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Scattered road notes:
Messages from the other side?
Yeah, that’s what this all about. Want to hear what they say? Sign up here.

But not in the Pink Cake A commonplace book.

“Objective judgement, now, at this moment.
Unselfish action, now, at this very moment.
Willing acceptance – now at this very moment – of all external actions.
That”s all you need.
Marcus Aurelius – Meditations – Book Nine, Chapter six

Quote II:
“He rode the hard country – the New Mexico line…”
Billy The Kid (Joe Ely)

I’m sure I messed that up but with the hotel’s limited wireless, no way to check.

“No man, I’ve got to tell you,” a client explained, when I mentioned my next destination was Midland/Odessa, “I was out there with work? Couple of guys from back East? It was night, and the oil wells with the flares burning? First glimpse, for a non-Texan?” ‘I’m in hell, right?’ Funniest thing I’ve heard!”

Legal notes:
Or useful rights

Your medium is dying.

Advertising notes (again):
I was checking the advertising income and rates, from several locations, most notably, my little fun side project, Bexar County Line (dot com). It’s not at a break-even point, still costs more to run than the advertising bears, but that’s not all that bad. What was surprising, to me, in its first year, the embedded advertising didn’t pay. Maybe twice, at ten cents a pop. That’s not a metaphor or a misprint, that’s a total of $0.20 for that form of online, inline advertising. So that doesn’t work. However, the other numbers are getting better and better.

Best for Less:
Top ten list that I like. Really like.

Told you so dept.:
The truth is out there.

I really should have a clip of Bach’s (something or other) in D Minor, I think, just as as an audio clip for each link like that.

But not for the obvious reasons.

“Oh, oh! These pictures are so going on my home page!”

West Texas Wisdom:
A hard rain and a new calf are always welcome.

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