Horoscopes starting 11.2.2017

    “I wasted time, and now doth time waste me.”
    — King Richard, King Richard II Act 5, Scene 5

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Horoscopes starting 11.2.2017




Many happy Solar Returns to my extra-fine Scorpio friends, fans and flames. To the regular Scorpio buddies, then? Meh. But to the ones who notice that the sun is brighter, the sky seems a little more crisp and the weather makes the atmosphere feel sharper, more alive? Yes, you’re the ones, “Extra-Fine.” It’s a gradation and applies, even now. Between the machinations of a few planets, most notably, the Sun and Jupiter, with a slight boost as Mercury is at the tail-end of Scorpio, but all of that adds up to motion.

The Secret to Scorpio Success in the next few days is action. Motion, action, keep putting one foot in front of the other, figuratively, or literally, one foot in front of another. Action. Motion. Direction.


As the weekend arrives, so does Mercury. Mercury tends to infuse a sense of needing to communicate, and while that’s all well and good, not everyone wants to listen to what we’ve got say. Bless our Sagittarius souls. Kind of problem, we’re full of good information, and no one wants to listen. See how this works?

I use little squares of paper that have sticky stuff at one end, the ubiquitous “Post It” notes. I use old business cards, with a blank back side, I use a fine-point Sharpie. I use a pencil, sometimes. Or just a regular Sharpie, and quad-ruled piece of notebook paper. All of this is analog, just spurious notes that I’m sure someone will want to hear about. I keep thinking it’s now, but it’s not.

The Secret to Sagittarius Success in the following days? Until the rest of the planets can catch up with Mercury, realize his influence and jot down that idea. We can broadcast it at a later date. This week, right now, next few days? No matter what the intent, maybe not the best time to do this, not yet.


A while back, a neighborhood list noted the presence of a nesting pair of “Crested Caracara” in the area. A few weeks later, I dropping off some fishing gear with a buddy, I don’t recall how his wade boots and bait bucket wound up at my place, and turning into his tidy little subdivision, I noticed there was a large pair of raptors, on the ground. Turkey Buzzards, Black Vultures, Red-Tail Hawks, all of those are quite common in my little slice of South Texas. See them all the time. Used to even see them downtown, even, back in the day, downtown Austin.

I wasn’t sure of the birds’ designation, I just knew that they weren’t typical. I made notes, dropped off the fishing gear, and when I left, the big birds had moved on. Still, it was a matter of being aware of what was happening, in my little world.

Capricorn: Pause. Pause long enough to note that there was crest to the bird’s coloration, and what I would think of as light-colored feathers, sort of a cream color, without the big, furry raptor leggings. Pause long enough to realize what it is that you’re looking at, so you can accurately portray that data at a later time. Pause long enough, maybe a cell phone image? Yeah, maybe not that long.


“You don’t understand!”

Yes I do.

“No, you really don’t get it!”

Yes I do.

“No, you really have no grasp of the situation and the urgency!”

Yes I do.

Plus, I have a suggestion or two. As an Aquarius-friendly astrologer, I understand the level frustration as planets cruise through Scorpio and how that can set up an irritating energy. Here’s the trick, and it is a cosmic trick, foisted some mean-spirited planets, but the trick is to understand the enemies. Not bad, not good, just pressure. Find a correct outlet for that pressure.

The challenge for Aquarius is to hit that balance point between letting off steam and making a statement.

See? I do get it. Shoot for that middle point, the balance between statement and steam.


Ad I saw recently?

“Girls skinny boyfriend jeans! On sale now!”

What it was, near as I could surmise, as I was piecing this together from peripheral sources, looked like jeans that were in “girls” sizes, but designed to look like a boyfriend’s skinny jeans. I never got close enough to see which side the button was on, or the tab, whatever, the zipper and so forth, to see if they were really “male” jeans as compared to “female” jeans. There is a difference, right? This is targeted to a fairly narrow population, and the bigger problem? That segment of the population isn’t really fond of clever marketing — especially when it is an item that is supposed to fool people. Advertising that fools people.

Some people try to hard to be cute, to be appealing, to make “this” — and we’re not sure what “this” is — it all work. Two guidelines, this next few days, if you’re selling, quit trying so hard to be cute. If you’re being sold to? Looking at the ad for “Girls skinny boyfriend jeans?” Maybe skip it.


When I spun your planets around, I kept thinking about an experience that I had. I was dating this one woman, and I had a chance to either spend a weekend with her, or spend my weekend working at an event. I needed the money. I worked. Didn’t go ever well with her, and there’s a reason we’re no longer dating, but there’s always a time when “work” — however that might appear — tends to over-rule the romantic.

The way I justified this, to myself, at that time? I had to work to be able to afford to take her to nice places. Simple enough, no?

There’s a weird way to see this week’s Aries energies, but it seems to be about whether or not you should work. For me, with the ubiquity of the inter-webs now, I have no problem checking for those mission-critical notices at 1:00 AM. More than one client has commented I don’t seem to sleep. I do. I just have a dedicated practice, and that I work at, a little almost every day.

If, like me, you’re doing what you really enjoy, does that seriously qualify as work? Either way, be willing to sacrifice short-term “fun” for longer-term financial gain for Aries.


For those of us who have lived in trailer parks, we understand how this works, all too well. There’s something just terminally alluring about watching the drama unfold, across the way. The antics and shenanigans of the neighbors are far more interesting than anything happening in our own world. Why have daytime TV when there’s the neighbors to watch? This one guy kept trying to make it with this other girl, and then she was busy with that drunken fool of a boyfriend, plus there’s always the cranky old man and his latest car he’s going to fix up and sell for big dollars to some collector. Rusting, right next to his other three project cars. Drama, trauma, and a real, live soap opera, right there, just off the front stoop of the trailer.

Like I asked, rhetorically, have you ever lived in a trailer park?

The Taurus challenge in the next few days is to not get involved. We can watch, all we want, but there’s a guy in Austin still mad at me because I didn’t finish helping him “renovate” his British sports car thing. I’ll bet, even now, it’s still up on blocks. I said I’d help, I didn’t say I would do all the work. See what happens when we get involved? Still mad at me, more than a decade later.


My interpretation of Gemini energy — energies — is one where there’s a bunch of lightening bolts that represent ideas, just shooting out, all over the place. “Let me say this about that, and then, that about this, and then, more about both of these as well as that other topic…” I tend to rely on Gemini as a fount for information, real, imagined, or perceived. All good, all the time. And? All over the place, all the time. So far, good enough? Right?

I tend to see that typical Gemini as “omnidirectional” at all times. This is not “all times,” though. This is a weird week to be a Gemini and as such, the quickest way to get this week harnessed?

One direction. Pick one. Harness the energy of Mars — still in Libra — to the best and fullest Gemini strength. Pick one direction. This isn’t for, like, ever, Just for a few days. One direction. Focus. You can do it. I know you can.


It’s been some years since I’ve been exposed to this, but back as a much younger man, I saw it more frequently than my mechanical self would like: dieseling. It’s when a car’s motor is shut off, and then the motor turns over a few times, shudders once, then finally expires. The culprits are varied, but it is usually a function of carbon build-up in the heads and bad gas. Turn the motor off and the motor doesn’t die right away, makes a few more turns then shudders, usually shaking the frame of the car itself, then everything stops.

The planets reminded me of that, for Cancer, as the Moon Children get a lingering shudder from the planet motor of life. There’s a dying shudder, not really a death rattle, but — certainly to some of us — very much like that. When a car’s motor does the dieseling thing, I know it’s time for a tune-up, better gas, and maybe pop the heads off the motor to look around. Timing, carburetor, all of that. Major overhaul. Cancer is looking at something that requires some attention. The little shudder, after the device is shut off? That’s the clue.

The Leo

The longer I toyed with The Leo charts for this next few days, the more a single image started to emerge. It’s about “Turning over rocks.” While I don’t think you’ll be out in the backyard really turning over rocks, it’s an idea that carries some weight. As a methodology for The Leo for this next couple of days, excavating, real or imagined, and seeking, figuratively or realistically, and then, seeking a little further, perhaps deeper, than usual. There’s a message that is easy for me to see, but I’m not The Leo and the message is about willingness to dig a little deeper to get the point. A little more evidence, perhaps more data is needed to effectively draw a conclusion. Dig deeper. Or, like I suggested, just turn over a few more rocks.

I get this image of The Leo just poking at a rock with a boot toe, then casually lifting up the rock. Big night crawler (worm). “Oh look, useful bait for fishing!”

See how easy that was? Turn over a few rocks, see what that turns up for The Leo.


I have always maintained that Virgo has a secretive side; a private life of Virgo, if you will. I will. There’s a highly circumspect, slightly askew, daintily off-center, provocative, and yet, somewhat reluctant to let certain issues see the light of day facet to Virgo.

The question — this week — for Virgo? How do you reveal your innermost self without revealing too much? There are some who live their whole lives online, full-frontal, where everyone can see. There are no secrets. There are some who live their whole lives in total obscurity, wrapped in fear that someone will discover the deepest secret, and that puts every thing at risk.

There’s a marked tendency in Virgo, with the Sun in Scorpio, to reveal too much. Maybe think about it before you say it. Not like I got any room to talk about this myself, no, I’m prone to the big mistakes, loudly, publicly, and in the most embarrassing way possible. Don’t be like me, no, not this week, Virgo dear, do not follow my example.


Because I deal with a variety of belief systems, I can use a variety of systems to affect change. Some folks are entrenched in the Judeo-Christian Mythos, others, hardcore Zen. I’ve got a sprinkling of Taoist training, myself, which I adore, and it seems to work fairly effectively. Still it’s a matter of tuning a modality to what works best. I speak “Redneck.” I can also talk thematic elements present in Shakespeare’s later works, as a reflection of the milieu into which he was born. My own beliefs are rather fluid, depends on the time of the day, setting, or current events.

The opening quote is from a Shakespeare play with a weird history. I’ve seen it interpreted a number of ways. There’s a reminder, via Mars, still lingering in Libra, that serves to make one afraid that time spent contemplating alternative beliefs is a waste of time. It’s not. Simple message. Time spent searching is not a waste. Never know what the Mars influence will turn up, too.

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