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Go Spurs Go

A single image does more to define a town, a community, and spirit, an essence of place, just a simple cell phone image captures more than volumes of verse or books of prose.

Yesterday, day before, snapping and popping in the sharp, north wind, two flags atop the old insurance building. An octagonal building, completed around October, 1929 — subsequently doomed by economic failure, risen again, and part of the local heritage. Along the southern banks of the fabled and storied River Walk.

There were two flags, guessing that the flags are quite substantial in size, as that was from more than a mile south, and the flags were quite large. Two flags. A Texas Lone Star flag, cover your hearts or salute, and underneath it, displayed with equal reverence, a simple black and white, “Go Spurs Go.”

Run it up the flagpole and see if someone salutes.

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