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Coastal Hibiscus

The ruby red heart:

The Texas Gulf Coast is magical. One of the lessons imparted by the good doctor, you know, once a teacher, always a teacher, had to do with sea grass. According to him, the core samples over the years, like the top couple of meters?

The seed grasses are like a Bluebonnet seed, able to withstand, time, pressure, and if (when) the big hurricane comes along and tears up the coastline? The vegetation will grow back.

The hibiscus flowers, not sure how they got here, but they are welcome.

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  • They must be growing in area that doesn’t freeze. Hibiscus will go toes up in a hard frost. (Does a hibiscus plant even have toes?)

  • it’s a marvelous shot–great angle.

  • I love hibiscus. It’s blooming all over my neighborhood now and it has such a wonderfully tropical feel to it, as if I’m getting away with something :).

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  • We get a hard freeze every third year … My fascination was piqued by the lush vegetation in South Texas.

    Or the current drought:

  • I would certainly welcome them!

  • It’s so pretty! there are lots of them here in my neighbourhood.

  • A true sign of summer up here in Minnesota! I am always amazed at how adaptable ‘life’ can be.

  • Great capture! We have a lot of that around here.

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