Horoscopes for 11.29.2018

    “Now I will believe that
    There are unicorns;”

Sebastian in Shakespeare’s The Tempest (III.iii.21-2)

Mercury — officially — goes unretrograde on Dec. 6, 2018 at 4:22 PM.

Portable Mercury Retrograde – Kramer Wetzel

Portable Mercury Retrograde:
astrofish.net’s Mercury in Retrograde

Portable Mercury Retrograde

Mercury — officially — goes unretrograde on Dec. 6, 2018 at 4:22 PM. But that still means, for the rest of this week?

Horoscopes for 11.29.2018




Guilt. Guilt is magical. While guilt may — indeed — be magical, there is no room for it at this time. Holidays, faulty planet array, that Mercury thing, no room for guilt. Looking at the Sagittarius astrology chart, I quickly arrived at that conclusion.

Then, I realized, I was struggling with a problem for client, just an answer to a question, and what happened? I got to over-thinking the answer. That simple. Over-thinking the question, its answer, and the correct source of action. Sagittarius is all about action, too. Correct action, most correct action, and see what happens. Guilt may have many magical attribution, but without over-thinking this? No time for it, not this holiday season. The recent events, then, what’s on the next’s week horizon for Sagittarius, that etches a pathway that might be laden with that sense of guilt. No room, no time. Simple solution, more as a reminder to myself than anything else? Don’t be over-thinking this.


This is an amusing reminder, to myself, as much as it to Capricorn. It has to do with immediate reactions to a situation. That first, instinctual image? That idea of “different” with its friend, “change” also implied? No one likes change. No one likes “different” when it feels like it is not of our own (Capricorn) making. Doing.

That first, immediate reaction might not be well-received, either by your Capricorn self or by some other person involved in this equation. Still, the problem stems from that “immediate” reaction. The first blush. First hint. Or, in a really good example, I started to rebuff a client before I heard the whole story. There were mitigating factors. Not really, but close enough for now. Usually, I’m a huge fan of that immediate, instinctual “gut” reaction. Usually. These are not normal times. Maybe hear the whole spiel before you decide.


There are times when the trauma of memory is what is a root cause. As humans, or mostly human, we have developed coping mechanisms for dealing with the fragmentation of memories that do, or don’t, serve us. The thin patina of time and hazy nature of memory can be a tricky route to navigate. The question as to the accuracy of the memory itself is part of the problem. If there was a simple way to excise some of the fragments of memory, the portions that no longer serve? The last part of the mercurial holiday challenge, though, is what is good, what needs to stay, what is a reminder of the passed, and which parts are worth keeping to present further problems. For the this next few days, gather those memory fragments and leave them in a single container. We’ll get back to sorting, storing, and tossing — editing — Ary a later date. But do pile it all in one Aquarius place.


While back, maybe, what, a year? Two years? I don’t get many requests for free readings anymore, as I’ve weeded out the tire-kickers. But one did come through, and followed me on social media, a bit perturbed that I wouldn’t do something for free because of a friend-of-a-friend (of-a-friend) connection. “Remember? We went to different schools?” I don’t do free much, so, yeah, I forgot, but I did get followed on the various social platforms. Looking, the other morning, I noticed that the person had gone back to a “real job,” and the listing for the spiritual pursuits, while still featured, wasn’t the main gig, anymore. That “free” thing didn’t work out too well. This is about separating the Pisces spiritual from the Pisces real-world. Some days, some weeks, some years, those two flow together with ease and grace. Other times, this week, for example, those two don’t seem to connect on any level. Seeing a spiritualist — Pisces spiritualist — thrown back into the ugly world of day jobs reminded me about that. I sincerely hope it isn’t an introduction to reality, but in our line of work? One has to be careful. Yes, and what effort we put forth, Pisces dear? We will get rewarded. Maybe won’t see this week, but we will be recompensed for our efforts.


Fresh start, new set of eyes, or even just a more clear image of a solution to an old Aries problem? All of that. Any of that. Frame it how it suits you you, but this is indicative of a new way of addressing an old problem. Chronic, emotionally painful, problematic, and recurring? An issue with a tissue? Not many Aries cry like that, but yeah, that could be it. Quit the whining, quit the kvetching, and stop moaning about the sad state of affairs. This can be changed. Perhaps it can be changed by merely looking at the problem from a different point of view. This week, end of the month, beginning of a new month, the last month in this year, and year, according to some, we would really like to put behind us? In order to do that, be shut of this year’s negative impacts on the Aries sites? Got to look at the old problem, with an eye cocked towards a happy resolution, got to look at the recurrently negative as a positive. Some days, all that is required is a different way to see things. Consider, this next week is fraught with weirdness — there is a chance to find solutions where you never thought possible. Look at the perceived “problem” with a fresh set of eyes and be willing to look for a solution rather than an obstacle. Mercury — shut up — paves this way.


One my favorite cooking tools is a simple cast iron skillet. I can do a myriad of cooking chores with it, from a quick stir-fry and sauté to baking an apple pie. Frying, grilling, using bacon grease, or using some super-healthy alternative like coconut oil, sure, any of that works. The virgin olive oils tend to have a lower burn point, so I go light on the heat with those. Still, good for flavor in some instances. Burgers, steaks, veggie platters, all of that does well, from a healthy all-veggie stir-fry to greasy dead animal parts redolent with rich, buttery goodness.

Then, too, there are numerous shades in between. This single, simple device has become the second most valuable tool in the kitchen (coffee is always first). What I like most about the cast iron skillet, though, is its durable nature. I can scrape it out with a metal fork, stir the contents with whatever implement is at hand, and unlike fancy, no-stick pots and pans? No “teflon coated” surface to worry about. Anything goes. Usually tastes good, depending on the cook’s skill set and ingredients. It is a simple tool that serves many purposes, and it is virtually indestructible. Slop a little grease in the bottom and let it sit overnight, about all the care I give mine. Soap, water, then oil it up again, good to go. This week’s Mercury and Moon suggest that Taurus needs to get back to basics. Like that cast iron fry pan that can be used as a tool for just about anything.

Nothing is more fun and frightening than to be shopping with a girlfriend and have her heft a frying pan in the store, “Just testing it for follow-through,” while swinging the pan about. “Handle’s not long enough on this one, can’t get my shoulder into it.”


Question for Gemini? How many people? How many people have to reiterate a message — might be a message that your Gemini selves don’t want to hear, but how many times must a message be repeated? Or, as I asked at the beginning, how many people have to point this out? There’s an abundantly obvious theme occurring in, around, and to, Gemini at the moment. More than one kind soul has indicated this trend. So, how many times do you have to be asked, cajoled, reminded, questioned, or even lectured to get it? Mercury doubles up and doubles down, and this is the last of the Mercury pass for this year, but the question remains, whatever the question is that folks keep asking — bugging — your Gemini selves about, and my question, then, is how many times must this be repeated? So, there will be a number of people asking your Gemini selves the same question or the same concept of a question, over and over in the next few days. How many times must it be repeated, darling Gemini before we get a real answer? How many people?


Been many long years since I worked a Black Friday; although, to be fair, I did venture out into the sales madness a time or two, but that was more for entertainment than any real savings. Got that perception of saving money, but I was never too invested in actually winning on Black Friday, and frankly, there are many places I would rather be. Fishing comes to mind. Family, as a second, but yeah, fishing first. I was thinking about Black Friday as an example, though, for the gentle Cancer Moon Children because this next week is like being a harried retail clerk on Black Friday. Big sale. Crushing hordes of angry warriors laying siege to the retail establishment. All stripes and variations on themes, but this next few days look like a repeat of the Black Friday madness from days of yore. Kind of a medieval way to describe it, “Days of yore,” and “angry warriors laying siege,” but as effective a way as any to describe the way this unfolds. What you do? Up to you, but I would start at there top and work down. First item on the list, the number one person or problem, or problematic person? Talk to that person, or address that problem, first. Then start working your way down the list. Mercury is still tentatively retrograde, so it’s that, “I’m getting my happy little butt to you as fast as I can, now chill, until I get there.”

The Leo

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is about how to help. In this simple example, this about how The Leo can help others. Big thing, these days, with holidays, and the end of the world, and Xmas — big question is, “How can I help?” As humble and noble person, best course of action for The Leo, next few days? Best way to help? Just be present. All it takes, just be present.

The secret sauce to this week’s chaos and chaotic energies, and the general malaise that seems to infect everyone around The Leo? The secret sauce is to merely be present. Listen. Ask pointed questions but listen, first. Listen, and, if possible, hear what is being said. Sometimes, listen with no judgment. Just be present. In some cases, this is merely repeating the phrase, “Uh-huh,” on the phone while listening. Other times, there can be a concerned and worried look on The Leo visage, while being concerned about whatever is happening to the non-Leo people. Listening, being present, or just sitting there, holding the other person’s hand — real or allegory — is all it takes. This next few days, other, non-Leo people are having issues with tissues. Best course of action for The Leo? Non-action, but an investment of time. Be present.


Watching a two-year old decorate an Xmas tree is great fun for me. According to family lore, I was a fully-formed adult, and I was never just two years old, so I can safely suggest I was never like this; however, watching a buddy’s kid work at Xmas decorations was fun. Everything went at 2-year old height. Bottom of the tree was heavily adorned and there wasn’t much higher up.

I suppose, next year, when the kid is three? I suspect that there will be a certain amount of lifting or chairs, maybe steps and ladders, I’m not sure, but next year will be different. This year? The Virgo Xmas tree looks a little lopsided. Not bad, and I can easily ascribe this to Mercury in its current position, but this week looks like that Xmas tree — as decorated by a cute, but quite young, 2-year old. Ten or twelve years from now, that kid will be a sullen teenager. Until then? Hope my buddy enjoys the kid stuff, even if his Xmas tree is a little lopsided, bottom-heavy in decorations, for now.


Many of my Libra friends are list-makers. Scraps of paper, digital in some cases, organized in a folder with one, and at least two of them use the little day-timer things, essentially loose-leaf paper with list after list of items that need attention. Libra isn’t always known as one who will really cross stuff off those copious lists, but that’s not the question. The questions might be about the tools used to make the lists. Paper and pen, is my preferred media, but pencil works, too. As does the electronic form, as most phones have some rudimentary — or even exotic — note taking app.

In South Texas, other places as well, but I’m familiar with the South Texas artwork, there are pre-historic images scratched and painted on the wall, “Native Pictorgraph images,” as it were. Evidence can date back as far as — long time. Leave it at that? However, some evidence would suggest those images are nothing more than a grocery list, “Honey, don’t forget to pick up buffalo meat, deer bones, and maybe some rabbit, you know, for the fur, when you’re out hunting this week.” No way to know, for sure. As this week unwinds, and as Mercury thinks about not being retrograde, think about the Libra lists, and what is used to make those lists. Maybe drawing a quick image would be better than writing it out?


If you want to be interesting? Be interested. Reciprocity pays off well. There’s a sense that this is a time to pay back, or, with another definition of the same action? Pay it forward. Either term works for Scorpio. The starting point, though, is to be interesting? Be interested. Mercury is at one end of Scorpio, retrograde Mercury, and Venus is at the other end.

Want to be the most interesting person in the room? You already are, to me. But want to be the most interesting person in the room? Be interested in others.

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