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Fishing Guide to the Stars
By Kramer Wetzel
For the week starting: 7/9/2009

    "O time! Thou must untangle this, not I;
    It is too hard a knot for me to untie."
    Shakespeare’s 12th Night [II.ii.31-2]

Coming soon: workshop in old San Antonio. Questions are always free, some answers require a cash deposit. The e-mail line is always on, “31” (24 and 7).

astrofish.net Cancer: Because it’s the birthday time for Cancer folks, I’ll let this one ride out a little further than I should. But I’ll warn you, too, that once the weekend is over, even though there are still more birthdays, there’s also going to be some mighty upset people. Upset because the holiday didn’t go their way, the parties didn’t work out, firecrackers weren’t timed right, and the list goes on.

As a decent Cancer person, you can look at the litany of complaints and you will realize that this is about misplaced expectations. Other people and their wild expectations that result in shattered hopes. See, as long you’ve got birthdays, like in your birthday month? I don’t see you getting your hopes too high. Realistic makes it much more enjoyable. It’s just, after this weekend, the other people you deal with aren’t going to be as happy as you are. Sorry about that.

What are you going to do, after the weekend is over, Cancer?

astrofish.net Leo: I was trying to come up with a good idea, something to help appease my Leo friends. Something to be of assistance. It’s the dog days of summer, well, not really, but almost, and there’s just no relief in sight. Been a hot summer, huh?

Once this weekend is over, it seems like there is no break for a Leo, no easy route for the good Leo that you are, to take to see an end to this misery. Are you bad off enough now? Have I thoroughly ruined your day? "But wait, there’s more!" See, it’s the prelude to Leo. It’s the final moments of the symphony that will be grand and beautiful and wonderful, fulfilling and uplifting. Soon.

This weekend is a taste, a hint, and next week? The hint goes way. But wait, there’s more! Much, much more! It will get better. It just hasn’t happened yet. This is a good time resign yourself to playing "support person" for whatever it is that is going on. You’re the host, hostess, but not the invited guest. Not yet. In another week, I promise, your turn is fast approaching. What can you do in the meantime?

Please be patient, Leo.

    ASTROFISH.NET: Now with more UV protection

astrofish.net Virgo: The Inter-web thing is a bad place. I got to looking for something, which triggered a search through some medical website which then got me looking at diseases. Suddenly, I had one of those diseases. Then, the further I read, my hands got sweaty, my palms itched, I was running a fever, it was hot in here, I was cold, my feet smelled bad, and the symptoms then got worse. I fixed myself some more coffee then worried about what I was doing to myself with caffeine, and I stopped, but then I was paralyzed.

I finally shut the computer down and walked away. All better now, the disease symptoms cleared up. It’s all a matter of what you’re exposing yourself to, and in this case I wasn’t exposed to any infectious diseases, I was just looking at pictures and reading the descriptions. You’re in a state, next couple of days, where you can be a little influenced by what you see, what you hear, what you read, and if I had less morals, I’d suggest you send me a pile of money. Unfortunately, you don’t have a pile of money. It’s how you deal with your selectively suggestive Virgo nature. What you do with that, over the next couple of days? See a way around this, Virgo?

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astrofish.net Libra: "See this?" an older gentlemen rubbed his smooth pate, the hairless portion of his crown, "I call it, ‘privilege.’" He smiled back at me. I think, it was the waiting room at the doctor’s office, not me visiting, and, for that matter, not the bald guy, either. We were both waiting on respective patients. Casual and polite conversation. I’m always interested when the old guys start to talk. There’s a gentle nature, well, this one old guy, he had it for sure. I liked the way he pitched it.

He threw his weight around without throwing his weight around. And he was making the best of his situation. I can only hope that I make it to his station in life, and I can only hope that I can be as polite as he was. And I can only hope that I’m as charming and engaging in a non-threatening way. And I’m really good with calling that bald head "privilege." As the week gives way to weekend, and that gets into the next week? Use your privilege, like that old guy. You can make your point, being stately and elegant, can’t you, Libra?

astrofish.net Scorpio: As promised — I have delivered, am I right? Or What?

I can just see, there’s always one Scorpio, and she’s going to suggest she likes the other answer instead of admitting that I have delivered the promised Scorpio respite and peace. But after this weekend, the proffered and promised peace arrive. There’s still a few stray firecrackers that are going to go off around you. The only problem with that, the firecrackers, they always sound like small arms fire.

This, being Texas and all, I’m sure I’ve got more than one friend who is armed and ready to return the fire. That’s what I would really watch out for, in Scorpio. Do you really want to return the fire? Do you want to escalate a fight, it was just a drunk with a few firecrackers, do you really want to start another argument? I know you can finish it, but that doesn’t mean you have to come down so hard on someone, now do you, Scorpio dear?

astrofish.net Sagittarius: Any town, or most towns, anyway, there’s a venue called "The White Rabbit." Or a band, I mean, it’s a musical thing. Sometimes, it’s an "alt-country" venue — or band. Sometimes, it’s Death Metal. I’ll imagine that it can quite cross the scope of modern, post-modern, punk, post-punk, post-punk-post-apocalypse, and just about any other genre one would choose.

It’s not much of a literary reach to figure out from whence the name came. Roots and meanings, though, that can be the subject of much interpretation. I was just curious, as I’ve recently passed through three different towns, different feelings to each city, and each city boasted of having a place called, "The White Rabbit." In each place, a bar in one place, a live music venue in another, and finally a band on the third town, the sentiment was different.

One place was "metal," and another was "country," and the band itself was, I think, AtomicPolka. I don’t even know what is. Not sure I want to know, either. The point is to see the similarities, the names, and see the differences, the genre. Then don’t get too caught up in the way the game plays out. The music, I would think, that would be the place of note.

Again, the clue to handling all that Gemini (Mars & Venus) energy, look for the similarities. Not the differences.

astrofish.net Capricorn: It was a brilliant spring afternoon. I’d hitched a ride in the back of a buddy’s bass boat, and we were fishing. He finally got tired, wore out from the early start. He started to pack up his gear. Me? I was so happy to be in a boat, on the water, I didn’t care. I was merrily fishing my little heart out. By then I was tired and sloppy, and it was well past the hour we should’ve headed for BBQ and home.

It was also a rare day when I was having so much fun putting bait in water, I didn’t care. I didn’t care that I wasn’t catching much, pictures are on the website by now. Didn’t matter that I wasn’t doing particularly well, I was just having some fun. I eventually snarled the line on two fishing reels, and I was about to reach for a third, when I started to think. The first snarled line was an indication it was time to call it quits. Time to pack it in. I was tired and sloppy and no good could come of that. I didn’t pack it in. Second line was an indication, my buddy was in the front of the boat, piloting the trolling motor and not doing much else. He’d already stowed his gear, and he was waiting on me to hit the wall, lose a pole, something. I shook my head at the second fouled reel. "Professional overrun," he snickered at me.

Yeah and as a Capricorn? You can do like me and try to keep going, but the secret is to know when the fold up and go home. I think I feel asleep in the truck, riding back to Austin.

astrofish.net Aquarius: Don’t be resting, thinking it’s all over and done. There’s a lack of forward motion, but that doesn’t mean you can act. Sometimes, just taking one step in the general direction of a goal? Sometimes that’s all it takes to get the show on the road again. In the last week or two, in the past, now, no use dwelling on the past, but in the past, there’s been a setback, and that’s generated s general feeling of unease in the world of Aquarius.

A let down, a step backwards, somethings. "Oh why bother?" It’s common enough question, now. See, now is the time to bother. You keep saying "setback," and all I see — I’m not Aquarius this week — is a brilliant lateral move. If hitting this obstacle head-on doesn’t work? Consider a way around the side. Consider looking at another route to get to the top, another road, perhaps a route that is longer but less arduous? There’s an easier way to get this worked out.

Side step, circumnavigate, lateral, sideways, call it what you want, but sneaking around the side will yield some Aquarius forward motion.

Well, eventually, it will give it up.

astrofish.net Pisces: The way I understand it, a diptych is one of those painting, usually an old one, like a book, only, it’s painting that’s hinged in the middle. The two leaves can have a single image that stretches across both panels, or it can be two halves to a single a story. I’m sure the option are limitless. I just like the idea of the hinged pieces. Something that takes two halves and makes it a whole.

Similar in that the two items are bound together by the hinge, and then, the idea the visual representation could be something as well. There are two halves to this week’s message, plain and simple, and the question for Pisces, are the two halves connected by something, or does this appear to be separate items, with no apparent hinge binding this together?

Iif there is no bindng, what can a Pisces to do, to help install that hinge? Huh, Pisces? Two options? Maybe that’s, "Huh. Pisces."

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astrofish.net Aries: It rained the other evening. Wasn’t much of a thunderstorm, just a little rain. I woke up once, heard the gentle drops of water splashing against the bedroom window, and I rolled over, went back to sleep. The next morning was unseasonably cool for a Texas summer. Almost cold, even. And all I wanted to do was stay in bed. Which is what you want to do as of now.

If there was a way I could recommend that, I would. Well, I can recommend it, but I think employers and family members might get upset. There’s bacon to fry and eggs to gather, and you know the rest of how that works. What I’d be extra careful about in the next couple of days? That tendency to roll over in bed, first thing in the morning, and that urge to get just a little more sleep. Hit the snooze button one more time? My suggestion, as a way to look at the next seven days?

Don’t hit the snooze button. Up and at it, early. Roll out early, hit the bricks and keep on trucking. Aries.

astrofish.net Taurus: The essence of Taurus, the way I see it, there’s a very epicurean approach inspired by Venus. There’s commiserate quality that deals with a subset of that Taurus epicurean flair, the auditory ability. Whether it’s the ability to make music or merely as a person who appreciates the music, there’s always that element that desires only the very finest. Which is the quest, for this week, in the sign of the (sensual) bull.

The search is for a particular flavor, maybe a certain sound, maybe it’s like a snippet of song you heard on the radio, and you’re stuck trying to identify the album and artist. Or perhaps it’s something that felt good, and you’re not sure where it was that you saw it. Or felt it.

Or, like me, when I was shopping with a certain Taurus, she would stop and feel the clothing. Running the fabric between her fingers, "No, this one isn’t soft enough, it will scratch." What she said. That’s the Taurus point, it’s all about the quest. It’s the search and this week is all about looking, seeking, striving.

I didn’t say you’d actually get there, but I did suggest you look, Taurus.

astrofish.net Gemini: In my usual pedestrian ways, I was walking, in Austin (TX), and I was passing an apartment complex with one those lawn crews working. I’ve seen this before, noted it before, but it just applies to Gemini at this point, I can’t help but wonder. Anyway, one guy drivers a mower, another pushes a hedge trimmer, and another guy runs a leaf blower. The guy blowing the leaves and lawn clippings around? He was running the blower down a dirt pathway.

Crushed gravel, really, but still, a leaf blower on the dirt? It worked, sort of, I mean it also generated a cloud of dust, but I wasn’t sure that it mattered. He was intent on his task, which was generating a cloud of dust, but he was herding the leaves and lawn clippings into the gutter, which, I guess, was the point. It just struck me that — this was Austin no less — there must be an easier, more eco-friendly way to handle this kind of task. As a Gemini you have to ask yourself if there is an easier way to handle what you’ve got to do.

Is there a simpler way to get what you want done, this week, Gemini?

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