Hats off to Armadillos

Hats off to Armadillos

Every year, this rolls around the first week of August.

Hats off to Aramadillos Week!

From local mythos, armadillos are a prehistoric creature that has survived the eons by basically being stupid. They have hard shells, burrow, tend to be nocturnal, and all of my data is thus far is drawn from oral tradition. The stories we tell, not fact checked.

Greetings from Austin

Greetings from Austin

The first week of August is always marked as Hats off to Armadillos Week! Quite possibly a marketing idea from an era gone by, maybe a state proclamation, or perhaps, a fevered – febrile dream late in the night.

I’m too lazy to source the notation.

Armadillos — largely due to the art of Mr. Franklin, the artwork — became a huge cult success during a certain era.

Kramer Wetzel

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