Horoscopes 3.15.2018

True nobility is exempt from fear

    Suffolk in Shakespeare’s Henry VI, pt. 2 (IV.i.129)

Aries starts March 20, 2018 at 10:15 AM — the Sun moves into the Tropical Zodiac Sign of Aries. Spring Equinox. And Mr. Mercury is slowing down. Mars enters Capricorn.

The Spring Equinox means it’s time to start a new astrological new year, in the spirit of rebirth, yes?

Horoscopes starting 3.15.2018



The Fishes

As the Moon passes Neptune, there is an ever-so-pleasant delusion that pervades the atmosphere. This is the land of make-believe, the realm of faeries and sprites, the place where dreams live on. And on, and on. Some of that is real. Some of that, not so much. But we must believe in magic and the spiritual nature of life, right? Part of being Pisces, correct? Before the Sun moves on into Aries, the brash and bad sign? There’s time for one more gesture, a symbolic action, or a real action that we need to take. I would prefer Saturday or Sunday, but adjust as your schedule allows.

Mars and the Sun make an impromptu and slightly unsettling square, and that’s extra tension, but that extra level of tension might work in your Pisces favor, if — big if here — if you take some kind of action. Symbolic or otherwise. With the 1-2 of Neptune then Mars? Just make a gesture. Do something. Anything. Well, something good, I would hope.



Aries The Ram

One Aries, in about three days? Happy birthday! Let’s go fishing soon, you know, take me for your birthday trip. I’m good luck like that, right? I tend to be really good luck for most Ariesplay that correctly. Looks: Aries, Venus and Mercury are in your sign already, and before this is all over, so will the Sun be in your sign.

“This is good, right?”

This is a good. But…

“I hate when you say that!”

I know, and what I’m suggesting, and this is merely a strongly suggested course of action, but this is by no means me telling you exactly what to do, this is about looking at the next few weeks, and making some nebulous plans, like, “Yeah, yeah, we’ll fish (dramatic pause), soon….” And leave that open-ended, maybe hanging a bit.

Yes, it’s all about making nice, but Mars is going to cause frictions, and as you know, Mars is a very-Aries-like planet. Typically, all action (all the time). The parenthetical expressions, and leaving invitations open, hanging a bit? That helps. That helps a lot. It makes this pre-Aries time easier to take, and then, once it gets here, with all the instability caused by Mars and his minions? Makes it easier.

OK, see if this helps, “Let’s plan to make a plan.”



The Bull

A buddy was telling me about being stationed at the Air Force Base in Clovis, NM. First thing I think about when I hear Clovis? The namesake for the original site of the earlier ancestors in the Americas, “The Clovis People.” However, having passed through Clovis a time or two, I recall there being, well, politely put? “Not much there.”

Apparently, when he was stationed there, it was not much more than a wide spot in the road, that held little entertainment possibilities, limited to an off-post bar that clearly over-served air-men.

The high desert, starkly barren yet rich, ochre and rust colored bands cutting through the small arroyos, mostly dry gulches, and long stretches of endless road where the sky meets the earth? Time to pause and reflect.

Taurus, this next couple of days, until we get the Mars energy properly sorted out? Next couple of days might feel like a posting to Clovis, NM.

He didn’t like it all. I would’ve fared much better, catch up on some books to read, listen to some music I’ve been meaning to really hear, that sort of thing. But that’s me.

Taurus: Be willing to take the time to enjoy a moment’s reprieve before we get all ramped up again. It’s coming, but this next few days might feel like a posting the hard New Mexico line.



The Twins

Ceramic and especially, I think this is a subset, porcelain, is an intriguing compound. Ostensibly, it is the result of earth elements treated with fire. Baked, fired, glazed, all depends on the terminology, and I’m not going to waste precious Gemini time wondering about the process. But I do want to call your attention to the ubiquitous coffee mug. The one I’m drinking out of now is over 20 years old, leftover from a previous lover. The hardened ceramics have been heated and cooled, in the microwave, with hot coffee, hot water for tea, at the moment, there’s a stain from a cinnamon blend I’ve been sipping, but this one cup has been heated and cooled, washed by hand, baked in the summer’s heat, never frozen, I think, but close, and yet? That hard surface is resilient.

Might be the glaze, might be the idea that ceramics like this are material that can take that great fluctuation in temperature, and not break. Not crack, even.

Gemini: this week starts with hot/cold tension from Mars, then exacerbated by Venus/Mercury solely in Aries. Have to be like coffee mug, so simple and yet, so perfect. Boiling water? No problem. Hot coffee? Again, no problem. Ice tea? Sure, not a crack. Resilience, all that’s required.


The Crab - the Moonchild

The Crab

For several decades, I traveled extensively, always working on minimizing my daily gear. From an early adopter with a laptop, on through the years, as devices shrank and grew in size and power, two simple items come to mind. The two most powerful tool I would have? Business cards and a clipboard. The business cards that should be obvious, point of contact, how to find me, how to find my books, my material online, offline, and how to reach me. Simple, and yet, what worked best? Leave a lot of white space as the business card is useful for notations. Plus, after the notes are made? Contact info is right there.

The clipboard was the other tool, and mostly, what it held was a sign-up sheet. Prices and list of people who wanted to see me, what was usually on the clipboard. There is an added advantage, though, and this goes with the look, more than actual application, and that’s the point for Cancer with this Aries and Capricorn tinged weirdness.

I can grab that clipboard, push my reading glasses up on my head, and look around. I look “official.” Something about a clipboard in hand, me glancing down at the names on the list, scanning the room.

There are two props that serve you well, next few days. One is the business card, or whatever you use to advertise your Cancer Moon Child point of contact. The second? That clipboard. For some reason, this week, it makes it look official.

The Leo

The Leo

The Leo

Everyone thinks this is just about them. There is one Leo in particular and yes, it is all about that one, particular Leo. Yes, honey, it’s about you.

The Leo.

Stop yelling. It’s that simple. Quiet words, or, in some situations, ask most men, in some situations, when she gets very quiet and still? We know that trouble is brewing, and a storm is imminent. Let’s apply this kind of energy to The Leo. Less noise is better.

This goes against the current array of planets and the strong influences pushing and pulling on The Leo, but pause for a moment, and think this through, this is less about yelling and making a big stink, and more about silently, oh, let’s just borrow from Scorpio playbook, and act like The Leo might be plotting revenge.

Didn’t say plot revenge, I suggested you might be quiet, long enough for someone else to figure out that you’re irritated, and it would be in the best interest of all parties involved — best interest for all — to stop long enough to figure out why The Leo is so quiet.



The Virgin

There are a couple of buzzword, typically marketing expressions, and when I hear them? I shut off.

“(This product) will practically pay for itself in the next year(s).”

Door-to-door sales, I answered, and as soon as the pitch started, and I heard that, “Will pay for itself,” I had to bite my tongue. I do cold-calling sales myself, although, I tend to use an attraction method rather than pushy marketing that is so much noise. Unless the (product) was going to get a job, and earn a paycheck, I have a hard time understanding how it will “Practically pay for itself.” From sales point of view, though, saying, “It’s like it was paying for itself with your savings” is too many words and too confusing.

“(This product) will practically pay for itself in the next year(s).”

This product will practically never have much of chance of working for me because the deal that sounds too good to be true? Usually there’s a catch. A note in the fine print — some kind of disclaimer.

Listen for those expressions, and then? Pretend you’re like me. I nod, listen, and agree to nothing. I’m very polite, but the answer is firm, “No.” Especially if they promise, “It will pay for itself in the coming years!”



The Scales

Patio dining is reasonably commonplace where I live. Most places just pay some kind of fee and spill out onto the sidewalk, a great way to add seating capacity with no overhead — no heating or cooling — just outdoor furniture. The places I tend to frequent? That furniture is picnic tables. I was sitting there for a late lunch one afternoon, waiting on a client — a stray honey bee buzzed the table. He landed, crawled around the napkin dispenser, then sampled some of my tea. I prefer un-sweet ice tea, so the bee quickly buzzed off. There was another table of late office workers, or office workers at — judging from the badges — and taking a late, somewhat liquid lunch. One of the females was scared of the errant bee, as it was attracted to her perfume, or fruity hairspray, or “I don’t know what” sugary smell she exuded. While painful for a human, and I’ve heard of people who have potential life-threatening situations from bees, I doubted that was the scenario. Just an annoying little guy who wants to explore what smells nice. From what I’ve been led to believe, the brightest colors of her blouse, or even one of my typical tropical shirts is also a factor.

Libra: Here’s the deal — let the bee explore for a moment or two, and when it discovers there is no usable material there, he will buzz off. Let him explore. Annoying guy is gone in moment’s notice.




With the relative positions of the planet, there’s an emerging pattern that spells a simple message for Scorpio. Find your voice. Yes, that simple, find your voice. In writing, the term “voice” refers to the author’s tone. That’s how I was thinking about this, “Find your Scorpio voice.”

However, that being noted? There are two parts to this message. The first part is clear, you’re searching, and probably finding, your Scorpio voice. That’s good. Now?

Now? this week, the weeks ahead? Don’t use that newfound voice.

Find your “voice,” just don’t use it, yet.

Really need a good Scorpio snicker here, to punctuate that last line.

Find your voice, just on’t use it — yet.

Scorpio: time and place, time and place, just not yet.




Texas History is fascinating as it represents a microcosm of the history of the United States. Not all the parallels are exact, but there is a certain similarity, if nothing else. At least one pundit will exclaim, “As goes Texas, so goes the country.” I may not be totally on board with such material, but I do find some the history of Texas fascinating. In particular, there is the bit about the freak snow storm right before Santa Ana marched on the Alamo. I am forever reminded of this, every spring, when there is a spate of frigid weather in an otherwise warm spring season. That would be right now, and as a Sagittarius — speaking to other Sagittarius folks?

“Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.”

That can either be comical, or tragic, sort of depends. However, there is a definite need to look over our Sagittarius shoulder(s) to see where we’ve been and what lessons we’ve been through before — so we don’t have to repeat our mistakes!

“I was going to do this, again.”

I’ll ask, “Did it work before?”

“Uh, no, not really.”

Then might a suggest we try a different approach? History proves what doesn’t work. Our combined Sagittarius experiences are valuable, like that.

Sagittarius: if it didn’t work before, you really think work this time?



The Sea Goat

The obstacle course of life requires deft skills to properly navigate the pitfalls, hurdles, and other Capricorn impediments. Much as I would like to be there for you, much as I would like to hold your hand and gently show you a clear path, I’m afraid neither you, nor me, can see a clear way through this.

The first trick? Slow down.

As Mars enters your sign, let me tell you what this is all about. Been there. Recently. Remember? I’m a precursor for your transits. Gets me, gets me worse, then it gently fries its way into your sign.

The first trick? Slow down.

There are a few other elements that play into the simplistic advice, but we can easily hang the problems, or lack of resolution to a situation (possibly two), we can give that one up to Mr. Mars. I just went through this.

The first trick? Just slow down.



The Water Bearer

One of my Aquarius buddies showed up last week, and this is merely a precursor to what’s up ahead. It was “Guy Garage Talk” time — couple of buddies, shooting the breeze in the garage, a bass boat between the two. Talk about the weather. Talk about the last fishing trip. Talk about the next trip. Talk about girls.

You can easily hear me, “What’d she do now?”

For Aquarius, there’s a whole round-about way to get around to giving voice to the situation at hand, and unlike my example? This is not gender-specific.

There are two elements that play into this scenario for Aquarius — one is the casual setting, like, hanging out in the garage while one works on the boat, and second? The casual way the heart of the question is approached. Talk about weather, talk sports, talk fishing with me, then, get around to what’s really eating at the heart of the Aquarius — whatever that is.

There is song, dance, chitchat, and every other kind of small talk necessary to make this happen. Respect the little rituals that are required.

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