Two-Meat Tuesday

Two-Meat Tuesday


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“This is the best: Two-Meat Tuesday, a personal favorite.”

“It’s a collection of web-journal posting, and its first form it was a ‘blook’ (blog to book). Expanded to include previously unreleased material, Two-Meat Tuesday is a collection of essays and entries that cover more than a dozen years.

“Always a favorite because it captures a time when living in a trailer park in South Austin wasn’t so cool, and bass fishing was just for fun.

“Fishing, Shakespeare, travel and the intricate details of doing astrology chart readings for a livelihood, situated in South Austin, and being in a trailer park.

“While it’s a loosely chronological series of entries about mundane matters, there’s a heart that includes what it takes to be an artist and writer. How to be creative. What makes the artist tick and why do fishermen fish? Eternal mysteries and a few answers.”