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Before Mercury goes ape-shit….
Bexar County Line – Best of the Double Aughts –

Longish, slightly repetitive title, so I’m not settled on that. I started hitting San Antonio, first time, decades ago, then again – and again – for work. San Antonio has no skyline – whatsoever. As big towns go, population just topped two million, it’s one of the weirdest, most laid-back cities in the world. Relaxed, even by Austin standards.

The side-project was born from a necessity to record observations about the town. Not like Austin’s “Keep Austin Weird” mantra that’s virtually a corporate slogan now, no, San Antonio’s weirdness is more than skin deep.

“I hear they put tequila in the coffee”

I guess that could explain it all. (Originally here.)

I wanted a good introduction, but I’ve already introduced the website itself, numerous times, and the first real book, it’s sort of a secondary effort, the first book I aimed to include pictures and a brief note about the image. Location, not so much hardware, but the motivation, or inspiration, that caused the image. What I wanted to capture and then the image itself, what was captured.

The full-size PDF file is here.

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  • No no no no no. I will not accept Mercury going retrograde at this time. Not gonna happen. No sirree. Communication has been tough enough lately without Mercury mayhem. OK, Mr. Astrologer sir, you can just cancel any ideas about retrograde foolishness. Y’hear?

  • And you thought Friday was fun.

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