Roping Drone

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Texas Rose

Texas Rose

Yellow Rose

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Two-Meat Tuesday

Two-Meat Tuesday in Austin Looks like Austin, At the Rock Shop Again, at Nature’s Treasures, for Tuesday. Austin Often Two-Meat Tuesday […] Read More

Ishtar and Fishing

Ishtar and Fishing But first, a useless sidebar and pull quote: “I’m a writer means I was never very good at math.” Source. Funny, to me, as I did better on standardized tests, after I learned a trick for it, I did better in math than English – that was a long time ago. All […] Read More

Job Title

Job Title It’s a link to a job title generator. Kind of how I fell into my own gig, as The Fishing Guide to the Stars, but back in the day? We used raw creative juices, not some software – #justsayin […] Read More

Five years from now

Five years from now

It’s the Weather

It’s the Weather It’s the Weather, sure not like this is new, check the history […] Read More

Facebook Hoaxes

Facebook Hoaxes Facebook Hoaxes. Like on FaceBook […] Read More

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