Horoscopes for 8.30.2018

It is the lesser blot, modesty finds,
Women to change their shapes than men their minds.

    Julia in Shakespeare’s
    The Two Gentlemen of Verona V.iv.105-6

Horoscopes for 8.30.2018



The Virgin

Old piece of advice, reiterated for the current Virgo birthday conditions, this week: If you care for your gear, it will care for you. Simple enough set of instructions. As an example, I’ve got a couple of fishing poles with matching reels, stored in my garage. Since I know I wasn’t going to use the poles — and reels — for a few months, I stripped the line off the reels themselves, oiled them up, and left them in their protective cases. The poles? I have long sleeves with elastic at one end, covers the poles and protect them from dust, or similar, outside elements. Remove the fishing line, oil the reels, wipe down the poles, and cover them for storage. Different lakes, oceans, beachfront, all of that requires different tools, and the gear itself, taking care of the gear is part of what is required. I’m going bass fishing this weekend, although, last week was better, but I’m going when I can, and I‘ll be able to count on that one set of poles being in good shape because the last time I used them? I cared for my gear. Cleaned, really just wiped down, line stripped off the reels, a drop of oil in one spot, and that gear will be ready for hot action at the lake.

Virgo: If you care for your gear, it will care for you. In other words? Take care of our tools.


It’s about letting go of something that has been weighing you down. Most of the Libra folks I know tend to carry a little extra weight. That is not what I’m talking about, no! It’s about releasing a long-held belief, or perhaps a sentimental attachment to some kind of memento that is deeply symbolic of past hurt and trauma. Emotional scars can run deeper than mere flayed flesh. Yeah, maybe not such a good way to turn a phrase.

The last of Venus motion, though, creates space where that one last, lingering piece of crap can be let go of. For me, I had a rare and collectible book, really a possible forgery, but either as fake or real item, either way, it was valuable to a collector. What I did? Off it went to special collection at the University of Texas. I donated it. Bittersweet, in a way, but look: I get tax credit, the University will probably sell it for a profit, and that money goes to fund higher eduction. Plus, the real bonus? It is no longer in my hands, real value, perceived value, fake, forgery, or real, doesn’t much matter. It’s a small matter of a book, but it carried tremendous emotional carnage with it. And now? That’s gone. Likewise, for Libra? It’s about letting go


When I encounter a strong sense of deja vu, clairvoyance, or any other obvious precognition? I’ve learned — the hard way — to listen. Pay attention. Weigh and balance, but consider the alternative point-of-view. Listen, learn, maybe, just maybe, don’t embrace the sixth sense view, not wholeheartedly, not without further — good — Scorpio fact-checking. “Little voices in my head told me so,” doesn’t always go over well. Still, there is a need to listen to what those little Scorpio voices are saying. The signs, the portents in your everyday Scorpio life, the in and out of material, the little indicators that spirits are talking to you? For me, I watch the small signs, a bird, a bug, the gentle zephyrs, a ripple on the surface of the water, perhaps a big fish lurking just below the surface, waiting to be caught? When, where, how? All of that? There’s a moment, not this week, but there is a moment when your Scorpio butt will be saved by that intuition. The good, Scorpio intuition. What I always suggest, though, it’s a matter of looking past the signs that are intuitive, and making sure, like checking in the real world, “Make I don’t want to go down that path,” then discovering, yes, the bridge is washed out. Saved you some trouble, didn’t it? Now, the tricky point is that the Good Scorpio Intuition isn’t exactly dialed in this week. However, in the following weeks? That peaks with a life-saving, Hail Mary, “OMG, how did you know!” Yes, that kind of a response. However, in order for that to happen? Next few days, got to learn how to listen, then fact check, what those voices might be telling you.


I kept thinking of a single expression, as a way to move out Sagittarius selves forward. Single expression, that summed up a whole week’s worth of weirdness, fast-moving, slow-witted problems that are all around our Sagittarius selves at the moment. A single expression, and the more I looked at the charts, rotated the planets around, and toyed with where the particular planets are at this moment? Advancing the planets and plotting the week forward and then backwards, and getting to same spot, over and over — same expression.

In its historical context, this makes it even more amusing, as there is a strong naval element to the sentiment. There is also a partial overtone, as if there is the act of preparing for war. Which isn’t what this is about. Or preparing for battle, which, again, isn’t what this about, but the idea is sound. The act of preparation — this singular call to action? That’s what works for Sagittarius, for this next few days. This whole week, maybe. I also tend to reiterate the same message, over and over, with a three-fold approach working best. In other words, repeat the same set of directives, three times over, to make sure the message is received. However, for our Sagittarius selves? One shot. One call. One message. Repeated one time only. This week?

Sagittarius: Clear the decks.


It’s really a function of Mars. When the weather cooperates, and in the warmest days of summer, I tend to take a little walk before sunrise. In one industrial parking lot, under the harsh, artificial moonlight, the flash and glint of what looked like treasure caught my eye. I nudged it with my toe, and I quickly realized it was trash, at least, in my worldview, just a piece of trash. However, I mused as I wandered on home, that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. With Mars in his current condition, as a Capricorn you are quick to notice, quicker to judge, and quickest to dismiss. There is a fourth part of the line of quick actions, a quick realization that, although you might be dismissing it, with me not being totally clear on what it is, that quick dismissal of relevancy for Capricorn should have a comment setting, about how that might be another person’s treasure.

Indeed, as noted before, in reference to my experience with this?

“One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.”


Thought I could build a whole series of horoscopes about observations from walks in the morning, as of late, but I doubt I can sustain that metaphor. However, it worked for Capricorn, and on another morning, returning home before the dawn? I noticed a single bat, erratically weaving through the glowing, warming morning light. Sun wasn’t — technically — up yet. Bat was late — or lost — and trying to either eat the last of the bugs, hence the erratic flight, or maybe it was just a little tipsy. No way to know for sure. When I lived in Austin, close enough to the fabled Bat Bridge, I got used to seeing the bats at night, especially on summers’ eves. So one, lost bat, in San Antonio’s graying dawn was more amusing for me than worrisome. A single bat, darting in the sky, perhaps his radar was broken, and it was just looking for a safe roost for the day. I have a couple of bat houses on the side of this house, as the bats are excellent wildlife to keep around. Eat bugs, poop fertilizer, and are quiet neighbors — all good qualities. The bat navigate in the dark worth series of squeaks, works like radar, for real. The bonus is a bat can eat its own weight in bugs in a single night of feeding. What I wanted to look at for Aquarius was the “bat navigation” system, radar, echo-location, call it what you want. While that flight, the other morning, looked erratic to me? The bat was probably snapping up the last of the bugs and getting ready for a long, summer’s day nap. Well-deserved rest. Stuffed and then a snooze. Just looks erratic to those of us who are not Aquarius.


All about choices and what we choose to see — and what we choose to believe. This is for one Pisces, but it can be used by all, I hope. Cupcakes are healthy muffins that believe in magic. Last I saw of her, that one Pisces had nice cupcakes. Mind out of the gutter, I’m referring to baked goods. In one example, it was a super-healthy muffin-like blob. Doubt there was any really “dough” in the example, it was coconut oil, ground almond flour, chunks of fruit, no sugar, no butter, no eggs.

Tasted like sawdust.

Tasted like lawn clippings, and lawn clippings from a week when the lawn was toasted brown, not even flavorful. So there is a “healthy,” and I would have to guess one of the selling points would be “no one would eat one of these for desert, so they really are healthy.” Then there are some cupcakes. The artisanal, introspective, highly-decorated cupcakes. Swirls and white fudge, and that extra helping of icing? In other worlds, the muffins are the pedestrian, every-day version while the cupcake? The cupcake is a healthy muffin that believes in magic. As a Pisces, swinging into this next week, what helps the most? Believe in magic. That turns the ordinary muffin into a delightful, insouciant bit of baked goods that has a magical way of relieving tensions, if only for a few minutes. It’s like magic. Believe, Pisces, believe.


I like to look a little further down the road than the next few days. Holiday time in America, such as it is, and there’s no shortage of excuses to avoid work. However, as Virgo gets earnestly started, there’s a sense of urgency for your self. See? Like this, if you put in a little extra time with a work, or work-related chore? Goal. Idea. Side-hustle, is what I like the most, as most of my life has been a side-project, but anyway, if your Aries self will put in a little extra effort, doesn’t have to be much, but just a little extra work directed towards that career thing? The job that brings in the money? Just a little extra effort in that area. It could be a really simple task, more like thinking through the days — and weeks — ahead rather than just worrying about the weekend. Then, there’s some long-term planning.

“Man plans, and the gods laugh,” the way I heard it.

But thinking all the way through some future stuff, and I’m looking further down the Aries road than this weekend, but looking two, three weeks ahead? There’s something yo can do — now — that makes it more comfortable — then. I’m all about Aries comfort, but you knew that.


Steadfast, dedicated motions towards a single, stated goal. Do not let the “Bright, Shiny Object (syndrome)” catch you up. All shiny, new. Get distracted. In the past few days, there is some renewed clarity, focus, and direction. Being a Taurus is suddenly fun again. Along with that? There is the problem with the “easily distracted” energy. “No, wait, look at THAT!” See what I mean? I prefer to refer to this as the aforementioned, “Bright, Shiny Object (syndrome).” There are always distraction, but the siren-call of the “Bright, Shiny Object (syndrome)” is worse, now, and to make this work? Re-dedicate yourself towards that original goal. The prize, keep that Taurus eye on the prize. Distractions, until next week, are limitless, and the easiest way through this is to commit to that one goal, that one direction, that single element that requires your undivided Taurus attention, at this time. Now. Nothing else. I can hear it now, though…

“But look, over there! That might help us get there faster, let’s just stop and see…”

How’s that working out, now? It’s not. I warned you. Steadfast towards that stated goal. Much more successful by the end of the weeks. Or next week, whenever.


Single-serving containers and concomitant packaging is perhaps one of the greatest offenders in the modern world. The story is told there’s a giant island of floating waste that is mostly made out of plastic water bottles, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, the giant and ever-widening gyre. No fact checking here, so it might be myth, no way for me to know, for sure. Those particular water bottles are but a single example of the uselessness of “single-serving containers.” That’s the example.

I was eating a yogurt, or yogurt-like digestive-aid from a similar kind of container, maybe three ounces of food, and packaged in a disproportionate amount of plastic. Warning labels, use-by dates, ingredients, nutritional analysis, and, always a fave, “Not marked for individual sale.” I tossed it in the trash, realizing what a waste of material that was. Perhaps the least effective way to process and package food, from an environmental and wholistic way of seeing it. However, for this week’s Gemini? The single-serve container is the answer. There’s portion control. There’s ease of administration, simple to pull out, one serving per container, and then? Toss. Super simple. As this week wends forward think about the single serving container. As a Gemini, just for now? One is enough. Don’t need a 12-pack, or carton of the damn things, just a single serving.


My material is derived from the strangest of places. Part of its roots include bass fishing along the lakes in mostly Central Texas. Part of it is an ongoing study of literature especially working my head around Shakespeare’s plays — like — all of them. One of the important points to consider, when looking through my material, as I prognosticate a future for the Cancer Moon Children?

Consider the variety of sources. Consider that I shop in both high-end, fancy places, and the dollar store. Kind of paints a picture of someone who is all over the place, in respect to trends and attitude, am I right? However, that’s the glory of this job, such as it is, I can pick and choose which place I like the best — at that moment. Various places are fun for different reasons. Sometimes, different places are fun for the same reasons. No accounting for tastes, right? There is an echo, a way the light bounces off other people to reflect back to your Moon Child self. That’s what this next few days are about. See reflections of who you really are mirrored in the eyes, actions, reactions, and statements from other people. Be willing to look at this from another point of view. It’s that diversity of outlooks that helps shape the rest of the week for Cancer.

The Leo

“My life is an open book!” Heard more than one of The Leo make such a statement. Statement with an exclamation point at the end, no less. That’s usually the case, too, as any of The Leo are willing to lay bare their emotional entrails for all to see. Some days, this is confessional, and some days, this is just sharing too much information. Learning to ascertain and figure out what is too much, and what is not enough? I’m known to reveal lurid details about my own life — in an effort to provide solid illustrations of certain principles. I see a situation in a chart, and I will discuss various aspects, what I think should happen, and what I did with a similar set of circumstances. After so many years of this, I’ve gotten better at gauging what is the right amount of detail, and what level of intimacy is required. It is tricky at best, and on a few occasions, it has backfired. In order to keep this week from going from bad to worse, or having a situation backfire, or worse, like stopped up plumbing, maybe a drain that isn’t draining properly? To keep that from happening to The Leo contingent? Think about how much information, what level of gory detail is allowed. For the sake of illustration, some parts of the tale have to be told, but for the sake brevity? Maybe not every excruciating detail.



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