Week of: 11/16-22

Merc RX.

Aries : As the thin sliver of the moon gets narrower and narrower, as the stars in the cold night twinkle brighter and brighter, and as the nights get longer and longer, and the best thing to do is find someone nice to snuggle up against, you can be relieved that I'm not going to be writing any more poetry.... This is one of those weeks which I've warned you about, and that vain attempt of painting a pretty picture is about as good as it's going to get this week. Want the details? New Moon, almost opposite you. Time to consider the big launch of the new idea. Problems? Only from other people.

Taurus : Gratefully, the mean and nasty Scorpio planets eventually become benign and even benevolent Sagittarius planets in the later part of the week. What's this mean for the sign of the Bull? Things will begin looking up. It could happen as early as Tuesday. Of course, I'd give a few extra days to this prognostication, but about the time you start preparing for the T-Day feast, that weekend before, you'll find that life begins to slip back into place. All due, of course, to some nice Sagittarius astrology.

Gemini : Time to stop and think about the holidays,. one last moment before the big holiday extravaganza coming along. As the weekend approaches, though, one of your more impish sides begins to assert itself. Being a good Gemini, and you know that you are, I would urge you to indulge this little imp which looks like it wants to play some games. Now, as far as the games go, sure chess is a good answer, and it might be intellectually stimulating, but it looks your imp wants to run all over the board and play by Gemini rules. That might not be the best answer. Perhaps pinball is a better solution.

Cancer : It's one of two things this week, either it's an old relationship which comes back to you, or it's a new one which suddenly lands in your lap. Either way, the conflict that relationship material (or energy) inflicts on the gentle and sensitive Cancerian mind and body is going to take a small toll. Looks like it's going to try to take a pound of flesh, too. Fortify yourself, going into the big week, and get ready for another ride of the roller coaster of love. By the way, this is supposed to be good relationship energy, not the other kind.

Leo : "To burn always with that hard, crystal like fire...." I can't remember, but I think it was an English poet who wrote something along those lines. And it is with that crystal like clarity that you will burn this week. It gets better, too: your mind is working overtime, and there is a degree of clear thinking that you have which is unmatched by any other sign in the horoscope this week. The only hassle stems from the fact that no one but a Gemini can keep up with you. And while that's not normally a problem, it can present you with some challenges as the rest of the people out there just fail to see things your way. Persevere, and be prepared to win by the weekend.

Virgo : On Monday morning, Mars and Venus make a nice little pair for you, just as Venus is about to leave Scorpio, and just as Mars is about to leave your sign. This sets up a week a full of interesting and odd bits of romance, still being flung at you from the far corners of the universe. While that might not make a lot of sense, use your good Virgo judgment to make sure that you don't act to hasty when jumping up and down on some new relationship. This doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a whirl, but use a little caution because things which heat up quickly are prone to cooling off quickly, too.

Libra : The beginning of the week seems to move a little slow for you, time-wise, relatively speaking. However, this pace is going to rapidly accelerate as the weekend gets closer. And the idea of starting something new, right now, when everyone else is just wrapping up the loose ends before the holiday might appear to be a bit daunting. However daunting this task may appear to be, it still holds a promise of some extra revenue in time for the Holidays. Remember your astrology fishing guy when your ship arrives!

Scorpio : You know, you know I was trying to figure a way to say this, but I can't get my mouth or keyboard around the right idea. See, it's like this, a little indirection is good right now. This week is the last of the Scorpio time. I know it should be a longer time, but things should be settling down a little right now. That dull roar that's been inside you head for the last few weeks is about to subside. It goes from a dull roar to barely audible buzzing noise. It goes from the sound of hard rain on the tin roof of my tar paper shack to the gentle quiet of the fog, out on the lake. Be careful with that fog, however, because the condensation might clog your special, Scorpio view port.

Sagittarius : Talk about an exciting time! Okay, so we wont talk about an exciting time, not quite yet. But it's just fixin' to be a great time. Late on next Sunday night, Mr. Sun launches himself in Sagittarius. About that time, Miss Venus gets up close and personal with Pluto. This all means that there are good things afoot for Sagittarius, the mighty Archer. The challenge, though, is getting to the weekend when all of this good stuff happens. And Mercury is about to go backwards, so be aware of that. You can face this Mercury Retrograde with your usual, characteristic Sagittarius candor and good humor (hint: you're going to need it).

Capricorn : Pay close attention to minor details this week. In case you're wondering, Mercury goes retrograde in the sign before you, which puts the whole mess in your 12th House, the Pisces House. And your buddy, Saturn, is making a very pejorative angle to Neptune, the planet most often associated with Pisces. Better figure that some Pisces is going to make a big deal in your life in the next week. And while we're looking at it, you might want to consider that this Pisces is able to do one of two things: wreak havoc or hand you a lot of money. Of course, in some circles, handing you a lot of money would be wreaking havoc, but that's a different issue.

Aquarius : Things, as in monetary things, as supposed to be warming up despite the cool weather in the Northern Hemisphere. It's as if, despite what the weather guy says, a warm front has blown into your section of the sky. Things are going to be looking up. For a little exercise this week, I would suggest attending to matters that demand you attention around the house. Or trailer. Whatever. It looks like you've got a few domestic chores which need some attention before you get out and play. Look, next week is going to be really really fun, so attend to those things at home, you know, the ones you've been putting off for a while.

Pisces : I love Pisces, even though, these days, so few of them seem to love me back. And things in general are looking way up. That's the good news. There's one little business detail that you've been avoiding, and it needs attention right now. I can't tell you enough about tending to that one, seemingly insignificant, little business detail. Yes, Mercury is heading down the tubes, but hey, you're a good Pisces and that Mercury stuff won't affect you. At least, it won't affect you too much....

About the author: Born and raised in a small town in East Texas, Kramer Wetzel spent years honing his craft in trailer park in South Austin. He hates writing about himself in third person.

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