Week of: 5/1-7

This is it. The big starry line up of the planets. The big day. The big week. It took some deep meditation, a nice cigar, and a little time petting the cat who has certain Taurus like sensibilities to understand what a lot of this is about. What’s the big deal? In the coming weeks, a pattern of renewal, rebirth, and various other reforms will begin to emerge. This is just setting the stage… Right before sun up on May 3, Venus and Mercury are right next to the sun. And at about noon, all seven of the “inner” planets are going to be in one very small slice of the sky, a 30 degree wedge known as the Tropical Zodiac sign of Taurus. Very powerful. Very good. Goes with the whole spring and rebirth and shake up of the status quo thing we’ve all been experiencing on one level or another.

The first play to be published bearing Shakespeare’s name was Love’s Labor’s Lost, 1598.

Aries: I used to believe that a picture was worth a thousand words, but the way it worked out, I had to trade several hundred words just to get a roll of film back. Then, after I looked at the negatives, I discovered that I wasn’t really caught in a compromising situation. With the dog pile of planets in Taurus, that’s your solar second house, it means there is something that’s going to happen. And it’s a lot of very stubborn energy. While Aries is frequently accused of being stubborn, I much prefer the term headstrong. You get an idea and never let go. There is some shaking, rattling and rolling all going on in the world. And there is supposedly a lot of negative energy, too. This week, with the media spot light elsewhere, you really don’t have that much to worry about. I would suggest that about the time Mars slides out of Taurus, and the planet shake up is over with, you’re going to be like me, standing in the parking lot, scanning the photos, and realizing you were worried about nothing.

Taurus: This week is full of lots of energy. Some folks will tell you it is the end of the world. There are precious few of the Taurus folks who I know that will actually feel like it is the end of the world. But for 99% of you guys, well, just don’t plan on getting a lot of sleep. You might have that dreamy, heavy lidded expression, that wonderful “let’s just stretch out on the couch and watch some TV with our eyes closed” look, but resist the temptation. In fact, this is a week, in which you need to resist a lot of temptation. While you’ve heard so much about the unfortunate but unavoidable Saturn Effect, we also need to address the fact that Mr. Jupiter, that lucky star, is also in here. In fact, those two planets, more than the others, set the tone. You’ve got some over due “stuff” coming, and you need to make sure you’re awake when the package delivery guy gets here. Nothing is worse than waking up, finding that little yellow slip, and a note saying that your package was left with a neighbor, and then, having the neighbor not be there, either.

Gemini: All this Taurus stuff is lined up in your solar 12th house. Bad news. Most Gemini’s I know (you too), don’t deal well with secrets. But the big lineup doesn’t last THAT long, and then there’s a subtle kicker to this whole mess. Mars enters Gemini this week. Mars gratefully exits Taurus, and that’s going to add some kick to you. It’s like opening gate at a drag race, and what better event to describe you? The trick with handling this energy is to pay very close attention to the staging lights. Red, yellow, green. In that order. Don’t “drop the hammer” or “put the pedal to the metal” or “give it the gas” until the light is green. The problem that your facing is that there’s all this Taurus energy suggesting you hurry up. You’re going to do fine with the spring to the finish line, and you could even wind up as a winner, but you’ve got to wait until the light goes green. I’m counting on Mars to provide you with that impetus. Not until, either. A false start this week, especially early this week, yields nothing.

Cancer: A long time ago, I was addressing a problem that was occurring in the trailer park where I live. Trailer Pad Number One is precariously close to the river’s bank. It’s a tricky proposition, at best. The big line up is going to affect you in a myriad of ways, and the trick this week is timing. But that’s always the trick. The planet’s are going to play a cruel little game of tag with your heart this week. Maybe even it’s your heart AND soul. In any event, you’ve got some unlikely stuff shaking loose. And it’s just like Pad Numero Uno here at the Trailer Park, sitting there, right by the bank of the river. The timing thing is critical this week, it’s like the water from the river seems to be rising. It’s like the tide is coming in and there’s a wall of water headed this way. And it feels like the good Trailer Cancer is going to soon be the good Houseboat Cancer. Plug any apparent holes this week, and hopefully you can drift away in serene bliss.

Leo: Focus is very important right now. There are several influences right now, and the temptation is lose sight of what’s up and what’s really going on. Astrologically, all those planets in Taurus create a tension filled angle for you. And to exacerbate this configuration, there’s the lingering effect of the stuff floating in Aquarius. Now, if you know any thing at all about Astrology, this is called a T-Cross because your poor sign fills out the final leg in this structure. Hence, a tight focus is important right now. For a while, you’ve been trying o use the long range lens on the camera of life. For a while, you’ve been trying to get the big, wide angle exposure. Narrow this down, swap lens on your camera body, the thing you view life with. The inherent problem with such a tight focal point, though, is the inability to see what is most important. I’m sure you can discern the most important object in wide angle lens and then switch down to a tight focus close up — and when it’s down, this week will turn out picture perfect.

Virgo: New Moon means a new beginning, and all that stuff in Taurus means an even better time for Virgo. I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest that the new millennium is going to be a better time for you, a more perfect world, and finally a degree of peace and ease. That much I like. You should like it, too. The problem comes as the week draws to a close and as Mars slides from a complimentary position into a place where he’s going to cause you some minor irritations. So there’s much good stuff going on, but there’s also some difficulty getting some of this good stuff “actualized.” Look: you’ve got the right bait (Jupiter), the right boat (Mercury), the right fishing buddy (Venus), the right spot on the lake (Saturn), the right guide (Sagittarius), the right stuff all the way around, now all you have to do is worry about a little weather problem (Mars). Of course, the Martian weather doesn’t kick in until the latter part of the week, so you’ve got a few good days, you know. Don’t let minor setbacks interrupt your perfect world right now.

Libra: I get some pretty incredible offers with my mail. Every day, or so it seems, some company has cut down a lot of trees to make some junk mail for me. I’ve won something, or the resident has one something, which is rather amusing, considering that the only resident at the office is a stray Tom cat. The rest of us just work there. However, before you throw out the junk mail, I would suggest that you sift through it a little. There’s an offer in there which bodes well for you. I’m not sure which offer it is, and I look rather suspiciously at offers of easy money. But you’ve got something crossing your desk top at work, real or virtual desktop, and this offer is something that you can make good on. The only problem is that you’re going to spend a lot of the week separating the good stuff from the bad stuff. It’s like the IN Box with huge pile of nothing in it. One piece of paper, one note, a single document contains riches this week. let me know if you hit the right one.

Scorpio: I like the solitude of the lake in the early morning. A thin mist drifts up from the calm waters on mornings in the spring time. A serene calm pervades the air. Electric trolling motors add an eerie droning to the background. So much for calm. As long as there’s a this pile up in Taurus, it’s opposite you. And it means that this is a turning point. It’s really an important time in your life, for real. It really is a turning point of sorts. As long as Mars is still in Taurus, that would be until the middle of the week, you’ve got someone or something disturbing this idyllic scene. Of course, as the weekend approaches, a moment of quiet reflection might help. I still suggesting getting up and hitting the lake, searching for that predawn quiet. I’d also take some oars with you, because the way the week looks, with the fecund festering in Taurus, your trolling motor decide to add to the calm by quitting on you. Take it in stride because there’s something to be gained out of all this.

Sagittarius: This whole big stinking deal in Taurus is causing you to stop, pause and align your thinking process. “There’s nothing wrong with my thinking process,” you mutter to yourself, or to me, in an E-mail. No, there’s nothing wrong with it, but there’s an obvious visual clue you’ve been missing. It’s right there, right under your Sagittarius probiscus. You’ve been missing something that is so obvious that you just skipped it all together. A number of your compatriots are wondering how you could have missed such an obvious sign. Now, this is due to the monster planetary disruption in Taurus, but you get an inkling, as the week begins to draw to a close, about how obvious this was. I kept looking for a special lure one afternoon, going through the big bass tackle box, the trout fly box, and then the worm box, too, wondering how this lucky item could have been misplaced. It was right on the end of the last fishing pole I had used. See what I mean?

Capricorn: Racing motorcycles is a good way to illustrate this week. My first race, I had an underdog machine, one that was hopelessly outclassed, hopelessly underpowered, and something which should have been a contender for the last place on the track. There’s were machines in a smaller category which really went faster. But that fateful race was on a Texas track in the middle of the late summer, and what we didn’t have in equipment, we made up for in pluck and courage. It was the smallest trophy I’ve ever gotten, and perhaps the most valuable, too, because it served as an inspiration to prove that occasionally, the luck of the gods will be with us all. You’re feeling that way this week. The odds look like they are stacked against you. Pluck, determination and a certain amount of consistent effort will yield some big results this week. What you might not have in actual skill will pay off if you you doggedly pursue your goal. The planets in Taurus are helping with this, in a big way, and this does nothing BUT fortify the position of odd luck — in a good way.

Aquarius: I came up with a metaphor, maybe five or six years ago, and I really liked it. I suggested that Aquarius purchase themselves a travel trailer and plan on spending the next few years living in that. Change is inevitable, and there’s a certain transient quality to everything that speaks of permanence right now. That’s why I liked that travel trailer idea. But like my metaphors which become self referential, once committed to ink, they never go away, this idea is back. I wish I had known that I was going to be needing that allusion for the next few years. And like that allusion, you’re going to want to be careful about what you do this week. It could stick around for years and years. There are some changes occurring, domestic changes, but don’t be too hasty about what you’re switching. Just think about hooking the trailer up to the truck… and remember, you need to leave it so you can come back to this same parking spot again.

Pisces: Ever see a professional waitress stack three plates on either arm, and some how manage to serve them all without spilling so much as a drop of gravy? You start this week with a voracious appetite. I’m not talking about a prurient desire, either, I’m talking about the free buffet table some place, a delightful spread that offers so many different kinds of food that you just don’t know where to start. By the time you read this, you might already have made one quick pass at the line, and you might have stacked those plates just like the good waitresses I know. The trick is this, work on how you communicate what it is that you desire rather than just loading it all up yourself. There are some troubled fixed signs right now, or folks who are troubled with the planets big alignment, and they need help this week. So it’s all dependent on how you balance the plates. It’s not like you have too much on your own plate, it’s that trick with the balancing act — like those plates.

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