Sign: Sagittarius

SAGITTARIUS, the Archer, approx. Nov. 22-Dec. 20
Symbol: The Archer or the Centaur, Half-Man, Half Horse (horse’s butt)
Ruled by: Jupiter, the Lucky Star
Element: Fire
Quality: Mutable
Keyword: Expansion
House: 9th House, better study up on it some.

Bait: Sagittarius: Baby Trout — No commitment, non-recourse spicy food in a foreign land. Or BBQ at Black’s in Lockhart. Either way, the baby trout lure works. Offer that Sagittarius fish something that looks different. In fact, some of the biggest bass in Texas have been caught on this lure. So it’s BBQ or baby trout, but something with a little bit of spice helps because it’s always easy to hook a Sagittarius fish, but getting that trophy into the net and on the stringer is a bigger challenge. Sag fish are frequently called, “The one that got away.”

Flavor: Sagittarius is a Fire Sign therefore, and it logically follows, a strong pepper based dish would best evoke the flavor of this sign. There’s a problem, though, because it’s also a mutable sign, and picking just one pepper might pose a little problem. A succulent Habenaro? Saucy Serrano? Juicy Jalapeno? Kitchen Cayenne? Warm Wasabe? Well, maybe one of those would work. Trying to pick just one fire breathing flavor for a Sagittarius might be a little difficult, though.

Grocery store: Shopping for more mundane food stuffs with a Sagittarius is a bit of a drag because it’s so pedestrian. However, if you can get your Sagittarius into the grocery store, you’re up for a good ride because it’s fun. Sagittarius is the sign that turns the shopping cart into a skateboard. Sag will also knock over the row of cans, upset the displays, and generally make a nuisance of himself except that everyone present will find it comical. One line I’ve heard before, at the grocery store, “I’ve never seen some one your age ride on a cart like that…” and that’s a typical response. It’s a lot like going to the store with a child in tow. Just be careful you don’t let your Sag loose in the cereal department because he’s just got to have some of the latest market driven cereal, something that is all sugar and no nutrition. Just surrender and enjoy the adventure.

Music: Anything goes. I’ll promise that Sagittarius music collection is going to be one of the most eclectic collections encountered, everything from stodgy classical to whatever the latest brand of cacophony that youngsters are listening to these days. A little bit of everything. Classical Country, Redneck Country, Hippie Country, Punk Country, Rock Country, Swing Country. Just a smattering of it all — maybe even some Country and Western.

Wal-mart at midnight: This is the greatest of Sagittarius adventures, a foray into midnight retail. In fact, the Sagittarius was heading up to the store a little earlier, he just got distracted, there was a band at the club he wanted to see, then he had to stop off for some late dinner because the Blue Plate Special was a favorite, and then it’s after midnight when he finally gets to the store. Better plan on it taking some time. He’s going to look at some athletic wear, perhaps a new pair of shorts, and in true Sag fashion he’ll buy a month’s supply of men’s underwear, a 5 for $10 deal (because he doesn’t have time to do laundry), then there’s the cowboy hats, and maybe a belt because his waist size keeps expanding and contracting. Sporting goods are popular, as are auto parts. He might even pick up some cleaning supplies, too, but don’t count on them ever getting used. Then there’s the magazine and book section in the super store. Not exactly a place for high brow literature studies, but very few Sagittarius types can escape looking at the books section. And school supplies, you know you can never have enough pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, and so forth….

Brick wall: A large, fixed object is no obstacle, not for a gallant Sagittarius. Look at the most common symbol for Sagittarius, it’s a little arrow, pointing up. When a Sagittarius comes up to this brick wall, what he’s inclined to do is bounce right over the wall. He might even trip, getting over it. Sagittarius is the master of deflection detection, too, “Problem, what problem? I don’t see a problem here….”

Dating: Dating can be difficult with this sign. In some of the older astrological texts, Sagittarius is often considered the sign of the bachelor. It’s easy to get a date with a Sagittarius, promise them something like sport fishing off the Gulf Coast, a little Deep Water Big Game Fish action, maybe a lunch date in Paris. Something exotic. Something that involves travel. Just be aware the Sagittarius might show up a little late.

Revenge: Now why would anyone want to seek revenge on a Sagittarius?

Body part: Hips and thighs.

Long Term Relationships: Huh? [The prevailing sentiment here at the office is that a long term relationship for a Sagittarius usually lasts about 48 hours. It’s possible to hook one, but it takes a lot of work — but once you’ve got them hooked, they’re yours for life.]

Sun in Sagittarius examples: Woody Allen, Gregg Allman, Steve Aoki, Christina Applegate, Jane Austen, Jennifer Beals, Dicky Betts, William Blake, William (Billy the Kid) Bonney, Rita Mae Brown, William F. Buckley, Theodore Bundy, Ellen Burstyn, Erskine Caldwell, David Carradine, Harry Chapin, Winston Churchill, Sammy Davis Jr., Susan Dey, Philip K. Dick, Walt Disney, Kirk Douglas, Patty Duke, Sheila E., Anna Faris, J. Paul Getty, Amy Grant, Teri Hatcher, Katherine Marie Heigl, Mariel Hemingway, Jimi Hendrix, Abbie Hoffman, Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, Don Johnson, Bruce Lee, Ray Liotta, Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), Liddy Gordon, Lucy Alexis Liu, Lucky Luciano, Terrence Malick, Chuck Mangione, John Mayall, John Milton, Jm Morrison, Randy Newman, Brad Pitt, Frederik Pohl, Giovanni & Marissa Ribisi, George Santayana, Ridley Scott, Frank Sinatra, Steven Spielberg, Joseph Stalin, Amanda Seyfried, James Thurber, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Lee Trevino, Tina Turner, Mark Twain, Dick Van Dyke, Liv Johanne Ullmann, Thomas Alan “Tom” Waits, Charles “Tex” Watson, Shelton Hank Williams [Hank Williams III], Jesse Colin Young, Frank Zappa, and Franco Zeffirelli.

SagittariusLucky Sagittarius! You are so strange sometimes, like when you are miserly to a fault, for no apparent reason. And you don’t like being restricted, either. It’s that urge for freedom, so common to your sign. After all, you are ruled by Jupiter, the “lucky star,” and a source of expansion. See if this doesn’t describe you, especially as a Sag: intellectually curious, easily bored, restless, independent, talkative, tactless, quick-witted, humorous, energetic, truthful, generous, friendly, and forever optimistic. While you are spiritual and philosophical, you have a tendency to overdoing things and exaggerating, and you find yourself hooked on the good things in life. You don’t like being confined, and you are vulnerable to outside influences. Go figure. You adapt to change quickly and have the ability to make your home anywhere. This makes you unflappable.

Lots of famous folks are Sagittarius, check out this list of characters: Woody Allen, Ludwig Von Beethoven, Jim Morrison, John Malkovitch, William Blake, John Milton, Hector Berlioz, John Cale, Kenneth Branaugh, Nostrodamus, Charles Berlitz, Fritz Lang and for the politically inspired: Nero, William F. Buckley, William Safire and the late Abby Hoffman.

Your natural political ability often shows up with a puffed up sense of action. So what? You love the stage, music, theatre and especially drama. As an enthusiastic sportsman (sportswoman, sportsperson), you are often a risk-taker who enjoys physical challenges. You are on a constant search for new ideas and new adventures while your initial reactions are physical. Also, you are communication-oriented.

One of the more recent findings is that lucky Sagittarius likes pizza, hot or cold, morning, noon or night, but especially for breakfast.

Beethoven was a Sagittarius, so was Scott Joplin, Sibelius and Maria Callas. And the Motor city madman, Ted Nugent. For listening pleasure, try both Beethoven’s “Symphony No. 8,” Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker (complete ballet-you’ll love it),” and Mozart’s “Symphony No. 41 ‘Jupiter’.”

SagittariusYou need personal independence, like a fish needs water, or something like that. Don’t forget, Sagittarius is a fire sign. You’re likely to put marriage off until later or skip it altogether. You can be lazy unless motivated. Your passions are sincere and inspirational, and you are apt to be spiritually or philosophically oriented. You’re also talkative, curious, and impressed with status and wealth. You can be overly generous, and have a profound love of theater as well as a fondness for dancing, sports, and animals. You’re honest but tooÜcandid remarks can be tactless. TutÜtut, you really should get over that. You might have a tendency to be overweight. There’s also a danger of you being pompous and opinionated. Its okay, though, because you seek ever changing circumstances and environment. Consult an astrologer as often as possible.

Some Sagittarius Ascendant examples: Ansel Adams, Spiro Agnew, Steve Allen, Tammy Faye Bakker, Marlon Brando, Lenny Bruce, Barbara Bush, Nicholas Cage, James Dean, Bib Dylan, Mary Baker Eddy, Bridget Fonda, Jodie Foster, Betty Friedan, John Glenn, Tonya Harding, Jimi Hendrix, Dennis Hopper, L. Ron Hubbard, Peter Hurd, Timothy Leary, Bruce Lee, Ray Manzarek, Audie Murphy, Sean Penn, Brad Pitt, Elvis Presley, Phillip Roth, Leon Russell, Telly Savalas, Roger Staubach, Elizabeth Taylor, Ted Turner, Kurt Vonnegut, Lindsay Wagner, Raquel Welch, Frank Llod Wright, and Frank Zappa.

SagittariusYou are so idealistic, romantic, and risk-taking, your adventurous spirit and generosity is vulnerable to exploitation. This is because you are open and honest with a tendency to be too candid. Some people see you as impatient and fickle. Tell them to “get over it,” since you are adaptable to change, displaying a duality with a talent for mimicry and acting. Watch out for instant gratification; you like and you like right now (when “now” isn’t fast enough). You find yourself influenced by those more powerful than yourself. You also find yourself attracted to the theater, art, architecture and design as possible career choices. You seek independence and make a better friend than lover. The Sage in you is spiritual and respects knowledge and wisdom.

Folks with Moon in Saggtiarius: Steve Allen, Jennifer Aniston, Alec Bladwin, James Belushi, John Belushi, Ray Bradbury, Frank Capra, Lewis Carroll, Giovanni Casanova, Alice Cooper, Shelley Duval, Umberto Eco, Sue Grafton, Buddy Guy, Woody Harrelson, Anthony Hopkins, Michael Jordan, Nicole Kidman, Courtney Love, Wolfgang Mozart, Carroll O’Conner, Al Pacino, Pablo Picasso, Rod Serling, Steveie Ray Vaughan, Hank Williams Sr., Oprah Winfrey, and Tiger Woods.