety and have an addictive nature.

Other famous Moon in Pisces: Herb Alpert, Kathy Bates, Christian Brando, Garth Brooks, Aleister Crowley, Hugh Hefner, Doc Holliday, Michael Jackson, Charles Mingus, Elvis Presley, Lisa–Marie Presley, Prince, Jerry Seinfeld, Cybill Shepherd, Sissy Spacek, George Strait, Keenen Ivory Wayans, Robin Williams, Debra Winger, Edgar Winter, and James Woods.