Horoscopes for 10.18.2018

    Therefore be cheer’d,
    Make not your thoughts your prisons;

Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra 5.2.185-6

Happy Birthday!

The Sun moves into the Tropical Zodiac Sign of Scorpio on Oct. 23, 2018 around 5:22 AM… Your mileage may vary, etc.

Horoscopes for 10.18.2018



The Scales

While I certainly spend much less time traveling from town to town these days, I have, in the past, spent many years waking up in strange motels. Over the years, I’ve grown accustom to pitiful coffee service devices in motel rooms, with the emphasis being on weak, pre-packaged coffee of one stripe or another. Last motel I was in? Usual Mr. Coffee knock-off with “Guaranteed Fresh” pre-packaged ground beans. The package was for 2 cups of coffee, the coffee maker was for 8 cups. There were matching packages of regular roast and decaf. I opened up the single-serving, two-cup for regular then I added the same for the decaf, in other words, it was four cups of coffee, half-caf, half-decaf. Then, in the coffee maker, I only added four cups of water, despite being able to handle eight. This might appear to be some kind of recipe for disaster, but I was just trying to arrive at a serviceable cup of coffee without halving to think too hard. While I do tend to believe that “Decaf is the work of the devil,” this match yielded about two good mugs of coffee that tasted OK, and certainly tasted better than usual motel coffee. It is about making allowances and with the current Libra birthdays, the allowances can be a simple trick like using that package of decaf to obtain the fullest flavor from the regular coffee. Emotionally, it delivers the same punch. Given the nature of the season? That works.


The three R’s? Risk. Reward. Ratio. There is an easy way to calculate this, the way I recall it? Risk. Reward. Ratio. Coastal fishing in October, right before the Sun hits Scorpio? Risk? A quick glance at the weather shows there is minimal weather complication. Reward? Either a big cooler full of fresh fish, or an excellent and relaxing day on the water, or both. Ratio? On that one? It is win-win, near 100%…

Calculating the three Rs for other Scorpio endeavors gets more complicated. What is the exposure, chance you will get discovered, the amount of winning that occurs? Honest chances of rewards? What is the ratio, then? Buddy has this guy she’s keenly interested in, and she would love to shower him with Scorpio affections. She is unsure if the attraction is mutual (she is Scorpio, how can it not be?) The Risk is asking him out when the planets appear to be in inconvenient disarray, but the advantage, for Scorpio, knowing that Venus is currently in a retrograde pattern? Good time to hang it out there, emotionally. The risk is limited by Venus, and the chance for reward, Scorpio happiness, is high. In this situation? Risk-reward ratio is really better than one might think. Still, for Scorpio, weigh the risk-reward-ratio, first.


It wasn’t something that I always aspired to study, but Shakespeare in performance became, less than a hobby, but more like a calling. No, don’t get me wrong, I never played any Shakespeare on stage and I have no hopes — or dreams — of doing so now. I’ve had a few acting classes, but nothing that really clicked, other than, I discovered, that it is a lot harder than it seems. I can do certain roles when I’m working with individual clients, from confessor to sage, to mystic, and the good-old-boy. However, I do those roles as need be, and I seriously doubt I will ever be center stage except for a few, stolen moments. Not that it matters, I love seeing the stuff, in all its variations, from amateur to highly trained professional. Part of my inherent fondness for Sagittarius stems from our love of life, and the active, participating force we tend to have. Joyful, even in the face of uncertain odds. That undaunted courage is required to face the next few days. My dear love and appreciation of the Shakespeare canon, as an example. I also know what I can, and can’t, do. Yeah, I’m not going to be playing one of these roles on stage, but I can appreciate it.


Me and another psychic share a client. The client was referred to me by the holistic healer slash psychic for real-time astrology questions. In the course of coaching the client, with careful attention paid to my words, there has been tremendous personal growth. In part, I delineated timing, when this aligns with that, and what it means when that moves intro a different section of the personal sky. To me, it isn’t difficult. What I heard, “To the day, Kramer was right!” My psychic friend thinks she did all the work. Pretty sure, though, it was a team effort, lining up the forces of good to triumph. Mostly, though, it was the client, ready for change. Thinking that I can have some kind of supernatural power over other people is a mistake on my part. I read the charts and suggest timing, what I’m — apparently — good at. Other than that? No magic, no psychic powers, no Voodoo, no bending of spoons, none of that. To be rather honest, the client did all the growth stuff for herself. I might drop hints, but I can’t do the work for you. As a Capricorn, a constellation that is part mythical being, able to traverse both land and water, and as a mythical Capricorn, what magic are you working now? None, am I right? However, that doesn’t prevent hard work, determination, and assiduously sticking to a goal — that doesn’t negate any of that Capricorn drive, which, pretty much, is required. Capricorn: Wow, you’re amazing! Yeah, a lot of hard work went into it. Ain’t magic; although, to some, it might appear as such.


Heirloom china, the stuff that gets passed from older generations to younger ones? I’m the last in the line, in my immediate family, who will receive such heirloom china. The stuff I’ve got, remember, all those years in a trailer park in South Austin? I was pretty minimalist. Still am, but the heirloom china has made its way to me. What I do different? I use the stuff, most near every day. Great for microwaving a quick piece of leftover something, or smashing a few items together and tossing it in the nuke. Also good when I have company over, and I don’t want to be seen eating from the frying pan. Not that I would ever stoop so low as to do that, but why dirty a dish, when a fork and the pan is all I need? Minimalism at its finest, the way I think about that. This is about not being afraid of the past, and be willing to use it to move forward. In my minimalist example, it is about using the pieces of the past to move us forward. Propel us towards our destiny — or whatever. I’m pretty sure daily use in a microwave oven was so not the intended use of those plates and so forth, but I can’t be bothered by what other people think. It’s not my business. What is my business, and how to help Aquarius move forward? This is a time to use the good china, and to do so with no fear. Sort of makes a statement.


Shattered dreams, broken pieces of hope? I was thinking about dishes, and I dropped one of my good ones the other day. Shattered into pieces, shards flying across the kitchen tile. Not much of a loss, merely inconvenient for me, having to pause long enough to clean up my mess. Sweep up the pieces, and then I got to thinking about a certain situation. I told the shattered plate I was sorry. Told the plate I loved it, and I was sorry, but the plate? It was still broken. In theory, I could glue it back together. In practice, that would take way too much of my labor, and some of the pieces were small, so, yeah, no. I would claim to be truly sorry, but the plate slipped from grasp and I was more concerned about the leftover BBQ than the plate itself. I picked up one piece of BBQ that seemed to miss any fragments of shattered plate and popped the leftover morsel in my mouth. Nothing too crunchy, so I was safe. Still, the plate was shattered, and even though I said I was sorry, the plate was still broken. I am so sorry, and when you hear that? Think about my plate. Really, as far the plate is concerned, yes, good china and all, but I wasn’t that sorry — there’s always more.


“Blind spot malice.” We all got blind spots, places, situations, challenges that we refuse to see clearly. It’s a blind spot, right? Like the rear view of my old truck, there was a spot, right next to the rear left fender, couldn’t quite see, like, a blind spot, and the only way to know for sure, either blind faith or turn around and check. In traffic, I would turn around and check. I learned, get honked at a few times, find out there is another vehicle occupying the space, yeah, folks move out of the way, but not without letting their feelings be known, usually that one-finger salute. When I rode street bikes (motorcycles), I rode in a way that assumed the cars didn’t see me. Let’s flip this around, for Aries. There’s a blind spot, and you know about it. Into that blind spot, there will be an enemy, a self-defeating behavior, a problem of one sort — or another. Aries, it’s “blind spot malaise.” Or “Blind spot malice.” Seen it both ways. My suggestion for properly dealing with this? Glance in the rearview. Put on the blinker, gradually, slowly, ever so gently, start easing into that spot, the blind spot. If someone is there, they will let you know. Rudely, probably, but they will let you know. Doesn’t fix the problem, and the other option, if you want, pause long enough to look into that Aries blind spot, and see if it is clear.


I haven’t had a landline phone in several decades. Certainly more than a decade if not a whole two. Still, quite an accomplishment, but it speaks to how quick one is to embrace new technology — then watch the older tech die off in gory glory. There is always one who holds onto the dated tech. I would like, very much, to simplify my life. As a Taurus, this next few days is a good time to take stock of what you’ve got on hand, what works, what doesn’t work, what is required, and what, like a landline, you might want to let go of, because, ask yourself, does it serve a real purpose? My favorite example was a buddy’s mom, and she didn’t want to have a wireless phone, but her cable company — my buddy did the arranging — the cable bundled a phone line with a TV service, and probably internet access, but I don’t know, and she had an “internet” phone without knowing about it. As far as my buddy’s mom was concerned, it was a wired phone like she always knew, and that it was through the cable TV wires not a phone company, that didn’t matter. This is an example of sliding something in sideways, or getting rid of an unnecessary expense while maintaining the illusion of no change. This is exactly what this next few days are about. Taurus: what can you let go of, perhaps, in a fashion that is a little sideways, but the goal is accomplished, anyway.


Perforce of habit, rather than any real functional quality, I still, when I pack to go someplace, make sure I have a pen, pencil, ink, analog paper, and other scraps for recording my brilliant ideas. At a latter point, in whatever the adventure, I can transcribe the important data to my preferred electronic media, phone, tablet, laptop, but I still retain that scrap of paper. Business cards are excellent, when they are printed on good stock, and even better when one thoughtfully leaves one side blank. For several years, I would also use the junk mail envelopes as that kind of disposable material makes me quicker at transcription. Whatever works, though, as a quick media solution for those Gemini notes and factoids that must be recorded. A single keyword is sometimes all that is required to launch the Gemini mind, quick, and cat-like, into a new orbit of ideas. The catch, and you knew there would be one, due to the planets? It is finding a quick, convenient, easy way to record that single keyword-encapsulated idea. I tend to carry scraps of paper, tiny notebooks and half-dead ink pens. Sometimes, I’ll have a pad of paper from a fancy hotel, from adventures as a plus-one. All variations on the central Gemini theme of being prepared to learn, and be prepared to learn in a fashion that suits your mind, more a keyword that spawns material rather than some long treatise with in-depth information about a single topic. Keyword, not epic tome.


Much of my business is built around tradition. I stand on tradition, myself. The part that is “traditional?” A sun sign horoscope format. Easy enough to see. The words between the headings? I part with tradition, there. However, to be good at this, there has to be a common element, and that’s where tradition plays a role in this week’s understanding — or misunderstanding — of the planetary influences. The Cancer Moon Children are best served if you guys stick with tradition. Stick to tradition. Grasp and grapple to thy heart, the traditional way, the traditional interpretation, the old ways, or, one of my least favorite phrases? “Because it’s the way we’ve always done it, that’s why.” Such a stickler for rules, regulations, and painting only within the lines. Too many rules for me, but I’m not the Cancer Moon Child person here. What I am doing, is giving in an outlandish interpretation to a given situation, and I’m suggesting, for now, “The old ways are best.” Another way to express that — energetically? “Stick with tradition,” even if it is only for a little while. “Stand on tradition,” as a way to stem the tides and times of troubles.

The Leo

There is a temptation to deviate from the plan. This might not be a good time to do that. There is an outside force trying to coerce The Majestic Leo to try a different route. Now might not be a time to take the detour. There will be a quiet voice that really isn’t so quiet, suggesting an alternate solution to situations when, we all know, The Leo’s way works, The Leo’s way is best, and The Leo’s way is most expedient — in other words? “Ain’t broke; don’t fix it.” Me? I’m all about experimenting with changes, using different quantities in recipes, perhaps stranger ingredients, making vegetarian food with meat, and making meat-based dishes vegan. All about experimentation and change, and my results speak for themselves. For The Leo, though, no matter how much, “OH-oh, try this!” No matter how appealing it might sound at the time? My best suggestion, guided by the planets, not Kramer’s internal whack-o-meter, but the best course for The Leo? Straight ahead. No variance from tried and true. That which has worked in the past will work now. Might be a small cloud from silly planets trying to confuse us all, but no, if it worked before, then stick with the proscribed steps to move us forward. Me? I would want to follow some cow-trail on a map, to see if it was really a shortcut, then get lost, then get found, and then, three days late, arrive at the destination. Just for this next couple of days? The Leo is best served sticking with the original plan. Worked before. It will serve you best this time, too.


Inner change and outward evidence of change. Or, in other words, change for the sake of change, doesn’t — usually — accomplish the goal. As one former lover used to put it, “Accessories, shoes and purse have to match.” I am certainly not giving out fashion advice. But I am suggesting that change, merely for the sake of change, isn’t the best route for Virgo, and maybe, yes, change is indicated, but make this a change that your Virgo self undertakes, and let there be an outward show of how — and why — the change is going to occur. Can’t just shift patterns for no reason, and while the reason might be internally clear, the outward signs need to be clear to the rest of us. Some time ago, I was fishing along the side of a local lake. I wound up a mighty cast, stinky catfish bait, heavy sinker, was going to sail that stuff, I was using a nine-foot pole, ands that material was going to go across the lake. I gave it all a might heave-ho, and there was a horrible snapping noise. The bait, hook, line, sinker, all got caught under a picnic table. My heroic effort resulted in broken hardware. Mistakes like this, I tend to take a philosophical view, and consider this a teaching moment for myself. More care, new fishing gear, and some changes. I still fish alongside that lake, but I don’t tend to use that same arrangement, and when I do? I stand well-clear of impediments and obstacles. That was a change worth making, for a clear reason.



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