For the Week starting: 7.12.2007

"The friends thou hast, and their adoption tried,
Grapple them to thy soul with hoops of steel;
But do not dull thy palm with entertainment
Of each new-hatch’d, unfledg’d comrade."
Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (I.iii.69-72)

    Venus moves into Virgo, early next week. Upcoming events, information is here. And in the news, here.


canCancer: As the moon rolls around in her orbit and goes dark, then begins to launch anew, next week, we’ve got some glad tidings in Cancer. While we’re not completely bereft of the complications resulting from the last overhaul of Mercury, the bits and pieces are starting to fall back into place, thereby insuring a greater dose of domestic harmony.

That’s a single step in the right direction. The next step, is up to our Cancer selves. What’s it going to be?

You’ve got 24, okay, since it’s your birthday, you’ve got 48 hours, from the time this scope goes live (7.12.2007, 12:00 AM CDT) to complain. But after that? No complaints are warranted, and if you do decide to whine? It’s your own fault for not thinking about the next step forward. Rather simple, in some ways. Cancer birthdays are getting good, and times are starting to change in your favor. You’ll start to feel this as the next week commences, and getting ready to set forth that next step? That’s what’s so blessedly important. And happy birthday to that one Cancer….


leoLeo: A singer was crooning over the stereo’s speakers, "Once is enough," he was singing in his sad and laconic voice. While he’s not a Leo, much less The Leo, that doesn’t matter, his message rang through loud and clear. "Once is enough," could be, nay, should be The Leo battle cry. Or mantra, really, as I figure that this is less about battle of any real level and more about a quiet resolve.

I figure once is enough. Wronged once, and no Leo forgets. As such, there was a recent transgression. No more. There are victims and there are volunteers. One time, you might be a victim, more than likely of the recent Saturn and Venus alignment. But if the same situation presents itself, or a setting that is close enough to the same situation to be virtually indistinguishable? Think about the single lyric from that song, about how once was enough. Mess with the offending party’s head: pursue a different course of action.


virVirgo: There are two theories about the way bass move in water. One theory holds that the fish — specifically black bass and their related cousins — don’t like to move far from a spot, preferring, instead to move up and down in the water column. Up and down instead of left and right. Makes it easier, for the fish, float up a little, eat, float down a little, eat, float up, see me, float down, eat. Repeat.

The other theory that I’ve got, from actual observation, is that the local strains of black bass tend to patrol a section of shoreline. They move in gangs, not so much schools, and they go from one point to another, and back again, looking for food. Cruising along, checking it out, like an infantry patrol. I’ve made ample observations and I can suggest both theories hold water. I caught the same fish in the same location, a half dozen times. What she didn’t have in brains, she made up for with attitude. Then again, I’ve chased after the patrolling fish, usually to no avail, as they’re a bit more wily.

Both theories suggest that standing in place, repeatedly casting a line out, is a good way to catch fish. The question, and the goal, for a good Virgo, is to put yourself in the right place at the most correct time. One fish, one place, over and over? That’s easy. Getting those patrol fish when they’re out and moving around? That’s the trick. Select the right spot at the right time? You’ve got it made.


libLibra: I stepped off a sidewalk wrong, and I twisted my ankle. Not really a big deal, just a little bit of pain, and, for me, a little bit of sheepish embarrassment. As I limped along, too close not to walk home with a minor injury, I was thinking about Mercury, in Cancer, Venus, in Virgo, and Libra, still reeling from the effects of the planets.

It’s not so much "bad," as it’s all a tad inconvenient. That’s a problem, the inconvenience factor. I can’t make it go away. It’s there. Like the dull ache from my ankle, still, but not so much an ache that hinders movement, there’s that persistent point that keeps reminding dear Libra about some past injustice. Perhaps it was as simple as my mistake of landing on my foot wrong, or, in another interpretation, not being extra careful about where I placed my feet.

The two-fold point is about being careful where you place your feet, and then, as that dull ache reminds you, there was a past indiscretion. How you deal with that past harm? Me? I just limp a little these days. Much easier than complaining.


scoScorpio: I was walking on the hike and bike trail, and I was stopped by a pair fetching young ladies on pink, beach cruiser-styled bicycles, "Can you help us?" Blond. Pigtails. A tiny tattoo crawling up from what was probably a thong bikini, under her shorts. I stopped and gave them lengthy, detailed directions to Barton Springs. Same destination I shared that summer afternoon.

They whizzed away with a wave and a grateful thanks. Less than a mile, but a little convoluted when you have to go over the bridge and if they missed a turn, they’d either wind up in the homeless stretch, or worse, headed towards the freeway. When I got to the creek for a quick swim, the girls were headed away. I got nary a nod, a thanks, or any attempt at conversation.

Some folks, when they want something, are chatty and polite, even coquettish. But when those people get what they want? Expect any more of the flirting? Why? Not going to happen, as was my lesson that afternoon. So much for being nice. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t stop and render aid, no, that’s not a question, as most Scorpio’s are honor bound to do so. But expecting gratitude afterwards? I’m not saying that other signs are just plain rude, but there you have it.


sagSagittarius: We — all of us Sagittarius typesneed to prepare for the coming weeks. This isn’t like, an old flame, or anything, but there is a persistent and pernicious problem that’s been eating our shorts. Until now, there’s been no way to deal with this energy, this little issue. And we’re not even there yet, but in about two weeks, maybe a little more, there’s going to be a big old alignment in the planets and that secret — our little Sagittarius secret — will probably come out.

There are two ways to deal with this kind of an issue, one, pretend like it never happened. That’s okay, some characters refer to this as denial, and to be honest, plausible deniability — hey, if it works? Cool!

However, with what’s approaching? I doubt we can hide under a rock, go to our room (or trailer), lock the door and crank the music up loud enough to drown out the dissenting voices. Since that’s not liable to work? What’s the other solution? Head straight on in, wade right up to our waist in whatever the problem is, and start fixing. Now. Or, well, maybe start after this weekend, have to go fishing. But then, first thing, Monday morning. Right. Will fix that problem we’ve been meaning to fix — before it bites us in the backside. (Truth be told, this why I live like a monk.)


capCapricorn: I sat down to address the Capricorn week, and I promptly hopped up to check my mail. Because I’ve purchased a number of sporting goods and outdoors related items, I’m on a mailing list or two for sporting goods. Megastores to small places, to that one guy who just makes lures out of fishing gear, I get a lot of crap. Before I started this scope, I was sorting through the latest round of mail. Circulars, flyers and assorted bulk mail. Camo outfits, bows, targets, deer rifles, and a plethora of bird guns (shotguns). Mid-July, and the sporting warehouses are gearing up for hunting season. Already.

As the line goes, "I’m not a typical Texan in that I don’t hunt. I fish, but I don’t hunt. And not because I think it’s somehow holier than thou to eat meat that’s been bludgeoned to death by someone else, no that’s not it, it’s too early, it’s too cold, and I don’t want to go."

Besides, I don’t think they ever perfected that "shoot and release program" that, supposedly, some Texas university was working on. July. Mid-July. Why are these people sending me material about the hunting season? In another month, the lake will cool off enough to be good for fishing again. The fall fishing season still has — locally — another six months left. Made me wonder why I was getting material laden with hunting material. There’s something in this, though, and that’s where I was going, besides ranting about hunting, which is a hallowed local sport, it’s supposed to be a little like Christmas in July. Right. "What. Ever," says the Capricorn.

Instead of falling for marketing material that is clearly too advanced of its curve to do much good, consider what’s left of your own "fishing season," whatever that is. I’m thinking, while everyone else is worried about getting geared up for the winter, now’s the time to get prepared for the early fall. Next month, month after. While someone else is sighting in a new deer scope? Good time to be at the lake, or the ocean. Eschew common wisdom and don’t fall for the "Xmas in July" hype.


aquAquarius: Backing a boat trailer into the lake, as a point, in fact, backing a trailer, is a counterintuitive task. To make the trailer swing to the left, spin the steering wheel to the left. Tractor-trailer drivers are accomplished masters of backing trailers and such, but even some of the local fishermen are less accomplished, at least, at first.

It’s fun to watch a new boat owner try and back in the first time. It’s better to let them have both ramps as the trailer will wind up skewed across two lanes. But the boat will get launched. Pulling out, at the end of a fishing trip, same deal, in reverse.

It’s about doing what your internal compass is screaming at you not to do. While I doubt you’re backing a fishing boat into the lake for a bit of early summer fun, I do believe that you’ll find yourself with situation, just like backing up that boat trailer. Remember, the correct answer is counterintuitive. That’s the point. Left means left, right means starboard. Got it?


pisPisces: "Do you mind if I steal the salt and pepper shakers?" It was an innocent question, from an innocent-enough looking Pisces. Wasn’t exactly a fancy dining place, but then, it wasn’t my typical low-rent neighborhood, either. I doubt that the salt and pepper shakers were cut-crystal. More like cut-plastic, set to resemble something nice. Over the dinner conversation, and looking at the Pisces chart, what I was able to determine was that the real reason for the alleged theft was that the cupboard was bare at the Pisces home.

Not bare of food, just lacking in tiny niceties like condiments. Not necessities, just niceties. And the reason for the missing items? Not enough time to take care of household chores, or maybe, from the Pisces grocery list? Not quite enough time to get everything you’re looking for. Not much of a problem, not for me, I mean, I suspect that the one place where we were eating? The cost of the salt and pepper shakers themselves was somehow worked into the typical inventory "shrinkage" that occurs.

As far you’re concerned? It’s quite all right to swipe the items that you need. I’m not suggesting major theft, just a little bit of rearranging priorities and making do with what’s available. I will point out, that one Pisces? She didn’t take any of the sugar packets, just the condiments that she needed. Not so much theft, more like a gray area that I would just consider timely use of available resources.


ariAries: Dunno its source. "Beware of the Ides of July!" First thought that popped in my head when I was scanning the charts for Aries, for this week. Loath as I am to let something like this run, I had to consider the meaning of the words. Obviously, purloined from Shakespeare’s Canon, a riff on a line from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, and from there? Just trying for a gentle jest for the Aries folks.

There’s that hint, a simple suggestion that you exercise a little more caution. You were, as of late, fried by Mars, putatively, your ruling planet. Then again, as the Sun slips through Cancer, this will create some tension. Not always bad, but then again, not always good.

There’s a decision process underway. What works. What doesn’t work. What’s good for you. What’s not so good for you, but enjoyable, nonetheless. Which one to embrace? The more arduous and difficult route is sometimes the best. What I’d shoot for, though, if I were Aries right now? I’d seek out that middle area, wherein pleasure and gain are more balanced.


tauTaurus: Mars is treating you like a great, big old frying pan. Hot grease, hot summer nights, and the heat of Mr. Mars, doing his best to make sure everything is good and fried. The biggest trouble from Mars is yet to come, too, that’s the real problem.

The little red planet is working like a catalyst, in its presence, a reaction occurs. That kind of chemical combination means that there’s going to be a spark, possibly flame, and almost inevitably, ignition. What are your expectations, at this point? Mars usually adds energy, but to the Taurus mind, like a Zen-mind, this Martian energy can be a little frantic and might seem unstable.

That’s sort of like a clue, borrowing, from the phase of the moon, as it’s a good time to adopt a more meditative stance. That will result in clarity. The moon suggests some inaction while Mars suggests action. All I’m suggesting is strike a point in between the two and take some thoughtful action.


gemGemini: Buried on the website, in the archive of fish pictures, there’s an image of small, a black bass, a Shakespeare fishing pole, and the wee bass has part of a piece of bait hanging out of its mouth. On that particular afternoon, I spent several hours looking for a perfect place to fish. I was in the shade, as was the fish, and it kept poking its head out of a culvert, chasing the bait. Eventually, we had a meeting, and that picture. I had explored, on foot, a number of likely spots, and I was the hunter, the fisherman, that one afternoon.

Summer afternoon, too hot to really be outside, but I had nothing else on, and it seemed like a noble pursuit at the time. What’s missing from the picture, that might be the most important part, the hours spent toiling along the edge of the river, time spent selecting and testing various lures, settling on a watermelon-colored bit of fat plastic with a forked-tail. A Number Two (wide gap) worm hook. All the careful preparations and then, the execution of those energies, and the ultimate reward, a single, smallish fish.

Anyone who thinks that fishing is just about fish, might be mistaken. Like me, there’s a long and involved process you’re undertaking. To an outsider, it might seem like the reward, catching a fish for me, might seem like more effort than the rewards justify. But that’s to an outsider. You’re a Gemini, therefore, the intellectual, emotional and ultimately fulfilling of the plan? Like that one picture, the viewer won’t get it. You and me? We do.

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