For the Week starting: 9.20.2007

"Like to the time o’ the year between the extremes
Of hot and cold; he was nor sad nor merry."
Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra (I.v.62-3)

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libLibra: I was listening to "the pitch," as I was quietly immersed in reading a thrilling web article. I was sitting in a coffee shop, and two guys, business men, be my guess, were engrossed in the a sales pitch that involved web sites, navigation, commerce, and bids. It was the pitch. Big pitch, too. I’ve long since learned not to butt in, believe it or not, but pieces of the pitch I heard were a little outrageous.

Way more than I would pay. Way more than I would charge. Way more than seems remotely reasonable. Unless, of course, I was pitching someone who didn’t have a clue. I always understood that there’s, like, a cosmic contract and if one violates that cosmic contract, then there’s cosmic surcharge, in this lifetime. Which is why I wouldn’t ever dream of overcharging, like that guy was obviously doing.

What bothered me was my inaction. But then, there’s a place and a time to be a nuisance, and using good judgment is important. And perhaps, in the case of that one pitch, the bid itself, maybe there more to be questioned. Maybe I didn’t have all the facts, and in some situations — of this I am painfully aware — it’s a matter of educating the customer. So as you hear the pitch and as you think about inserting yourself into someone else’s pitch? Maybe think twice.


scoScorpio: Last of this, but I want to remove any bit of doubt that you might have. Begin at the beginning. That’s where you start. When faced with a problem, when faced with a new Scorpio challenge, start with the beginning. Ascertain exactly what it is you know about the problem. Tackle the "known quantity," first.

Before you pare away at the excess, before you start working on solutions, get the known facts, first. There’s a hint from the heavens that you’re working towards a suitable solution to a situation that’s been a theme-like problem — possibly for a while. And there’s a suggestion that you can solve the puzzle, the riddle, the conundrum, or just plain fix the problem. But in order to be most effective, you’ve got to start with the known quantities, first. Begin at the beginning.


sagSagittarius: Buddy of mine related tales from working in the cubicle. "So the big boss comes in and tells me he needs this machine moved. I told him, ‘No problem-o.’ Big boss comes in about 15 minutes later, and asks why I hadn’t moved it. I repeated his earlier comment, and told him I didn’t have a problem with him moving it, or with him hiring someone to move it, but I did point out, I wasn’t hired to move his stuff around."

It’s all about what is being said, and how it’s being said. Sounds almost like a little bit of technical talk, too. But I’d be careful, too, as intent which is clearly communicated, doesn’t always match up with what is actually said. Sounds like either my buddy, or me, one of us, maybe his big boss, one of us isn’t accurately conveying the information — however, and this is the point for Sagittarius, the intent is clear. Even if the words are not, actually, factually, correct.


capCapricorn: "I just can’t understand why a guy would put a boat in the water without a live well, trolling motor and fish finder." And a some fishing poles, strapped to the deck? I thought I’d add that part. But people do stranger things, I’m sure.

Some of this could also be my own interpretation, too. And it could just be my way of seeing a certain situation, which, as the case may be, might have something to do with the point. Sun’s headed towards Libra and the Moon is getting full, so our observations might be a little colored, one way or another.

I’d rather celebrate the differences, or maybe poke fun at them, rather than worry about the details. Like, why would someone have a boat with no fishing accoutrements?


aquAquarius: Little coffee shop I frequent, sort of has two front doors, one sort of faces, like, to the west. The other, kind of like a front door, really, opens to the south. The westward facing door is usually locked, this time of year, because of the weather patterns and the breezes from the street, the wind will kick the door open and hold it open. Therefore, the day staff had locked the side door.

I watched as a potential patron approached the locked door, jiggled it, looked quizzical and went around to the front of the store. That same patron walked up to the counter, and she approached the spot where the coffee is served, but no orders are taken there. That’s like being shut down, twice. I’d pack it in and go someplace else for the morning. I’d take it as a sign.

As I watched that girl persevere, though, I kept nagging myself, "Aquarius. Got to be an Aquarius." I don’t know that for a fact, but in my mind, as I watched, and as she finally, successfully negotiated an order, after several obstacles, I kept thinking about Aquarius. I’m not an Aquarius, so if ran into a number of problems between me and the caffeine, I’d wind up going some place else. But sticking to the original, stated goal? For an Aquarius, like that one patron, it might just pay off — just depends on what your real goal is.


pisPisces: There used to be this shoeshine girl at the Austin airport. Not a Pisces, but a viable example for Pisces. Especially now. Rather an attractive lass, big brown eyes, soft complexion, gentle touch with the shine rag. She didn’t put as much energy into the actual shining process, but she was more gentle when she smeared polish on my boots. She was attentive to details, it’s just that she tended to get by with a little less elbow work, and I suspect, a little more "jiggle," in order to earn her pay.

Regrettably, I tend to judge the work by the work itself, and I can’t say it was the best shine. However, in her defense, it was a more than adequate job, and it was certainly better than doing it myself. And then, too, there’s the entertainment factor. I listened to her Spanish question and answer with another passing airport worker. They were going to do something the following the weekend. With a French background (rhetorical question: what was I thinking? French in college?), I can follow the conversation in a broken manner. Some of your hidden and coded messages are less hidden than you think. It’s all about motivation, and checking your Pisces motivation. It’s also about perceptions, and I wonder if the point is clear.


ariAries: There’s a point, fast-approaching, wherein the Aries mind has to render yet another decision. There are a numbering of contributing factors, I’m looking at a moon that’s going towards full, Mercury opposite you in Libra, and, of course, Mars "just fixing" to leave Gemini. It’s a planet inspired push towards making your Aries mind up about certain issue.

Herein is the problem, too, as there’s a hint that this might be a slightly more volatile situation, and my simple caution is to not give into the emotional component of the decision process. Just because a certain situation has a feeling attached to it, perhaps a strong emotional element, the question is, does that emotional hook, does that really have merit in the question? Sure it does. But letting your emotions cloud your otherwise good Aries senses? That’s the point.


tauTaurus: The Fall Equinox is marked as a gradual shift in Taurus temperament. It’s going to be a gentle shift, because the elements that get moved around are, relatively speaking, slow-moving. It’s the opposite of a hurried pace. It’s relaxed, easy-going, and there’s no rush.

To be sure, you’ll encounter at least one person who is in a big hurry and wants to push you to hurry and do (some action item goes here). That bracketed action item? Is there really as big hurry on it? Not at all. Not really. I promise, there’s nothing that can’t be delayed by a few days. Instead of giving into the urgency of the moment, consider how the slower-moving planets are affecting you. Consider that adopting a slightly more bucolic pace might buy some time. Think about that, a little bit of time, purchased by a subtle Taurus comment, could be as simple as, "Wait a minute here, I still need to look into this other option a little further."

A good indication that you might want to take a little longer to reach that snap decision? As soon as the opposing party suggests that the answer is needed immediately.


gemGemini: It’s all about the short-run version of relief. I’m not talking about any kind of long-term relief, I’m just suggesting the "in the minute," which, to a non-Gemini can seem like the blink of an eye, and to a Gemini, it could seem rather immediate. So there’s short-term relief. It’s just that simple.

Eschew any kind of long-range, far-reaching ideals. There’s a tumultuous fall (season) ahead, but for the time being, enjoy a little bit of relief. How you spell that out, for your Gemini self? That’s certainly up to you. What you do with it? Again, choices that you’ve got, but if this is a case where you can "feel good now," as opposed to, say, "work hard now, get rewarded later"? That idea of getting rewarded later isn’t so hot. Cash out while your ahead. Call it quits as long as your position is hot. Think about instant gratification, and consider, loathe as I am to endorse it, this a time for instant gratification. For Gemini. "Instant gratification takes too long!"


canCancer: I was reading another tawdry paperback. I believe it’s called speculative fiction, but I’m unsure of its classification. As I read along, there was a character who usually moved two to the right then three forward. In chess, that’s a Knight’s move. There was a religious character in the book, always moving diagonally. Again, that’s a chessboard move (for a bishop).

I found that particularly clever of the author, to incorporate a nice game of chess into a novel’s story. I’m not sure it was intentional, and I’m not sure that it was really in there. Could just be the way that I pieced together the plot. However, I did enjoy the extra layer, but I wasn’t about fetch up a chessboard myself and sort out the moves to see if it led to checkmate.

Yet, there’s a suggestion that you’re going to find an extra layer of meaning, perhaps buried, or perhaps, exposed for everyone to see, but not many people can make out the pattern of the symbols. Or it might all be rubbish, too. I did think of that. Yet there’s pattern, real or imagined, that your delicate Cancer senses can pick up. Not everybody will notice, and the pattern might not be intentional. But it’s worth a mention, and if I were more Cancer-like? I’d make note of the pattern because, you, truly can see the fine hand of someone else’s work here.


leoLeo: Old cowboy wisdom, "If you can rope me, you can have me." I want to pass that tidbit along to Leo friends, and I’d like suggest that you get a lasso. Just some fine manila or sisal rope, nothing too fancy, and perhaps some gloves. Then fashion up lasso and set about roping what you want. Doesn’t take much at all. It’s really kind of easy.

While I seriously doubt that many Leo friends are going to use real rope, or, for that matter, show up slinging a lasso over their heads, I’d like to propose that a metaphorical rope, used to capture and tame a wild animal (kind of a person or thing), and then the process of gently breaking that wild critter to a bridle? That’s the goal. That’s what this week is going to be all about.

It’s a matter of going for what you want, and securing what you want, then breaking (what you want) to develop a good understanding. Besides, that kind of cowboy wisdom? That wild west way of seeing the world? Fits with the adventuresome attitude you’ve got this next couple of days.


virVirgo: Easier, better? How about a light at the end of the tunnel? How about none of that? Let’s be reasonable, how does that sound? On the Gulf Coast, Redfish and Black Drum are highly prized for fight, for sport, and for flavor. Personally, I prefer them blackened. The hotter the Cajun spice, the better, and there is no such thing as too much pepper. But that’s my tastes. This isn’t about the fish, though, this is about the bait. I finally hit upon a combination of elements that work. And these items work well, especially for those targeted fish, the Red and Black Drum.

My special concoction will win no awards for ease of preparation, but it is good stuff. Old frozen squid, parts of freshwater perch, a number of aquatic animal parts that don’t often get used? That’s the secret. Then I salt it up well and let it sit for a spell. Months, even. Oddly enough, salt and time toughen up the bait. And it smells. Smells fishy bad. But it works. Takes a little time for all the soup to harden, but once it does? Stays on the hook until there’s a fish on the hook. Which means, it works.

Takes time, and takes a good storage place where cats, dogs, possums and raccoons can’t get to it. But once done? That stuff works miracles. Stays on the hook, and attracts the drum family of fish. Think about it, might not appealing in the short term, but the long-term effect is desirable. That’s what you’re Virgo self is looking for.

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