Horoscopes starting 5.4.2017

    Truly, sir, all that I live by is with the awl: I meddle with no tradesman’s matters; but withal I am indeed, sir, a surgeon to old shoes; when they are great danger I recover them.
    Cobbler in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar 1.1.18

San Antonio and Austin, on the radar, see astrofish.net/travel for details.

Horoscopes starting 5.4.2017



The Bull

It’s truck month in Texas. I just couldn’t pass this one up. The ad? I’ve seen it run all year–long, “It’s truck month in Texas!” It wasn’t until I started adding it up that I realized, “Truck Month” was an advertising dream come true, as the same ad can run, with very little seasonal adjustments, over and over. And over. And I’m over it, but that’s not what this is about. As a Taurus, as a birthday person, you’re going to see the same ad, the same slogan, the same buzz-word, and that will tickle you, jiggle your fancy.


If you stop before you reach for a pen, and before signing on the dotted line to drive that new car off the lot? Before the big purchase? Remember? Last month was “Truck month in Texas.” I’ll bet next month will be “Truck month in Texas,” and the month after that, as well. While this is a purely local example from several dealerships, I’m confident that the phrasing, while it might vary from location to location, I’m sure that the idea is sound. The lunar cycle tends to excite you. I’d be careful with how that exuberance and concomitant excitement is spent. Just because it’s “Truck month in Texas,” that doesn’t mean better deal won’t be along next week. Or next month, even.

Wait for it



The Twins

I’m a big fan of favorable shortcuts. You’re Gemini, you’re a big fan of favorable shortcuts, too. This week’s energy is merely Mars, cooking along in Gemini, heading towards a square with Neptune. That means?

Surely you can see this coming with no help from me?

There are no shortcuts this week.

Favorable shortcuts, ill-favored shortcuts, long-cuts that try to be shorter, no, no shortcuts. It’s that simple. With Mars, and usually lovely Gemini brain? The two, together, plus the approach of Mars square Neptune? That’s going to create a situation where there are no shortcuts. My favorite Gemini excuse? “I read this on (the internet, wikipedia, blog) and they showed how to make this quicker and easier.”

I watched a short video about fixing — a simple home repair project. Looked easy. Would only take fifteen minutes. I looked at Mars, in Gemini, and I called a guy I know. Only took him fifteen minutes and he made it look easy. Cost me an hour of his time. Worth every penny because, I know, if I had attempted it? I’d be paying more. More for the tools, more for the time, more grief because the repair would take me three days to his fifteen minutes. No shortcuts.



The Crab

Late night TV there was interview with a classically trained actor, about his role in the latest action film. After the movie mention and tie-in, the interview veered towards classical material, and the beauty of stage. “Don’t tell me you saw me in a movie, what I like to hear about is a live show, on stage, when I played …” Some performances, for the actors, are memorable. There’s a presence that the classically trained actors seem to have, an air about them.

Quiet, self-assured, bemused, and sometimes?


Depends on the role and depends on what’s called for. I tend to pay closer attention to the classically trained stars because I’ve found there’s a level of emotion that they can evoked, from subtle nuances to boiling rage, all seems to be more clearly communicated, and I don’t know how they do it. Just works. This is the time to follow the lead on the classically trained actors. Concentrate. Don’t just act out like a Cancer, be the very essence of the Moon Child. Assume the role. Step into who — and what — you are.

The Leo:

The Leo

The Leo

Radio station, back when radio mattered, a radio station back in the good old days in Austin? It had what appeared to be a random playlist. The individual jocks would play a strange mix of music, a country crooner next to a local rocker, next to a mash-up of some sort. National, world, local, Texana, and then folk, maybe blues, reggae? The playlist which appeared totally and completely random? I had a buddy who worked there, and that list of what could be played, and when, and how? It was tightly controlled by a single program director.

The good old days, in Austin. What makes Austin what it is today. While appearing totally random, and while appearing to be the strangest collection of music, with an emphasis on local, but including strange material from varied genres? The secret was there was one person in control. Tight grip on the reins. Each — apparently — selection that was substantially different yet fit so well with the previous song? One person called all the shots.

I love me my Leo buddies. If you’re the one in control, fine. If you’re not the one in control? Then stick the playlist. There is no reason to deviate from tried — and proven — formula that works.

Old — trite — expression?




The Virgin

I’m the first to admit I don’t understand much of the “Female Psychology,” or, think in sexist terms? “I don’t understand women.” Which is not totally true, but let’s lead with that idea, m’kay?

There’s a quote in one of my books, from Hemingway, “They are the damnedest women…” (cf. Pink Cake for details.)

Let’s put aside the sexist crap for the moment, as this applies, across the board, to Virgo — not gender specific — you’re going to run into someone who is acting stereotypically “crazy.” Irrational in manner not in keeping with the Virgo ideal of normalcy.

How you deal with this kind of “crazy?” Or “Kind of crazy?”

There’s a very even hand required to navigate this kind of a crazy — even hand on the steering wheel, even hand on the tiller, even hand on the controls. Roll your eyes if you must, but a steady hand sees you through this next little planetary passages.



The Scales

One of the biggest lies about creativity? It’s something you’re just born with; some people have it; other people just don’t have it.

Patently false.

We’re all born with some kind of innate creativity. Teasing that out, finding a medium, finding both source and expression? That can be a lifelong lesson.

There are twin influences in Libra, at the moment, or rather, one influence in Libra and the other opposing Libra, but that option can trigger something: a new avenue. A new way to express that innate Libra creativity. As Mercury aligns with Uranus then passes on by, triggered by the Lunar Cycle, there’s a chance to explore a previously unexplored avenue for expression.

Think of it like this: I’ll give you a starter phrase and before the end of this week, it’s your goal to complete that phrase.

Libra: “I always wanted to learn how to (blank).”

Libra: Fill in the blank. Then? Proceed.



The Scorpio

In astrological terms, the 90-degree angle is considered a “Hard” angle. In Scorpio terms, “Difficult” is merely a challenge. As this week unfolds, the weekend arrives and then into next week? There’s this totally weird energy. Look at something coming in from that hard, right angle. Not 180 degrees away, not next to you, but from a point to the right, or left, of where you’re at.

One serious Scorpio trait I know all too well? Scorpio is not willing to to accept help — or change — at a moment’s notice. Nope, no change, unless it change of the Scorpio’s own making. Here’s the deal, that 90-degree angle? That’s help, immediate relief, with the problem being, it’s not coming from its usual source.

Here’s the tip: accept the assistance, even if it doesn’t look like it’s someone you would normally work with, or work for, or who would normally be able to help Scorpio.

In astrological terms, the old-fashioned astrology I started with? 90-degree angles are “bad.” This is less “bad,” and more just unusual. Means there’s help, if you are willing accept it — gracefully — and change with it.




Most Sagittarius, like me, we’re not going to be good at the “poker face.” Joy, panic, happiness, it all shows on our faces. Then, too, there’s the silly, always truthful, part of our psyche. A buddy of mine is dating this Sagittarius, and she was on some weird diet, I think, all-natural, ergonomically-correct stuff. Part of it was non-diary, and we were meeting for coffee and a reading. I offered to get her some cream for her coffee, and she demurred. I pointed out, that I wouldn’t tell on her, but she then, this is more typically Sagittarius, she said she would know, and she wouldn’t be able to conceal that fact from her date, my buddy. This is a non-too subtle reminder, for our Sagittarius selves, we’re not good at secrets. We can keep some, but not many, and this isn’t a time to try and keep secrets. We’re not good at little cheats, like diet cheat. While we can finagle and dissemble with the best? It’s just ever so much easier if we stick to the real, literal truth. Especially now. There’s a chance for hyperbole, or distended truth-telling, or even, little white lies, but seriously? Not this week. Function of Saturn and the unstable collusion with Uranus and Mr. Mercury.



The Sea Goat

The way I understood it, and this was passed to me like scientific gospel, if a pattern — a habit — is repeated for 21 days? That habit — the pattern — changes to its new form. Do it for 21 days? That becomes the new pattern. I’m not totally comfortable with that analysis, as I’m unsure of the real, psychological way that the testing was done.

What I prefer? Astrological timing. Start on one Moon cycle, then see that all the way through to the end of the cycle and the start of the next cycle, or, in my mind, 28 days. There are some patterns that are changing in Capricorn. For Capricorn. The point with this week’s stranger energy? Ask yourself, “Capricorn, dear, how are we going to make the good changes stick?”

Capricorn: Pseudo-Science Psychology aside, a full Lunar Cycle is required. There’s strange stuff floating free and either annoying or highlighting, or possibly both. To maintain the good habits? Keep repeating the process, the steps you used to get here. “They” say it takes 21 days. I say it takes longer, and we’re all about moving you ahead with some new plans.



The Water Bearer

There are a lot of moving parts to my business. As much as I try to simplify, and keep it all super-easy? There’s still a big motor under hood of this beastie, and that’s what I have to keep going. I was diddling with the software, not really making big changes, just a minor adjustment. I tweaked one item, checked it across three platforms and deemed it good. What I did, way back when, as I built this business, I used solid foundations. Makes it easy to administer and adjust, as need be.

Aquarius: There is a huge need to fiddle, adjust, tweak, fritter, and other pander to some changes. My change was a tiny one, in the grand scheme, but I’ve also built this on a solid foundation with little need to worry about outcome. The proper way to use this strange week’s weirdness?

Adjust. Fiddle. Tweak. Poke, maybe prod. Experiment.



The Fishes

This scope stars when things are already a little weird, and then, even by Pisces standards? They are going to get weirder. This isn’t a challenge, just matter of acceptance and a simple statement. Your question? “It’s going to get stranger than this?” I probably detect a little touch of incredulity — a tone that you are shocked, and worried, as it can’t get any weirder, right?

Ah, but it can.

Not only can it get weirder, but it’s going to get stranger, and this can have an unsettled effect on your poor, Pisces psyche.

As it does get stranger and stranger? The best use of this energy is to not get married to it. It will be strange, but that doesn’t mean it will be like for long. Mars eventually “squares” Neptune, and that’s the source. Getting too attached to the weirdness? That’s the problem.

Pisces: Don’t.



The Ram

The biggest problem I’ve had with the Aries energies, currently? Self-fulfilling prophecies. That’s where a judgement call is arrived at, and then the available data is massaged until the data supports the desired outcome. The genesis of this came from a glance at a chart, and the way there other guy made certain assumptions about me, in a hurry, and with no further discussion. “Sagittarius, you’re a flake.” Well, that’s true. Not totally, as I have stuck with this line of study for some time now. Then, there’s the “Scorpio: always sexy.” In my experience, that’s true.

“Aries: always loud and brash.”

Here’s the problem with generalities like this: all generalities are false.

So watch out for the “Oh this is a terrible time.” With an attitude like that? It will be. There’s certain amount of “strangeness” floating free, and part of the goal is to not get attached to it. Then, there’s also the part of the “strangeness” that’s both illuminating and entertaining. It’s quite alright to watch. Be illuminated. Don’t get attached. Careful with self-fulfilling prophecies, too.



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