Horoscopes starting 2.2.2017

    But wherefore did you so much tempt the heavens?
    It is the part of men to fear and tremble
    When the most mighty gods by tokens send
    Such dreadful heralds to astonish us.
    Casca in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar I.iii.53-6
    Casca infers that the heavens, the stars and planets, portend dire circumstances, mixed in with superstition and politics.

Jupiter starts its annual retrograde pattern this week. What it means?

Horoscopes starting 2.2.2017



The Water Bearer

What we have now is a new look at an old problem. The planets have just dealt a new hand, and in this game, this new hand for Aquarius? There’s a chance to address, or redress, an old problem. Fix that thing, once and for all. For good. Done deal. Over and out. Thirty. Got that, my fine Aquarius friend? Fixed, once and for all.

To get this done, though, I need all seven days. In the next couple of days, there’s a sense of completion, like, “Spike the ball! We did it!” Or, more likely, “Me? Aquarius! I did it!” It looks finished. Slow down. It might not be quite done yet. However, by the end of this Aquarius Horoscope, by the tail end of it? There will be one, last seemingly insignificant detail you’ve overlooked. Then you can say, “It’s done!” Finally.



The Fishes

When I enter the Zen Center, I fold my hands and bow. When I enter the local catholic cathedrals, I cross myself, albeit backwards, but that’s me. If I were to meet royalty, I would genuflect. Or, if I’m working with a Leo, first thing I do is get on my knees. These are all common signs of respect.

I’m nothing if not adaptable. When I make any one of those gestures, that does not mean that I embrace the whole code, the entire canon, all of the laws and binding dogma of each institution. No, what I’m doing is showing a little respect. Odd duck that I am, my particular faith, or lack of faith, doesn’t fit in any one container. Instead of trying to force it to fit, what I do — very Pisces-like — I’ll adapt. Which means, when I cross that catholic church’s threshold, I’ll cross myself. Maybe dab myself with some holy water, or whatever. Doesn’t mean that I absolutely believe it all, no, just being respectful.

This week’s Pisces energy, the run-up to real Pisces time, this week requires some respect. Show respect. Bow, cross yourself, genuflect, whatever is required. It’s about of respect for a system, not necessarily a wholesale embracing that belief. Show a little respect. Works for me, and this week? It will really work well for Pisces.



The Ram

Because I spent so many years answering questions like, “I’m an Aries, do I get along with a Sagittarius?” I put my own findings down in a book. Look for it wherever books are sold. Before you email me and ask, before you show up and ask, before you spend any time trying to figure out whether or not it will work? Look it up in my book. Might be online, someplace free, for all I know. Still, Mars and then Venus, both in Aries? Mars is here, Venus soon enough, with the two love planets in Aries? I can guess the questions. “I’m an Aries, do I get along with (insert sign here)?”

Aries: You can get along with almost anyone. I adore me some Aries. That book, though, it’s more like some guidelines for navigating some energies, and rather than get too specific in a general way, it all depends. However, with such guidelines in place, and the love planets warming your Aries self. Before you ask me about romance, consider looking up what I’ve already said. As a matter of course, before asking too many questions, look up what’s already been said about that topic before you start asking redundant questions, or questions where there’s an easy — Aries easy — answer at hand.

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The Bull

Over the years, the many years in my field, I’ve been exposed to a number of divination techniques. With many examples, the purpose of the technique is to give clear, symbolic answers to questions. Playing cards, derived from Tarot cards, Runes, I-Ching coins, crystal ball gazing, water scrying, the list goes on. And on.

Personally, I trust my charts as time and again, that process proves most effective. However, as an adjunct, over the years, I’ve learned to carry a pendulum. Used primarily for dowsing, the pendulum can be an effective way to get a simple “Yes/No” answer. While I do have a scared pendulum with celtic top knot finished in a semi-precious stone, just about anything will work. Earbuds, an old (computer) mouse hanging from a wire, just about anything suspended underneath something else, and then establish a baseline, “Yes” is one way, “No” is the other other way. Simple enough to calibrate in a moment’s notice.

As a Taurus, there’s a need, especially now, to tap that Taurus Subconscious to find the answers. You have all the answers you need, but due to planets and their orbits? You’re not trusting of the answers your subconscious delivers. That’s why, following my suggestion, this is a time to find a way to ask your subconscious the questions. My Taurus Oracle predicts that you have the answers, you’ve just got to develop a quick and easy way to affirm your own suggestions. Mars. Venus. Uranus, all mired in the sign before you. See which way your pendulum swings.



The Twins

“Is Mercury Retrograde?” No, actually, in answer to the Gemini question, no, Mercury is not in retrograde. Mr. Mercury is moving along smartly, finishing up in Capricorn and easing on into Aquarius. All good.

The problem of cloudy thinking stems from Saturn, so this can’t be blamed on Mercury. I’d rather think that Mercury will eventually sharpen that Gemini wit that feels like it has been dulled by recent events. The problems, foibles and troubles facing Gemini at this moment are easily remedied. Talk. Talk a lot. The talking cure. Listen to what you’re saying, which, for at least one Gemini I know, that will be a difficult proposal, but listen as you’re talking. The answers are there, in that steady stream of complaints, litany of misdirections, the problems with the stars, and the silly Sagittarius astrologers who won’t give you an answer. The point is, no, Mercury isn’t retrograde, and the answer to the pressing Gemini questions comes from the Gemini mouth.



The Crab

My first guess, as the Moon Child, you have already figured out that the little love planets in Aries bode no well, for the forthcoming romantic holiday. Loathe as I might be to suggest otherwise, there is teaser herein. The operative word is transformation, and the trick is the change begins on the inside.

Our outward appearances carry clues, sometimes, about what’s happening on the inside. Use the pressure from Mars and Venus, both in Aries, together for a short spell, use that pressure to create an internal image of what you want your outward Cancer (the Crab) carapace (shell) to show. How will we decorate for the up and coming holiday? What can we do to show off our lovely new shell? I’m thinking rhinestones and glitter, but that could be me, and that could be based on my location. Local populations tend to favor sequins, glitter, and glamorous accessories that are flashy. The trick? Design for the new love life, starts on the inside. Mars/Venus pressure for this. Use it wisely. Too cryptic?

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The Leo:

The Leo

The Leo

Just about every computer “accessory” I acquire comes with a cable. Phones, iPods, iPads, mp3 player, drives, cameras, just about every electronic item that hangs off the side of a computer, or whatever, comes with a new cable. Mini, Micro, Super-mini-micro, 8-pin, 30-pin, USB, Thunderbolt, SCSI, HD, Mini-HD, DV-to-Mini-HD, and I lose track.

Currently, I’m on my third or fourth Bluetooth headset, earpiece for the phone. Each one came with a small cord for charging. Borrowing from my background as a fisherman, I carefully store all of those cords, cables, and adaptors in a large plastic tub. Sealed up, but, in theory, readily available. I got a new thing that needed to be plugged into the computer to make the thing work. Since, rare exception, there was no cable in the packaging, I just hauled out my “cable box,” and I started searching for the right connector. I know I have one. Maybe more than one. Eventually, I just dumped out that plastic bin that has all the cords and cables in it. Just spread it all out across the office floor, digging, sorting, untangling, and, eventually, I found the right thing so I could connect the new thing to the old thing.

Two take-away points for The Leo: 1) You’re going to need a catch-all container for various, seemingly disparate items; you’ll want all of that collected in one place. 2) You’re going to want to dump it all out to find that one, tiny, seemingly insignificant piece that makes this week work. Toss it all in a box, then dump out the box to find the right parts? Yes, then sweep everything back into the box, again.



The Virgin

The run-up, the marketing push, the hearts and flowers, and the tiny little, fat cherubs? With their deadly bows and arrows, arrows tipped with hearts? Then, the color of passion, red? Everywhere? The grocery store, sure, and the greeting card store, again, makes sense, but the sporting goods place? Seriously? The pet store? Book store, I can understand, romance sells well. Couple of Virgo influences, and this might be the best time to reel that desire in, pull it back, put the romance ideas on “hold,” if just for a moment.

I would be the first to suggest that there are real, emotional feelings involved with the Virgo world. I’ll agree with Virgo about that. The problem being, with the relative static, lack-of-motion from Jupiter? While those feelings are very substantial? Now might not be the time to act on those feelings. Might want to sit on it for a spell. How long is a spell, in this case? Depends. All depends. I’ve been known to spend all day waiting on one fish to bite. And that’s not even a long spell.



The Scales

It’s all about fine-tuning and adjustments. Some days, there are big deals that require attention. Other times, it’s the little things. Buddy of mine, he’s a little short feller, drives a big truck, big pick-up truck. Useful for hauling a boat to the lake. Too much vehicle for my tastes, but I don’t have to make the payments, so it’s not an issue. When I have to drive, like, last fall, coming back from the coast, he’d been consuming beer all day, and it just better if I drove. That time, I just hit the seat control and cranked it all the way back to make room for my six-foot frame. Wasn’t totally comfortable, but wasn’t bad. Late model truck, pulls his boat with ease.

What I discovered, the other afternoon? The seat doesn’t just slide back, it also goes up and down. Next time I have to drive his truck, I can push the seat back, and then have the little servo motors crank the seat down, lowering my butt, which, in turn gives me more headroom.

It’s not a big adjustment but one I was unaware of last fall, so I had to scrunch down in the driver’s seat, four, long, hours.

I can save Libra four hours of discomfort, this is Jupiter I’m addressing, look for the simple adjustments that make your situation more commodious.

Libra: Your comfort is my concern. Look for the simple adjustment to make things easier.

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The Scorpio

There are times that require action. There are times that don’t require action. Then? There are times that feel like they require action, but my extra-special Scorpio buddies? You are best served by not taking action. Function of Mars and Venus, but more so, a function of being stuck between Saturn (in Sagittarius) and Jupiter (in Libra). Sort of one on either side, or, one Scorpio, in a fit of cinematic pique, starts to think about the song, “Clowns to the left, jokers to the right, stuck in the middle with you.…”

This is a time that is best served by conserving your Scorpio resources. Pause. Stop. Think. Cogitate. Mull over possible scenarios in that Scorpio brain of yours. Plot a little revenge, if you must. Consider an artful way to take care of an astrologer who bugs you by suggesting you take it slow. However, you’re best served, your Scorpio self does best if you just hold off on direct action.

Scorpio: “Let me think about this for a moment.”

See how well that works? I’m all about saving you pain and frustrations. Seriously. No, really.




How difficult is to change ingrained habits? As a Sagittarius myself, it would seem easy enough, just start, stop, do this instead of that, or any number of other possible routes to change. The challenge this week is ingrained habits. Not just casual stuff, like the little ritual when I leave the house, grab keys, phone, and so forth, no, more like the longer, more involved superstitions, like, for example, around posting online. I tend to work a rough draft of post, I tend to work that out in a word processor then post, then proofread, and make the post “live.”

Changing up the ingrained habit? I’ve got to start proof-reading the material a little more closely, checking the structure, grammar and stray punctuation, first, before even getting as far as posting, two steps before “live.”

Ingrained habits are hard to change, but this is a good time to consider what ingrained habits can be changed.



The Sea Goat

As a general rule, I’m really big on reducing interruptions. This applies, in no uncertain terms, to electronic interruptions. Used to be e-mail was like that, and then instant messages, and then, texting, and, even now, rolled into some of my software, I have various alerts, “heads up” displays, and other ways of letting me know that there is some particular item that demands my attention. My answer to that? I shut it all off.

What I do requires concentration. Any number of clients that I see, in person, have noticed, the phone will ring, and I’ll look down then push the button that sends the call to voice mail. I’ll turn my phone off, when I meditate. Again, a process that requires no distractions.

Follow my lead here. Turn off one device, turn off one alert, maybe turn off the calendar warning thing. Doesn’t much matter what it is. Try reducing the Capricorn sense of electronic notification overload by turning off the reminders.

Downside you might forget something. Upside? You’ll be happier.

Capricorn: it’s your call, you’re in charge. But I recommend reducing the number of electronic alerts, if not just shutting it all down.


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