• Cycle: 22 months
  • Mars rules: Aries and Scorpio
  • God of: War, surgery and fertility
  • Keyword: Action
  • Glyph: Shield and spear of Mars

    Mars is the ancient god of war. In Roman times, Mars was also a sign of fertility, hence the male symbol. Mars represents your power to function. It can be compared to the work of an engine. Even if it is not understood how or why a motor works, it is easy to observe what it does. It might be used to drive a car, run a washing machine or perform other tasks for which it was specifically designed. Mars indicates the energy that drives your ego, emotions, mental capacity, societal expressions, and values. You may have great desire but if you have little energy, it is likely your desire wonĘt be realized. If for example, you have a lot of emotional energy directed toward satisfying your desires, you will probably get whatever you want. If the force of natal Mars is directed to your ego, you may end up sacrificing your personal desires, or even moral principles, for your career or other long term goals.

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