Horoscopes for 9.28.2017

    “The nature of bad news infects the teller.”

First Messenger in Shakespeare’s Antony & Cleopatra (1.2.65)

“October. This is one month of the peculiarly dangerous months to speculate in stocks. The others are July, January, September, April, November, May, March, June, December, August, and February.”

Pudd’nhead Wilson (Mark Twain)



The Scales

Go with the one that fits, two opening quotes, one from America’s great man of letters, and fellow Sagittarius, Mark Twain, and of, course, a typical Shakespeare bit.

It’s birthday time, and still supposed to be wonderful, so I don’t really have any bad news. However, there is a bit of loose material that’s kicked free, and sort of floating, in the back of the Libra mind, and as such, that can annoy you.

Look: Librabirthday month and all? Get your party on, however you do that, and don’t let that free-wheeling addled-pate material latch on. Bad news will infect the messenger, but you don’t have to listen, not now, it’s party time.




It’s kind of scary because this feels like, “The end is near!” And what good Scorpio wouldn’t just jump at a chance to take an anomaly of a situation and turn it into a catastrophe? I got one buddy, and he’s a master of “Catastrophizing,” which, as it might imply, is taking a slightly out–of–sync situation and turning it into a monumental problem of — typical Scorpio — proportions. Here’s the hint.

That was the hint. Don’t take a small problem and turn it into a larger, far more complex problem. I know, it’s one of the rules of life, but not one we have to adhere to, no this week, not for Scorpio: Inside every small problem is a much larger problem, trying to get out.

The hint? In case I’m not clear enough? Don’t take a small problem and let it escalate into a huge thing.




There’s always — with me it’s obvious — a kind of dithering, buffering behavior. It’s as if I was operating under duress, and this is pretty clearly a way to avoid the central problem. “I’m not avoiding anything, I just need to do this before I can leave.” Or the old line, “There’s one more thing....” To some, the expression, “The elephant in the room,” but I tend to go with the ”The Pink Elephant,” as a cliched expression, and to add some color. Still, there’s a simple plan of Sagittarius avoidance at work. When a direct, simple, direct, and easy, but direct answer is the simplest solution.

I’m not one who can talk about this. I think I need to go and clean some fishing gear. Need to sweep out the garage. Need to do anything else but sit down and address that one thing, that all of us, as Sagittarius, have been avoiding.

It’s either dithering or buffering, but you’re well aware of the behavior. Kind of means we’re avoiding something. Might want to pause and address that single problem before going back to — wait! Boots. I’ve got to polish my boots because, I might have to wear them soon.



The Sea Goat

I’ve long maintained that the line between brilliance and madness is quite thin. Gray, fuzzy, indistinct at times. There’s a mad, mad energy floating free. I tend to use that as a term of “temporary insanity,” but at least one Capricorn buddy will think, “He’s angry!”

No, this is more like a kind of crazy behavior, around your Capricorn self. Near you, but not you. Around you, but not you. Madness. Madness, as in insanity, or apparently insane behavior as some of it doesn’t seem to make sense at the time.

That indistinct line between madness and brilliance gets tested — on Capricorn — as this week unfolds. Is it sheer insanity? Or is it really a long-term plan that we can’t see the brilliance of its possible outcome?

I’m not sure. Brilliance? Just “Crazy-making?” Not sure, but that’s the Capricorn challenge this next few days, what’s madness and what’s brilliance?

before answering the question, might want to wait until the actions speak for themselves.

“Brilliance? Madness? What is it?”



Water Bearer

There was an online editor that wrote about the process of editing and how editing was more important than writing itself. Let’s add some Aquarius perceptive to that equation, and it’s about the editing. When I set up the side project, the deal was, I made this deal with myself, not too much editing. “Spit and post.” Set of as “blog style,” which is what that side deal is, but also, as training — as an exercise — in limited editing.

The one guy was writing about editing writing, and I’m suggesting not editing images. Either way works, but given where the planets are all falling at this moment in Aquarius time and space? I’d suggest the editing version of this idea.

Look it over. Look it over a second time. Maybe read it aloud. Maybe sound out the phrases and parse the structure.

“As the adjective, when in doubt, strike it out.” Think that’s in my collection, someplace, but I’m too tired to source the quote. Still, as the editorial nature of this week flows by? What we’re looking at for Aquarius is “Less” rather than “more.”

While I have a tendency to run long in my weekly horoscope, for Aquarius, shorter, tighter, a little more focused, a little better editing is the best course of action. Maybe some of that material isn’t required.



The Fishes

“You tell me to be patient, and I am. You tell me powerful forces are opposing yet I hold off. Just exactly how much longer do I need to wait? I feel like I’m going to explode!”

Yes, Pisces dear, I’ve heard this before, and I’ve heard this from you. Bless your little Pisces head. The Autumnal Equinox helps perpetuate a shift, and this is less a shift in events, and more to do with how your Pisces self interacts with this ongoing opposition. Mostly Mars, but there’s other stuff in the mix, and that Mars, and Mars-like energy pushes you. There’s a possibly cold–hearted “killer” lurking inside each and every Pisces heart.

Steely gaze. Unnerving lack of movement. Hardened reflexes. Try that style, if not that attitude, and see if that doesn’t scare a few of the malcontents away. Won’t solve every trouble, but it’s a good start to your week. You and I know this is just make-believe, but that’s our little secret, this week.



The Ram

I haven’t been a matriculated, college student in two-dozen years or more. I’ve taken classes, both taught and attended workshops, seminars, and other learning events for that matter, sometimes, hopefully referred to a “classes,” but as a serious student enrolled in a traditional classroom setting? Yes, let’s be honest: been several dozen years now. The doesn’t stop the expectant glee I get when the “Back to School” specials start to show up, backpacks, notebooks, pencils, pencil holders, and everything else that is associated with those sales deals. Retail in its finest form. Sales are over. We’re back at school or work, whatever. Still there was an item stashed. An Aries item that you stashed away and forgot about and it surfaces. For me, in this example, it was a stash of Sharpie pens, markers — really — I had a package of those I got on sale, and I forgot about. In and of themselves, not a remarkable deal, it’s just that the fresh “art supplies” triggers ideas, and from those ideas come solutions. It’s an item, like a stash of school supplies, from just a few weeks back, and that’s what Aries should look for, as a way to see this week through.



The Bull

Buzzword, keyword? Taurus word for the week? The trick to make this week sing for your Taurus self? “Activation.” Pretty simple concept, really, just take some of the present energy and use it. I’d suggest to use it wisely, but you know me. Would I use it wisely? Probably not. Therefore, when I say, “Use it,” that leaves you wide open for a number of choices, and not all of them are proper.

Fun? Oh sure, will be fun. Proper? Maybe not.

Still, the word we’re chasing this week is “activation,” so that requires, demands, motion. Forward motion, backwards motions, sideways motions, looks like dancing. To some, it might be, it just might be. However, to me, astrologically, what this looks like is motion. One way, or another, top activate the keyword, “Activation?”

Take steps, Taurus, take steps. Motion, motions, yield activation. What we’re looking for.



The Twins

There was a kind of music that I never got along with. Well, there is “Rap,” but we all know that I can’t hang with it. Not dissing it, just not “My thang.” There’s another kind of music a subset of a subset, “Dub,” or maybe it’s “Dup-Step.” I’m not sure which. Seems to be a grouping under another heading, or called, “Similar to, but not quite,” and my musical understanding gets murky, at best, from this point forward. However, in my untutored and unlettered mind, the “dub-step” I’ve got on hand? There seems to be a break in the beat. A pause. A mismatched beat that doesn’t belong.

As the planets make their way through Virgo? That disjointed beat shows up. Artistically, it is supposed to jar the brain into thinking in other patterns, a way to break free from existing ties that bind your Gemini self down.

Practically? It’s a tough beat rhythm to maintain — and tougher for someone like me to dance to. Your Gemini mileage may vary.


The Crab - the Moonchild

The Crab

“It’s Go Time!” Yes, really, it’s a kind of “go time” for the Moon Children. In your chart, with this horoscope ending in a full moon in Aries? The Sun and Mercury in Libra? There are emotional buttons being accessed and possibly pushed. Instead of sitting around and waiting? Load up and go. I have a travel bag, just a small shoulder bag, I keep “packed.” I can drop a laptop or tablet into it, grab my phone, and I’m good to go.

Think about that with what’s unfolding around yourself. Wouldn’t a quick get-away be nice? Wouldn’t a short jaunt, day trip, weekend, week-long mini-vacation be a welcome relief? Do you have a “go bag” ready? If not, then reading this horoscope serves as a reminder to get something packed, get something ready. Not sure which way you’ll have to jump, but it’s almost Go Time in Cancer.

Actually, I think it is, now.

The Leo:

The Leo

The Leo

I don’t have much that is made of leather. Over the years, I’ve gradually moved to nylon webbing and other synthetics for the durable, flexible goods. The single standout is an old book-bag, and, of course, cowboy boots. I won’t have to wear shoes (boots) for another month or two, at the least, so I’m good. But I was thinking about that, and that old, leather briefcase I’ve got, and what it takes to refurbish leather. Over the years, I’ve tried most brands of saddle soap, mink oil, shoe grease, polish, and other waxes. At the grocery store, I recently picked up an off-brand of “Leather Refinishing” product. Spray on, wipe off, how much easier can it be? From the label, it looks like it is intended for leather furniture, leather upholstery — not boots and briefcases. Or saddlebags. That briefcase was made by saddle maker. Spray on, wipe off, and the surface of the leather looked better.

The product — no idea what it was — simple, cheap, effective. Besides, why spend a lot of time — and money — when a simple, cheap, and effective solution is right there? This is a time for The Leo to refurbish, reuse, and just recondition a situation. Or an item. “Spray on, wipe off.” Works just like the label said it would.



The Virgin

One of the scariest sights is when an older person, like, even older than me, tries to dress like a 20-something person. Make–up, shoes, skinny jeans, baggy jeans, crop-top, tank-top, get an image? I don’t dress conservative, but I do dress comfortably. Some have suggested I’m a bit slovenly, but again, I focus on my comfort. As a Virgo, and with the twin love planets doing what they’re doing, where they’re doing it? Trying to dress in manner that is not fitting for your Virgo self doesn’t work well. An old girlfriend let her daughter dress the old girlfriend, and while that the outfit was “kicking and cute,” no, it really didn’t look appropriate. I liked that one girlfriend when dressed sensible for our ages, with the hint of quick-release clothing.

I’m all for stepping outside your Virgo comfort zone with this Mars and Venus influence. Only, I’m not for stepping into clothing that is too tight, too loose, too high, or too low.

I’m all about comfort. I suggest you follow my suggestions, too.

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