Horoscopes for 1.24.2019

Horoscopes for 1.24.2019

    Sweet now, silence!
    Juno and Ceres whisper seriously;
    There’s something else to do. Hush and be mute,
    Or else our spell is marr’d.

Prospero in Shakespeare’s The Tempest 4.1.123-6

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Horoscopes for 1.24.2019

This horoscope starts with a Virgo Moon, why, like the opening quote, I wanted to invoke Silence!



Water Bearer

I found this great quote, from the so-called founder of a local chain. Thought it was great. The problem being, when looking, either on the web, or in other stores, I could find no corroborating evidence that it was an actual sentiment from the chain’s namesake. Great idea, excellent inspirational quote, no supporting documentation — whatsoever. I don’t require much, innuendo, hearsay, suggestive titles, hints, and hunches, yes, any of that would work, in this situation. Alas? I got nothing. No other evidence besides a plain piece of paper from — looks like an ink jet printer — with no way to know if it is real — or not real at all. Kind of what I was thinking about, as I’m still trying to get some kind of corroboration, supporting evidence in one form, or another, I don’t much care, but I need to see something, in print, that supports my hunch. Feeling. It’s a feeling, and it felt like it could be true, but then, it also — lack of any evidential support — feels like it might not be true. The total lack of evidence? Kind of supports my theory that it was a made-up quote. Not that I would ever let that get in the way, either. Wasn’t it Shakespeare who said, “Trust not the world wide web?” Happy Aquarius birthday, but check out the evidence before jumping on it.


Goals, desire, directions. Wish I was better at that myself, but I’m not Pisces. This is momentary time when we stop, pause, think, and consider. Goals, desire, directions. So the first question is, “What are your Pisces goals?” Second question, kind of obvious, I guess, I make this easy, right? Second question is, “How do your Pisces desires align with those goals?” Finally, there’s the third question, but I think you can easily see this one headed your way, right?

The third question is, “What is the best direction to use those desires to attain those goals,” as previously asked and ascertained? How to get “there” from “here” using that lovely Pisces drive to attain the objective? What I found helps is to align desires and goals with each other. There will be a time when this will make more sense — another week or two. However, as jumping off point, while everyone else is worried about immediate present concerns, I’m suggesting a little longer view. Down the road, big picture, serious stuff. Pisces goals, desires, directions. Then, think about aligning at least two of those, the goals and desires, and see of that doesn’t yield — eventually — a better direction. Pisces should be thinking about those three topics, goals, desires, directions. Alignment.


One of my favorite comments?

“It is better/easier to beg forgiveness than ask for permission.”

Adjust as need be, either after, or before, the current action. This week leads to a situation where a typical Aries is stuck with a that very question, “Huh. Should’ve asked first, I guess.” Not always a pleasant iteration of this kind of situation. I tend to find it amusing, but then, I’m not the Aries stuck with the question, or the statement, right? There’s the situation itself, and then there’s the statement or the question, is is better to ask before you do what you know might not be right, but would be a ton of fun, anyway? Or should you ask, first, knowing full well that the answer would a “No,” but that might not stop you. Which is why, this week, I’m offering a question or statement, and it can be adjusted, as the situation requires. Two versions, one is delivered with a shrug, and the other is an imploring question. Going to need it, this week. You don’t mind if I listen in, do you?


A guy flounced into a chair in front of me. There was a certain air about him, not exactly macho, but I’m not one to judge. Don’t much care, either, as one’s sexual orientation is personal, and I don’t judge (I try not to judge; I’m only human, but I tend to be more open about it). But after so many years, professionally, in old Austin and then just “around,” I learned I’m not a good one for making that call, gay or straight. Doesn’t matter, either, not to me. “So, you like girls or boys?” Standard question from me. This one guy was funny, flounced, remember? Air carried the rainbow banner, but I’ve long since learned not to judge. “Well,” he started coquettishly, “I like girls, but I ‘date’ boys. Boy. My partner is a guy, too.”

Perfect. Turns out he wanted to talk business, not partner, which was fine. I make a sincere effort not to judge. What this has to do with Taurus at the moment? Make an effort not to pre-judge. In my example, I was not judging, but observing. Most straight guys don’t dress quite that well, and most straight guys, with the exception of two of my Virgo fishing buddies, don’t coordinate accessories that well, either. So the standards are going to get blurred, and with the first half of his answer, despite its tone, “Well, I like girls, but I date boys,” that kind of set-up? Almost had me. Think I might use that next time I’m asked, too, “Kramer, are you gay or straight?” I like guys, but I date women? Taurus? Careful with assumptions and hasty conclusions, arrived ahead of the receipt of full information.


I had a curious look on my face. Girlfriend asked what was up. “I’m thinking,” I said. Last time I’d seen the same look I had on my face? Buddy’s two-year old was in the process of filling a diaper. There was a pause in the child’s activity, and a quizzical expression, then, well, guess the results. But I really was thinking. Not thinking quite as fleet of thought or as across the board as a Gemini, but thinking nonetheless. That kind of pause, built into this week’s hectic Gemini schedule? That will help.

In my situation I was clearing my head, and trying to wrap words around a concept that I could easily see the connection in my mind’s eye, just couldn’t find the right way to write. My buddy’s kid? That child was also trying to complete a process. The kid was more effective, better results, better proof of concept, so to speak, than what I was working on that time. Still, both examples represent the same energy for what is present in Gemini at the moment.

So, what are doing? “I’m thinking.”

For some of us, this looks like a painful process, and requires a lot of concentration.

How do you answer that?

“I’m thinking.”


I like it when I can look down at my schedule and see that I am booked out for weeks at a time. While it implies I’m busy, there also a sense of satisfaction, knowing that I have a continuous stream of incoming work. For one, I like the work; I rather enjoy my “day job.” But there is a second emotional component, knowing, in advance, that there is a steady stream of available income. There is a certain, pervasive sense of calm that comes from knowing that I have sown the seeds, and looking at my schedule? I can see that the fruits of the efforts can be harvested. Will be. All scheduled up, ready to roll. I used to comment about people like me, in our line of work, “Live and die by the appointment book,” so to speak. Not exactly true, but close enough. I see my full schedule, and I wonder about lunch. However, this has proven to be an effective way to deal with business, such as it is. I’m not sure what it is that constitutes “success” to the Moon Children. Knowing, in advance, when, and where, I’m supposed to be? That works for me. Whatever that indicator is, for the Sign of the Crab? Like me with a scheduled appointments book? That’s what this week is all about.


The Leo

In one set of circles, there’s a curious understanding. “It’s not about you,” which, in fact, makes it all about you. So this next few days, get comfortable with the Sun in Aquarius, my extra fine Leo friend, as, like in that one set of friends?

“It’s not about you.”

Ah, but it really is about you. The covering, the statement, the irony of the situation is that it appears to be “Not about you,” and then, if you dig a little deeper, it is about you, but who’s going notice? No one. No worries. Remember, The Leo?

“It’s not about you.”

Simple enough, really, practiced the line, “It’s not about me,” when, ah, come on, it really is all about you.


“Is Mercury in Retrograde now?” No. It is conjunct the Sun, and the Sun is in Aquarius at the moment. “So it’s like Mercury in Retrograde, now?” No, in fact, I would read this as quite the opposite, but your Virgo mileage may vary. The pressure makes it feel like Mercury in Retrograde, but that’s not the actual condition. It’s a combination of elements, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, and Venus. There are two, to me, easy ways to deal with this. The first is to prioritize. What is the first, Virgo, mission-critical task that must be handled? Yes, priorities. That’s the first thing, the easiest task to accomplish, put it all in order that it much be accomplished. Simple, right? First things first, as some would admonish. Priorities. Get those Virgo priorities prioritized. That’s the easiest way, then, the second half of this? Tackle, undertake, address the first item on that list. The highest priority item, first. Simple, isn’t it? Two parts to this process, for Virgo success, next few days, one, prioritize a list of what needs to be done. Two? Start st the top of the list with the goals, objectives, tasks that can be accomplished and start doing it. Super simple.


Let’s make this binary, might help for the Libra slice of the heavens. Most of the winter days are bitterly cold, but then, in a week or so, it warms up and I can wear shorts. The deal is, the weather is warm enough for shorts during the middle of the day, but if I have to roust earlier, then, maybe not so much for my fair-weather self. It’s very simple, I can be comfortable — and cool — for part of the middle of the day, but that means I’ll be cold in the early morning and the late afternoon into evening. Choices. Always choices. Simple enough and it is a plain, very binary question, a simple “Yes/No” answer is all that is required. However, it depends on much more, too, as the question arises whether I have to spend any length of time out of doors, be that early morning, or after dark in the evening, and if so, is more than just dash to warm car, or is it further? If it’s any further than just a few feet, I’ll want to wear long pants and boots, and, I am, traditionally, a serious lightweight when it comes to cold weather. Still, after a cold front and few days all bundled up, I want my legs to be free. Tough decision, but basically, this is a simple binary choice: be cool, in shorts, but also be cold for most of the day. Or? Wear long pants and suffer, but at least I won’t be uncomfortably cold. For Libra, in case it isn’t clear, this is about weighing one decision, one choice, one possible outcome against the others. Which one wins out? For me? I’ll wear shorts and suffer. For Libra, though? Maybe go with comfort — instead of fashion statement. Wait, shorts are comfort over fashion. Aren’t they?


You do know, I don’t have any ink? No tattoos, right? While I’m not opposed, in fact, I rather admire much of the artwork, no, not my thing, personally. But I do admire it. There was a spritely young Scorpio I knew from work, and she had an elfin face, and the limber frame of a young person, able to bend, facile mind, and even with her waif-like appearance, knowing just a few things about her chart, I knew she was more than capable and quite strong. Over the ensuing weeks, as I got to know her a little bit more, the delicate, elfin air persisted, but one day, her outer garment fell to reveal extensive artwork, clearly visible from one should blade, crawling back under her shirt. I caught glimpses of an impressive amount of ink, and as some of it was across her shoulder blades, and bony frame, it was probably painful, at one time. Gorgeous work, and part of the collective — so I must admire the artwork. But that also points to a common Scorpio fallacy, judging my little, sprite-like, waifish Scorpio as a lightweight. Never, ever underestimate a Scorpio, and, unlike me, perhaps be less quick to make assumptions based solely on appearance.


St. Valentine’s Day is a holiday with no substantial support. Not that it doesn’t exist as the most romantic time, which is what I hear, but there no astronomical support for the event. Xmas, timed with the Winter Solstice, Easter, timed with the Moon, and so forth. Except for St. Valentine’s Day, no rational explanation — no rhyme or reason to pop this up in the middle of Aquarius. And yet? There it is. No real reason, no ties to any season, just there. If the ads, circulars, flyers, and online noise hasn’t altered your Sagittarius self yet about this make-believe holiday? Then this is formal notice. Maybe a note to myself as much as anything else, yeah, that’s it, a reminder that this is an up and coming event, and best we prepare as we can. One buddy — not named “bubba” — used to refer to it as “National Extortion Day,” because he had a series of expensive, failed relationships. Bit bitter. Honestly, I did warn him, but he never listened. The stars don’t lie. This is a heads up about matters romantic for Sagittarius. The times and tone of the times has shifted. If you are single, then stop scrambling for a date in the next three weeks, as that can save you bad decisions. However, if you are romantically linked? Get the flowers, cards, chocolate — or whatever — lined up, and get that lined up now. “But Kramer, you always admonish, ‘don’t do today what you can put off to next week!’ isn’t that right?” Yes, usually, but this aren’t usual times. Don’t put it off.


Old girlfriend had bunion surgery. Chatting with her, amicable-like, I was asking if there was anything I could to help. Water, comfort, and other items. What I did was listen to the nightmare of medical billing practices.

“They told me it would cost nothing with my insurance!”

As the story unfolded, it cost a couple thousand dollars on top of the inconvenience of being off her feet for a few weeks, and time off from work, ordering food, hobbling to the bathroom, the indignity of fashion, and worse?

“If I’d known it was going to cost — they told me no money out with my insurance — if I’d known? I wouldn’t be doing this in the first place!”

Properly indignant, I’m sure, but this short interchange brought up the idea that there is a price-point for pain. At what point is the pain bearable because it would cost too much to fix? Valid question as this week unfolds, and one that the good Capricorn should be asking, what’s the price of the pain? At what point does the cost not justify correction?

“For that much money, you can just buy new shoes that fit better. Like a whole closet. Maybe a new outfit, too. Day-ham.”

Capricorn: what’s your price point for the pain?

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