Horoscopes starting 11.24.2016

    “Love all, trust a few. Do wrong to none.”
    William Shakespeare, All’s Well That Ends Well, Act 1 Scene 1, 24-5

Horoscopes starting 11.24.2016



The Archer

“No, there are no ‘bad’ days, only some days that are less good than others.” Straight-up Sagittarius quote. No bad days, ever. Just, some days are less good days than other days. I’d not agree, but there is that eternally hopeful Sagittarius outlook. The glass is never half-empty, usually, it’s a Sagittarius thing, the glass is mostly full, and I right? Sure, I can see it that way.

It’s about how we look at what’s going on. That was one chipper Sagittarius fellow who suggested that he never has a bad day. Happy birthday. The way Mars moves, the motion of the Moon, and the way things are?

Shakespeare suggested it, through a character’s part, "Love all, trust a few. Do wrong to none.” That’s the Sagittarius goal, this week. Holiday madness is upon us now.



The Sea-Goat

Buddy of mine is devoted in his faith. I’m good with that. The problem being, he tends to only rely on his god to get him out of trouble. No one else can extend a helping hand, it has to be his divinity. I’m a big fan of “heaven sent” assistance. I’ll also let other deities, saints, or mythical creatures help me along. I’m broad-minded like that. Whoever wants to help? I’ll accept. Doesn’t have to be my version of God, as my buddy would have it expressed. Speaking of gods, Mars is in Aquarius at the moment.

The odd gods of the galaxy are here to help with Capricorn.

This isn’t about a belief system, this is about assistance that looks like “Divine Intervention.” My buddy, as a perfect example, will profess that his Lord put whatever it was in play at the moment as the source of whatever was going on, and that’s how things work out. I’m unsure of the individual Capricorn belief systems, or how that resolves with my astrology, but there’s a moment, in this next week, when something works the way it is supposed to.

(Your welcome, even if it wasn’t me.)



The Water Bearer

It’s all about “picking directions,” like picking a direction you want to go, a route, a pathway. For some of us, our pathway is a highly personal matter. While portions of my life are lived out loud and in the public eye, there are certain portions of my life that are quite private. Unbeknownst to many of my casual acquaintances. So this direction we’re talking about picking, to some, to an outside observer, for Aquarius, looking at the Aquarius, I should say, it might look like you’re poking along on a zig-zag pattern that appears to make no sense.

Looks like this: I was walking, the other afternoon, a quick break in business to clear my head, and I had on a set of earbuds. I was listening to Shakespeare, a soliloquy, and I was gradually pushing a small rock forward with my foot. All made sense at the time as I was concentrating on the rock, the words in my ears, and making sure I wasn’t too far out in the residential street. Don’t want to get run over by any mom types. I was carefully picking a direction that, to some, like maybe a non-Aquarius type? It would look like I was meandering. I was concentrating on the rock, on the words of Shakespeare, and where I was going. See what I mean about picking a direction? It’s a Mars thing. Use it correctly. Pick a direction.



The Fishes

Black Friday,” so-named for its position on the retail calendar, is this week. After that? That’s when the Pisces pain, anguish, shame, and guilt start. Pisces pain leads to Pisces anger, along with that host of emotions, all tending into a downward spiral. My job is to help alleviate Pisces suffering; here’s how. Don’t. Shop like your life depends on it, sure, but shop, that doesn’t mean buy. There’s a subtle distinction, and to save you the pain and discomfort that this holiday season can bring? Stop. Shop and stop. Stop shopping. Keep shopping but don’t buy it, not yet. There will be on item, a sale item a gift you want to get, a special something for someone. If it’s for me? A gift card would be fine. But I doubt it’s me. I suspect there’s someone, and it looks like this item will never, ever be on sale so cheap, ever again. Looking at the stack-up of planets in Sagittarius, how that weighs on the Pisces soul? Skip it for now. It will be on sale, way cheaper, less painful, after the first of next week. Set a new trend: no shopping on Black Friday, for Pisces. Or no buying on Black Friday, at least, not this year. Wait until AFTER cyber-Monday, before you buy.

Want to express gratitude? A gift card. Works fine.



The Ram

There’s one business, more like a way of doing business, there’s one way that I can’t support. It’s the “Churn and burn” set-up. The way it works, media and marketing make a point about perception of need. There’s an option, then a second option, then a single point of sale that matters, and after that? The customer is left with whatever empty promise was the start of the plan.

“Churn and burn” works well for certain endeavors, but in my mind, it’s not a supportable way of doing business. I’m in this for the long-haul. Over time, day in and day out.

Aries you like the idea of the “Churn and burn” methodology, but therein is the problem, like me, you’re in this for the long haul, and that way of doing business, one shot and that’s it? Doesn’t work. My missive to you is to avoid the “Churn and burn,” One-shot scenarios this next few days. You’ll be rewarded, a little later, and that’s not like, “Next year” later, that’s more like in a few weeks.



The Bull

I can’t help it. I have, forever stuck in my brain, buried in my heart and psyche, a connection with Taurus. While I hold Taurus in nothing but the highest esteem, I also realize it’s an unrequited affection. It will be a forever unanswered longing of mine. This is about understanding one’s limits – as simple as that. Loathe as I am to admit that there are some limits in my own life, there are some. One limit I am very aware of? Pleasing Taurus.

Since it’s not going to happen? I can rest easy when I encounter that energy, radiating from a Taurus. Helps to understand what my limits are. For Taurus, are you aware of pipe dreams, smoke being blown up your backside, and expectations with no basis in reality?

Like my unrequited Taurus lust? Mars and other factors weigh in on your soul. It’s good to have lofty aspirations. Temper those dreams with some modicum of more rational thought, as Mars makes this seem a touch tough.



The Twins

A Gemini buddy of mine came up with an idea for budgeting this holiday season. Over the last few months, once per weekly pay period, he would buy a Visa/MC “Gift card.” Starting this week, he aims to do all his holiday shopping using those cards. Sounds like a great idea. I know, from personal experience, that several online payment gateways, although their fine print says they work, several of the most common gateways reject those gift cards. Some work; some don’t. Still, he’s got his xmas list and he’s got his available cash funds ready. Not sure I trust plastic that much, but as his plan goes? Works well for him. Establish a budget, then stick to that budget. With what’s happening, even now? Establish a plan, then stick to that plan.

“I was OK until I saw some stuff, I wanted this for work, you know, and I only had my debit card with me, so I need this. You know?”

Explains what happened to him.



Moon Child

This has gotten a little predictable, but then, that makes it easy. I was in a book shop, and my favorite question for a staff member, usually female, I ask, “What’s the weirdest question you get asked?” The answers run the gamut from bathroom queries to one that’s dear to me, “I read this book, once, it was kind bluish? Do you have it?” No author, no title, nothing to search by, maybe it was blue, maybe purple?

Where to start?

You will encounter this level of either frustration, angst, or, in my example? Amusement at the befuddlement of the person asking the question. If you’re not aware? This is exactly the kind of question you can ask, and we can blame it on the approach of the new moon in Sagittarius. After reading this, though, you’ll think about that before you ask for a book that might have a purple cover. Or it might be pink. Not sure.

The Leo:

The Leo

The Lion

Two words for the next seven days? Just for The Leo?

“Double Down.”

Daily double, double down, heard it several ways, remotely linked to gambling, but this isn’t about gambling, not really — this is about how to move The Leo ahead of everyone else, like you should be. Looks like a long shot, but before this horoscope is officially over? You get to begin again. So, in order to make this happen? Double down. Double up. Two, not one.

This process doesn’t mean you should try to shop on Manic Friday, the day after thanksgiving, nor should you think about trying to push the “buy” button on Monday after T-day. None of that. This is about marshaling your resources and getting ready, next week, to make the big push towards that goal. Leo Goal. The Leo’s goal. Double-down. Double-up, or, at least, try twice as hard. Pays off well, I promise.



The Virgin

At one point, I was spending a fair amount of time in the kitchen, and I even relocated my desk, for about a year, into the kitchen area. I thought it was cool, always wanted to “Work in the kitchen,” as that goes back to an old friend whose kitchen used to be the focal point of discussion, from early morning coffee to late night political discourse. I tried it, too, the kitchen as my work-space. Did it for a year, and it was OK, as I was only three steps from coffee, but those three steps also cut into food prep.

I cooked less and worked more, preferring to only warm water for coffee and tea. Interesting, to me, to see how that worked. This place, where I’m at now? Kitchen’s area is a long way away. However, not being in a busy kitchen means I can concentrate on what’s most important, and what’s most important for Virgo. We have holidays. Planets that are shifting gears, and pressures from every direction. The kitchen is a utilitarian space for me, with its ubiquitous “kitchen table,” and that’s where the Virgo energy should be directed, your “kitchen table.” It can be a big deal, a little deal, or just a quiet moment for coffee in the morning. In my example? What works? Me and a tablet, going over the most pressing details that need my attention, even now.

    Oh look, an online order didn’t go through. Details that need immediate attention.



The Scales

For several years, I had a small fantasy about having a neatly ordered chalkboard, or white board, in my office. Tidy little outlines in various colors, connecting dots between subjects, links and ideas, all inter-connected. Then, too, maybe a timeline, like an intricate plot to a heavy novel, complex with intrigues looping back on red herrings, and sub-plots contravening allegations and thwarting the protagonist. Maybe it was for a list of appointments, or upcoming projects, some site management goals. I’m not sure what would be on the board. Dates for the next Mercury Retrograde? Since I was never sure what the real purpose of the board was going to be? I never spent the money, or the time, or the space, to mount up my fantasy office add-on.

You’re ripe with an idea, but follow that concept all the way through. Is it necessary? Will you use it? Is there plenty of space for it?

No more new toys until you find a place for the old ones.



The Scorpion

“The less confident you are, the more serious you have to act.” It’s too bad, but I can’t seem to locate the source for that quote, and it just struck me as a perfect Scorpio reminder, right now. This is it. Heck of a weekend, big holiday, and the crush of marketing, explaining how everything is going to be better, soon.

There’s a reason why I appear so jovial and nonchalant when I’m addressing my astrology works. I’m pretty sure about the basics, how and what I understand because I’ve been swimming in my material for years. Moon signs and Sun signs, and planet placements, all of that. To me, it’s not a joke, but I’m pretty sure of my foundations. As a Scorpio, how sure are you of your foundations? Can you laugh and joke while delivering the news? The planets portend a great start in the next seven, maybe ten, days. If there are any holes, any weak spots in your foundations? Weak spot in your Scorpio foundation? Next couple of days are a good time to address that, that, not sure what you’ll call it.

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