Horoscopes for 12.13.2018

For who so firm that cannot be seduced?

    Cassius in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar 1.2

Horoscopes for 12.13.2018




As the moon fills out, life gets better and better. The problem, and as a Sagittarius myself, I feel this just as much if not more so than others, is the pesky Mercury. Getting closer and closer to Jupiter, and that ramps up the Sagittarius “play” function. Or talk-feature, or, with some of us? The “I can’t shut up and listen” aspect of who we are. This is a reminder, as much for myself as for any other delicate Sagittarius, shut up. Listen.

Learn to listen, again. Yes, holidays, yes, someone wants us to make a speech, and guess what? Short, declarative sentences, keeping the distance from the beginning to the end as short as possible? That works best. Short, concise, to the point, and not a lot of my typical excessive verbiage, which, frankly, does look and sound pretty to my ears, but avails us naught. Mercury is the “play” function, the “talk” button, but having a platform from which to speak? That doesn’t mean this is a good time to take advantage of that. Nothing serves us better than a quick, short, “Thank you, thank you very much.” All that is required.

Happy Birthday!

Like this week’s opening quote: one line. All that is required.


There was a time when the allure of a rare, hopefully esoteric, text was quite powerful. Dusty, old books with mountains of information and archaic styled language, weird punctuation, phrases that don’t parse well to a modern ear? That kind of book. Usually, too, some of these books — a mountain of such texts — dusty tomes from forgotten times when bookbinding was an art? There is a certain aroma. I adore old books, even to this day.

The thought about rare books brought up a quick search, as there is a current author I admire, and his works were quite formative in my early career. Form, technique, energy, stylistically, and, content itself? All worked into my roots of me being who and what I am, now. Turns out, I have a few of his books, and, as it turns out, a book written and published in 1990 is now a rare and collectible text fetching hundreds of dollars on the used book dark web.

It’s not really the dark web, but so few retailers deal with the esoteric branches of astrology. I have copies of these books in my library, used as an occasional reference. Never knew they were now rated as rare and valuable. Just an old book, and not really that old, not compared with texts that are hundreds of years old. The old books contain references to practices and principles that are still valid to this day. I just thought, in passing, it was worth mentioning that I had copies of books that were new when I bought them, and now? Rare and antique. The rare and antique, the references to principles and practices? That’s where the magic happens. Consult the old texts.


Never was much of fan of two — fairly common — winter activities around here. Winter fishing? Yeah, too cold for my tastes. Hunting? Again, too cold, and holds even less of appeal for me. Both activities require some specialized equipment that is mostly used to keep warm. Any activity, outdoors or not, that requires that much effort to stay warm, practically, isn’t appealing to me.

Neither one of those activities, despite their universal allure to large, local population, yeah, neither works for me. Perhaps I’m lazy. Perhaps the allure, based on the thrill and conquest is less of a challenge, and I would worry more about trying to stay warm. I realize this isn’t really about me, but as an example, two activities that most of my friends and neighbors find attractive? I don’t. Nothing wrong with either activity, just not for me.

Follow the clear clue here: if you don’t like to do it, then don’t do it. As a side note, I have this handy excuse, “Want to go fishing, hunting, etc. this weekend?” My standard disclaimer? “Much as I would love to and I appreciate the invite my old motorcycle injury bothers me on these cold, winter night. You know, fell off a motorcycle at a high rate of speed, and my knees just never been the same, so this weekend, weather’s too cold. But let’s look at some spring dates for fishing…” See what a nice diversion that became? And see how that works well for everyone — especially the Aquarius?


How much is scripted? I watched closely — this was a few weeks back — watched with rapt attention as a (self-styled) “healer” proceeded to read a long passage from a script, a for-real scripted passage, that was supposed to bring happiness, wealth, whiter teeth, fresher breath, and every other promise. The idea of reading from a script bothers me, personally. I figure, there are certain messages that get repeated, but when I find myself repeating the same message three times, to different clients, I know it’s time to drop that in a piece of permanent writing, and post it someplace, easy to refer back to, instead of, like I saw, reading from a script.

So how much of this is scripted? Valid Pisces question. What’s scripted and what’s impromptu? When I work, like now, I set down and look that the chart. The charts describe an energy. I tend to figure a way to explain that, each week, in a new — and un-scripted — way. As we get ready for the holiday madness, as it goes onward and upward watch, how much is scripted?


As a devoted and ardent Aries fanboy myself, I know how this works. Aries likes experiences. Touch it, feel it, interact, and taste. “Immersive” would be a good, operative term for this next couple for days. The Aries experience is best when it is “immersive.” Jump in, roll around in it, taste it, and most important? Feel it. Overall sensations. That makes me shiver, in a good way, as soon as I think about it.

Already did gift-giving by the signs, and I already played that game. For a successful Aries week, there needs to be an immersive experience. don’t be afraid to jump in with both feet, figuratively speaking, as that is what it takes. Jump in, all the ay, over the Areis head. Think: immersion — immersive experience — for Aries.


I have about three different tracks going, where I’m looking at Shakespeare scholarship material. Part of it is the commute to Austin, which can include academic lectures, podcasts, or the plays themselves. Then there is recent scholarship from the web, and there is Shakespeare in performance, the way it is meant to be seen, really. The challenge with this? I have about three tracks of Shakespeare material running, as a backdrop, at all times.

In part, this is to keep my mind sharp, in part, this is a hobbyist’s curiosity, and mostly, it just holds my interest in a visceral way. The material can speak to me. I “discovered,” for my self, that some of the early works contained soaring, lyrical poetry. I did not know that. I always assumed that Shakespeare’s works progressed along a more normal line, getting better with each play. I am thoroughly not prepared for any debate about scholarly topics, just know that I enjoy the material. The holiday madness is in full swing, and some of the pain in Taurus can be easily attributed to the planets. That thusly noted? Consider that I can drop my Shakespeare study for any length of time, and pick it back up, right where I left off, because, although it is important to me, that doesn’t mean that it has current, practical application. So there is that. Worth the holiday madness upon us all, dear Taurus? Be ready to drop what you’re working on to rush off and attend to other claims that require attention at the moment. You can — like me — pick up where you left off, well, later. Sometime. I’m not sure when. February?


I listened while a buddy droned on and on about a particular issue. He felt like he was being railroaded into a decision that didn’t benefit him. At first, it sounded like a good idea at the time, but over the course of time, Gemini time, the deal began to sour. What happened is he bought the dream. He bought the hype, the marketing, the suggestions that this would make his life better. He also bought it all with no in-depth, peaking behind the curtain kind of examination of the facts. Just the — typical Gemini — bullet points. Target specific and right in the zone. Those bullet points worked.

After she started to wind down a little, I was able to squeeze in some astrological advice. Part of this, we are just emerging from a scathing Mercury Retrograde, right? Took a bath on that one, eh. Part of this, though, is about timing on the way out. A few choice, selected action steps, time in synch with Jupiter’s motions? Helps. That’s a way to start moving ahead. Yeah, this does take a little extra effort on the part of Gemini, but the holidays will be better served if you follow up — follow up like you said you would.


Holiday scenes? Sure. I recall watching while a buddy’s daughter went through a whole process, kid must’ve been all of about 3 years old at the time, and what the kid did was prepare a meal. For real. It was a single serving style thing of (fake) Mac & Cheese (like) material, add water, pop in the microwave for a minute, stir, and let cool. Kid set it down on the table and then the kid started to play with a toy or something. “You going to eat your dinner?” I asked. “No, that’s for you. You should eat it. I made you dinner.” Went back to the toy. Kids learn by example, and I never realized until a holiday scene brought that out. It’s the holiday. Two players are worth watching as they exert an influence on the Cancer Moon Children’s chart — Saturn and Jupiter. Saturn and Jupiter are teaching — by example — at this time. Listen to the lessons. Learn from the lessons. Some evenings, it could be as simple as watching a three-year old fix supper. Just like the kid learned, by example. “Here, I fixed you supper.”

The Leo

I used one car, for a little while, had the “Bluetooth through the radio” thing enabled. The problem? Always sounded like I was in stuck in a can, what my fishing buddies said, and what I imagined. It wasn’t the best set-up, but it worked, after a fashion. Hands-Free, as the law required, older car, thing was a jerry-rigged bluetooth device that ran from the lighter to the radio. But the device worked. Maybe didn’t sound great but it worked.

Bonus: it was legal. I liked that part best. Legal, sounded like crap, poor audio delivery, but perfectly legal and reasonably efficient, and? Cheap. Apparently, this was an older model car, the set-up was cheap. Cheap works well. In this holiday spirit, the benefits of an arrangement like this works on several appealing levels for The Leo. For one, it’s efficient, good use of time and resources. Also: the bad, or tinny, audio quality keeps people from hanging on too long. They won’t hang around if it sounds like you’re in a tin can. Finally, there’s the idea that it makes everything legal. That’s always a plus, right? Cheap — inexpensive if you will — efficient, and legal. The stated goals for this week’s horoscope for, ta-da, The Leo. Cheap, efficient (but only just), and legal.


Growth and death. I’ve seen both. As a Virgo, you’ve seen both, too. I was thinking, though, not in the sense of a person passing over, I was thinking about websites I’ve seen come and go. Gradually, certain features become obsolete and get replaced, subsumed, devoured, or abandoned. Musing as I was scrolling through a series of older images, I recalled how tools and techniques have changed in the short span of a few years.

Have I adapted to this? More important, has The Virgo adapted to this shifting environment? Cameras, for example, used to be a dedicated device, first analog, then digital, then part of an Every Day Carry as included in a phone, for example. Sites that used to promote flat pictures, still images, now include moving pictures — video snippets — being the most common example. Changes. There are changes shaking and roiling in the heavens, and those will be represented down here on planet Earth. Some changes we have to embrace. Other changes?


“For who so firm that cannot be seduced?” Have to face some very Libra facts. Like the quote alludes to, everyone has a price. Everyone has a point, and no one is so strong that he — or she — can’t be seduced. For some, this is money. For others, this is pleasures of the flesh like food and sex. For some, the allure of the intoxicants is what overpowers, like, certain drugs can be powerfully seductive.

I wouldn’t know, I tend to live an acerbic, monastic lifestyle as befits a person of my stature. However, the basic motivations in Libra are sex and drugs and rock’n’roll. Except for one, and that one Libra is prone to being seduced — like Shakespeare’s Caesar, by power. For most, there is some alluring item, shopping, sexual relations, money, good drugs, something. For one? There is the appeal of being in power, being in control. Personally, I’d let the Libra be in control; they are better than I am at that. Be careful of the allure — this week — the illusion of what seems so seductive.


It happens where you least expect it. There’s a surprising kind of energy, not all bad, but a little startling for the Scorpio because it happens where you least expect it. For me, this was in the grocery store. Wasn’t there long, just had to find some coffee filters and a loaf of bread. Some person I don’t recognize, some guy I don’t know, some absolute stranger, walks passed me, pauses, spins around, and says, “Kramer!” I smile broadly, shake his hand, and turn back to my missions: groceries. It happens where you least expect it. At the peak, I averaged close to a hundred appearances — events, stores, gatherings, celebrations, and parties — in a year. I used to get around. Never know who I’ve talked to, who I did a chart reading for, and who might accost me in the grocery store. This is a week — for Scorpio — where it happens where you least expect it.

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