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Dear Villa Finale

Dear Villa Finale,
For years, I’ve worked alongside a world-famous guy, and I know, it could be argued I’m internationally known, as well, but no, I’m not going there. Anyway, this guy always wears a suit to work. Me, on the other hand, I don’t. I used to favor cargo shorts that were really raft guide shorts, as I could swim and then meet clients, with me still faintly reeking of creek water.

Some days, I miss Austin ways and daze.

I’ve grown quite fond of the Bexar County bucolic pace. Food’s really good, too. However, I’m rather worried about the upcoming summer.

I’ve lived in Texas, native Texan, I’ve lived here long enough to know a hard freeze means a hot summer.

The guidelines for the guides at Villa Finale, per the National Trust suggestions, they include “long pants,” and there we have a problem.

Soon as it warms up, I slip from Levi’s (originally manufactured in San Antonio) and Lucchese boots (handmade in Texas), into shorts, and Piper Sandals (handmade in San Antonio).

I was hoping we could have some of a compromise, about what to wear. I don’t even own a car, so I have to hike over to Villa Finale to be a guide. Part of my route is along the river, so it’s not unpleasant, but still, in the middle of the summer, long pants is a deal-breaker.

I’m really, really enjoying my volunteer work at Villa Finale. Noble cause, way cool people, excellent staff. Top-notch, really superlative.

I’m only one guide, just Wednesday afternoons, surely we can make some kind of arrangements.

One of the aunts is getting near her time. I’m just a bystander, but I’m watching and waiting. Taking her to a funeral, some years ago, that prompted another novel from me.

Novel probably needs work, but it was cathartic to write.

Anyway, since my own, wee (Scorpio) mum read this blog from time to time, she needs to know that when her time is near? Choose winter.

Want me in long pants and suit jacket at the funeral? Die between October and March. Go in the summer time? Might have to opt for formal shorts and nice floral print shirt. Tasteful and all, but get real. I’m not wearing formal gear in the summer months (March-October).

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  • what about the zip-off pants? walk there in shorts, zip on the bottoms for guide work. just a thought.

  • p.s. if you want to come to my funeral (though it will be a wake only) wear whatever you want, cruise through my house, take whatever you want. once i go back for another turn on the wheel, the customs and stuff of this lifetime are of no concern to me.