For the Week of: 2.19.2004

"He was gotten in drink"
Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor [I.iii.21]

Aren't we glad that's over with?

Aries: Venus is a good planet, according to what data I've been able to collate. However, there are still a few items leftover, stacked up, as it were in the sign that comes before you. As such, there will be a few little items that crawl up and out of your brain to bother you. This reminds me an exercise in mediation, a veritable virtual version of "Meditation Guide for folks who can't sit still" type of text. "What you do is look at whatever it is that bubbles up, and examine it as it passes by..." was the way the instructions read. Let's take this a step further, and get a little more detailed. You're sitting there, in quiet moment, and a thought pops into your Aries brain. Imagine that thought in a soap bubble, and look at the thought, or, rather, look at the contents of the soap bubble. There's an oily sheen to the surface of that bubble, a slightly skewed light, and the way colors are refracted adds some depth. Plus, there's a good chance that the lens of that bubble, it's curved all, might not amplify the parts you want to see more clearly. Is that bubble and its contents an action item? Or are you just supposed to look?

Taurus: I was at a rolling trade show, a mobile display of various wares from particular industry, and there was an incredible aroma in the air. That delicious smell led me straight to the "food court" of the arena. It was, simple as could be, roasted pecans. But they weren't normal roasted pecans, either. No, these were seasoned in some kind of caramel, sugar-frosted topping. Delicious. But it detracted from the show's primary purpose, to display and hopefully sell a particular kind of product. Had nothing to do with roasted pecans. But that cavernous convention arena? Redolent in the aromatic blend of, it wasn't like cotton candy, but close. Similar intoxicating smell. Perhaps I'm overly partial to pecans, a Texas State thing. Maybe because "paper shell" pecan are so common, and really rather tasty. Or maybe it was that frosted topping? Someone was making big sales that day, following our noses. Look: you don't have to be led around by your nose, or some other sensory part of your anatomy, but with the way things are, there's a good chance that you are. I just hope you can be satisfied with the free stuff. Usually works for me.

Gemini: We get days like this in Central Texas, the nights are cold, requiring me to crank up the heater. Bitterly cold, with a north wind whistling in and around the trailer's door. Wish I'd fixed that seal. Then, the days are warm. Warm almost to the point of requiring an AC unit. Such strange weather is not all that unusual, either. We're used to it. Goes with the location. But how does my localized version of Texas weather fit into your world? It's easy. See: you've got two influences. One is what you do at night, the so-called social aspect of the Gemini life. That's not so hot. It's like that cold winter night, best used for hiding under the covers. But the warm days encourage outdoor activity. Business is supposed to be a focal point. You're supposed to be looking after some particular aspect "Quality Gemini Time" and as such, it works cuts into play. That's a drag. There is a solution, if you're willing, make that work-related stuff a little more entertaining, if just for yourself. Set minute goals along the way, and celebrate each goal as you get passed it. "See? It's like game, getting this project finished on time...."

Cancer: I get sidetracked pretty easily. I don't suppose that it comes as any kind of a surprise, either. Working away on keyboard for hours at time, it's easy to divert my attention. First the cat wants a treat. Then the phone rings and I have to answer a neighbor's question about the phase of the moon, which leads to a discussion about the relative merits [and demerits] of fishing in the middle of the Texas winter, which then leads to a discussion about politics, and the question of world events, and suddenly, hours have gone by, and no work has been accomplished. It's not a pretty thing. Then I notice the plants need some water, it's been days--maybe weeks--since I last watered the garden. So whole morning is gone, and I haven't performed anything that could remotely be considered "work." The trick in the Cancer section of the sky, though, is not to let the little interruptions get in the way of the "work" that desperately needs your attention. Out of all those distractions, feeding the cat is something that has to be done. The rest of it? It can wait for a better time. When is a better a time

Leo: Life gets easier now that there's not a lot of planet action Aquarius. That's good news. But Mr. Mars is in a position to firmly square some of your darling Leo stuff. So maybe that's not so hot. Look: Mr. Mars, particularly when he's in this position, he forces certain issues to pop up. Good or bad? I like to run this into a binary proposition for your Leo self. What works, and you certainly know which parts are working, stick with that. The part that doesn't seem to be working? Let it go. Easy enough for my non-royal Leo self to say. But there's a hint, a suggestion, a cosmic pointer that does say it's possible to just drop one point, and move on. I'm not saying to skip the whole week, but there's one issue, and like always, and I know you're right, but like always, you're hanging onto that one issue with a fervent hope that "it'll work out soon." Mr. Mars, now in Taurus, is suggesting that you don't pitch a fit, but rather, just call it a day. I've solved a few technical problems by just walking away from the problem, and not tackling it until a later time. Rest up and you can win again, like you're supposed to.

Virgo: Quick: before this weekend gets here, get that one, last, "I've been meaning to straighten this thing up" deal out of the way. Not sure what I'm talking about? Look at the Virgo checklist. "Man, not every Virgo has a check list!" I know, but there's some kind of order that you keep in your mind. It's that one item that's been bugging you late at night, or early in the morning, whenever it is that you think about these items. Or actions. Could be a simple phone call, a note you've been meaning to send, something. Do it before the weekend gets here. Then, even though no one seems to notice that extra effort your Virgo self put into the action, the item on your list, that one thing you've been meaning to do and finally got around to, only then, like next week, does your reward arrive. Check your list, or pause long enough to think about it, there's just one more thing you need to do before you're ready to rock and roll.

Libra: Start. Stop. Start. Stop. Start yet again. Know the feelings? I'm sure you do. There's halting, kind of jerky movement to what's going on. You're running into people who are creating minor obstacles to your good, orderly, forward motion. Not big blockages, mind you, not like someone has blockaded "Port Libra." But still. For years, I toyed with a web cam. What I found worked best, instead of actually streaming video, was an image upload every two minutes. Kind of interesting, a form of stop action delivery. It was hard to get used to it, but I did find, when I was doing readings, and being watched while doing the reading, I could jump up, avail myself of more coffee, then sit back down, all within that two minute interval. Looked like I never left the seat. Maybe I shouldn't give away little trade secrets like that, but it illustrates a point about that halting, yet ultimately forward motion you've got going in your sign. Do like I did, schedule and time those interruptions correctly. Doing so means you look like you're giving a smooth delivery. Might not be what's going on behind the scenes, but that doesn't matter. Make it look good, even if the actually image only uploads every 2 minutes. Not exactly high-tech, but it works well enough.

Scorpio: I was dining with a buddy the other afternoon, a late lunch in a TexMex place of some repute, and he was doing the "meet and greet," as he knew most of the staff rather well. One waitress--a Scorpio--had her three-year old son with her. "Man, I remember when you were pregnant," my buddy was saying, by way of an introduction, "you were out to here...." He indicated a position, which, if we eat there too often, we will all be in, because the food's that good. The story that emerged, over lunch, was that the Scorpio had the baby early one fall morning [another Scorpio] and then proceeded to work that very day. I mentioned this tale to one girlfriend--also a mother and not a Scorpio--and she plainly suggested that the story was a fable. "No way." To my friend, the very idea of working on the same day as a child's birth was just impossible. That might be the case for some signs. That might be the case for some folks. But for a Scorpio? With the planets arrayed like they are? Nothing is impossible. However, it might help to curb some of your propensity for telling tall tales about amazing and prodigious feats of super-human strength and endurance. I'm not sure everyone will be willing to believe. For a Scorpio? It's not a question. I know you guys are strong enough. I'm just not sure that everyone else believes you. I do.

Sagittarius: Learning to listen is one of the more important skills that I've had to develop. Ask my family, and they'll assure you that I was not always a good listener. Matter of fact, ask certain close family members, and they'll tell you that I don't listen at all, even to this day. But that's not true, as anyone who's asked me questions, only to have my questions fired back at them. It's all a part of give and take, an interchange of ideas, and it's all about a flow of information. What's up with this? Time to put on the listening look. I know that you've got a "developing situation" that you want to talk about. Me too. I realize that this is a problem, and the most effective course would appear to be "talking it out." But like that give and take model, our little Sagittarius mouths are more effective, believe it or not, shut.

Capricorn: Fishing lures, at least, most of the lures I purchase, come with a little set of instructions. Microscopic print, a few illustrations, an abbreviated catalog of similar wares by the manufacturer, and some instructions. One of the most curious of all their fine print is a little illustration about how to tie a [insert brand name here] knot with monofilament line. Don't know. I've never successfully emulated the instructions. I've tried. I've practiced, but it never seems to go the way it's supposed to. While I do wind up with a lure attached to some lightweight line, it never looks like the diagrams. Doesn't mean it's not right, I've only lost one fish because my knot weakened the line. The one that got away. Got the lure, too, and that cost me a whole three bucks. [bad words omitted] I tend to regard the instructions as a guideline instead of a hard and fast rule about the way it has to be done. I'd suggest the same for my fine Capricorn friends, over the next couple of days.

Aquarius: I was at a "home and garden" trade show, at least, a "home and garden" trade show by my standards--it was an RV sales meeting. There were close to five dozen mobile homes crammed into a convention space. Pretty much fun for me. After looking at mobile homes with absurd price tags, my date for the afternoon's excursion had a comment, "There all so nice, why do they all have such tacky decorations? It's like they live in mobile homes or something." I'm kind to my dates, at least, at first I am. I didn't snicker. I didn't guffaw. They were mobile homes. Decorated as such. Tacky or otherwise, that's what they look like on the inside. I kept my comments to myself. Besides, I thought some of the units were rather tastefully appointed. But I kept that to myself to insure domestic bliss. Or, at least, a chance at something besides a little conversation, afterwards. Like my afternoon's date, you're seeing something with unfailing clarity. Only, there's also an obvious piece missing. If you have a nice date like me, then there's nothing to worry about as you'll eventually figure it out on your own. If you're with an Aquarius unfriendly type, though, there might be trouble. Either way, you'll eventually get it.

Pisces: Pisces birthdays can be a great fun. There's a little hump, just in the first 24 hours of this scope, and after that? It's all good. One Pisces I know had a special birthday party at a go-kart race track. Video games, kids' games, and best of all, little cars that go fast, around and around that track. The carts top out at maybe 20 MPH, so it's not like it's really that fast. But with your butt about three inches from the surface of the concrete track, it sure feels fast. I don't think anyone got the heavy symbolism, though, the concept that although they were going fast, it was all in circle. From what I heard, good fun was had by all. I want you to have an excellent birthday month. Starts this weekend. Just be careful that you don't wind up going around in circle really fast, but still, going around in a circle. Like a dog chasing its tail.

About the author: Born and raised in a small town in East Texas, Kramer Wetzel spent years honing his craft in trailer park in South Austin. He hates writing about himself in third person.

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