Week of: July 1-7

Week of: July 1-7

    "It has to be done right... and that's when the strange music starts, when you stretch your luck so far that fear becomes exhilaration and vibrates along your arms."

    Hunter S. Thompson in Hell's Angels, a Strange and Terrible Saga.

    Remember, the key phrase is "that's when the strange music starts..."

Aries: If you weren't feeling the emotions I kept talking about within the last week, you will certainly be feeling them this week. The advantage to be a an Aries is that you are a Fire Sign and can usually deal with pesky little things like "feelings" in a straightforward manner. In this case, propose marriage. if it flies, so be it. And if it doesn't, move to the next relationship. These "feelings" will subside, next week.

Taurus: The usual astrology text will tell you that you hare having a good week, but I'll wager that work looks pretty dismal right now. And so does the romantic front. Before you worry too much about all this dismal stuff, keep track of the fact that your time is coming, and the very best way to attack a week like this is like a bear: roll around in the sun and enjoy not working too hard.

Gemini: The good news is that Venus turns herself around this week, and takes off in a forward gallop. Okay, so she starts at a crawl and then slowly builds to a stately pace. Venus and Mars play tag one more time. This means Romance is highlighted. One more time. Did I ever explain why Gemini's are the best people to have a romantic relationship with? You're ability to be diverse and to always be entertaining give much pleasure to the right partner. Now's the time.

Cancer: Birthdays and a sullen attitude are prevalent this week. When a Cancer starts to sulk, well, it's not a pretty sight. Just because your Big Birthday is overshadowed by a national holiday is no reason to sulk. Just snap out of it. And watch your driving, too. Youwill find a certain degree of mental acuity which further exacerbates your mental languor, so just hang in until we all get this Birthday stuff over with.

Leo: Getting ready for the big party? Waiting on things to FINALLY turn in your favor? Have your bags packed? You will find that you have an overpowering urge to travel right about now, and there doesn't seem like you have a destination firmly set in mind. This could present a problem: other sign (like Sagittarius) don't mind wandering around, lost. You do mind it. you need to pick the destination with care. After all, it is your birthday time approaching, the celebration of the year.

Virgo: You realize that you are going to attract a lot more attention this week than you are used to attracting. This is due to a favorable stellar configuration. Now, if you can just move beyond the usual Virgo tendency to to be too picky then everything will start to work out. Too much attention to details can hurt you right now, try and step back for a better look at the big picture.

Libra: You have received some insight in how this relationship-thing is supposed to work out. At least, you are supposed to have received some insight by now. Your best luck comes from a "guided meditation" with live bait on the boat. That means head out for some good fishing to get some time alone. Watch out for the celebrations, too, you don't want to party too much.

Scorpio: This insight that I keep harping on you about, it's your usual deep way of looking at things, and you need to apply that critical ability right now. While your at it, it would also be a good time to hone up your razor sharp wit. Get an edge on that edge, if you know what I mean. Scorpio's always have a razor wit.

Sagittarius: The week starts out with money on your mind and the week ends with romance on your mind. Which will it be? Love or money? Can't get them both worked out this week, and you, being a good Sagittarius, ought to work on the romance rather than the money because the money will start to some your way soon enough.

Capricorn: Talk about turning into a day dreamer around the first of the week! That's what you've got to look forward to, a lot of day dreams. Just exercise a caution with this day dreaming, though, because hard core reality comes knocking on your door as the week progress. Think about working during the holiday -- times being what they are!

Aquarius: It's a rather unusual week for you guys, the sign of the black leather jacket -- ever hear of the Ton Up Club? It was in the early Sixties, anyone who had ever been on a fast motorcycle, over a hundred miles an hour. What's this got to do with you? It reflects how you feel this week. No live bait, either, because you will find that your "feelings" are too "delicate" to handle those squirming live things right now.

Pisces: You guys are destined to fall head over heels in love with someone this week. Pretty simple forecast for you, huh? Just realize that it might not work out too well, being a brief encounter. But you will find that love and romance are in the Pisces air, or water and gills, as it were.

About the author: Born and raised in a small town in East Texas, Kramer Wetzel spent years honing his craft in trailer park in South Austin. He hates writing about himself in third person.

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