Horoscopes for 9.5.2019

O wonderful, when devils tell the troth!

    Lady Anne in Shakespeare's Richard III (I.ii.73)

Happy Virgo Birthday!

Horoscopes for 9.5.2019


One summer, I changed things up. The super-mega-big-box giant had a sale on flip-flops. Ninety-eight cents. $0.98. Perfect price, even with state sales tax? Just a little over a single dollar.

A perfect summer sandal, at a price even I can love. When did we become such a throwaway culture? For me, this was an experiment, and after a fashion, marginally successful. However, the cheap footwear, eventually I cycled through three or four pair. There were echoes from childhood as the “straps” would break free from their mooring, and the sandal was more flop than anything else. It was an experiment, for me, and one I’m less likely to repeat. Each pair eventually wound up in the trash, and that was only one summer’s worth of wear. Maybe I’m hard on equipment. Maybe flip-flops aren’t as durable as they used to be. Maybe, what we remember from our past, and the way things are right now? Maybe that’s what’s different. As a birthday notion?


No amount of physical protection can save your Libra self from what seems to be happening. Sounds a bit dire. Still, there comes a time in a person’s life when the only shield, or source of succor, is some foundation in a spiritual belief. To some, this is clearly religion. To others, this some kind of faith-based organization, and to some of us? This is simply a series of spiritual practices derived from years of seeking. Obviously from some of my locations, some folks believe in the healing power of various crystals. Whatever works. My own system is drawn from diverse sources.

I’m equally at home in the house of a fakir, the realms of gypsy fortune tellers, as I am in a Catholic Cathedral or, on some Sundays, a lightweight Protestant fellowship. Then, too, the various Shambala/Zen/Buddhist centers are also a haven for me. I’m conversant with several belief systems. My own system draws from all of these, as to what I believe, at the moment. For Libra, though, a little more formal acknowledgement and organization seems most helpful. Comes a time, quite possibly this next few days, when that’s the only source of help, some kind of divine intervention. Don’t laugh, I’ve seen it work too many times not to believe.


Some days, I can ramble on and on, trying to find, then deliver, the point. Other days, it’s quite clear that I am short of breath, or short of breadth. The succinct Scorpio message? “Brevity.” Simple as that. Short. To the point. Quick. Enhanced delivery because it is short, and to the point. Be incisive. Decisive. Quick. Quick to judge. Quick to be judged. Quick to change. That last one? “Quick to change?” That’s the secret ingredient. Short, succinct, direct, to the point, and when an error is detected? Quick to change. “Quick to change? What good Scorpio is ever quick to change?”

It could happen, or "You might want to change that."


When the lord closes one door? Maybe — I don’t know — maybe throw a chain across the handles, leave that door shut? Might not be the healthiest of examples, and surely I’ll offend some group, and for that, I’m sorry, but as a Sagittarius myself, I need to hear this idea, this concept, “When the Universe shuts one door, maybe nail that sucker shut.” When one door closes, perhaps it would be best if we took action to insure that the opening that was no longer an opening? Maybe we — our collective Sagittatius selves — should insure that the opening, having been shut, can no longer open again. Kind of a finality to this week’s idea, kind of a permanence that pervades the imagery, but there is that idea, that concept, “It happened for a reason,” and the additional Sagittarius addendum? “Nail that sucker shut.”


One of the more interesting pieces of advice is about being quiet and how that attracts more attention than noise. I can’t wrangle up the quote, or the joke, something about when she’s quiet, you’re in a lot more trouble than when she’s yelling at you. When she yells, you know where she is and what her hands are doing. It’s when she’s quiet? Oh yeah, big trouble.

Now, moving into this next few days, what should Capricorn do? Think about negative space, like in layout, art, and design? Only, not negative space, but negative noise — a special Capricorn-only idea. The absence of making a big statement. The absence of loudly announcing an intention. The sound of how mad she is if she’s really quiet? That’s the way to make yourself heard. Capricorn-only negative noise.


Living in a military town, like San Antonio, I got used to seeing various military accouterments as typical accessories. When I was looking to replace carry-on luggage, I wound up looking at a lot of packs with strips and webbing, military style. What I wanted? Something with all the tactical function of a military-style bag, but I wanted one that didn’t look like an Army-Surplus, or otherwise, “tactical-gear” inspired. Like the function, don’t like the look. To be honest, I like the look as it’s based on function, but then I don’t want to advertise as “Military.” For starters, I don’t want to disrespect anyone who really wears a uniform, first responder or armed services, I really don’t want to disrespect them and me with an Army-looking go-bag? Wrong message, I think. Wrong message from me. So the Aquarius message is similar, how can we achieve that tactical advantage without the look? Want the function, but we want to look like civilians, not soldiers or first-responders. How is that done? It’s more an open-ended question rather than an answer. How to move ahead is the answer to the question.


Some of my vitamins I buy in bulk. Ascorbic Acid — vitamin C — is a good example, and I tend to look for the least expensive places to buy, usually a warehouse-type “store.” Online, too, but this happens, every so often, I fall for the image. It looked like a big bottle of pills, so I bought it online, as it was a cheaper price. Looked like a huge bottle — the joy of digital image chicanery? When it arrived, it did have the right number of pills, only, I was off by a single zero. I thought I ordered a 1,000 — what arrived was 100. So from a less than a penny a pill to several cents each, yes, I know, I didn’t read the details close enough. No one to blame but myself.

My mistake? I ordered based on what I saw, the image, the picture of the bottle of cheap vitamins looked like it was the 1,000 size. Looked that way — online. Maybe I didn’t look close enough. Maybe I didn’t read all the fine print. Maybe I was too hopeful. Anyone of those three can have an effect on Pisces, especially in the next couple of days. In part, this is the moon, and in part, well, just say, “other planet,” but the effect is clear, once the package arrives. I’ve been shopping online, and buying online, well, a lot. A long time. I’m pretty good at understanding what I’m ordering, just, some days, we’re either careless, or the picture looks that good. Careful with purchasing an illusion rather than a tangible product.


The challenges with my kind of work is that I have, in the intervening years, interfaced with a huge number of people. Some I recall. Some — apparently — I don’t. My files topped 20K+ charts, last time I looked. I also, some years back had a couple of “Fishing” shirts embroidered with my name and my company’s name, asrofish.net. Sitting in a restaurant the other afternoon, waiting on a client, a waitress walks passed, “Hi Kramer.”

I get a look on my face, because, honestly, I couldn’t remember where. While this was common in Austin, less so in my adopted home of San Antonio. I was trying to figure out from whence I knew that person who said hello, and mentioned my name. Looking down, though, I figured it was just because my name was on my shirt. As an Aries, work tends to follow you around, especially now. After the meal, a waitress slides into the seat opposite me and starts asking astrological questions. I swear, I could not place her at all. Turns out, she recognized my name, and was a friend of a friend. Whew. Wasn’t my imagination that I couldn’t place her because I didn’t know her. Turned into a good chance for more work. See how this plays out, Aries?


Focus. Crap, Sun’s in Virgo, attention to detail. But for Taurus? Focus. What is the primary focus this week? What should be the primary focus this week? What’s really demands your attention, this week? Tired of repetitive questions? Sick and tired of me playing games with your Taurus psyche by me failing to get to the point? See what I was addressing?

Single word: focus.

That Virgo need for attention to detail can derail your otherwise pointed and clear focus. The trick to success — Taurus success — in the following days? Not getting derailed by pointless details, and failing to keep the focus on the single objective. “I need to do this, but first, I think I need to go over there, and then, clean that, and then, before I can get started, I need to run to the store,” which is merely a litany of procrastination, avoidance, and shows a certain lack of focus. What’s the secret? For Taurus? I think we covered this, but let’s see if you were paying attention, it’s like a little test, what was that operative word for the next couple of days, despite the Sun being in Virgo?


Bulletproof. Term gets knocked about a bit. There’s “Bulletproof coffee,” and most rugged looking packs are loosely-termed “bullet-proof,” as some kind of a badge of honor. Or something. What crossed my virtual desk the other afternoon? Packs that had were, at first glance, frightfully expensive, with the moniker, “Bullet-proof,” but a little deeper digging indicated each pack came with a pocket for a “personal armor plate,” which really was rated to withstand small arms fire. I am not wandering into a zone that requires such a level of personal protection, but the use and accessories explained why the cost was so high, as that was some kind of lightweight, forged metal plate that provided protection from bullets and similar projectiles. Weirdest stuff falls into my hands, strange material. The question, Gemini questions? And the answers? Especially the answers? Those require a small amount of looking, digging, maybe a little deeper than you’re used to digging.


There’s an image, forever seared into my mind, seeing a Cancer as The Crab. Tough exterior shell, big pincers holding on to whatever — perfect allegory — in my head. With what is going on? The trick to be super cool and appear wise in the next couple of days?

Talk about it. Discuss. Equivocate. Mention, verbally meander, but talk.

In one example, I asked a buddy if he’d talked to anyone — he mentioned some far-flung old friends, and I asked if they talked on the phone or something. My buddy suggested it was just on social media, so, he didn’t actually “talk,” but he did have communication. “Old people, these days with their computers, and smart phones, am I right?” In my example, while it does sort of come under the qualification of communication, no, what I was looking for was an actual verbal communication, in many different guises, and that’s the signal for this week. Direct, verbal communication. Hey, try it.

The Leo

I used to have an almost superstitious fear about 9/11, the date. Always sort of scared me, ever since the big event. The moment that everything in my world changed. Yes, changed the face of our world, but having been located in Texas for so long, and working in, and around, military, it carries even larger significance for me. My almost supernatural fear?

As The Leo, you understand, right? Some of this is based in reality. Some of this is based on perceptions. Some of this is manufactured by our own subconscious. Some might derive from the zeitgeist — times being what they are. Whatever the source? In this moment, I was thinking about the planets in Virgo versus the The Leo, and what I came up with was a certain fear. While it spooks me, it doesn’t stop me from taking some kind of action. Likewise, for The Leo? Rational — or irrational — fears? That shouldn’t stop you from taking some kind of action.

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“Nothing runs on automatic.” - L.W. “Bud” Shipley, Jr.

About the author: Born and raised in a small town in East Texas, Kramer Wetzel spent years honing his craft in trailer park in South Austin. He hates writing about himself in third person. More at KramerWetzel.com.