Horoscopes for 3.7.2019

This man is certainly mad, and may be mischievous. Prithee, neighbor, let’s follow him; but at some distance, for fear of the worst.

    Lopez in Shakespeare’s Double Falsehood 2.1.41

The play, Double Falsehood is part of Shakespeare apocrypha — best anyone can suggest? Definite maybe. Might be, or probably was, the playwright’s work, in part.

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Horoscopes for 3.7.2019



The Fishes

The environment I’m immediately familiar with is what I can talk about. Most of my recent fishing is gulf coast, really, just the Texas Gulf Coast areas. As I was digging up a metaphor for Pisces, I realized I fished Rocky Mountains for trout, many lakes in Texas for Bass, and the aforementioned tidal flats of the Texas coast. The skills, though, are easily transferable. The mountain streams are fly fishing, the bass require some heavy-duty lightweight gear, and the coast requires salt water equipment. Skill sets are transferable. The opening quote refers to madness, and there is a kind of madness loose in Pisces.

That can be handled with transferable skill sets. Like my fishing experience, and the lakes, as well as the bays, while different gear and different techniques, they still involve putting something with a hook in it, bait, in front of fish. Different kinds of fish, but the techniques and tactics are eerily similar. One buddy — fishes both lakes and gulf bays — calls the fish “bass” and “spot-tail bass.” To me, in my mind, it’s “Black Bass,” and “Red (Drum),” but the terms, notice the similarity? The fish are actually from different species, the only defining similarity is that they are both “fish.”

Stop. This isn’t about fish, or species, or even fishing techniques. This is about getting around the Mercuryinfused— problems. Transferable skill sets, similar skills, maybe slightly different in actual execution, but still, the easiest way to catch that fish? Bait, hook, line? Then put that bait right in front of the fish.


Bumper sticker wisdom is useful at times like these. There’s a little voice in the back the Aries head, pushing for improvement. A little reminder of some kind, like one of the old school daily reminder calendars, about continuing to trudge forward in the face of insurmountable opposition. There’s some sappy, inspirational quote that goads you forward. All I ever wanted was what’s best for Aries. You know that, right?

“Can’t get to best without getting better.” We must be aware of our Aries wins when and where they happen. The big dance in the end-zone, the triumphant spray of champagne, the outward display of a clear victory? Might not be getting that this week. Might come close. Might be getting better, just not at the best part — yet. But we are getting some momentum moving us in a more forward direction, and this feels like it is against all odds and obstacles. It isn’t, really, just pesky Mercury — and Saturn — but really? There’s measurable steps attained toward that goal of “best” being made. Just doesn’t always feel like. Which is why I generated one of those insipid inspirational quote things, just for you, “Can’t get to best without getting better.”


There’s a snippet of a lyric — ear worm — got caught in my head when I was looking at your chart. “Quietly making noise.” Don’t ask, it’ a Capricorn thing. Which is what made the ear-worm work, the thought about what Taurus is doing, should be doing, and how this pans out. There’s a bit of a conundrum with the lyric and its meaning. It’s not a riddle, how this plays. Dedicated, focused effort in one direction is more likely rewarded, and focused, patient effort — quietly — is better. “Quietly making noise.” Yes, Mercury is backwards and yes, that can cause some discomfort, but not enough to be bad. The single clue for the way to successfully negotiate this week’s miserable material? There’s the Taurus, off to one side, a little out of the limelight, “quietly making noise.” Moving forward? Do so, quietly making noise.


The real secret, especially with such pejorative planet action? Consistency. Same answer, over and over. No, don’t change just yet, same answer. Consistency. With the motions in Pisces, and how that messes everything up? Plus, you know, “Mercury?” The answer, the single Gemini answer? Consistency. I got nothing else to offer. There’s a trick that comes with this, the idea of the same answer, over and over, and especially coming from a highly mutable Gemini like yourself? The idea of consistency helps because, although you deliver the same answer to the same question, over and over, the people who are receiving the information? They all hear different answers. Seems like you’re changing you answer. The secret? Consistency. Same answer, all week long. All next week, too. Same answer. Consistency. With the highly fickle nature of the listeners out there? The folks who are trying to decipher what you’re saying? With a consistent answer, over and over? Other people will come up with several, highly entertaining interpretations. The Gemini secret to this week’s success? Consistency.


What I’ve found that helps? “Blame Mercury.” While that won’t work in every scenario, this week, you can fall back to that as a default answer when things seems to go awry — as they probably will. Looks like it’s a boss, to me, but I don’t have much of a boss, but I do have to abide by city, county, state and federal guidelines — depending on jurisdiction. That would symbolize my “boss,” to me. Kind of hard to tell a judge or presiding officer of the court that it was because Mercury was in Retrograde — that usually doesn’t fly as an acceptable response. This is really a function of the placement of Saturn and points to an overarching thematic element present in the Moon Children’s charts for the foreseeable future. This is about working within the constraints of the applicable laws and, as I prefer, guidelines, that are there for some reason. Recall, too, that Mercury is Retrograde, and that can induce a little bit of mania, not really required.

While the core issues still echo back to Saturn and authority figures — think, rules and guidelines — the easiest culprit to currently blame? Mercury. Sure, that works.

The Leo

I would never sully The Leo with a thought of a misstep. Hardly. Never would suggest that it could even happen — ever. Given the mercurial situation, and its location, as compared to where The Leo is? This presents me with a bit of a problem, as there’s a good chance that your Leo self ifs operating with some false information.

It was deemed the best evidence, at the time. It was acceptable data, in the correct time frame. You were operating with the best available information. Just, now? Might not be the best data, anymore. Might be an outright lie. Might be a total untruth. Might not be a shred of corroborating information to support that original Leo supposition.

It was the best information — at the time. Times change. The data is “suspect,” at best. At worst? It can be totally misleading. Since we understand that clarity is an issue in Leo-land, as long as we understand that? Makes it easier to see a way forward. “It feels true, so I’ll call it true, for right now.” If there is a misstep? Remember, you wee operating with the best available data — at the time.

My real suggestion? “Wait and see.”


The fear of the unknown is perhaps the greatest of elements of human nature that shows up in the next couple of Virgo days. Or daze? Small joke, didn’t work. The daze is caused by a certain fear of the unknown, and the can paralyze a decent Virgo. “But I have a right to know!” Yes, I’ll agree. “And I need to know!” And yes, I’ll agree again. I tend to agree with Virgo on most days. And while I’m in total agreement about what the Virgo needs to know, what I should warn you about? Not knowing. It can’t be known at this time. It’s not possible to hit a moving target, my favorite expression. Yes, it is, technically, possible to hit a moving target, and maybe target is the wrong word, but that’s what comes to mind. However, while it is technically possible, in this situation, next few days? Yeah, for Virgo? Probably not going to happen. Embrace that fear of the unknown, and understand, no matter how you cut the cards, no matter how you slice up the available data, there’s just no way to know that unknowable — even thought the best of the Virgo people are trying so hard to analyze what it means. Can’t know it, it’s the unknown, for now. Not for long, but for right now?


Most of the current crop of Shakespeare scholarship that I follow? While some is considered book length in format, what I like, more and more, most of that material is merely web-entry in length. While I first noticed this a few years back, more and more, there needs to be a space for longer format material, but more like magazine length. Some applies to the academic material around much of what is happening with Shakespeare scholarship. With this much material that is more like a magazine article in substance, dragging it out through a whole book-length manuscript seems like even the author him or her self would realize that is was more padding with less content. What I’ve heard from some writers? “Editor wanted a book, so, I did a book-length treatment.” This tend to have a surfeit of personal anecdotes, stories about the stories, and related filler material. Not all part of what is required. One novelist I like, his book are short in length. No unnecessary words.

Wish the same could be said for me?

It’s less about what’s being said, what’s being written, in my example, and more about padding. Good week to follow that basic advice, drawn from another source, but adjacent to that Shakespeare Scholarship, “Omit needless words.”


If only I could take my own advice, I might be better served. I might be in a better place. If only I could follow the wise words I dole out. If only. Not likely to happen, but you, as a Scorpio, can learn from my mistakes. Listen to the advice you’re giving. Listen to what you’re telling other people. Listen to what is being said. Listen to yourself. At times, Mercury and so forth, it will feel like you’re the only one listening to yourself.

Hey, a Scorpio alone is in good company, no?

At least you can trust yourself. “I’m not sure I would trust me,” more than one good Scorpio has told me, in the course of working with them. But I do trust them. So maybe there is a deeper message here, first about listening to yourself, and then, about trusting what you said to yourself. Me? I wouldn’t trust me, but I know me, and I am not Scorpio. Listen to your Scorpio self; you might be the best source for advice.


As a typical Sagittarius male, show me a problem? I’ll want to fix it. Show me challenge? I’ll try to best the adversary. Put an obstacle in my way? I’ll try to climb over. Typical Sagittarius energy, this week?

“I can fix that for you!”

Warning: it might not be fixable, and the adjunct to that warning?

Maybe it doesn’t want to be fixed. Maybe it is more happy being broken. Some folks have more fun when they are complaining about a situation. A quick, typical Sagittarius fix would alleviate the pain and suffering, but then, for those complainers, where’s the fun? So here’s how this Sagittarius week works: shut up.

“Can’t we talk this out? I can fix it!”

So here’s how this Sagittarius week works: shut up.


Available in any local grocery store, at least, around me, there are “reversing” candles. Epic, votive, “religious,” archetypical, and, as I’ve noted before, the old store in Austin used to have saints that I never saw in the traditional catholic pantheon. Local, more regional, and bows to the mix of old world and new world belief systems so common here. The reversing candles themselves, marked with a few symbols, usually in Spanish and English, then some kind of a prayer, and the better candles are two colors of wax. The candles tout the reversal of bad luck, reversal of ill-fortune, and, of course, “evil spells are lifted.” Not much of a believer in that, but there are those who put a lot of stock in it. Anyway, the candles themselves are perfect for Capricorn, as this gives a focal point for attention. In order to surmount the difficulties, possible utilize the errant ways of Mercury in Retrograde? Start with something like one of those candles. The lighted flame serves as a Capricorn point upon which you can meditate and concentrate. All that energy? One direction.


I’m always tempted to start in the middle, or stop about halfway through. Doesn’t work, not this week, not for Aquarius. Doesn’t work on many levels. No, see, the idea is sound, as we all know — the Aquarius way of knowing — we all know what is going to happen and how it is going to happen, the rest of the world? Therein is the challenge. The Aquarius gift of foresight is immeasurable at the moment.

The rest of the world? Not so much.

Do they get it? Not so much.

Is there any action you can take, as an Aquarius to get them all caught up? Not so much.

The easiest way? Start at the beginning. Don’t start in the middle. Don’t start at the end and work backwards. Every project, every endeavor has a starting point. It’s really a cool trick in literature, in various forms of telling stories, to start in the middle, then flashback to the starting point. However, with what’s shaking, at this very moment? Start at the beginning.

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