Week of: 12.25.2000

    Methinks it should be now a huge eclipse
    Of sun and moon, and that the affrighted globe
    Should yawn at alteration.
    Othello in Shakespeare’s Othello (V.i.267-70)

Merry Xmas, there’s a Partial Solar Eclipse, 17:35:59, 4 degrees of Capricorn, Xmas day. Sort of like a little extra emotional kick to the holiday, no matter what religious preference you’ve got in these times.


Week of: 12.25.2000

Aries : There’s always a package, a special gift, something which was intended for the big day, and this one gift always arrive a few days late. That’s what this week is like. The big day for traditional gift giving doesn’t quite work for you. There’s something missing, and you’re just not sure what’s “not quite right.” I would suggest that this is due to the Sun and Moon doing their little eclipse thing. It could also be due to the fact that you waited until last week to order this stuff up, and it could be you didn’t get the order in under the deadline wire to insure a delivery on time. Worried? Don’t be. There’s no reason to be worried about something like this. So what if your timing is a little off? It’s the thought, the idea, and you’ll notice that even your bad timing winds up being surprisingly good by the end of the week. Just in time for, guess what, the new year.

Taurus : This next week is like one of those new packages for music and movies. There’s so much plastic on it, you and me are sure that there’s a packaging engineer someplace who spends time diabolically contriving plastic wrap which is destined to frustrate you. “How hard can I make to get this wrapper off the CD?” That question seems to be that engineer’s goal. But getting through the fourteen layers of gift wrap, plastic, shipping container and so forth works — eventually. You will reach your target, your mission will be accomplished — eventually. While the holiday which is wrapped is supposed to be good at this time, sometimes, it can also be frustrating. The real key, more than just on Xmas day, more like all week long, is to remember what the spirit of the wrapping is all about.

Gemini : Tension can be a good thang. Tension on a fishing line suggests that there is a fish on the other end of the line, something worth fighting for. Tension can also be that apprehension before the curtain goes up at a decent Shakespeare production, perhaps where the chorus comes out and gives a little introduction to set the opening scene. And tension can be useful, like just what is in that one box, under the old Xmas tree in the front of the Gemini trailer. My notorious Gemini sister has this annoying habit of rattling, poking, and prodding the packages, as she tries to guess what’s in the box. “Feels like a book,” or, “more clothing, sure that’s what that is.” I’d suggest that the Gemini tension this week is more like the fishing line, and less like trying to guess what’s in the box. And I would further suggest that the tension is going to yield some very Interesting (good interesting) results.

Cancer : Early morning mist drifts up from the lake on winter mornings like this, here in Central Texas. There’s a calm sense which provides a beautiful scene, and it makes it almost worth the extra effort required for getting up at some very unreasonably early hour in order to enjoy this calm, serene scenario. On Lake Cancer, though, the only time that there will any sense of calm will be early in the morning, before anyone else is up and about. Do you want to fish? Cut bait? Or maybe, just sit there, watching the orange light seeping over the horizon? I’ll let you in on a great fishing secret: that sunrise is magical, and gives a moment of rest, a chance to reflect, meditate, and just do nothing. If you can manage some sort of quiet time right now, what with the hectic holiday schedule, the various effects of the eclipse and so forth, then enjoy that moment of reverie. You’re quiet time is going to get interrupted, and it’s best to turn your attention to the source of irritation, just as soon as can. But remember, you had that one moment, the sun slowly creeping up on the horizon. Time to kick yourself in gear.

Leo : The big holiday has an unusual start to it, but it levels out some, as the week goes by. There’s a gradual sense to this week, it’s like sitting on my trailer’s front step, and watching the Colorado River go rolling by, a gentle pace, a sense of peace and solitude, a pervasive air which suggests that there is nothing to worry about. Nothing at all. Let your magnificent Leo mind wander around a little, let it take a break. You need a moment of quiet. You need a little rest and relaxation. You could also use a good vacation, but that’s not exactly in the plans at this point. Get ready to jump into a whirlwind of activity before too long. Enjoy the quiet sense which you get, just for a moment. You’re going to find yourself dragged back to reality before too long, so enjoy what peace and quiet you can afford right now.

Virgo : In the Western Hemisphere, there’s this little time between Xmas and New Year wherein not a lot of work gets done. I’d like to suggest that you turn your head away from the idea of taking a long nap, despite the calling of the couch in the front room of your Virgo trailer house, and instead, try getting the last of the end of the year stuff done. Before the weekend arrives, you should be in position to get massive amounts of work out of the way. Here at the office, the rest of the staff is comatose, stuffed just like the Xmas Turkey, and not very swift when it comes to get anything done. Computers usually work better when the electricity is switched on. This is a week, between the holidays, where you can walk by the work stations, and hit the “on” switch, and you’ll find that only a Virgo can seem to actually accomplish something besides a high score on the most recent game pack.

Libra : Not so long ago, last week, I think, I was out, doing my imitation of dancing, doing my own [one beat off] Tall – Texas – Two – Step.The problem I have is that I was not born with dancing rhythm. Doesn’t mean that I didn’t have fun, or that I didn’t do my best to enjoy myself, but I was about half a beat different from my dancing partner. Means I had to polish my boots after I polished my belt buckle all night. My cautionary tale about exploits on the dance floor of life have a message for Libra: you’re about half a beat off, you lead with your left foots, when you should be using your right foot. When you do the Cotton Eye Joe, you’re shaking the right leg when you’re supposed to be shaking the left leg. What with the eclipse and all, you’re about 90 degrees away from where you want to be. Doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, I’m proof that you can still have fun, but it helps if you have an understanding partner.

Scorpio : We can look at a lot of the stuff going on in the heavens and derive certain, irrefutable conclusions, but rather than look at all the planets, I would skip most of the impacts you’re going to get and concentrate on just one: Mars. Mars enters Scorpio right around the beginning of the week, and the tone of your life changes. This weeks swings you into high gear. The tone moves from a sedate pace where you’ve had a fevered and furrowed brow to one where everything is rosy. You’re in such a good mood, all of sudden. People around you begin to wonder about your apparently new disposition. The true sense of the holiday becomes a special spirit, giving a gentle upward swing to it. Okay, so maybe it isn’t such a gentle swing, but it does spin upwards. Now, the only thing to be careful about, starting on Xmas day, is to watch the patent pending, trademark Scorpio sarcasm. No need to let biting humor hurt them other folks.

Sagittarius : There are some rather unstable elements on your home front right now. Life around the old Sagittarius trailer just ain’t what it should be. The big day, Xmas day itself, might be a little bit of let down. Do like I do, find something on the TV, stretch out after a big dinner, and pretend to watch TV, and nod out. While this isn’t the typical Sagittarius idea of a party, that little bit of extra rest will come in handy as the rest of the week unfolds, and you find yourself trying to do a little too much. Come midnight on the next Holiday, you’re going to feel like there are two places you’re supposed to be, and that’s the problem, you can only be in one place at one time, unless of course, you’ve mastered that cloning thing, but even then, which one is supposed to be where? Nap now, party later.

Capricorn : “Jesus was a Capricorn” is a particular title of a song from the Country and Western musical discipline (no sniggering). And it is, officially anyway, His birthday. This little eclipse, the holidays, everything right now are all conspiring to make you feel good, whether you want to or not. That’s just the way it adds up. You’ve got one uncomfortable itch right now, but that’s like a little nervous tick, that’s all. You get over this feeling that there’s someplace better to be, that there’s some place else that you should be, and the closer you get to the next holiday celebration, the better it gets. The New Year has a few good surprises, and there’s no time like the present to start celebrating these upcoming events. And that itch? It goes away if you don’t scratch it. Happy birthday, too — to that one Cap.

Aquarius : I’ll promise that this little “eclipse thang” will be felt by you. Xmas day, and the time surrounding it will have a profound impact on your emotional stability. This sort of impact, though, it can have two effects, one is good, and one is less than good. I would suggest, after years of research in the field of Aquarius, though, that this should default to good. This has a lot to do with Venus and her unstable relationship towards your relationships. Along with that idea, I can usually hear a collective groan from the Aquarius camp. The deal is this: Venus is loping along like an archetypical cow poke in your sign. The other planets (Moon, I’m thinking), are not much perturbed by this, but you get this wave after wave of just feeling good. But your wake of happiness is going to disturb other people, and that’s where the trouble starts. Careful that your waves of joy don’t swamp some one else’s holiday boat.

Pisces : The big night, the one approaching the New Year, that looks good, but there’s been one troubling arena of your life. And this is like a dirt bike arena, and I’m sure you’ve watched this at one time or another on TV, the high jumping antics as the little daredevils go sailing through space, sure looks fun, but maybe, just maybe, “getting some air” isn’t in your best interest right now. The sound of the machines clawing up the dirt, the piercing noise of the high revving engines, the smell of castor bean motor oil burning, that thin pallor of smoke hanging over the arena, it sort of has a doomsday effect on your Pisces psyche. The events this week are not going to go exactly like you want them to, and it’s like that dirt bike race, you can either be a spoiler “dark horse” winner, or you can be a champion who gets dethroned. Which one? You pick.

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