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Now that was funny

Sitting, at work, all the metaphysical expo type events I’ve worked at, and continue to do so, anyway, sitting next to one reader?

“You won’t find a new relationship — that is fulfilling — until you let go of the past.”

I was thinking of the joke, “Let go with what’s passed,” but that didn’t occur until I paused to make a note.

It’s about following one’s own preaching.

Oh well, had to be there.

File as heard and overheard

    “Did you see my sister?
    “You know, you’ve read her before?
    “Oh please. You remember her, dark hair, dark eyes, heavy eye make up.”

Furtive glance around the hotel room.

I laughed and politely smirked, cracking a thin grin.

    “I guess you need more than that”

Give me a sign, a birthday to work with here….

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  • Hey, see that Sagittarius over there? The one with the loud aloha shirt and the sandals? Yeah, that’s him….

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