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"The robb’d that smiles steals something from the thief."
Shakespeare’s Othello, Moor of Venice (I.iii.230)

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libLibra: Myth-making. I’ll avoid the myth jokes, though. Much as it pains me. Anyway, the point of the stars, at this point, is about myth-making. Myths can be elaborate stories handed down through eons of time, to explain how the gods work, where mankind — or particular cultures — originated.

Or myths can be more urban. The cat in the microwave, the rocket-propelled car, and other similar acts of whimsy. But the myths, I urge you to consider the myths, the stories that you tell yourself, the source and the outcome, the influence, both waxing and waning, of those stories you tell yourself. There’s an inherent power in a message that is repeated, over and over, and that’s the point.

What’s the message, and at what point does myth become reality? I’ve wondering about this, after talking it over with a Libra friend, just for a balanced point of view, I was trying to determine where the myth ends and reality kicks in. Listen to the stories that you’re telling right now, as there’s a point here, and what’s the point you’re driving at.


scoScorpio: You will get your turn, of that I am sure. Burt for right now, my fine little Scorpio friend? Cool it. The Sun and the Moon are going to line up, next week, in Libra. Precedes you by about 28 or 30 days. This is a time when it’s best to be quiet. I know, Mr. Mercury makes you think that you want to talk, and the point is, this is like a time when you should be quiet. Very quiet.

Wait until you have counsel present before you open your mouth.

Before you communicate anything? Make sure it’s okay with your lawyer.

I mean that, of course, in highly figurative and fictitious way of addressing a problem. You get the metaphor, I hope. I seriously hope this isn’t legal entanglement that really requires a lawyer — but the idea is what matters. Seek wiser minds, counsel, or even just consider asking an astrologer (usual rates apply). Point is that you need to buy yourself a little time. A little peace and quiet. Or, at the very least seek some advice. I’m not suggesting that the Scorpio judgment is suspect, but I do think you’d be tempted to give away a little more information than wise counsel would suggest be divulged. Herein being the point: listen, don’t talk.


sagSagittarius: I was passing s car on the street, and the car, to say the least certainly caught my eye. It was, I’m guessing here, a 1959 T-Bird. The mighty Thunder-chicken, as that model was once referred to as. The plates, Texas tags, said, "TOO PINK" — according to my notes. I didn’t get a picture, so we’re at a loss here. The car itself caused a reverie, then some idle speculation as I wandered and wondered about the down town streets.

Pink T-Bird, perhaps pink hair, too? Goes with the outfit, I’m sure, and is dying hair to match a vehicle, is that permitted, especially is the car is older than the driver? Riddles within an enigma, driving down the street in a pink T-bird. Pink hair, pink car, that’s something probably only a Sagittarius could get away with. I’m not saying it’s so, but that’s the sort of action that has a fine Sagittarius hand in it, at least, that’s the way it feels to me.

That’s also the problem with the planets, what with the moon in its last quarter and the heavy hitters of Venus and Saturn in Virgo, there’s a bit of tension, and all I’m saying, for the time being, it might be fine to dream a about a pink ’59 T-Bird. But think about how that might appear, the pink hair, the pink car, top down on a windy afternoon. Does this portray the serious image we want?


capCapricorn: I was looking up the lyrics to a certain song, and I was trying to recall the time I first heard the tune. It was in a little honky-tonk place, I’m thinking, a few rather dated beer posters on the wall, and my buddies were on the stage. That one song caught my attention, I found out about the song’s author, looked up the lyrics, and there was a fact or two, as my buddies did the patter about the tune, and I wanted to verify the facts.

Which, here it is years later, and I still can’t find evidence to support their hypothesis about and as to the song’s roots. Not that any of this matters, not in the bigger picture, but in the smaller picture, it matters mightily. It’s about a little casual research. I didn’t dig far, I just popped the lyrics into a search engine. Then I modified the search some, but still, I was unable to come up with any corroborating evidence. Nothing to support some claims.

While myth and legend is fine, especially around Texas songwriters, there’s also a place where some factual support is nice. And instead of ruling the situation as "complete myth," the way to handle this week’s energy, in Capricorn, is to put the data points in "still don’t know if it’s true (or not)" category.


aquAquarius: Consider stepping back a pace. Consider slowing it down, just for a moment. There’s an apparently hasty decision that you’re about to make, sometime in the next couple of days. While I’m a big advocate of going with the gut instinct, as an Aquarius, right about now? Second guess yourself.

I had a "sweet beaver" tied on, weightless, on one fishing pole. For the creek I was headed to? Not such a good idea. That’s more like a worm place, and usually the darker colors work better. But I tried and did a second guess, and when I got to the creek, I just left that original bait on. Just testing. It was a second guess. I back tracked on myself. I know what works best, usually. But a little change-up helps, too. Right?

Tradition, instinct, and past results are a good indication of what should work. Laziness, on my part, played a part of the bait selection that morning. Too weary, a little too preoccupied to change? But by the third cast, with the "sweet beaver" instead of a "bass assassin," I was getting some action. It’s all about what you do, don’t do, and maybe, try second guessing yourself. Can’t base prognostications for future success solely on past results.


pisPisces: As I understand the useless trivia, if you have three quarters, four dimes and four pennies, you’ve got a handful of change. You’ve also $1.19, and the largest combination of coins that can’t make change for a dollar. I’m sure the numbers people can play more games with the change, and perhaps, come up with stranger combinations that do, or for that matter, don’t work, but that’s not really the point. That loose collection of change?

That’s a symbol for the unconnected material that’s floating through Pisces. The fact that it can’t make change for a dollar, yet it amounts to more than a dollar? That means something, too. This isn’t about a puzzle concerning loose change, either. This is about what adds up, what doesn’t add up, and how you’re going to deal with the next few days. What deserves your attention? What doesn’t merit your Pisces gaze and interest? Make a decision, and whatever you do, I’m not saying it has to be this way, but I’m not sure that your view should really include trying to figure out puzzles about loose coins in my pocket.


ariAries: I once used an introductory quote from Shakespeare, a different play than this week, and that quote highly offended a certain reader. In the play, it was an officer of the Royal Army, swearing, as I recall, and it was kind of funny, to me. But I’m also noted for a warped sense of humor, and one that doesn’t always match up with the general public. Which is whom I managed to offend.

Not that it matters to me, and that’s what this all about, what matters most to your fine, Aries self. This isn’t about what’s good for the city, the state, the country, the planet, this is all about what’s good for your own Aries comfort. To be sure, there are always considerations to be made for the other people, consider the "think local, act global," but still.

There is Aries comfort and concern, and that should be paramount. Number one. Besides, often as not, you’ll find that by considering your own interests first, you can align with much larger, more global ideals. But put the Aries comfort first. Even if the quote does offend some other, non-Aries people.


tauTaurus: Stuck in a hotel room someplace, I was flipping through the channels, hoping to catch some fishing on TV. No luck. But I did watch this one commercial, and in the 30-second spot, what the various characters did? They would wave a bottle of some advertised cleaning solution over a target and the target would appear, in the next frame, just as pristine and clean — and theoretically — sanitary as never before. The image was that of a miracle substance, perfect for a Taurus, as the Taurus would go about cleaning up every little mess, and rendering the scene immaculate. More important, maybe? Sanitary. 99 per cent germ free.

Small amount of truth in the advertising, I’m guessing, for legal reasons, not a full 100%. As much as I wish I could find a bottle of a miracle solution that, when waved, weaved, or worked into the Taurus problems, the clean-up would be that fast and easy. No such product really exists. Don’t be confusing an advertising claim, or something on TV with the way it really is. This one pernicious problem, it still requires your hard work in order to be cleaned up.


gemGemini: It’s not like this is going to happen all that often, but I was in the large, super-sporting-goods store. Stopped with a buddy, not named Bubba, as he wanted to grab a few items on sale. My phone buzzed, it was an important client, so I took the call and chatted about a time for a reading. I wandered in and amongst the goods, hunting shirts, camo-underwear, and so forth. I clicked off the call and my buddy was no where to be seen.

A unformed sales clerk purposeful strode by, pausing with a perfunctory "can I help you" and I mentioned I lost a buddy. The clerk was blonde, attractive, and so forth. "If it was girlfriend, they’re usually over there," and she indicated a section of the store’s floor-plan, "and wives are usually over there," she indicated another area. I said it was buddy, and she suggested I check in the fishing area. I got the impression she was fishing for something more than just to be of assistance. But that could be me. My buddy wandered up with a shirt, on sale, too. "I leave you for all of three minutes, you’re just such a chick magnet," he said. Which is why I tend to live like a monk.

Of course, I didn’t realize I was being cruised until later. Which is the problem in Gemini land, at this moment. I don’t know what you’re fishing for, but that clerk wasn’t a Gemini. A Gemini would be more like me, oblivious to the fact that he (or she) was being chatted up. I’m not suggesting anything untoward, either, just that you don’t won’t to miss a chance like I did, by being oblivious to an obvious opening (line).


canCancer: Mars gallivants on into Cancer with a hoot and a holler. I kept getting an image of a cowboy, or a passel of cowboys, galloping into town on the back of their horses, spinning the horses around in the roadway, and generating a huge cloud of dust. It like Mars, he’s like that, stirring up a lot of dust. But like that image, there’s a ton of dust in the air, a lot of material stirred up, perhaps some stray shots fired, but does any of it really matter?

Point is, Mars stirs matters up, yet, sometimes, getting stirred up is nothing more than an abundant display of exuberance. Not that it’s bad to be excited about something, but all that dust? Mars will do just that, stir up a mess of old-fashioned cowboys, wheeling around, guns drawn, horses dancing in circles. As a gentle and delicate Cancer, how much do you want to participate in this exercise? Mars will push you, but how far? Or how far will you let the combative Mr. Mars force you? Is this energy that might be better expended elsewhere — instead of going in circles, creating clouds of dust?


leoLeo: The point is to learn from our mistakes, if I understand this correctly. But me, not being a Leo or anything, I tend to spend an inordinate amount of time denying my mistakes, rather than taking the plaintive lesson. And that’s a simple clue for now. It’s not convoluted, difficult or even hidden, obfuscated in some manner.

Clear and simple, you’re supposed to learn from mistakes, and now — this next ten days to be exact — is the time reflect on what Saturn, Venus and everything else has taught you. It’s been a long and difficult path. You’ve got ten days (most folks would only be allowed seven days, but you, being Leo and all, you get a full ten days) in which to revel in self-loathing. Self-pity. Agonizing internal examination. Question what went wrong, and how you can prevent that from happening again. So it’s pretty simple. You’ve got an extra three days allotted to feeling sorry for yourself. Then let’s move on. And for those of you not needing any self-deprecating time like this? Consider this a "by" for your week.


virVirgo: "Man’s that’s just so cold," a buddy was remarking to me. Casual conversation, and the gist of the tale had to do with what a girl had done to some guy. I’ll leave out the details, but full story is a little better.

There’s an odd sense, if you really know the couple, that what happened was quite justified. He deserved what she did. I’m not going into the details because it might embarrass a casual acquaintance.

Not that it bothers me to use real people as examples, but I can’t get too close to home. That’s sort of what I was thinking about for my little Virgo friends, how to prevent a comment, or worse a story that provoked such a comment, "How cold can she be?" And did he deserve it? I think so, if the mitigating factors are worked in.

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