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Final Page

Final page The new site — straight up weblog — is on its own URL now: is now … . Connect the dots, and update the pointers. After 14 years at, new URL. The original weblog gave birth to three books. The first book is — Two-Meat Tuesday (Kindle Version) Title: Two-Meat […] Read More

My Xmas Gift to Readers

Writing Habits A few months back, an associate asked for a guest blog post from me about an astrological question.(1) The request was thinly veiled attempt to fulfill a desire to post a blog entry a day, and, according to sources, nothing builds traffic as well as guest post from someone else. I started this […] Read More

Hatch Chili and Paleo Diet

Regrettably, there’s nothing in this about the Paleo Diet, other than, I wouldn’t be prowling the chili bins if I wasn’t looking for something to spice my meat. Go and read Capricorn. Then bounce back here. Date on that horoscope was May, 2010. Material is a little dated. Last time I was in the El […] Read More

Paleo Blogging, part two, The Chicken Ranch

(Fair Warning, racially and sexually offensive material may follow.)* The Chicken Ranch The boys with the Chicken Ranch. I’ve purchased “Broilers” from these lads two, three times now. I’m straight and I’ll tell you how good looking they are, as a pair of strapping, country-fed lads with a shock of untamed hair, slightly soiled jeans, […] Read More

Paleo Week One

I’ve listened to experts, and I’ve tried the food. The idea is simple: simple food. If the caveman ate it, then it’s good now. There are variations and striations within the themes, but so far, it’s been good. Healthy, and tasty. The beef, meat, has to be free-range, grass-fed. Couple of farmer’s markets has the […] Read More

Crab Cakes, part two

At the BWI airport? Not since Austin, have I ever considered airport food to be fine dining. However, at BWI, there’s a place called “Phillips,” and supposedly famous for their crab cakes. Crab balls. Got to the airport, dropped the rent car, got checked and searched, then ambled around. The hostesses didn’t seem too clear […] Read More

Psychic Fair Success and Process

Anatomy of a Buy Picture, artwork, now hanging on the wall? Moved a certain somebody. Moved her to the point of dragging out a piece of plastic and saying, “I’ll figure out how to get it home.” (Hint: it traveled in my suitcase.) It’s a photo transfer. I talked with the artist. Aquarius. Worked similar […] Read More


All I can say? Not yet. And furthermore? Let me say this about that that. Not likely. Laeti edimus qui nos subigant! Two Meat Tuesday (the book) Pink Cake A commonplace book […] Read More

Common Nighthawk

Chordeiles minor I have an affection, and I’m sure I chronicled the event here, some place in the archives, I was fishing, off the dock at the old trailer park, pulling a topwater lure through the lake’s surface when a huge night owl of some version swooped down to grab at the lure. I waved […] Read More

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