Horoscopes for 9.13.2018

    Then charge again: if heaven be not opposed,
    We cannot lose the day.
    Charles in Shakespeare’s Edward III 4.7.85-

Horoscopes for 9.13.2018



The Virgin

Some days are big things. Birthdays are milestones to some. “More like a stone tied around my neck,” to others. This week, though, as we course our way through Virgo, the message is a little different. It’s not the big things; it is the little things. Mercury and the Sun, both in Virgo, require attention to details. Rather than make this about the big things, this is one of the times when Virgo is best served, doing what you do best, obsessing, you know, in your style, about the details. The little stuff. The details matter, this week, especially this week? Oh how the details matter. “God is in the details,” is the way the expression was taught to me, and this is a week when that rings true, truer than before. So this is a week to look at the little stuff.

I rerouted a cable behind my working desk. No big deal in and of itself. And technically, wires don’t flow information any faster based on the configuration. Straight, crooked, coiled, no, it doesn’t let the data flow any faster, but just taking care of one little details made me feel better. Details. Look out for the details.

“See, if the wire is straight, the electrons transfer data more quickly.”

Really? Going to go with that one, still?


Not yet. So not yet. Patience, little one. My dear Libra friends, this is about waiting until the time is right, and the time isn’t right, not now. Close? Sure. A good idea? Yes. But now? No, not yet. So close. Yes, you can feel it. I can feel it, and I’m not even Libra. But the answer is “No, not yet.” The biggest challenge?

There will be an event, and you’ll get this horrific sense of, “I missed my chance! This will never align — ever again!” Oh dear. Oh dear Libra. Oh dear Libra quit being so overly dramatic. “But. Never. Again!” Here’s the little trick. Timing? Remember, I said to wait? If you want, this comes full circle and much to your benefit. The trick is that waiting is the hardest part. There is full moon on its way. By the time it gets here? Yes, then. But until then? Wait. The challenge is it looks like a missed opportunity. It might be a better break if you wait, though. Just suggesting, dear Libra, just suggesting. that sense of urgency is a planetary trick. No need to answer its heed.


The online news is always a fascinating source of trivial pursuits for a mind like mine. I can get information about astrology, or archeology, and recent technological advancements. Or the latest developments in physics. My personal favorite is always language, but there is so much more than just that. The problem being, sometimes the individual pieces of information are not a cohesive pattern, not part of a greater whole, at least, not to some. For me, it’s an idle mind, wandering, bereft of an anchor. One of those pursuits was information about the Clovis Culture. Or Clovis Man, or, in its original form, the Clovis Points. Named for small town on the edge of West Texas, Clovis (New Mexico), the archeology dug back, and was, at one time, the oldest natives in the New World. Immigrants, not that it matters, apparently. In the ensuing centuries, more indications of encampments have showed up in the archeological record. Makes for interesting discourse. This is also an example of taking a scant, very limited, amount of information and extrapolating whole volumes. Not much hard data, but much can be learned about the early hunter-gathers, and then, how that group might’ve settled down to start agrarian society, many thousands of years later. This is pure Scorpio fodder, at the moment. Dig. Dig deep. Find some facts. Hard facts. The basis for any extrapolation, that has to be based in facts. Hard facts. While rather limited, the archeological evidence is clear. Don’t believe me? Go look it up yourself about Clovis Points, and the enduring legacy.


Personally, I tend to love September, especially in South Texas. Or Central Texas, wherever it is that I seem to be. It is warm, just not quite as oven-like at times, fishing is good, if not great, the kids are back at school, and there are some weird vacations in September. Days of note. Anniversaries, holidays, and other type of celebrations. Plus, for the first two-thirds of the month? Virgo! I suppose, if one hasn’t ever dated a Virgo, one wouldn’t understand. Fond memories, but the problem with those memories, and the Sagittarius warning? I recall the feeling of joy, the happiness, the good stuff from Virgo — not the constant bickering, nagging, nit-picking perfectionism. As a Sagittarius — we have to remember that this Virgo season is filled with such forms of Virgo endearments. “Damn with faint praise,” is the expression. The other term, from a Virgo-esque person? “Yeah, it’s OK, but you could do better.” The trick with Sagittarius energies is the realize there will be some of that Virgo flavor floating free, and no matter what we do, that Virgo stuff will not be happy. However, as a Sagittarius, I finally realized that the Virgo was happy being unhappy. Way it is. Instead off arguing with it? Take the gentle corrections. “Oh wow, you’re right, I can fix this, now.” Don’t roll your eyes at me — I can hear that from here.


Buddy of mine has some fairly intricate artwork on his arms, mostly forearms, if I recall. One side has a rendition of an early image of his dad, and the other arm has a slightly later version of his mom. His parents were divorced when he was young. There is some pain associated with that. Still, he did get them as tattoos, and that is a commitment of sorts. Without looking or asking, I can’t recall which parent is on which side, and my buddy is funny like that, he’ll look down, and say, “See, if you look at it, it’s on the left, but from where I am, it’s the right.” Stage Left, Stage Right, Left and Right. All about directions and how one sees this material. There are two take-away points, should be obvious. One is that this might not be the best time to make permanent decision, like getting a huge tattoo on your Capricorn arms. If you are, I know a guy, but you can’t say I didn’t warn you. The other point, though, is about that sense of direction. Looking down and looking at him, there are two different ways to see the art. Stage Right and the right side, or Stage Left and the right side? Which one is it? Have to understand that what the Capricorn sees, while completely correct, that is just your version. Doesn’t make it bad, or better, just makes it different. Stage Right is the left side. Right?


All about timing, am I right? All about timing for Aquarius. The echo is that this has passed before. We’ve seen this material, previously. There is nothing new under the sun, to use that familiar expression. Seems that way, a little bit. Nothing too new. However, as that typical Aquarius, there is a desire for somethings new. Change, and a change of thy own making, too. The cautionary tale is about change for the sake of change, not change because it is required or desired. As an Aquarius, change is always desired, but that desire to change has to be weighed, this week especially, against the way things are, and if that isn’t somehow better. The question, really, an Aquarius challenge got the next couple of days, is it truly needed as change? Or is it merely rearranging an existing set of circumstance, much like rearranging the furniture in a house, it does qualify as change, but is it really required? Change? change is usually good. Is this a step that Aquarius is required to make?


Bet the Reds are running. It is the season. My sportsman friends are out shooting at birds. Dove season, right? So the lakes and bays are little less crowded. Then, too, it isn’t quite as oven-like on the water, now. Still, all good. When the Redfish (Red Drum to some) are running, it means that they come into the coastal bays to feed, which makes for good fishing. While August is good, I prefer September, after the schools all start. Less traffic, more fun. That sense of solitude on the water, especially during the week. It’s an escape plan, and it’s nature at her finest. So what’s it gonig to be this week? We got work? Duty calls? Jobs, bosses, clients, and other temporary annoyances? Or should we sneak off for a little fishing? You know, not to tempt you to run away and avoid work? But I’ll bet the Reds are running, even now. Something to think about, isn’t it? Especially for Pisces? I’ll bet the Reds are running. We should investigate, don’t you think?


One of the most beautiful components of the current “Digital” age is the level ground. Even playing field. Anyone can express an opinion about any topic and there will be those who salute, deride, boo, hiss, catcall, applaud, uplift, recommend, and applaud. Frequently, these actions occur with great enthusiasm. However, the observation stands, it is easy enough to develop a public platform upon which one can make a statement of sorts. Whether that gets much traction, that’s a different question. The current “Digital” age leveled much of what is going on, and made it more democratic, in a way. Anyone can get a foot in the door. As an Aries, it is important that you realize anyone can easily get a start. That much is simple. What is more problematic is sustaiing a position, or holding an opinion under withering fire, and overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

“I read it on the internet.”

It is not a valid source. After examining the ins and outs, though, and realizing that there is a way to get a start, and before you launch in a new direction? Stop and search for two particular items. One is familiar — Aries friendly — voice. Someone who supports your decisions and views. Then, the second part of this week’s exercise, find some opposing view points. Helps to anticipate what the other side will say, and looking at their opposing view points is the easiest way to build a better Aries case. Or Aries defense. The level playing field works two way, and one way to use it to your Aries advantage? Look at what the competition is saying.


All depends, you know? All depends, my fine Taurus friend, all depends. Is tension like this good? Or is this bad? I tend to see it as tension, neither good nor bad, but just a present kind of frisson that is like static electricity. See? Hairs on my arms are standing up now, and is that bad? Not really, I’m just observing. As a Taurus, patient observation is part of your skill set. This tension that I’m alluding to, it doesn’t have to be bad, maybe, try playing with it. Draw out the answers. Slow down the delivery mechanisms. Wait. The biggest problem with the current state of affairs is that sense of immediacy, “You didn’t answer my text/email/phone, like right away, is everything OK?” As always, there are two sides of this energy. What I tend to see in the next week is the Taurus being slower to respond, which, in turn heightens the tension in other areas, asnd most important, for other people. Not for Taurus. However, and this where I earn my Taurus dollars, what happens when you’re on the receiving end of the delay? Tension. You can text/email/phone me, but I might be a little delayed in getting back to you, hence the tension. Now that you know about this? When faced with some character who appears to be reluctant, slow, or just just plain rude about a quick response? You know the source of the tension, and it is possible to play it.


City girl — one of my buddies, in Austin, basically, no, totally a city girl. She was describing a trip to New Mexico. One of those magical excursions. A summer vacation of sorts, maybe the last week of August or something. Anyway, she described sitting in a motel‘s parking lot, one evening — in New Mexico — with the summer rain storms blowing and billowing around, cascading down the mountains. She described, sitting in the parking lot of a cheap motel, in a barren desert landscape, and how it was pure magic. I asked, I know portions of New Mexico really well, I asked about the stars. Her eyes got bigger, and she started to talk, quicker, more animated, words tumbling out of her mouth. The big sky at night does that to a city girl. I know, I’ve seen these transformations myself. The Milky Way, the Great Sky River, clear and crisp, and even though it was the middle of the summer, it was still getting cold at night. Seen it all myself, while, maybe not that one cheap motel, I’ve been where the sky is so bright, and the city lights are faded to nothing at all. For her, though, the was pure magic. The part I liked the most? Parking lot of a motel. Not an exotic destination, not a far-flung and distant place of mystical vortex powers, just a parking lot of a cheap motel, probably a broken neon sign buzzing in the background. If this isn’t obvious, Gemini, then let me be clear. Not exotic. Not far-flung. Just a simple location. Look for the magic to happen, right there.


I’m not sure which digestive aid made the difference. Might’ve been the “organic, free-range” MCT oil. Might’ve been the “naturally harvested” coconut oil. Raw spinach? Might’ve been that, too. I’m totally unsure. Or that new herb tea from the local picker? No idea which one it was, but one of them has settled my stomach issues, really well. One of those is working to make me feel much better. Out with the bad and in with the good. Solidly out with the bad and in with the good. Such a simple transition, too. This week’s superfood, I’m not even sure what it is, but this week’s superfood? Give it a spin. The recent events have totally unsettled the Cancer Moon Child’s stomach, real or figurative, and that means we need something new and different to settle it. I’m a big fan of the all-natural, all-organic, local, homegrown, herbal, bacteriological, gastroenterology, something-something, free range? One, or more of those elements is what is required. Or, as I would prefer to put it, “suggested.” Wholistic, naturopathic, holographic, Easter, Western, native? Some kind of compilation works. The only problem, the challenge, is that my current supporting evidence for this is strictly anecdotal, like, a folk-lore remedy. Worked for me. Will work, for you, too. The big obstacle? Determining which path is correct for your own self. I know — this week — it’s one of those.

The Leo

Perhaps it because I’m male. Perhaps it is because I’m from a long line of manly men who all fancied themselves handyman, or perhaps it was my early upbringing, with access to hand tools, and emphasis on self-reliance. I can’t say for sure, but I was looking at a catalog the other afternoon — addressed to the former occupant, “Or current resident,” the catalog was construction tools. I had an urge to get some tools. Buy something that I don’t need to accomplish a task that I hire out. I should reiterate, if it doesn’t have a keyboard, or fishing line, then I don’t want to operate it. I have done a few home projects. Each time, though, the project involves multiple trips to the hardware stores, and big box supply companies, and then, the average 20-minute fix takes three days — or more. Still, I have an affection for the catalogs and looking at the tools. I have zero use for ratchet system that attaches to the bumper/tow bar of a car for cranking a vehicle out of a ditch, or a car buried in mud. However, that looks like just the thing that I might want, according to the catalog. “Always be prepared!” Heard that someplace. Once or twice a season, I get caught up in looking at hardware I have no need, or use, for. I have no business trying to operate hydraulic presses and jacks, and frankly, no need for that kind of hardware. Still, the catalog pops up, and I spend a lazy few minutes looking at hardware, thinking I need to shop there. No keyboard. No fishing reel. Not something I need to operate. It’s that simple.

Like me, The Leo needs to just toss that catalog after looking at the pretty pictures and wondering, “What if…”



About the author: Born and raised in a small town in East Texas, Kramer Wetzel spent years honing his craft in trailer park in South Austin. He hates writing about himself in third person.