Merry Xmas Dec. 24, 2009

For the week starting: Dec. 24, 2009
"At Christmas I no more desire a rose
Than wish a snow in May's new fangled shows,
But like of each thing in season grows."
Berowne in Shakespeare's Love's Labor's Lost [I.i.105-7]

Mercury is backwards in Capricorn -- roughly the end of the year -- until January 15, 2010, in fact.

The OFFICIAL Fishing Guide to the Stars Xmas Card is here!

Weekly video, or as an audio file. Capricorn: Happy Birthday! Sure do love me my Cappy buddies. Especially these days. Yawl all full of that happy, freaky, holiday thing. I don't get it. Whatever is apparently normal for Capricorn, that isn't so. Whatever is usually a dour outlook? Again, not happening.

    There's a weird kind of mirth spreading, and I'm not sure you feel it at the onset of this week, but as the days roll by, it gets weirder and weirder, and you feel more, well, for lack of a better analogy, you feel more like it's a holiday. Which it is.

    I'm not sure how you care to celebrate the shortest day of the year, the end of the year festivals and I'm unsure of your personal choices. But there is something to it, whether you're Jewish, Neo-Pagan, Zoroastrian, monastic, Buddhist, Taoist, Stoic, or Christian. Or something. The gentle happiness is there, in your sign, in the form of Mercury and Venus.

    How you choose to toy with us, the rest of the people who are not Capricorn? That's up to you. Aquarius: I was reading a web article about productivity tips for web programmers, which, in general, would be any kind of a programmer, and more to the point, anyone who works at a desk, or a computer screen, for any length of time.

    The author of the article was discussing various methods to stay on top of work and ways to be productive. While this was supposedly only for programmers, I was getting a lot of useful tips. My favorite was "Drink coffee and take a 15-minute nap," which could be expanded and expounded any number of ways.

    We're in the middle of a dismal holiday season. It's almost over, and in the next day or so, the worst is done with. If you haven't covered it by now? Take a nap, drink a cup of coffee and it will all be better soon.

    astrofish.netPisces: I have one image, a photograph, it's really a scene that I keep trying to capture as an image, and I never get it right. Local Tex-Mex place of some fame, more noted for its festive atmosphere rather than a particular high-quality food. Typical fare, enchiladas, tacos, rice and beans, fajitas, flour tortillas made by hand, all the right stuff.

    Like I've already inferred, this one place, it's not noted for a particularly outstanding cuisine; however, it shines like a mighty beacon due to the ambience. There's a feeling of joy that pervades the place. Been in a single family's name for close to a hundred years, same location, always open, and usually friendly.

    It's the atmosphere that matters. I'd note that Xmas trees, strings of Xmas lights, and foil trailers adorn the place year-round. There's Xmas trees of some variation, mostly artificial, that stay up, again, year round. It's attitude and tacky decorations, and for some reason, this is how the magic happens. Xmas crap, decorations, and silly out-of-place symbols? All good, all good a for a Pisces way of looking at the next week. It's joyful, in some weird way.

Mercury RX trilogy
9.7.2009, 9.14.2009, 9.21.2009

    astrofish.netAries: This season -- it's growing on you, isn't it? I'm liking the new, leaner look. Just as much frivolity and yet, there's a thinner, slightly more hungry look to the eyes. What works, what doesn't work, and that's the question.

    The answer? I can't answer for every, each and individual Aries chart. But as a whole? As a Christmas (or whatever year-end holiday you're celebrating) suggestion? Leaner, thinner. More thinking, less money. More meaning, less mean. More love and consideration, less dollars. It's really less about dollars and dollar volume, anyway, and it's more about what can be accomplished with what you've got.

    A little thinking goes a long way towards stretching the Aries stuff further along. An Aries once gave me a small chapbook of poetry, actually, handcrafted. Much like my horoscopes, only, maybe a little more touching. Was for her, anyway. And that's exactly what I'm talking about, something personal. Personal and handcrafted. Goes a lot further than store-bought gunk. Taurus: Short shorts and fuzzy boots. Neither was really appropriate.

    No, really, I saw this the other day at the mall. Girl -- woman -- had on short shorts. Maybe not the best fashion choice for her body type. I silently applaud the idea that she is confident enough to wear such revealing attire; however, I just wished she'd covered up more of the exposed flesh. Which goes with the fuzzy, furry boots. Again, a fashion item that has merit, only, on a day in Texas when I'm wearing cargo shorts and sandals?

    The furry, fuzzy boots might not be the best idea. The short shorts -- I'm sure -- kept her thighs cool, but the boots? While stylish in Alaska? Might not be the best bet here. Again, I could be deemed judgmental. It's not like I have a lot of wiggle room myself in either department, the body shape or the style decisions.

    Nevertheless, as we're going into the Xmas day and its associated fallout? Mars and so forth? Think about those fashion choices. Maybe give it a second thought. Gemini: I found some mash-up music that was truly Xmas at its finest. Speaks to a certain generation, as the music crossed the lines in good taste. There was material from the Charlie Brown Xmas Special, classic rock, head-banging stuff, with a nod to 20-year old disco music.

    Confused? Layer in some traditional holiday song, and then crank the volume up. All good, and all weird, and for a single moment, all I could think, how Gemini. I can't duplicate or even, for that matter, find the source for this particular collection of mixed music. However, it's just how it's going in Gemini land.

    There's a lot of material that demands to be sampled. How you do that? I'd think about that mash-up stuff. As this holiday pressure mounts? Layer in what you can. Mix and mash. See if you can't combine a variety of beats to get a coherent theme going, to match the Gemini mood. Moods. Cancer: I hate holiday food. It's always rich, and just one cookie, not to mention the whole meal with dessert and everything? Don't even count calories. It's all bad. Terrible. However, the smell of the food cooking? Nothing beats going over to a see a certain friend, and she'll be making holiday cookies. Or holiday sweets, or roasting or baking, or -- I don't know -- kitchen stuff.

    The sun goes down way before it should and in the early eery darkness, that kitchen light is like a beacon beckoning unto me. Have to answer it. My interest has found a new use, too. She cooks and I get to run up to the store to buy a half dozen eggs, or a package of sugar, or, last week, some Mexican Vanilla from a local market. While I'm, obviously, of anglo heritage, that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the flavor. Like me, I'm sure, you have a dour outlook at the beginning, or at some point, in this next week, and like me, you get wrapped up with the simplest of details that bring joy. Happy holiday!

    astrofish.netLeo: Christmas is a weird time of year, and I ducked out for a little breakfast. Not that it's unusual, I'm almost a regular at this one spot, around the corner from a girlfriend's place. Mexican food, or Tex-Mex, or whatever that cuisine is called, infused with corn flour, peppers, redolent with spices and the hint of lard. Cops eat at this one place. Frequently.

    It wasn't odd to see a a half dozen motorcycle cops there, and then, at the other other end of the bare dining hall? There was a table of detectives. Badges. Guns. Plain clothes. Only, plain clothes don't make them look like they're not cops. Something, other than the gun and badge, something just screamed "cop," and maybe not in an amusing way. Only it was, to me. Amusing.

    I have nothing to hide and nothing to fear. What amused me, too, I was stuck in the middle, between the good cops and the others, watching the detectives. As a mighty Leo, you're like me, a couple of days before Xmas, looking at the cops look at each other. And there's always one or two nervous patrons. Not you, right? Virgo: "House? I mean, I like some 'house,' but I'd was hoping you'd put on something that had, I don't know, like, actual lyrics." Stuck in a car with me, short road trip, long commute, call it what you will. It was me, and I had control of the car's sound system. Little car. Not really good enough to produce the deep bass necessary for D and B, or, for that matter, hard rock, but not bad.

    Generations apart, I fear, was the real problem. The discussion did cross a varieties of styles and genres of music. Due to a variety of influences, I have a working knowledge of a select grouping of artists and musical types.

    Weird, might be a better way to address my trivial assembly. Then there's the personal tastes and differences there, too. I'm figuring, though, there's one last point a Virgo needs to make, and that's what my fellow traveler was trying to indicate, you know, more message with the message. Sit back, like that little car? Delivery system isn't optimal, but it's better than nothing, and the music, without words? Maybe that's a point for conversation rather than signing along. Libra: Rolling through the 'hood in a 7 series BMW, oh yeah. A friend of a neighbor needed someone to drive a car over to another friend's place, it's like this, there were too many cars and not enough drivers.

    So that's how I wound up behind the wheel of a 7 Series. I was rolling through the 'hood, doing my best imitation of a young, urban youth. Culturally, I'm not sure I pulled it off. Then too, I flipped the station to the local rock station. Again, might be a small problem with the image I was hoping to portray and what folks really perceived.

    A mid-size pick-up came up fast behind me, as I was rolling along a few miles under the speed limit. Truck pulled up close, rode my bumper for half a block, then backed off. One, I wasn't moving any faster, and apparently in no hurry, and two, the car I was driving cost -- that car was probably more expensive than my trailer in Austin. So I've owned homes that cost less than the value of that friend's car.

    There's always the cost factor before that truck tried to assert territorial privileges. All about perceptions, too. I'd forgotten what it was like to drive an expensive car, how that changed the way people perceived me.

    Perceptions can be shifty. All I'm going to say about that. And have a happy holiday! Scorpio: Alongside the freeway in Austin (Austin, TX), there's the (self-proclaimed) "World Famous Christmas Store." I find it amusing as it's open year-round. Gets busy at one time of the year. I'm sure it gets busier as the season draws to a close, and then, the day after Xmas, I'm sure that there's a big sale.

    But the due date on the Scorpio Scope is the day before Xmas, Xmas Eve. What are we going to do with that and the Christmas (world-famous) Store? There should be a profound sense of glee in Scorpio land. There's a simple sense that something good is about to happen. It's that Christmas spirit, devoid of, or resplendent with, all the trappings of the holiday merry-making. It's about the full moon that's coming up, and what that signifies. Individually? To Scorpio? Not much. There's a "Scorpio Flavor" in the air, though, and that's what's important. Enjoy it. Revel in it. Embrace it! Sagittarius: One of my neighbors, in the old trailer park, one of the neighbors was burning a scented candle. Not so bad. Outside. Not such a bad idea. Spiced rotten apples. Horrible scent. That candle caused me to sneer and tear as I walked by. Awful stuff. Personally repugnant. The girl? She's a lanky Gemini, the kind that always sets a Sagittarius heart a-flutter. Or some part of our Sagittarius bodies.

    But the smell? The rotten candied apple aroma? With nutmeg and pumpkin pie and what all else? Terrible. Way it goes. Every season, there's one smell, one flavor, one sense that gets offended. In my example, my Sagittarius example, it's that Gemini girl and her stupid scented candle. Which, I might add, she finds "Delightful." No accounting for tastes, and just proves no one ever got hurt underestimating the American public.

    I won't promise it's a simple scented candle that annoys you, but it could be something quite similar, a holiday trinket, a scent, a display of wretched excess, who knows? When this sets us off, when this offends us, what is the correct course of action? I tend to just wrinkle my nose a little, then let it slide. Easiest thing for us to do this week. Merry Xmas (or Merry whatever).

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