Horoscopes starting 6.1.2017

    Set honor in one eye and death i’ th’ other,
    And I will look on both indifferently;
    For let the gods so speed me as I love
    The name of honor more than I fear death.
    Brutus in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar I.ii.86

Mars enters the Tropical Zodiac sign of Cancer, June 4, 2017 at 11:15 AM. (+/-)

Horoscopes starting 6.1.2017



The Twins

It’s all about a different way of looking at a particular item, Or items. Things, situations, people, places, just looking at it differently. Happy birthday, by the way, and think about looking at this from a different angle. From a lifelong interest in Earth Sciences, and a long-term residency at the rock shop in Austin, I developed a renewed interest in geology and minerals, not limiting myself to either scientific or metaphysical properties. One type of fairly common “metaphysical” rock is Labradorite. Cut and polished, it has beautiful colors. Uncut? It’s the luck of the draw. Or, as one person pointed out, it depends on how the light hits the crystalline structure, and what angle one looks at it. I have a chunk of the raw Labradorite in my shower stall. When that rock is wet? One, or more, of the facets shine, and this is just raw rock, nothing too special, not cut, no polish. The refraction and quotient of light in that chunk of rock? Varies with the angle and the available light. In the example of that stuff in the shower? Depends on angle, and for Gemini, happy birthday, remember? Change your angle. Look at it under different light, or, like that rock? Just spray a little water on it, and watch Gemini sparkle (again).


The Crab - the Moonchild

The Crab

A number of, typically smaller screen, TV &c., shows break the “Fourth Wall” with impunity. A character will pause, look directly at the camera and make comments, addressed to the audience, and out of context with what’s on screen. Occasionally the, this serves as a valuable insider information, as to what’s really going on with the plot and the story’s line. When I spun up the Cancer (Moon Child) charts, this week, I kept thinking about the 5th Wall. There comes a time — this week? There comes a time when refuge is based on the Fifth Wall. Know what that is?

If the Fourth Wall is the invisible barrier between the audience and the actors, on stage, on screen, or some other way, in the action that the Cancer is watching? The Fifth Wall? That’s the roof.

We need some protection. We need to seek shelter. Best idea? Stay under cover. A simple “Fifth Wall” as cover? Might be all you need. That Fourth Wall? It’s an emotional barrier of sorts, and many actors never break through. As a Cancer, though? Shelter. Shelter from the elements. The Fifth Wall. Don’t hesitate to take cover, as need be.

The Leo:

The Leo

The Leo

It’s not as if the planets exculpate, gentle Leo. No, can’t — so easily — get out of this one. The planets are inclined to stir up some Leo troubles, and this is less like “real trouble,” and more like, “Well, crap, that’s annoying.” What this energy derives from? It’s a lot of people who are indecisive. Unable to make up their collective minds. Unwilling to commit, “yes or nor,” “better or worse,” to a single direction. The broad, overarching goal, sure, we all agree about that. It’s the “How are we (royal we, it’s a The Leo kind of thing), so how are we going to get there?” If you take the highway, it’s quicker, but the side street is more interesting, even entertaining, and that might be a much shorter route. While we both agree, me and The Leo, that the world would run at much better pace if we would just let The Leo pick the directions? Probably not going to happen and there’s some non-Leo folks, scurrying all over the place, seemingly random, and seemingly, in an order not consistent with The Leo thinks is best.



The Virgin

I wear loud shirts. I’m not short. I remember getting up from my table, one time, and the person sitting across from me said, “Oh wow! You’re tall!” So I’m noticeable. I’ve tried, on too many occasions, to blend in and not be noticed. Never worked, but thanks for asking.

Here’s the Virgo deal: I don’t blend in, or, for that matter, I don’t fit in, not many places. However, I know I’m loud. I know what I am. Sagittarius, I know these things. I make no effort to hide my size, bulk, and I wear loud shirts, often as not. “Loud” is not the operative word for Virgo, not in any of the senses I’ve just delineated. No loud clothes, no flashy attire, no speaking in a tone that is a decibel volume up from the surrounding environments. Quiet, not loud, dear Virgo. Speak softly and get heard more. The approach of the Full Moon, next week will rattle your senses a bit. I’m unsure if you can be quiet as my favorite Librarian (Virgo) but you get the idea, make an effort to not make noise. Somber, sober attire, and walk softly.



The Scales

For the better part of a couple of years, I ran link at the bottom of my web page for an audio file, an mp3. It was three gongs of a Tibetan bell at the beginning, with a single gong at the end, separated by 9 minutes of nothing. Silence. Audio file was just the bells at the beginning and the single one at the end. 9 minutes of silence. As I kept considering scenarios for this week’s Libra, I kept thinking about that silence. Nine minutes of nothing. For some of us, this is a luxury. For others, this is required. For this week’s Libra? Consider it a requirement. Every day, for the next seven days, or more, pause for twenty minutes in the morning, and meditate. Then, again, pause in the evening, and meditate again. At least 20 minutes, with more like half an hour being better. Sure.

That’s not going to happen, I know, which is why I circled back, in Libra fashion to that nine-minute audio file. Worth a shot, you know, giving yourself a little less than ten minutes to totally decompress from the situation that seems to be a big problem, and you know, it’s not such a big problem. Not a problem if you take the 30 minutes, no, twenty minutes, no, ten minutes — OK, try the nine-minute timer, see if that helps.

    Nine Minute mp3.



The Scorpio

The “internet” ruins some aspects of modern life. I was about to quote a certain poet, as he had a line that fitted so well with Mars moving into Cancer, and the moon almost full. I looked it up, looked up the poet’s birthday to make sure I wasn’t remembering something incorrectly, and I was. I was about to suggest that certain figure was a Scorpio, and guess what? He wasn’t! So that ruins the whole effect of the way to explain the energies, and I know from being corrected by Scorpio’s, that I can’t just make stuff up. So the “internet” has ruined this. It was so easy to pop the name into a search bar, then glance at the results, and I knew my metaphor was totally hosed. Skip that one. Start over. It had to do with poetry and making sure that Scorpio understood the background to the imagery employed. Then, too, there were some funny tales about this one poem, and the frequent misunderstandings, which, any kind of a cursory search can quickly uncover.

I depend on Scorpio, and Scorpio elements for depth. This isn’t a week for Scorpio depth. This is a week to follow the mainstream, and this is also a week to look at quickest, easiest “research” to ascertain facts. Or, if not facts, at least a consenting voice that agrees — and supports — the Scorpio cause.

Shoot me an e-mail?




I honor my sign. I am Sagittarius, and I honor my sign. Sounds a bit strange, but there’s a touch of Sagittarius in everyone, or some of that indomitable Sagittarius Spirit, and that’s what I’m paying homage to — this week. How can I honor my sign? Admit that we are reckless, feckless sorts? Admit that the world is tawdry place, and we are weaker vessels who might lack some backbone? Or that we just don’t care?

“Torpedoes be damned! Full speed ahead!”

I’m unsure if that last one carries the moment correctly. Given where the planets currently abide? There’s a simpler way to honor our sign. Consider singing in the shower. Consider singing, preferably the in private, loud, long, off–key, and out–of–tune.

Honor our sign this week. Doesn’t have to be a big deal, just our legendary off-key singing might work well. Honor that inner Sagittarius.



The Sea Goat

This week’s missive is simple, be careful of the cupcakes. I was in Austin, friend-of-a-friend birthday celebration. Sort of impromptu, not a problem, “Kramer, quick say something nice about (insert sign here)!” Then, along with a number of other people, I popped a cupcake in my mouth. Cherry–Limeade flavor, sort of, with an earthy overtone. “Wait, I have to drive tonight, as these safe?” I asked as a joke.

Turns out, I should’ve checked before I just popped the cosmic breakfast pastry in my mouth and gobbled it up. Good cupcakes, but the aftermath, the effect of the cupcakes?

Maybe this is an Austin kind of experience. Maybe it’s just some of my friends. Maybe I shouldn’t drive like that. Maybe, just for Capricorn, this week? Maybe be careful about those cupcakes. Or some other innocuous treat that might leave you a little spacey.

Capricorn: Careful with the cupcakes.



The Water Bearer

Love me my Aquarius friends. This next couple of days calls for two operative phrases, “Fluid” and “Dynamic.” Just about any Aquarius I know will be quick to point out that they are “dynamic,” and sure, I’ll agree. However, I suggested it was two words that were required, not just one, and the key to using that usual Aquarius dynamo and dynamism? Be fluid. Flow with this. “But I always go with the flow!” Yes, I know you do, but that tends to be at a time when the “flow” is going your way. The way you think it should go. It’s easy to go with the flow when it’s a direction you want to go. Ask me, I’m really good at that. The problem occurs when the flow appears to move in a direction that seems to be, not in keeping with the Aquarius stated goals. Yeah, let’s see you go with that flow.

That’s why I picked two words for this week, the second part was dynamic. There’s changes, and if you can adapt to the changes, you’ll find that the tide reverses itself quickly enough, and that’s when the pieces all fit with your perfectly intended Aquarius plan. But to make this happen? Have to be fluid.



The Fishes

I’ve got exactly one Pisces reader who will appreciate this one. It was really a sign, but I can’t find the image, at the moment.

“Soup of the day? Wine.”

The rest of you will have to work with that as an image, or go and find the sign yourself. I am unwilling to suggest that wine has the answers. Or, I’m not sure wine has all the answers, but for a temporary relief, we all have our different flavors. For me, it would probably be a small, bitter espresso, as an afternoon libation. But I’m not Pisces. This isn’t a suggestion that one goes and starts drinking alcohol at breakfast, although, for some of my Irish friends, that not without merit, but than, this isn’t about nationalities and parties, this is about Pisces and the weeks ahead.

The simplest, easiest way to work this out? You need a break. Take one. Just break from the routine. Break from that which seems to be grinding you down. Or, for that one Pisces? “Soup of the day? Wine.”

I got one Pisces fishing buddy, and I know how he’ll spin this, “Beer! Not just for breakfast!”



The Ram

I love the “Ah-ha!” moments. I adore seeing the light bulb go off, cartoon style, and the realization, the point we’ve been patiently building towards over the past few days, weeks, months, the sudden realization about how it works, how it fits, how this supposed to be, or even, just what it all means. Light bulb moment. Coming soon. Sudden realization, coming soon. The missing link, the part of the puzzle that didn’t fit before? That’s going to work out, now. Pieces and parts that didn’t fit together, suddenly, you understand how this is supposed to work together.

It’s an “Ah-ha!” moment.

To get to the sudden realization, an epiphany to some, to arrive at that moment, the “Ah-ha!” moment? Yeah, got a little bit of work that’s required. This next few days? You know what you have to do.



The Bull

There’s a very real and palpable excitement in Taurus, at this very moment. It’s that expectancy, it’s that hope, it’s that sense that something is about to break open, in a big way, in a good way, in a great way. About to catch a break, about to get clear, about to have a major success. For some, this is a runaway hit. For others, it’s a quiet measure of success. The hope is for a lottery-type of win, a mass influx of expendable resources — like cash. The reality is a scratch-off ticket worth a couple of hundred dollars. Still, that excitement that a Taurus can reach out and touch? Very much present.

From time to time, I encounter a few rather dour Taurus-types. The types who find that the glass isn’t half-empty or half-full, but nearly no water at all and on the verge of a long dry summer (here in Texas). That’s where the hope and the ability to touch some of this hope, that’s where this comes from. Even those really “No good will ever come of this” types have hope — should feel it, even now. Very real feeling of hope.



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