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    “Where is fancy bred?
    In the heart, or in the head?”
    Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice Act III, Scene ii

scorpioScorpio: At least one Scorpio — you know who I’m talking about — is uttering unkind things about me. I’m not responsible for Saturn. Saturn and the sun are conjunct, next week, and Mercury is still backwards. Means that the Saturn issue, perhaps a long buried issue, looks like it’s back — happy birthday.

There are two courses — two available actions — for Scorpio. Tackle the issue, or ignore the problem. However, if you look at it the same way I do — I didn’t say I was right, just observant — this issue, this thing, this problem, this obstacle impeding the Scorpio progress? The “thing” has been there a long time. You’ve chosen to ignore it. It’s back. Must do something with this. Two courses of action — I suggest, despite the birthday and all, the more difficult route. Good thing you’re a tough Scorpio, one year older but lightyears wiser, now.

    Strictly speaking, a “lightyear” is a measure of distance, not time, as in “How far would light travel in one year?” (Approximately 6 trillion miles.)

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Sagittarius: When I lived in Austin, I had a west-facing patio (attached to a trailer) and I was able to garden, after a fashion. I kept mostly rosemary and mint — two weeds (or weed-like) plants that are almost impossible to kill. Why me, as a Sagittarius, why I grew that, along with “cat grass” and sometimes, catnip. Obviously, I’m a cat person.

That stuff was exceedingly easy for me to grow, and I could neglect the plants, and they’d do just fine. As of late, I’ve been experimenting with Sagittarius diet and cooking a bit more. I have to be cautious about combining certain elements. Some of my more famous recipes are still ensconced in the old web journal, like Road Kill Chili and Ice Cream. The flavor for this week? Combine a sprig of fresh mint, pulverized, like you might make a Mojito? Yes, mint, and garlic. Might work, might not. The garlic, everything is good with garlic, well, most everything is good with garlic. The way things are, just after the big Halloween thing? A recipe that has an extra dose of garlic isn’t bad, not for Sagittarius. We’re not getting close to anyone this week, not at first. Maybe not at all. That one recipe called for a whole clove of garlic — that takes three days to burn out of me.

Capricorn: Next week, Venus enters Capricorn. Next week, you feel like you turn a corner on the Mercury Retrograde thing. Next week, Venus starts to make “everything” nicer in Capricorn. As the Uranus/Pluto “Square” moves into an exact position, what I warned about last week? It’s that time, again, and I keep thinking this is like a ghost from the past, or maybe that’s “ghosts from the passed,” and that ghost is here to haunt Capricorn. Ex-wives, ex-girlfriends, ex-boyfriends, old lovers, lovers who weren’t that old but are now? All of that is kicking. There’s a rumbling, and Venus is trying to layer in a dose of “nice.” I’d let it. Take that extra helping of “sweetness,” and spread it around. It doesn’t cure anything, doesn’t make the haunting go away, doesn’t appease the ghosts, but folks stuck in reality? That extra dose of nice goes a long way to make the regular (non-Capricorn) folks feel better about dealing with you.

aquariusAquarius: It’s been interesting, to me, to see how this time of year is celebrated across several different and divergent cultures. This last week, Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve, All Saints’ Day, Day of the Dead, all of that, the way it was explained to me? The “veil” between worlds, that’s this world and the spirit world, the veil is thinnest at this time. What’s remarkable is the number of cultures that support various versions of this belief. Northern Europe to what is now South America, and factor in some Native American systems, too. All of them point to the “otherworld” at this time. As a bright and aware Aquarius, though, this isn’t about the “otherworld,” the 4th Dimension, or what happened last week. This is about perceptions. What we can see. What we can’t see, but somehow, we know its there. The goal, this week, pick simple tasks, then guess before you finish the task, what the outcome will be. Figure out how to listen to the subtle voices in your head. Intuition is growing stronger, find some way to help strengthen it.

Pisces: Funniest thing. Funny to me, anyway, a number of people assume that I smoke cannabis products. I get offers, nods, taps on the side of the nose, and number of times, folks have tried a secret handshake with me. I’m not in the club. I don’t know anything about it. It’s been many, long years since I’ve even been around the stuff. I’m not morally opposed to it, no, I think it should be legal, but that’s a different debate in another forum. Not my battle because I don’t use the stuff.

I’m spaced out enough with no chemical assistance, what-so-ever.

I tend to assess situations and analyze, which causes that “spaced out” response from me, as I’m figuring and weighing planets, influences, orbs, and aspects. Quizzical? Befuddled? Unsure? Mercury is merely dragging more than one influence back into your Pisces focus. This does not require action on your part. Pause, Pisces, pause.

“Dude, are you stoned or something?”

Or something. Pause, Pisces, Pause.

astrofish.netAries: I had a small screwdriver in my hand. I was tightening up a set of reading glasses. Old school, with a real screw in the hinges, I know, I know, really old-fashioned. I tend to use reading glasses at the computer’s screen and when I’m reading books, late in the night. Need them sometimes, don’t need them sometimes. I’m about the only one in my immediate family who doesn’t wear glasses (full time). I looked up at some inbound e-mail. I looked down at the call ID on the phone, as both were dinging. I scratched at my ear with the little screwdriver. For a brief moment, I thought about driving the screwdriver through my ear drum and into my brain. Sort of momentary madness, but I have such a tenuous grip on reality now, I can’t afford to lose any more cognitive processes. The thought comes from one too many clients bickering and clamoring for more time. Or better results. Or better news, which I’m not responsible for, in the first place. Not my deal. I stick to what I’m good at, and stay way from tasks that I’m no good at, as often as possible. Buddy of mine, he says he outsources everything. I can’t afford to do that. But I can afford to stop at the thought of pushing the screwdriver into my brain. Probably not big enough to do enough damage as to render me a vegetable, which was the whole point.

Taurus: I tend to walk in the afternoons, when I get a chance, to stretch my legs and listen. She was a very (very) attractive older woman, well-put together, on more than one level, and she was carrying on a conversation with someone, presumably a husband, on the phone. She was clicking along in heels, against the sidewalk, and I wasn’t trying to pace her, or even listen, but I couldn’t help. A sly smirk escaped my mouth, marked with a troubled grin. “If that’s the way you think, then we are going to get divorced.” She rang off and looked at me. Very pretty woman. Tall, elegant, demure but expensive attire. “Sorry you had to hear that,” she said to me, realizing it was public. In my mind, I was courting her, building a future together, and helping with her woes. Especially helping with her woes. She turned and went into a downtown office building. I wandered off. There’s a very pointed comment that I kept thinking, and this is not sexist. It is sexist, in my case, but this can be adjusted, as need be, to fit the Taurus-specific situation, “No matter how good looking she is, some guy, somewhere, is sick of her.”*

    *It’s like this, for my gay buddies, “No matter how good looking he is, some guy is tired of his (stuff).” Or the lesbian version? “No matter how good looking she is, some woman is tired of her stuff.” Adjust as need be — email me if you can’t figure out the correct version.

geminiGemini: I’m notoriously not loyal when it comes to broadband connections. I’ve changed service providers as often as need be, whenever there’s a better deal, faster, cheaper, faster and cheaper, more throughput, better connection speeds, whatever the deal is. National ISP, then the phone company, next a cable company then the phone company again, then another cable company that was the underdog in the local scene. Fast. Faster. Cheap. Cheaper. Not cheap but way fast? All depends, and no, I’m not loyal to who — or what — brings the inter-webs to my home router.

It’s the opposite of a good customer, someone who sticks with a brand because that person is loyal to the brand, despite the shortcomings. The only label is what’s on the side of the box, and I don’t care, as long as it does what I want it to do. Shop around. With this pernicious Mercury situation? It helps to look at other options.

Cancer: One of my rules, “You’re really in trouble if your life starts to look (sound) like a Country and Western song.” Reason I thought about? Local singer/songwriter, one of his tunes is all about that — or I thought about you, as I was looking at your chart. “One of the best mistakes I ever made….” The song is about a hasty Las Vegas wedding, pregnancy, and living happily ever after, despite inauspicious roots. You’re making a series of “Mercury Retrograde-inspired” mistakes. You can see it happening, the (Cancer) train-wreck in slow-motion. Here’s what I’m thinking, after a careful chart analysis: some of this will be a benefit. Might be years later, but I think some of this works out for the better. Even when you know it’s wrong at the time? Might turn out to be one of the best mistakes you’ve ever made.

If you know anything about that one singer/songwriter’s career, no, it wasn’t a good mistake. Bad, very bad. Ended badly.

The (mighty) Leo: I got stuck indoors for a while. Most near a week, I didn’t get out much. I was tied up with readings, consultations, even some “astro-coaching” sessions, a little bit of everything. Business just got in the way of the life, the little things like going to to the grocery store and picking up the mail, and even morning walks for coffee. I just got very busy. When I finally did get out to walk again, I didn’t even go that far, but I found that my unused muscles were tight and tense from lack of exercise. I’m not sure if it’s your leg muscles, or what, but there’s some kind of exercise that Mercury has prevented. You’re going to be stiff and sore the first time, but I did get back and I did so the requisite five miles, just to make sure I still could do it.

VirgoVirgo: I live in land where macho guys drive big trucks with monster tires. It’s part of my urban landscape. So seeing a truck stuck in creek mud is a little unusual, but it does happen. This was a four-by, which means, it had all-wheel traction, but I’m not sure the driver knew what he was doing. The wheels would spin, mud would fly, the truck’s axles got closer and closer to ground level. I watched, either amused or horrified, as the truck mired itself in the creek’s bed. Pretty good example of why I fish, not off-road race. With that truck, feeding gas to the motor, then spinning the wheels just succeeded in burying the wheels deeper. As a Virgo, what’s most appealing to you? What seems best is to feed fuel to the Virgo motor, but that just results in getting buried axle-deep in mud. Stop spinning your wheels, that’s the first clue, and yes, I can blame Mercury, but I’m not sure that’s going to work for you. You see any Mercury Retrograde material in the truck’s wheels, stuck in that mud?

Libra: I’m a purveyor of digital goods. Still, I prefer, in my mind, I like a book, not the e-book reader and not some computer screen, for paging through a novel. I’ve read several novels on the computer, but that’s not what this is about. It’s about the book itself. A single book, in book form, that you like as a book. Not as an e-book, or e-text, or whatever that might be. True, there is some material that I can digest in the electronic format much faster, and I can get commiserate satisfaction from the process. It’s not that I’m wedded to the book format, no, as that’s become a big problem unto itself. I have a library that is far from portable. The winnowing process of getting rid of books that 1) I will never read, 2) read once and toss, 3) look good but are not palatable? Those can go. I suggest, this is the week, this is the time to work on getting together a stack of books you no longer want, need, or use. Or, that you’re not likely to access. Doesn’t have to be books, but I’m all about the books, so pick and choose. I didn’t say to unload, toss or cart off the goods, not just yet, remember Mercury? Just get a stack ready to go out the door.

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  • jose quinones Nov 10, 2013 @ 3:55

    Hmmm, tearing at a Libra’s library is like tearing a hole in his heart. I do have a lot of books I was SUPPOSED to have read but never got to them for whatever reason. I’m not sure if I can stack them up for their demise..well maybe those instruction ones during my years as a freshman in college can get the boot. Just like the memories or ideas that no longer hold any value, which often times only end up as Freudian baggage (borrowed from your lexicon) holding a mere mortal at bay. It makes me think I can speciously be in control of my emotions once and for all. If Shakespeare were to ask me where fancy came from, I’d quicky answer, “the head,” simply because the heart was only meant to beat and one’s head was meant to drive itself insane. I wonder what Poe would have said; “from the heart because its is to tell the tale of our own demise.”

    • jose quinones Nov 10, 2013 @ 3:58


      • Kramer Wetzel Nov 10, 2013 @ 7:32

        Consider the impending move as a good time for winnowing. (?)